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9 Best 36-inch Electric Cooktops: 2022 Reviews & Top Picks

Best 36-inch Electric Cooktop

The best 36-inch electric cooktop is a great solution for anyone who cooks on their stovetop a lot. Cooking food can be a time-consuming process, and the best way to make it more efficient is by using an appliance that saves you time and energy!

For those who are looking for a cooktop that has the best of both worlds, an electric cooktop might be a perfect choice. They can heat up quickly and offer precise temperature control with their digital controls, but they also have great recovery time and don’t waste energy as gas stovetops do. With so many options on the market to choose from, it’s hard to know which one is right for you. That’s why we’re going to talk about the best 36-inch electric cooktop!

List of 9 Best 36-inch Electric Cooktops Reviews

1. Frigidaire FFEC3625UB 36 Inch Electric Smoothtop Cooktop

  • Frigidaire’s FFEC3625UB 36″ Smoothtop Cooktop delivers up to 36,000 BTUs of cooking power. With the Frigidaire Fit Promise, you can confidently purchase this oven with peace of mind knowing it will fit your cabinetry cutout specifications.
  • With its plastic knob type and sturdy 27-pound weight, the Frigidaire FFEC3625UB utilizes your range hood to create swirling currents of air for true convection cooking. This high-end cooktop has a 250°F – 1200°F (121°C – 538°C) range allowing you to slow-cook stews and soups or simmer sauces.
  • The Frigidaire FFEC3625UB 36-inch Electric Smoothtop Cooktop features a powerful 8,000 watts of heating power because we want to make sure that you can cook all your favorite dishes. With the touch-of-a-button features and powerful induction cooking surface, this cooktop will be able to infuse flavor into food like never before.


2. GE JP5036DJBB 36-Inch Smooth Top Electric Cooktop

  • The GE JP5036DJBB 36-Inch Cooktop is perfect for those who need an expansive surface to cook on and prefer something professional-looking. The five radiant cooking elements evenly distribute the heat across this sleek glass surface, making it easy to prepare signature dishes that please loved ones and friends. Whether you’re boiling vegetables or searing a steak, the GE product gives you perfectly cooked food every time with accurate control of heating.
  • The GE JP5036DJBB 36-Inch Smooth Top Electric Cooktop is the perfect addition to any kitchen! It’s equipped with Power Boil Tri-Ring Element – for when you need that extra power. Plus, 2,400 watts of flexible cooking power on the other ring means less waiting time too! The 6″ burner has a lower heat setting for keeping your food warm while cooking. This best 36-inch electric cooktop will work great for smaller families and even functions well in small spaces like an RV or boat.

3. Empava 36 Inch Electric Stove Induction Cooktop

  • The Empava 36 inch electric stove induction cooktop is perfect for those looking to upgrade to the latest state-of-the-art appliance that’s easy on your budget. It features all cast-iron components and tempered glass which provides added safety compared to metal finishes like chrome, stainless steel, or galvanized steel.
  • This stove can handle a maximum of 500 degrees Fahrenheit with ease while also meeting strict UL standard requirements making it safe for use in homes with small children. The sleek design offers plug & play installation without having to cut any wires make it user-friendly and easy!
  • The Empava 36 Inch Electric Stove Induction Cooktop is perfect for cooking without the hassles. This stove features a hot surface indicator, a pan size sensor that heats the element to the size of your cookware, and child control locks preventing unintended activation for more safety.
  • It also features spills that can’t burn onto the surface, easy-to-clean vitro coated steel which makes cleaning up ragsuper simple by wiping it with a damp cloth or running through the dishwasher. You won’t be disappointed in this 36-inch electric induction cooktop!

4. Sincreative Store 36 Inch Electric Cooktop with 5 Burners

  • Every household needs an electric stove that’s up to the task, and this appliance is ready to help you conquer any cooking challenge. It features five powerful burners. Know exactly what you want before even turning on the stovetop!
  • The Sincreative brand offers endless possibilities for budding chefs of all ages. Those looking for something more modern or retro will find this decor matches your unique style no matter how specific it may be.
  • Achieving a perfect family dinner is easy with own electric cooktop. A heavy-duty stove, made from scratch-resistant material and featuring 9 heat level settings and a 99-minute timer, will help even the most inexperienced chef make everything from boil to fry until stir fry. The idyllic design can live on your countertop beautifully as well as be happy side by side with any other kitchen equipment including cabinetry if needed!
  • The powerful surface has always been designed to be treated gently providing you with consistent cooking for all types of recipes without ever needing an upgrade again. With the touch control panel, our versatile cooktop works seamlessly in any environment whether it’s in your home or restaurant too!

