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7 Best 4-Bottle Wine Coolers (2022 Reviews & Top Picks)

Best 4-Bottle Wine Coolers

The best wine cooler is one that can keep your bottles at a consistent temperature, preserving flavor and quality. The best way to do this is by using a 4 bottle wine cooler from innovative wine cellars. As seen below in the table of features, our coolers are designed with the consumer’s needs in mind. We have gone above and beyond when it comes to providing you with a product that will last for years to come!

There are many different types of wine coolers on the market that can hold a few bottles or as many as 24. The cost of the cooler is usually proportional to how many bottles it can hold. Some models have digital displays that tell you what your current temperature is while others don’t have any displays at all. These are just some things for you to consider when shopping around for a new cooler, so keep reading!

We all love a glass of wine and the right bottle chilling system can make it even more enjoyable. This week we will explore some of the best 4 bottle wine cooler options on the market, as well as their different features and price points.

List Of 7 Best 4-Bottle Wine Cooler Reviews

1. FRIGIDAIRE EFMIS567_AMZ 18 Can OR 4 Wine Bottle Retro Beverage Fridge

  • The FRIGIDAIRE EFMIS567_AMZ 18 Can OR 4 Wine Bottle Retro Beverage Fridge is perfect for small spaces and storing up to 18 cans or 4 bottles. Designed with the latest in technology, it’s eco-friendly and keeps cool to 38 degrees Fahrenheit when you’re craving an ice-cold drink! This fridge doesn’t mind where you place it thanks to its easy plug, play outlet adapters, and ultraslick stainless steel finish.
  • This mini fridge has a sleek stainless steel design that complements any décor. And with no compressor, it’s so quiet and vibration-free. It has plenty of space too – at 12 Litres capacity, this unit can accommodate 4 wine bottles or up to 18 water/soda cans.
  • With temperature controls, the fridge can hold cool beverages at 38 degrees Fahrenheit and has an adjustable thermostat to accommodate any last-minute changes in guest preference. Fits beautifully into traditional or modern decor styles with its stainless steel exterior that accentuates its design while saving energy costs by running quietly for up to 24 hours on low-voltage A/C power adapters plugged into your home outlet.

2. Vinotemp IL-OW004 Il Romanzo 4 Bottle Beverage Capacity Open Wine Cooler

  • The Vinotemp IL-OW004 Il Romanzo 4 Bottle Beverage Capacity Open Wine Cooler. This wine cooler has a sleek and modern design so it will fit in with any kitchen or living room style décor. With up to four storage compartments, this unit can hold up to twelve bottles of wine.
  • The Vinotemp IL-OW004 Il Romanzo 4 Bottle Beverage Capacity Open Wine Cooler boasts touch screen digital temperature control for easy use and dual pane glass panels that allow you to see inside while keeping your wine cool when not in use. It also comes equipped with thermoelectric technology that allows the appliance to keep your delicious wines chilled at an accurate and consistent 41 – 66 degree Fahrenheit range without increasing energy.
  • Vinotemp’s Il Romanzo 4 Bottle Beverage Capacity Open Wine Cooler has everything you’re looking for – great style, storage space, and best of all, perfect temperature control. Keep your wine at an ideal chilling temperature with the touch screen digital controls.
  • With open bottle racks under tasteful black tempered glass shelves, this unit offers a sleek modern style that complements any contemporary kitchen décor. The LCD touch screen display provides easy temperature control so you can store all varieties of bottles from half-bottles to magnums without losing out on either accessibility or functionality!

3. Vinotemp VT-WINEDISP4 4 Bottle Wine Dispenser

  • This sturdy, sleek Vinotemp VT-WINEDISP4 4 Bottle Wine Dispenser will keep your wines fresh and chilled at 45 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The VT-WINEDISP4 features a digital thermostat and blue LED interior light that ensures the perfect atmosphere for wine-not too bright or dim!
  • This product has roomy casters for easy transportation from home to outdoor events and is constructed of durable stainless steel fitted with black siding. The stainless steel wine dropper will give you optimum convenience when pouring wine into glasses or onto foods such as pasta, rice dishes, or increased servings.
  • Vinotemp’s VT-WINEDISP4 is the perfect solution for chilling, pouring, and displaying two open bottles of wine. With a beautiful frame that features blue interior lighting as well as a digital temperature display that ranges from 45 to 65, the Vinotemp will not only look amazing at your event but you’ll also be able to keep those delicious wines fresh for weeks with nitrogen gas provided by 2 cartridges included in the package!
  • This sleek, black wine chiller includes two open bottles and a single serving of argon or nitrogen gas for preservation purposes. The digital temperature display makes it easy to tell when your best wines are perfectly chilled at 45-65 degrees Fahrenheit while keeping them preserved for up to several weeks before you’ll need new gas cartridges.

