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11 Best 30-inch Electric Cooktops 2023: Reviews & Buying Tips

Best 30-inch Electric Cooktop

If you’re looking for a high-quality electric cooktop that will last, then check out the best 30-inch electric cooktops. There are many great qualities to these models and they all come with different features and warranties. These units can be found at your local appliance store or online. Some of the brands we carry include Kenmore, KitchenAid, GE Profile, and more!

A cooktop is a type of kitchen appliance designed for cooking food in pots and pans. Generally, it consists of two or more electric heating elements that allow you to control the temperature and power output in order to achieve specific cooking goals. This post will provide an overview of some popular best 30-inch electric cooktops available on the market today and how they compare against each other.

List of 11 Best 30-inch Electric Cooktops Reviews

1. Frigidaire FFEC3025UB 30 Inch Electric Smoothtop Style Cooktop

  • People who enjoy the convenience of a smooth top cooktop will love this Frigidaire FFEC3025UB 30 Inch Electric Smoothtop Style Cooktop. The right rear 6″ – 1200 Watts front controls allow for precise cooking without having to constantly watch your food.
  • This unit ranges in color from black to off-black depending on the manual finish selected, granite or stainless steel which is ideal if you’re looking for that sleek look in your kitchen. It has all the same benefits as gas tops but with more control and safety features than any other electric design available today…at an affordable price.
  • A wonderful addition to any kitchen, the Frigidaire FFEC3025UB 30 Inch Electric Smoothtop Style Cooktop is all you’ll need. Recommended for homes with 1-2 people, this sleek top has classic looks and contemporary styling that will provide your culinary needs.
  • The wide range of control offers five power levels plus an intense boost setting perfect for browning or simmering sauces, while assist features are available for more complex tasks like scrambling eggs or cooking delicate dishes, ensuring this cooktop can accommodate any dish. And once finished cooking up a storm on the smooth glass surface, cleanup is as easy as wiping it out!

2. VIVOHOME 30 Inch 4 Burner 7400W Electric Radiant Cooktop

  • VIVOHOME’s 30-inch electric cooktop with 4 burners and 2 expandable heating elements ensures that you always achieve perfectly boiling or frying food! There are 5 cooking power levels to choose from, giving users enough options for the perfect dish every time. The smooth top is stacked with black ceramic glass and resists high temperatures so delicate dishes such as eggs can be cooked without breaking through.
  • The built-in design saves space on your counter and fits perfectly with any kitchen style. You’ll never have a difficult time readjusting the heat thanks to the LED display on the knob control which quickly changes temps accurately with a touch of a button. Use VIVOHOME’s 30-inch electric cooktop in your home today!
  • With three different temperature settings, 9 heating power levels to choose from, and 3-hour timer control, this cooktop will allow you precise time control when cooking food in its 9″ diameter pot or less. This best 30-inch electric cooktop also features an automatic turn-off function once the air is over 140 degrees Fahrenheit and can even be locked by a child safety lock for your convenience. Cooking just got more enjoyable than ever.

3. GASLAND Chef CH77BF 30″ Electric Cooktop

  • GASLAND Chef CH77BF 30″ Electric Cooktop is a electric cooktop with 4 different cooking zones. It uses 240V and has two 5.4″/9.1″(138mm/230mm) double cooking zones that have a maximum 1000W, the two 6.5″(165mm) round cooking zones that have a 1300 max 1200W power, and the other 10” x 18” (255×460 mm) work surface which also has 1100W max 2000 W power for your needs.
  • The GASLAND Electric Cooktop heats up quickly and is easy to use. Its boil, simmer, browning/sauté, or deep frying options are versatile enough for almost any cooking task you might have in mind.
  • With the safety features that this electric stovetop offers it can be beneficial for kitchens of all sizes – especially households with children. The sensors are easy to control which helps your precision when picking your desired temperature.