5. thermomate Built-in 36 Inch Electric Stove Top

  • The Thermomate Induction Electric Stove Top ensures precise heating with 9 different power settings. It’s perfect for your favorite dishes like a braise, fry, deep-fry, stir-fry, and roast. The slender black sitting beautifully on a 1 or 2-inch under-counter gives you back the space without sacrificing performance.
  • With just a simple touch of the sleek slider sensor controls, every member in your family can cook up to 99 minutes timer with precision timing. Amazingly easy cooking solution that is healthy and fast, don’t wait anymore!
  • Thermomate’s five cooking zones come in three different sizes to meet all of your multiple cooking needs. No more waiting for the stovetop to get hot enough before anything can be cooked – Thermomate has six power settings so you can start cooking right away even if all the burners are not on.
  • Automatic shutdown, residual heat indicator, and child safety lock make it very safe for use by family members. Turn the lights off after coming home with a swipe of your hand thanks to touching panel technology! The electromagnetic induction function makes sure that any cookware that is compatible with this type of heating will work nicely with the built-in induction burner.

6. Frigidaire FGEC3648US Gallery Series 36 Inch Electric Smoothtop Cooktop

  • The Frigidaire FGEC3645US Gallery Series 36 inch electric smooth top cooktop is an affordable choice with many features that make cooking easy, like the five adjustable elements that allow for simultaneous cooking.
  • For example, not only can you boil eggs while doing oatmeal but the warm setting will keep your breakfast dish warm until it’s ready to be served. The space-saving design of the Frigidaire FGEC3648US large cooktop allows you to maximize available cabinet space and have a functional kitchen no matter what size it may be.
  • Take your kitchen to the next level with an electric cooktop that sits about 36 inches wide. The Frigidaire Gallery Series Electric Cooktop provides you with cooking flexibility, featuring 5 powerful elements including 3,200 watts of boiling power for fast cooking times. Installation is easy – simply plug it in and enjoy your new range!
  • The large glass smooth surface allows the entire family to keep an eye on what’s cooking without worries of violence or spills. You can also control the temperature of each heating element independently through knob controls located at the front of the unit, ensuring everything is at its ideal temp before serving up delicious food.

7. GASLAND Chef CH90BS 36 Inch Electric Cooktop

  • GASLAND Chef CH90BS 36 Inch Electric Cooktop is a convenient and stylish addition to any kitchen. This built-in electric stove can be used in any type of cookware such as aluminum pans, copper pans, cast iron frying pans, and non-magnetic stainless steel pans, vertical heat conduction can effectively heat cookwares with minimal heat loss.
  • The best 36-inch electric cooktop has titanic cooking power to suit a variety of dishes! The Chef CH90BS features multiple cooking zones, perfect for a family meal. The stations max out at 1200W and 1800W with 5 available zones that could handle anything from searing steaks to poaching eggs without the need for an extra stove.
  • With this great efficiency, you don’t have to worry about all your pots boiling over or browning foods together because it’s too easy to switch between burners during prepare meals. It’s wrapped in stainless steel surrounds for durability and ease of use.

8. Fisher Paykel CI365DTB2N 36 Inch Electric Induction Cooktop

  • The Fisher Paykel CI365DTB2N 36 Inch Electric Induction Cooktop is sleek, stylish, and innovative. It includes 5 induction cooking zones, a powerful dual-zone with pan detection that’s either 1500 or 1800 watts to ensure fast equal heating across the cookware.
  • Crafted with 100% glass-ceramic, this 36-inch electric cooktop works as fast as gas and is easy to clean. This stove comes in an efficient size which adds minimal bulk to your kitchen; it can fit right above or below cabinets, making for a great investment.
  • The Fisher Paykel CI365DTB2N 36 Inch Electric Induction Cooktop is the perfect addition for any kitchen. It has 9″ of cook space – enough to make most meals and is easy to clean with non-stick pan release. The inductive cooking technology is quick and energy-efficient, saving you time in preparing foods.

9. FRIGIDAIRE FGIC3666TB Gallery 36″ Electric Induction Cooktop

  • The Frigidaire FGIC3666TB Gallery 36″ Electric Induction Cooktop only takes a few minutes to heat up and is capable of quickly reaching boiling highs without having to use an oven. Experience the unparalleled efficiency where you can cook dinner within 15-20 minutes, rather than spending hours preheating your oven!
  • The 3 powerful induction heating coils deliver electromagnetic waves that generate high-intensity localized heat perfect for frying pans or searing steaks. With this impressive capacity, you’ll find yourself cooking like a chef every night all year round!
  • Easily cook up a storm with one of the most highly rated electric induction cooktops on the market. You won’t be left looking for an easy to clean and durable surface: this model comes pre-installed with a glass-ceramic cooktop that will help you always achieve evenly heated cooking temperatures.
  • Ditch your pots and pans in favor of auto-sizing pan detection, which means that the heat is automatically distributed amongst different zones according to what type of cooking product is placed on it. The intuitive digital controls also allow you to conveniently adjust between degrees Fahrenheit and degrees Celcius while still providing precise measurements so there’ll never be any guessing involved when trying out new recipes!

