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12 Best 2-Burner Induction Cooktops (2023 Reviews)

Best 2-Burner Induction Cooktops

Unfortunately, not all cooktops are created equal. In order to find the best 2 burner induction cooktop for you and your family, it is important to understand the difference between gas and electric models. These are electric devices that use electromagnetic energy to heat up the pot or pan on top of it. This type of stove can handle 2 spots at once and has preset temperatures so you don’t need to worry about guessing how hot your pot should be set at.

A 2 burner induction cooktop is a low-cost, energy-efficient way to cook. It uses an electromagnetic field to heat the pan and no matter what your cooking style (simmering, frying) it will be perfect every time. With features like temperature control and instant power cutoff, this product is great for any kitchen!

The best 2 burner induction cooktop can be a valuable addition to any kitchen. With the ability to control the heat of the cooking process, you are able to create delicious meals that were never before possible with regular stoves. You will also save money on your electric bill since these units use energy more efficiently than traditional models. These top models also come in an array of colors and styles so you can find one that fits your kitchen’s decor just right!

List Of 12 Best 2-Burner Induction Cooktop Reviews

1. COOKTRON Double Induction Cooktop Burner

  • With an 1800w quick heating double induction cooktop, preparing your meal can be done in minutes. It’s fast and efficient; boiling water in only 1 minute! Users will love how it also has safety features to reduce child safety risks when not in use.
  • This best 2-burner induction cooktop is faster than a traditional electric burner with less risk of touching the hot surface which means no more burns from carrying a pot of soup over to the stove or directly into the sink while trying to keep oven-hot mitts on that have just come out of the dryer
  • The child safety lock makes for an extra safe environment around kids and pets while not in use, so no accidents happen when I’m not looking!
  • COOKTRON induction Cooktop Burner is perfect for any household chef looking for durability, efficiency, and design. This piece of kitchen equipment features 10 temperature levels (adjustable temperature range is 140 °F to 464 °F), 9 power levels, a simplified LED display, a digital timer & a switch between Fahrenheit or Celsius readings.
  • It includes a 15-second preset function which will help you to save time rather than manually adjusting the burning gas quantity all the time. The product also has rubber feet attached which prevent slipping while cooking on high heat surfaces like ceramic cooktops, providing greater control over food ensuring you always get tender & moist meat with minimal sticking!

2. NutriChef Double Burner Induction Cooktop

  • The NutriChef Double Burner Induction Cooktop is the newest and most innovative portable ceramic stove on the market. With a sleek, space-saving design and quick heating ability, this induction cooker has everything you need for instant food preparation.
  • The versatility of these cooking zones allows for an interchangeable and customized experience. For those interested in full control over their kitchen needs without any extra bulkiness or weight; this compact stove offers all you could ask for with ease!
  • Safely and efficiently cook a variety of dishes with the NutriChef Double Induction Cooktop 120V Portable Digital Ceramic Dual Burner. It is uniquely designed with tempered glass for fast cooking while using low levels of energy to reduce your bills on utilities. The multifunctional burners consist of two circular top panel heating zones that provide you fully customizable temperature settings for all your needs.
  • With high-powered heating elements that heat quickly and can be customized to any temperature zone setting, this ensures all of the energy is used efficiently-with low power consumption. Safety certified and approved for use with all of your steel kitchen cookware, pots, and pan.

3. Empava 2 Burners Induction Cooktop

  • The Empava Electric Stove Induction Cooktop Vertical with 2 Burners Vitro Ceramic has more than enough power for any food you’re cooking. And, with more levels to choose from, this stove is the chef’s friend.
  • What it does basically do though is get the pan very hot by building up magnetic waves around its base which are then transferred into heat in the pot or pan itself without actually touching any surfaces. This means that you will find that fewer sauces end up burning or sticking to your pans! We believe that Empava’s Electric Stove Induction Cooktop Vertical with 2 Burners Vitro Ceramic is worth looking at!
  • The Empava Electric Stove Induction Cooktop Vertical with 2 Burners is the perfect solution for those who are looking for a stove that maximizes your kitchen space. With digital controls and nine power levels, this 1800-watt stove gives you the flexibility to cook just about any recipe.
  • The Empava Electric Stove Induction Cooktop Vertical with 2 Burners Vitro Ceramic is a product that brings all the wonders of modern cooking into your house. This item includes a digital LED touchscreen control panel, which allows you to choose from 1-9 levels of power output. The stove has two burners and can provide up to 1800W front and rear total, though never more than 1200W at any given time.