4. STULENG 5 Burner 30 Inch Built In Electric Cooktop

  • The STULENG 5 Burner 30 Inch Built-In Electric Cooktop has over 9 heat settings, perfect for daily cooking needs. Store up to 99 minutes of timer while you cook with the automatic shut-off function keeping your stove safe and secure.
  • Instead of changing settings step by step, you can switch the heating power by sliding the quick respond sensor touch controller over the 1-9 level buttons, 1-99min Timer, and Continue/Pause function. More convenient, saving time, no worry about the overcooked.
  • Intelligent Over Heat/Voltage/Current Protection, no worry about Security risks while cooking. With Child Lock and Auto-Shutoff function, to avoid children Misoperation. Make you enjoy cooking better, and keep the danger away.

5. Ramblewood EC4-60 4 Burner 30″ Electric Cooktop

  • The Ramblewood EC4-60 30 inch 4 Burner Electric Cooktop is perfect for all of your kitchen needs. With the power of 6000W radiant burners, this sleek black electric cooktop will make preparing meals something you’ll want to do every day.
  • Conveniently equipped with a residual heat indicator for hot surface warnings, the EC4-60 burners are powerful enough to boil boiling water in three minutes! Measuring an impressive 29.5″(W) x 19.3″(D) the cooking space on this best 30-inch electric cooktop offers plenty of room for large pans and multiple pots at once no matter what meal you’re preparing.
  • The EC4-60 has all the power you need for your cooking needs, whether that’s boiling water or frying up a delicious meal. The generous 5″ plates and coil design ensure even heating to simplify your cooking experience while its stainless steel housing ensures style and durability.
  • And don’t forget about safety! Just to be on the safe side, we’ve installed an EGO Burner & Energy Regulator/ Controller with UL approval just to make sure everything works safely and effectively.

6. GE JP3030DJBB 30 Inch Smoothtop Electric Cooktop

  • GE’s JP3030DJBB 30 inch smooth top electric cooktop with 4 radiant elements allows you to cook from scratch without breaking a sweat. With knob controls, you can precisely control the temperature and time of each element for perfect cooking every time – if your food needs some tenderizing before it gets crispy or browned, just use the melt setting. It also features a keep warm setting so you have an extra level of convenience when making individual dishes. Available at all big-box retailers!
  • The Melt setting makes it easier than ever to melt butter, cheese, or chocolate- great for crepes, soups, or even s’mores! Plus, used knobs rather than buttons means quick operation without worrying about spills on your smartphone screen. Available in black stainless with white trim – this cooktop looks as sleek as it behaves!

7. ECOTOUCH Radiant 30-inch Electric Cooktop

  • The 30-inch ECOTOUCH Radiant electric cooktop from Lux takes the effort out of cooking with its sleek modern design and powerful sports. With a 5,200-watt heating element as well as two 8,000 watt spatulas, this kitchen appliance will have you burning food in no time at all!
  • The hassle is added with a built-in drip tray that eliminates spillage onto your stovetop and quick cleaning thanks to the smooth sliding surface for easy removal. If you’re interested in an 30-inch electric cooktop that has reliable heating power then stops there because this one’s perfect for you!
  • With ECOTOUCH Radiant 30-inch Electric Cooktop, you could achieve precise power and timer settings by sliding your finger over the 1-9 level buttons. With a 1-99min Timer and Continue/Pause function to make cooking easy, any meal is possible with this cooktop.
  • Built with multiple safety devices like Over-heating Protection, Hot Surface Indicator, Child Lock, and Auto-Shutoff for your satisfaction. Passed strict manufacturing tests before receiving ETL approval; everything ensures its long life span.