How to Choose the Best 36-inch Electric Cooktop

If you are looking for the best 36-inch electric cooktop, you have come to the right place. This review will cover three of what I find to be the best options in this category. You should be able to find an option that suits your needs perfectly by reading through my list below. Here is a quick rundown of what we’ll go over:

Number of burners

36-inch electric cooktops come in several different configurations, which means that they will offer a different number of burners. When it comes to choosing an electric cooktop you should take into account how many people you typically cook for on a daily basis. If you always cook for 4-6 people then two burners may be enough but if you like to entertain guests on the regular or even do some serious cooking at home, there are models out there offering up to six burners. A lot comes down to personal preference when it comes to deciding on the best number of burners for your lifestyle but I prefer the four-burner option as it gives me enough options for cooking different dishes simultaneously.

Burner Size

36-inch electric cooktops feature either small or large burners, depending on the model you choose. Small burners are typically used for preparing sauces and other small dishes or pots whereas large burners can accommodate up to 10-inch pans which makes them good for a variety of cooking techniques such as boiling, sautéing, and frying. What size burner you should get totally depends on what your cooking needs are but I recommend going with at least two large burners since they will allow you to cook larger dishes that require longer periods of time in the oven without compromising quality.

Ease of use

When looking for a 36-inch electric cooktop one thing that should be taken into consideration is how easy it is to clean and maintain. If you enjoy cooking then chances are you won’t have much of a problem cleaning your cooktop after you are done cooking but if you don’t then it’s safe to say that the easier the model is to clean, the better. As such, I recommend going with models featuring removable grates and knobs as they offer an easy way out when it comes to times where cleanup is required.

Burner Size

Electric cooktops come in both large and small burner options and this will greatly affect what kinds of dishes can be prepared on them. If you like to boil water or fry eggs then a unit boasting only one small burner may not do much good for you since these types of tasks require larger burners. On top of this, some smaller electric cooks doesn’t even feature enough room to hold a 10-inch pan without having to place something else over the burners. For me, I prefer going with at least two large burners so I have enough room to cook all kinds of dishes but this may not be necessary for you if you don’t mind cooking smaller dishes or pots.


If you enjoy cooking then cleaning up your 36-inch electric cooktop should be no problem for you as it’s relatively easy to clean up after yourself. However, if you don’t like to cook much then chances are that keeping your cooktop clean will become a pain in the neck since most models out there feature grates and knobs which can be very difficult to remove and replace properly. As such, it’s recommended that you go with a unit featuring removable knobs and grates so cleaning the cooktop after you are done cooking is as easy as it gets.


Electric cooktops are available with either knobs or digital controls. Knob models are typically older models that have been around since the early 1980s though some newer versions do feature analog controls as well. Even though they are considered outdated by many people they certainly haven’t lost their charm and they certainly beat out digital controls in terms of versatility, since you can literally use them any way you want to. Digital units typically give you more control over various settings which is nice but at the same time, it takes a lot of getting used to since most digital units have touch screens that require your finger to be placed directly on the screen in order for them to work properly.

Induction vs Coil

If money isn’t an issue when it comes to choosing a cooktop then I highly suggest you go with induction technology since it is far superior to traditional electric cooking. While induction doesn’t heat up your cookware directly, the magnetic field created by the induction unit causes molecules within the cookware itself to vibrate rapidly which in turn causes it to heat up while being extremely energy efficient at the same time.

Unfortunately, induction units are a lot more expensive than regular electric models but if you can afford one then you certainly won’t regret going this route. Even though coil electric models have been around for decades I highly recommend avoiding them due to their lack of efficiency and safety issues so don’t get fooled by low price tags, because this is exactly what they are – cheap imitations of real cooktops that will you much more in terms of wasted energy.

How To Install An Electric Cooktop

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are all 36-inch electric cooktops the same size?

No. While all 36-inch electric cooktops will be the same size when viewed from above (36″) they can vary in terms of how much space is given to each cooking zone. The number and configuration of these vary between manufacturers and models, but each zone should match up with a burner below it to allow for even heat distribution across the surface. Cooking zones that don’t line up may lead to hot and cold spots during use and could affect your cooking results. Be sure to carefully measure your existing appliance before purchasing a replacement part or new model if necessary.

2. What size cabinet do I need for a 36-inch electric cooktop?

36-inch electric cooktops require a 36″ wide cabinet for mounting. Be sure to measure the existing space and check the details of your replacement model before the purchase if needed. You should also factor in height, as some models may protrude from the surface more than others at the front. This is an important consideration if you need to fit it under overhead cupboards or other low-hanging appliances such as microwaves.


The best 36-inch electric cooktop is an excellent solution for anyone who cooks on their stovetop a lot. Cooking food can be time consuming, and the best way to make it more efficient is by using an appliance that saves you time and energy!

If this sounds like you, then take some time today to read through our reviews of the top five 36-inch electric cooktops available online so you know exactly which one will work well in your kitchen. We’ve provided plenty of information about each product including how long they typically last, what size burners are included with them, and even any extra features or accessories offered with purchase.

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