4. FOGATTI 2 Burners Induction Cooktop

  • Fogatti Electric Induction Cooktop is the newest and most innovative way to cook. It takes up minimal space, can be used as a standalone portable stove or an inset built-in option; whatever your needs are! This 2-burner induction cooktop has two independent heating zones that allow you to set temperatures, time duration and etc., all independently of each other.
  • The Fogatti Electric Induction Cooktop is portable and can be placed to your desired location anywhere in the kitchen! It is equipped with two separate heating zones that allow you to set different cooking temperatures, times, etc for different aspects of your meal while still maintaining 2 high-powered burners under each zone.
  • The 1800 Watt Electric Induction Cooktop, FOGATTI Built-in, and Portable Versatile is the perfect kitchen appliance. It’s incredibly easy to use and maintain and features a modern sleek design with durable ceramic glass for heating up your food in style!
  • The powerful induction cooktop offers 10 power levels to accurately suit your cooking needs from simmering liquid to grilling meat, unlike traditional stovetops that require much higher temperatures that can overcook the outside of the food without warming it through.
  • It’s easy to maintain due to its damage-resistant smooth glass surface that can be easily cleaned. The 1800 Watt cooktop includes an LED display for easy control of your cooking modes, including simmer, boil, deep fry, grill, and more.

5. AMZCHEF Double Induction Cooker with 2 Burners

  • Equipped with the latest temperature control function, this cookware is capable of reaching a maximum temperature of 300°C and covering every section of the vessel. The induction cooker consumes less power and time than traditional cooking apparatus, without overheating or burning to produce precise cooking results. Equipped with an electronic timer and displays for preset and actual temperatures, you can always monitor your food while enjoying peace of mind!
  • It’s a dual-zone induction cooker with sleek, slim designs so it doesn’t take up too much counter space. With touch controls to easily set the cooking time and temperature for each zone, you can cook more efficiently. It has all the features of a commercial restaurant kitchen without having to leave home!
  • The new Electric Cooktop with Double Burners by AMZCHEF® is the solution to your cooking needs. The stovetop has two gas burners for you to cook on at once and features 10 temperature levels ranging from 140-464 F, 9 power settings with 1950 watts of heating capability, an easy-to-use digital timer for timing up to 3 hours, safety lock feature with high-temperature indicator lights and an auto safety switch off.

6. AMZCHEF 12″ Built-in 2 Burner Induction Electric Stovetop

  • Reaching out for controls that are sensitive to the touch, gives you the ability to monitor your cooking with ease. 8 power levels let you cook everything from porridge to steam and frying without any hassles. Using only 1800 watts of electric energy, this induction stovetop is eco-friendly and easy on your wallet. This multifunctional device will add an elegant appearance to any modern kitchen while providing a time-saving advantage for busy families.
  • An easy-to-clean black polished crystal glass surface features 10 power levels to boil or deep fry any food quickly and easily. You can save water by boiling one pot full of rice on the lower zone while steaming vegetables on the upper zone at your convenience.
  • This efficient and space-saving product provides the flexibility to cook your favorite dishes at high or low temperatures and has a safety lock that keeps curious children and pets away from this hot pot.
  • The best 2-burner induction cooktop is a useful and time-saving kitchen appliance to prepare your food, With lots of cooking settings and a 1-99 minute timer. It’s made with premium aluminum and glass material and toughened for long-lasting use, The safety lock is easy to use; just touch the LOCK sign to lock the panel, also is compatible with magnetic cookware.

