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9 Best 2 Burner Electric Cooktops: 2023 Reviews & Top Picks

Best 2 Burner Electric Cooktops

Cooking is one of the most fundamental things that people do in their lives. It can vary from cooking for a family to cooking for coworkers, but it’s always important to get the job done right. The best way to cook is with an electric cooktop. Two burner electric cooktops are reliable, durable, and easy-to-clean options that will make all your culinary dreams come true!

If you need more space for cooking, it also has two burners so you can use one while prepping something on the other side. Additionally, these types of stoves are cheaper than either gas or induction models which is another benefit if money is tight! This blog post will cover the benefits and drawbacks of this type of the best 2 burners electric cooktop, as well as some tips on how to make it work best for you.

Benefits of 2 Burner Electric Cooktop

If you are a bachelor or a family of two, it can turn out to be extremely challenging for you to decide the type of cooking range that you should be going for. In such cases, 2 burner electric cooktops can serve as your ideal choice. It is relatively easier and faster to use electric cooktops instead of gas ranges because they don’t require any kind of installation or cleaning up after using them. This article provides some important benefits that will encourage you to go for a 2 burner electric cooktop at your home.

Easy to Use

Two-burner electric cooktops have been made in a user-friendly manner so that it becomes very easy for everyone including senior citizens and kids to operate them without any problem. Even if you are in a hurry and very much in hurry to prepare your favorite dish for breakfast, you can easily find one that does not take more than 2 minutes to heat up.


Unlike cooking ranges using raw gas, these electric cooktops do not produce carbon monoxide which is highly dangerous for the environment and your health. If you like buying environment-friendly products and cooking delicious food for your family and guests, buy the best 2 burners electric cooktop and start using it as soon as possible.

Energy Efficient

As compared to gas ranges, these 2-burner electric cooktops are highly energy efficient because they do not require any kind of direct electricity connection at your home. You can easily plug these appliances into a power outlet without worrying about the additional electricity bills that will be mailed to you after receiving the monthly statement from the service provider. Yes! There may be slight differences depending upon which state you are living in but, generally, every modern house has more than one electrical outlet that can support 2 or 4 burners at a time.

Easy Installation

In many cases, people avoid buying electric cooktops because there is a misconception that these appliances have to be installed by an expert. However, the latest models available in the market don’t require any kind of professional assistance so that it becomes really simple for you to attach them with a power outlet and access all the controls in order to manage heat.


Unlike gas stoves where you have to deal with combustion produced during cooking, electric burners provide a safe environment because there are no fumes being emitted from the appliance due to the use of open fire. Even if you get distracted while using your favorite electronic device or reading some articles on your laptop at the same time, you don’t need to worry because it will automatically stop working when you lift the pan in order to attach or detach it with the appliance.

Lower Maintenance

As compared to gas ranges, 2-burner electric cooktops are highly easy to maintain and clean up after using them several times. During summer seasons, people mostly prefer cooking outdoors where they can easily do their daily household chores without worrying about excess heat building up in their houses due to prolonged usage of ovens and stoves.

List of 9 Best 2 Burner Electric Cooktops Reviews

1. Summit CR2110 115V 2 Burners Electric Cooktop

  • The Summit CR2110 is a sleek 115V electric cooktop that has 19,000 BTUs of power. The push-to-turn controls are easy to operate and include an indicator light that can be turned off with the flip of your fingertip so you won’t have to worry about forgetting it on.
  • This range also meets stringent UL safety standards for both residential and commercial applications, so there’s no need to worry if this product will do the job right. Once you have decided between gas or electric cooking, take a peek inside your kitchen cabinets!
  • Built-in installation ensures minimal clearance needed behind the cooktop for this perfect addition to any clean up-to options available in today’s kitchen territory.
  • This energy-efficient cooktop is perfect for searing food scorch-free. Chef-level cooking has never been easier with 6,000 BTU radiant cooktop modes, allowing you to sear meat and caramelize onions at the same time! This black electric range combines modern efficiency with increased strength and durability.
  • The shining surface of this appliance helps reflect heat evenly, leading to more even cooking performance as well as greater fuel savings.