8. thermomate 30 Inch Built-in Radiant Electric Cooktop

  • The Thermomate 30 Inch Built-in Radiant Electric Cooktop allows you to cook a wide array of dishes – from the perfect soup to a pan of evenly fried vegetables, for sweet and spicy masala, or your chutney – all with an excellent cooking performance. This radiant electric cooktop can satisfy your different cooking demands with 5 zones that each provides their own power burner as if they were camping stoves.
  • The built-in timer provides everything those who aren’t accustomed to using traditional Indian cookware need by delivering 1 minute up to 99 minutes in increments as little as one second because it has all been preprogrammed based on our experience and know-how so now you don’t have any excuses not to create succulent.
  • Thermomate 30 Inch Built-in Radiant Electric Cooktop: 9 power settings to meet your various cooking needs. Simple and intuitive sensor touch control that is easy for the entire family. The sleek, modern design features a clean black glass surface with minimal space consumption under the counter. This electric cook top has an ultra-thin 2-inch profile which creates a mod look in any kitchen!

9. Ramblewood EC4-70 4 Burner 30″ Electric Cooktop

  • Ramblewood is a simple and reliable cooktop that is designed with safety in mind. This clever cooktop has many features, most notably the residual heat indicator which helps notify you when it’s safe to touch your cooker top surface area (but not before!).
  • The Ramblewood EC4-70 looks to be the hottest 4 burners 30″ electric cooktop on the market. With 7200W of output power and nine levels, there’s nothing this model can’t cook up. Plus, precision digital controls make these burners easy to use for savvy users who like their dishes done just so.
  • The timer function also makes it a breeze to plan your perfect meal in advance – all that’s left is to get out your favorite cooking utensils and that fantastic recipe collection you’ve been dreaming about! You won’t regret getting the Ramblewood EC4-70 and cooking up something good today!

10. GE JP5030DJBB 30 Inch Smoothtop Electric Cooktop

  • With 30″ of cooking space, the GE JP5030DJBB Electric Cooktop will keep your kitchen running smoothly. With features like SyncBurner that syncs up with compatible induction cookware to provide even heat distribution, Keep Warm to maintain perfect temperatures until you’re ready for it, and Melt Setting for easy melting in an instant-this unit’s got all your needs covered. The digital touch controls make temperature management simple, while the 4 radiant elements that let you manage multiple dishes at once-and are sure to fit in seamlessly with any busy culinary menu.
  • GE’s new electric cooktop with a sleek, modern look is an essential part of any kitchen. With the added features of SyncBurner for slow or simmering foods and Melt Setting to melt delicate sauces, this appliance will never let you down. Alongside these high-functionality settings and two radiant elements with nine power levels total, so there is always a setting for your needs, we cannot forget about RoomWarming Mode on low for keeping items warm while finishing up prep work. GE Fits!’ The guarantee allows our appliances to be matched in your home after purchase!

11. FRIGIDAIRE FPEC3077RF Professional 30 Inch Electric Cooktop

  • There are ten different heating zones on this cooktop, meaning you can prepare food at multiple temperatures simultaneously. Plus, easy touch controls make cooking less complicated than ever before. Do your kitchen justice with the FRIGIDAIRE FPEC3077RF Professional 30 Inch Electric Cooktop today!
  • The professional 30 inches smooth top electric cooktop can help you create delicious meals for your family without giving up the flexibility of an open burner. Take on any cooking task with an 1800 watt left front bridge element and a 1200 watt left rear exterior adapter compatible element for convenient, intuitive cooking.
  • Stay cool with the handy timer which will alert you when it is time to turn off the stove before it smokes out your kitchen. This stainless steel trim complements any kitchen decor easily letting you switch back and forth between working on cookware or cleaning up at your sink.

Some Features Consider When to Buy the Best 30-inch Electric Cooktop

30-inch electric cooktop is one of the most important appliances in the kitchen. This article will discuss some features that you should consider before buying a 30-inch electric cooktop.

Type Of Cooktop

There are different types of cooktops such as sealed burners, open coil burners, and radiant heat cooking surfaces available on the market these days. When deciding between them, you have to consider your cooking style and habits. Open coil burners are easy to clean but can be difficult to maintain even temperature. On the other hand, a sealed burner is hard to reach for cleaning under them unless you remove them from their housing or cut a hole so it can be cleaned. Radiant heating surfaces only require wiping with a damp cloth to keep them clean. The best option is a radiant heating surface as it is easy to maintain and clean.