7. Sincreative 2 Burner Induction Cooktop

  • A two-burner electric cooktop is sleek and convenient for any kitchenette, with no wait times with its 240V power. It heats up quickly so you’ll never have to wait again! Save yourself time with this fast heat option.
  • The Induction Cooktop 2 Burner, 12 Inch Electric Cooktop 240V 3600W Fast Heat offers a sleek, space-saving solution for any kitchen. It also features two high-power induction-compatible burners that cook up quickly. Small changes in the temperature are easily adjusted by sliding buttons on this well-made unit to boil, stew, or fry all your favorite ingredients. With its reliable CE safety certificate and smooth top style stainless steel finishes, there is plenty of reason to confidently choose this electric stove as your next addition to the family’s kitchenette.
  • The induction burner with a pause button is also available for a break during cooking different dishes. 1-95mins timer can control the cooking time precisely for you. You can set a 2-burner induction cooktop to turn the cooking zone off automatically after your setting time, meaning spills are no match for this reliable cooker’s easy-to-clean glass surface that generates heat only in your pan, not on its surfaces themselves.

8. NutriChef – Dual 120V Electric Induction Cooker

  • This is the perfect high-powered countertop cooker to help save you time cooking with two independently adjustable circular hot zones that can be used for both cooking different dishes at the same time. This instant heat 2-burner induction cooktop has a sensor touch control and digital LCD display screen, as well as a countdown timer setting for precise cooking. The powerful 1800 watts heating element will heat up quickly and efficiently, so getting your meal on the table won’t be such a hassle!
  • This heavy-duty 120v 1800w electric induction cooker by NutriChef will change the way you cook. Heating up in seconds and doubling your cooking capacity, is an absolute must for anyone living in a small space or with limited countertop space. Having evenly heated heating zones allows you to effortlessly do two dishes simultaneously so no more waiting.
  • The NutriChef Dual Cooking System comes equipped with all top panel cooking zones so you can do what you do best anytime anywhere without sacrificing the quality or flavor of your food.

9. Karinear 2 Burner Induction Cooktop

  • Karinear Induction Cooktop is a cutting-edge solution for those who want to move into the 21st century. It has no plug and can be interconnected with hard-wired 220V-240V according to our wiring diagram. This unit features 9 power levels and magnetic cookware, making it efficient and convenient for its users at all times!
  • With a 12 inch size, the 2 burner induction stovetop is alright for standard pots and pans. It has 9 power levels to meet your different choice with whole magnetic flat-bottom cookware only.
  • It has two electric burners and also no plug since it is only compatible with hard wiring(220v, 220vv). You can use the best 2-burner induction cooktops for boiling or frying, as well as searing and roasting food. Karinear Induction Cooktop has an integrated light and stainless steel housing which gives you a luxurious feel when using this product.
  • With a bright white surface, it looks stunning to frame in any decor setting. The indicated green knob control makes it simple to set temperatures by simply rotating them up and down depending on what type of cooking needs to be done – whether simmering or boiling – so there’s no need for complicated buttons.

10. IsEasy 2 Burners Induction Cooktop

  • If you’re looking for a cooktop that would offer versatility, convenience, and safety at the same time, then the induction cooker 2 burner is perfect for you. With 9 adjustable levels of heat from simmering to boiling this appliance can meet your diverse cooking needs. The induction cooker has intelligent overheat protection, which will automatically turn off when the stove temperature crosses the safe threshold and also includes one-touch key control allowing you to adjust the temperature with just one hand.
  • The 12-inch induction cooktop IsEasy electric cooktop that is great for any kind of cooking. 2-burners offer 9 levels of heat, so you can use them to do anything from simmering to boiling. It heats up almost instantly and features an “overheat protection” that stops the stove when it gets too hot to keep your kitchen safe, plus a “hot surface warning indicator” that displays “H” while the surface is still hot.
  • It’s perfect for cooking food quickly because it can be controlled with buttons rather than knobs, which are difficult to handle if you’re wearing oven mitts. The 1-99min timer allows you to plan your dish down to the minute, and the residual heat indicator ensures your food won’t be overcooked by providing constant feedback about whether or not it’s safe to remove something from the stove.