2. Ramblewood EC2-30 2 Burner Electric Cooktop

  • The Ramblewood EC2-30 2 Burner Electric Cooktop, rated for residential kitchens including in apartment buildings to maintain energy efficiency. German Schott ceramics are warranted by the manufacturer to capture heat in what is described as “efficient, safe cooking.” Both ceramic panels and glass panels are under warranty by the manufacturer.
  • The EGO Burner & Energy Regulator embedded in this unit provides peace of mind when it comes to safety. This exclusive cooktop features 30,000 BTU where 24” x 24” water pans can be used on either side or upfront for channeling stir fry style cooking just right. Load-bearing capacity approximated at 250 lbs each.
  • The EC2-30 is perfect for just your average family or anyone who wants an easy tool to cook their delicious meal. With 9 different power settings, you can get the perfect temperature without even thinking twice about it.
  • The digital display will show you what the number of watts necessary is so that not only one burner starts up at full blast while the other stays dormant! Plus, its stainless steel body looks sleek and modern in any kitchen cabinet – hello display piece!

3. Karinear 2 Burner Electric Cooktop

  • The Karinear 2 Burner Electric Cooktop is a versatile electric cooktop that can produce different delicious foods at the same time and will provide you with more food in less time. This electric ceramic cooktop has two independent heating areas which allow for two separate pans to be heated on the surface simultaneously.
  • It also comes without plug or hard wiring, suitable for 220-240V, so wires should not be a problem while transforming current plugs from 110 to 240 volts! With 9 power levels, there’s plenty of flexibility to choose the right one depending on what different kinds of foods you’re serving up during your next meal.
  • The Karinear 12 inch electric cooktop is a safe lifesaver for your family. The easy-to-use controls with no complicated buttons will be perfect for the elderly or if you have children in your household. The electronic knob makes it easier than the touch screen button and prevents accidental touching which could be dangerous, so the Karinear 2 burner is even safer than most other products on the market at this time.

4. ECOTOUCH 12″ Radiant 2-Burner Electric Cooktop

  • The ECOTOUCH 12″ Radiant 2-Burner Electric Cooktop is a sleek and space-saving option for any kitchen. Compatible with all of your favorite cookware, this product offers premium European heating elements and exceptional performance in the kitchen. The high-power 2000W+1200W burners heat up quickly to offer fast cooking throughout.
  • The ECOTOUCH Cooktop is the revolutionary way to cook food. This has an instant power display on a digital screen, so you can use it immediately. The 10 levels of setting ensure the right amount of power for using a variety of cooking pans and pots. Simply touch a button in 1-9 segments to choose your preferred degree for perfect results every time.
  • Plus there’s a timer for easy convenience which totals 99 minutes-perfect if you need both hands or have company over! All this well-engineered technology comes with safety in mind too, because ECOTOUCH electric cooktops are certified by ETL and qualified by multiple protection devices including Over-Temp Protection, Auto Shutdown, Residual Heat Indicator, and Child Lock.

5. Empava Electric Stove Induction Cooktop Vertical with 2 Burners

  • The Empava Electric Stove Induction Cooktop Vertical with 2 Burners is perfect for any aspiring chef – whether it’s the novice, intermediate, or expert. The 9 Power Level settings let you choose how much power you need to cook anything from boiling noodles to baking cookies.
  • With accurate and easy temperature changes at the touch of a button, this electric induction stove will help create perfect BBQ ribs just like your grandma used to make! Its timer mode will also help accurately time each step of your cooking process so everything comes out perfectly every time no matter what; leaving you more time to enjoy other hobbies or tasks while our induction cooktop does all the heavy-duty work for you!
  • The Empava Electric Stove Induction Cooktop is perfect for the culinary enthusiast who always seeks easy-to-clean surfaces and precise cooking. The induction stove has a sleek tempered glass surface that’s designed to be easily cleaned and it resists chipping or cracking when exposed to high heat.