Induction Or Conventional Burner

There are two types of cooktops available: conventional and induction types. If you choose induction, your cooking will be more convenient and energy-efficient than the conventional burners due to its rapid heating ability and temperature control that can adjust automatically for each pot or pan which eliminates the need to heat large batches of water at once reducing energy use.

Oven Compatibility And Available Accessories

Make sure that check if your 30-inch electric cooktop comes with oven accessories such as rack, griddle, braiser, etc because these are important if you want to do some extra using them in your convenience time. In addition, you should check if your cooktop is oven compatible or not.

Cooking Area Positioning And Controls Location

When choosing a 30-inch electric cooktop, make sure that controls and cooking area positioning are easy to access and read. The controls must be within the sight of the user and the dials should indicate which level they control with respect to high-low settings for example. Generally, knobs located in the front lower portion of the unit are good but center placement makes them hard to reach for some people such as tall people with long arms. If your kitchen layout allows it to locate this appliance on top of an island or peninsula would be great. It is better if your cooktop electronic touchpad can reduce the risk of spills or steam build-up in the cooktop.

Features Available On The Cooktop

You should check before purchasing a 30-inch electric cooktop if it comes with features you want such as speed boil, multi-level burner, keep warm, etc because these are important for your cooking. Also, make sure that all burners on your cooktop lights when turned on to provide additional task lighting when you need it most. Moreover, a high BTU rating is good for fast boiling water and a low is better for simmering food at low temperatures.

Additionally, a radiant element heating surface is preferable to the glass top one due to this ability to control the heat more efficiently and evenly by adjusting the temperature automatically based on what’s placed on it. Another important feature that you should consider before buying a 30-inch electric cooktop is the control lockout option that prevents kids from accidentally turning up the heat on your stove.


Before deciding which 30-inch electric cooktop fits your budget, make a list of features you want and compare this with other brands as well as the price. In addition, check if the manufacturer offers special deals for those who buy their combo stoves such as free warranty extensions or other promotions.

Warranty And Safety Features

Make sure to check the warranty period and safety features available on the selected 30-inch electric cooktop. You can get extra information about these options by reading consumer reviews online or asking in local appliance stores. Also, make sure that your chosen product has a child lock safety feature so it will be free from any hazard for children playing around this area. It is better if all controls are blocked when the button is not pushed down completely, preventing them from being activated unintentionally.

How to Install an Electric Cooktop

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are all 30-inch electric cooktops the same size?

No. There are two types of 30-inch electric cooktops: standard and range. Standard 30-inch electric cooktops are the same size as most traditional 30-inch gas cooktops, but some ranges have a unique size that is slightly smaller or larger than your average 30-inch cooktop. You should measure your space before purchasing an electric cooktop to make sure it will fit.

2. Why are ceramic cooktops more expensive than glass top stoves?

Ceramic stove tops are more expensive because they can be produced to have a larger diameter, which is preferable for most consumers. Ceramic is the only type of material that has these properties that meet all requirements of European energy class A++, with regards to both heat distribution and easy cleaning. However, it cannot be manufactured in various thicknesses like porcelain or enameled cast iron plates can.

These plates already exist for several decades. They were used as a heating element underneath gas burners and helped distribute the heat across a larger area at a lower average temperature (similar to a modern base plate). The use of such enameled cast iron plates as a heat diffuser for gas is not forbidden by any law but is instead used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

3. What size cabinet do you need for a 30-inch electric cooktop?

The dimensions of the cabinet are 36 3/4 by 21 1/2 inches. This specific cooktop is 6 3/8 inches deep – deeper than most, so be sure to measure your available space before you buy or hire a custom cabinet maker for this project.


The best 30-inch electric cooktop is the one that fits your cooking needs. We have outlined some of our favorites below to get you started on your search. If none of these seem like a good fit, remember that there are many more models available with different features and price points!

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