11. VBGK Double Burners Induction Cooktop

  • The VBGK Induction Cooktop makes cooking double dishes at the same time easier than ever. Cooking your food to perfection is this induction cooktops specialty. With 9 power levels and a range of 170°F – 500°F, you’re able to get whichever type of dish just the way you like it! The touch control digital sensor screen is made with scratch-resistant crystal material and can be cleaned easily after over-time use over high temperatures without burning or scratching.
  • Two independent heating zones allow you to cook 2 different dishes at the same time without spoiling their flavors, so it’s easier than ever to prepare an entire meal with minimal effort.
  • The VBGK Double Burners Induction Cooktop is a powerful and lightweight electric stove for cooking. The sleek design has a built-in electromagnetic stove head that takes up no valuable counter space and an iron rust-proof bottom shell that saves the hassle of household maintenance.
  • One of the most popular and modern kitchen appliances. It provides customers with a low-noise, safe cooking experience. The VBGK Induction Cooktop is available in black or stainless steel finish.

12. SINGLEHOMIE 2 Burner Induction Cooktop

  • SINGLEHOMIE 2 Burner Induction Cooktop is perfect for single moms, of a young family of four who doesn’t have time to cook or had enough pots and pans. You can make delicious dishes with this two-burner coil without the fuss!
  • The SINGLEHOMIE 2 Burner Induction Cooktop revolutionizes cooking and makes it healthier, faster, and more efficient. The sleek design makes the operational surface easy to clean with a seamless framework that won’t burn or scorch as you cook. Moreover, safety features such as automatic turn-off and residual heat indicator give multiple guarantees in safeguarding your family against potential dangers.
  • SINGLEHOMIE 2 Burner Induction Cooktop is a dual-zone, induction cooktop that features the latest in Flexi heating technology. Touch and slide controls make it easy to operate for anyone who cooks or wants to barbecue.

How to Choose a 2-Burner Induction Cooktop for Your Needs

Choosing the best induction cooking device for your needs can be confusing because there are so many options to choose from. Where you start depends on how familiar you are with induction cooktops and if you have a budget that must be considered. In this article, we’ll discuss the features of a 2-burners induction cooktop that matter most to buyers.

Heating Capacity

When you are looking for a 2 burner induction cooktop, you need to take into consideration the size of the cooking surface. This is the area of each pan that touches on or gets heated by the bottom of your cookware. For most kitchens, this should be at least 12″ square. However, some people prefer larger pans so 18″ square is preferable if you have room for it. If not, check out our single burner induction stove reviews. Those tend to be smaller but still offer fast outputs!

A timer function on your induction stove is very useful as well since it will allow you to set cooking times and walk away instead of having to stand over the cooktop watching over food like with gas stoves.

Induction Heating Technology

When choosing a 2 burner induction cooktop, it’s important to know the difference between all of the models you are considering in terms of how they heat up your cookware or food. There are three types of induction heating elements:

Conventional Induction

This technology uses a coil that sits underneath a glass top and is turned on when cooking with induction compatible pots and pans. The glass top remains cool so it won’t burn you if touched but this type does not distribute heat evenly so food may be undercooked or overcooked in spots- especially at the corners.

Rapid-Heat Technology

With this model, there are no coils underneath since it uses magnets from inside your pots and pans to heat them up. It has built-in sensors that detect when your cookware is placed on the surface and then it begins heating it up quickly with even levels of heat distribution.

Electromagnetic Heating

This model uses magnetic waves which are more advanced than rapid heat technology models so some consider this best for induction cooktop reviews. It also offers very fast heating times while being able to sense when pots and pans are taken off the burner so power output is reduced. The only difference between it and Rapid Heat Technology is that electromagnetic heating can reach temperatures as high as 1400F compared to 1150F.


This is the power of an induction burner and is measured in watts. For faster cooking times, we recommend looking for one with at least 2,000 watts (for a single burner) on its highest setting. The more powerful your device is, the faster it will heat your pans and water.

Less expensive options typically range from 1,200 to 1,500 watts while higher-end units can go up to 3,000 or 4,000 watts.