6. Weceleh 12 Inch 2 Burner Electric Stove Top

  • Weceleh 12 inches electric cooktop is a wonderful tool for you to create tasty dishes every day! Weceleh 2-burner electric cooktops feature two different cooking zones, with each zone capable of 1500-3500 watts. Designed with advanced digital sensor touch controls, this innovative stove gives you control over the power output easily and precisely so that you can bring out the best in any dish-from fried eggs to Michelin-level pasta. To suit your taste buds perfectly, we have 9 levels of power so even those most discerning palettes will be satisfied!
  • It is perfect for families with elderly people and children, safety guaranteed! Get your pot on the stovetop in a wink to make delicious fresh from scratch meals. There is an OSL function that stops cooking automatically when the countdown hits 0, you don’t have to worry about leaving your food up too long or burning it because of another distraction that comes into play. Everything you would need in a kitchen-stylish induction cooktop that has a child protection safety locking system and OSL function for safety while cooking.

7. IsEasy 2 Burners Electric Cooktop

  • The IsEasy 2 Burners Electric Cooktop makes cooking easy for you. Its sleek design and size make it an attractive addition to any kitchenette, which gives you the freedom to cook indoors or out. The stove offers you multiple protection for your cooking needs, so no worries even when food spills on it because this electric oven will switch itself off if not attended to during the boiling cycle!
  • The color of its digital display is designed in a way that’s easy on our eyes, making sure your whole family can have fun cooking together! Truly a kitchen helper that doubles as an outdoor grill – it has everything you need before the summer hits!
  • IsEasy 2 flame gas stove, 1800W+1200W electric cooktop with 9 levels of heat and 1-99min timer is great for cooking. It has a precise power control from simmering to boiling. Its high power does a great job in cuisine from simmer to boiling with no waiting required because it heats up almost instantly.
  • Just simply touch the keys at the control panel and activate functions intuitively under the guidance of designers’ exquisite workmanship design principle. The 2 burners electric stove comes with a durable tempered glass top that will not break if dropped or bumped against something hard, protecting your kitchen counter surface below.

8. K&H 2 Burner Dual 12″ Built-in Electric Stove

  • We understand that in times of crisis there are many questions to ask before anyone will purchase anything. With the K&H 2 Burner Dual 12″ Built-in Electric Stove, you can bring cooking back into your RV with excellent power for even tough dishes without fear of the stove overheating or frying their interior.
  • This is a compact stove that won’t take up much space inside your RV but has two burners and an electric feature that heightens both the efficiency and safety within your vehicle. The scratch-resistant ceramic glass top is great for handling quick touch-ups when preparing food without any trouble at all because it’s made from premium material that doesn’t easily break or chip away like most others sometimes do around kitchen remodels or ovens.
  • The K&H 2 Burner Dual 12″ Built-in Electric Stove is ETL/UL safety certified and German designed. It features a 1Watt standby power consumption rate, which makes it one of the more environmentally friendly products on the market! Equipped with timer capabilities, there’s no need to worry about what you’re cooking or if guests are showing up – just preset the time and go enjoy yourselves.
  • With an electronic timer ranging from 0 minutes to 99 minutes in intervals of one minute, this stove is perfect for bakers during the Holiday season. For safety reasons this product cannot start automatically when plugged in even though it’s fully operable.

9. NOXTON Built-in 2 Burners Electric Cooktops

  • NOXTON Built-in 2 Burners Electric Cooktops are perfect for any kitchen. They don’t take up much space on your countertop while still getting the job done, and can be used to cook anything from frying an egg right up to boiling pasta. If you’re cooking on multiple pans at once or need something extra for more recipes, use the provided baking trays (or adjust according to preference).
  • The NOXTON double-burner electric cooktops make cooking easier than ever before with 9 different settings that allow you to easily change between one recipe’s instructions without messing around with stove knobs.
  • With the NOXTON Built-in 2 Burners Electric Cooktops, you’ll have a durable stainless steel stovetop that is easy to clean and highly resistant to high temperatures. Featuring an attractive black glass plate design with rounded corners for your safety, this product also includes a timer key, heater indicator, child lock function, and no noise.

Some Feature Need to Consider When to Buy the Best 2 Burner Electric Cooktop

A 2 burner electric cooktop offers the advantages of a smaller countertop with the cooking flexibility that only two burners can provide. A high-quality 2 burner cooktop can be used for all your basic cooking needs, including boiling water, making pasta, and simmering soups. Take some time to choose the best one for your kitchen design by examining different features on various models.

Stainless Steel or Black?

2 burner electric cooktops come in stainless steel or black finish. Stainless steel is more popular because it complements any style décor better than black does, but if you want something that will blend into your counters the way they were intended to look without standing out too much then consider opting for a black cooktop.

Power Cord or Hard Wired?

A hardwired 2 burner electric cooktop can either be installed above your countertops like a built-in model or attached underneath the counters like a drop-in model depending on what kind of space you have available in your kitchen.

Of course, this type of cooktop is permanent and cannot be moved without some skilled installation work. If you will not want to remove it in the future then consider a hardwired model, but if you plan on moving or changing your kitchen design at any point then install a corded 2 burner electric cooktop instead. The power cord can always be dealt with later when it’s time to move.

Custom Size Burners

Most 2 burner electric cooktops come with burners that are 12 inches in diameter because this size works for most home cooking needs like boiling water or heating up soups and pasta dishes. However, some manufacturers offer custom-size burners for those who need something smaller or larger than the average appliance.

Before purchasing a 2 burner electric cooktop, measure the burners on your current stove and compare their dimensions to those offered by various manufacturers. The only way you will know for sure if one of these custom-size burners will fit your kitchen design is if you take measurements before you buy it.

Easy Cleaning with Glass Ceramic Cooktops

One excellent feature on some 2 burner electric cooktops is the glass top surface that makes cleaning up spills and grease splatters as easy as pushing a button. Simply wipe clean without having to use elbow grease or special cleaners. This makes clean up go much faster and reduces the time spent in the kitchen after preparing meals so you can relax sooner and spend more time with friends and family members.

Grill Plate with Removable Cooking Grids

If you want a 2 burner electric cooktop that lets you grill steak, chicken or fish then consider opting for one that comes with its own dual-function grilling plate. These models have removable sections with grids on top making them the perfect tool for searing steaks and cooking hamburgers at home. Many of these models come with a flat cast-iron grilling section as well as a domed cap designed to let the grease drip through so meats stay juicy and flavorful while they grill.

When the meals are ready to eat, remove the lid from the top grid and set it aside before removing the remainder of the cooking grids from underneath. This instantly turns your basic 2 burners electric cooktop into a convenient grilling machine that does more than any built-in grill.

Keep Warm Feature with Automated Controls

Many 2 burner electric cooktops come with a Keep Warm function so you can keep your food hot while serving. This is especially useful when heating up soups and sauces at the end of the meal since these items usually need time to simmer before they reach their optimal heat level. The Keep Warm feature automatically turns on after it senses that there are no longer any burners being used, or if its timer reaches zero then this function kicks in to keep the food warm without burning it.

In addition, some models come with automated push buttons for turning burners on and off as well as controlling other functions like the Keep Warm circuit.


The 2 burners electric cooktop is an excellent choice for those who don’t want to go with standard gas or induction models. These types of stoves offer many benefits, including the fact that they’re cheaper than other two-burner options and it has a large surface area.

If you need more space in your kitchen but can’t afford a larger stove, the best 2-burners electric cooktop definitely something worth considering! In addition to all these great features, there are also some drawbacks which we’ll discuss below so be sure to read through them before making your final decision on whether or not this type of stove is right for you.

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