Higher wattage burners usually cost more than lower ones but they’re worth investing in if you plan on using them frequently and want fast cooking results. Be sure to check that your cookware is compatible before making an investment just for this sake of speed!

Dishwasher safe

Having an easy-to-clean unit is important since it remains on your countertop 24 hours a day. If a burner is too hard to wipe down after every use, you may find yourself not wanting to use it as much and that’s something we want to avoid!

Look for one which is dishwasher safe so clean-up will be a breeze. This applies equally to both the top and stainless steel platform on which the unit rests. Many higher-end models come with materials such as glass or ceramic tops or enclosures but these can be harder to clean thoroughly – plus, everything shows more prominently when they’re dirty!

In our opinion, it’s best to choose a model where all of the parts are easy to keep sparkling which brings us to…

Ease of use

Look for a unit with push-button controls instead of dials or knobs which require turning. This makes it easier to operate the cooktop from a distance without worrying about accidentally changing settings as you move around your kitchen with dirty hands.

Look for one which has touch controls with feedback as this will reduce the chances of accidentally bumping a setting and causing damage to your unit. Induction cooking units are typically more expensive than traditional electric or gas stovetops – so protecting your investment is important!

Other features such as timers, beeps for low water, and alerts when cookware has been removed from the platform – may not seem like a big deal but can actually prevent accidents if you don’t pay attention while you’re doing something else in the kitchen.

Number of Settings

You don’t need to have the most settings possible on an induction cooker to have good results – but it depends on your stovetop needs! If you know that you’ll only ever be needing 2 power levels, then any will do just fine. However, having more temperature control is always recommended so that you can cook foods at different levels without worrying about overcooking or undercooking anything.

If you are particular about how your meat is cooked or what level of heat certain veggies are prepared at, it’s good to find a model with the highest number of temperature settings possible. These let you cook specific foods with accuracy and consistency so that you can get perfect results every time.

However, if you are only needing to cook at one power level, then don’t worry about buying a unit with several different temperatures that you won’t be needing! While they are often more expensive, the key point here is that you should find an induction cooker that has exactly what your cooking needs are so that it functions at its highest performance for you.

Digital vs. Traditional Controls

Some higher-end models offer digital instead of traditional controls for their burners which makes them easier to control and read. They usually have some kind of LED screen or display on the front where the temperature setting is inputted in numbers (instead of having to spin a knob up or down). The benefit of this is that it makes your cooking more accurate and efficient – but if you don’t need a digital display, then there’s no reason to pay extra for it.


At the end of the day, price is an important factor to consider when choosing your 2-burner induction cooktop. The truth is that cost varies dramatically based on the number of burners, wattage power (i.e., how high can it heat up), and features like digital controls or specific temperature settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is induction cooktop safe for health?

No home appliances emit dangerous levels of radiation, non-ionizing or otherwise. And with the consensus among scientists being that there is no cumulative effect from one appliance to another, it’s unlikely you’ll ever be in danger when using them all together as part of an outfit for cooking dinner on an induction stove!

2. How long do induction cooktops last?

An induction cooktop is a great way to save both time and money! The lifespan of an individual unit will vary depending on its make, but the average consumer-grade model can last 10 thousand hours. Commercial grade units typically operate for 30K hours (or more) before needing replacement parts or servicing–which means you’ll never have replaced this appliance again in your life if it lasts that long with regular use!


So, what is the best 2 burner induction cooktop on the market? We can’t give you a definite answer because it depends on your needs. If you are looking for something that has more than just two spots and doesn’t require electricity to run, then gas might be better for you. For those who want an easy-to-use device with preset temperatures so all they have to do is set their pot or pan in place and wait, electric models may work out better. It really comes down to personal preference when selecting which type of stove will work best for your family’s cooking habits.

As you can see, there are a lot of things to consider when choosing the best 2-burner induction cooktop for your home. Gas and electric models both have their pros and cons depending on what you need them for. We hope that this article helped point out some key differences between these two types of stovetops so that you’re able to make an informed decision about which one is right for you!

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