4. Koblenz 4-Bottle Free Standing Single Zone Wine Cooler

  • Knowing how to preserve your wine is of the utmost importance, which is why you need the standard of excellence that Koblenz delivers. From its professional-grade materials to its expansive capacity for storing up to four 750 mL bottles, this single zone cooler offers all of the qualities necessary for proper wine storage.
  • For example, each unit features a digital touch panel with full temperature adjustability makes it easy to find your ideal setting in no time at all. The thermoelectric cooling technology is silent and maintains even temperatures without any clanking or vibration noise.
  • Sleek stainless steel handles make carrying glasses easy while interior lights allow you to see when storing your prized vintages in complete safety.

5. IGLOO FRW041 4-Bottle Wine Cooler

  • As a wine enthusiast, you want to take care of your wines and keep them at their perfect temperature. The IGLOO FRW041 4-Bottle Wine Cooler has 4 inches deep space for over four bottles which will be cooled up to the custom temperature you choose. You can adjust it with the touch of a button to whatever temperature is ideal for red or white wine (or whatever else suits your tastes).
  • If you’re hosting an event where people bring savory foods, this cooler can frizz out quickly in order to keep all your goods fresh! This sleek and stylish Igloo fridge was made with quality materials and will look great in any home décor.

6. OPUX 4 Bottle Wine Cooler Bag

  • The OPUX 4 Bottle Wine Cooler Bag is the ultimate in wine bottle protection and insulation. With plenty of room for four bottles, it features a padded lining to protect your favorite wines from breaking during travel with thermally insulating material to maintain temperatures after chilling or at room temperature, making it perfect for restaurants, picnics, and any place you want (or need) your favorite drink. The best gift for wine lovers and hostess present!
  • The perfect wine bag for the weekend getaway. Along with four bottles, this wine cooler bag features shoulder and hand straps to carry comfortably and padded protection for your bulky items. Made from 600D polyester and black PU leather trim, enjoy relaxation without worrying about any accidents!

7. Vinotemp VT-WINEDISP4 4 Bottle Wine Dispenser

  • The Vinotemp VT-WINEDISP4 is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Purchase two open bottles and dispense chilled single servings through argon or nitrogen gas that will keep your wine fresh for up to four weeks.
  • This product features an easy-to-program digital temperature display, blue-led interior lighting, and see-through double-paned glass doors to show off your open wine bottles. The Vinotemp VT-WINEDISP4 includes 2 gas cartridges.

Buying Guide for the Best 4-Bottle Wine Cooler

Are you in the process of buying a new wine cooler and looking for the best 4-bottle wine cooler? You need to be sure that your product choice will provide excellent value for your money. This is because there are numerous wines coolers available in the market right now. But, not all models can deliver what they promise to their buyers. Some create problems and don’t give them full satisfaction that is why we created this buying guide just to help you pick the best 4-bottle wine cooler that will suit your needs and preferences. Here are some details about this product:


This is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a wine cooler. This is necessary so you can easily know how many bottles can fit in your unit. The capacity ranges from 1 bottle up to 6 bottles depending on the manufacturer and design. Generally, this product has a capacity of 4 bottles which means that it can comfortably store at least four bottles of wine upright without problems or making them fall over each other


This should also be considered before buying because this tells its durability and life span. Usually, newer models are made with stainless steel but there are still some manufacturers who continue to use glass for their material. If you prefer something durable then go for those models that have stainless steel material instead. With this feature, it will surely last for a long time.

Temperature Settings

There are two types of wine coolers you can find right now and these are compressor and thermoelectric. A compressor wine cooler has a cooling system that is the common type found in refrigerators or air conditioners. It can maintain your desired temperature all throughout which means it is efficient when it comes to cooling your wine without affecting its taste. However, those models with this feature tend to vibrate more because they have an inner fan as well as outer ventilation.

You need to remember that the lower the noise level is the better. These models create vibrations because of their cooling system therefore if you want something quieter then go for those with thermoelectric technology instead. This model has 9 different temperature settings which allow users to choose from a wide range of options depending on their preference such as white or rosé wine among others.

Noise control

Also, you have to consider the noise level of a certain wine cooler so you can easily monitor this feature. You already know that compressor models are a bit noisy because they have an inner fan and outer ventilation. However, some brands try to improve on this feature which is why there are now compressor models with noise reduction feature. These units come with sound insulation boards which means it has low noise levels overall. If you want something without these features then go for those with thermoelectric technology since they don’t make any noise at all


This product has dimensions of 14 x 8 x 26 inches and weighs 27 pounds therefore it is not really compact but also not too bulky either. It fits well in most spaces and does not consume too much space as well. This wine cooler is just appropriate for those who want to store a few bottles of their favorite drinks

Interior LED light

This is another cool feature of this product because it is advantageous in terms of aesthetics. This is important especially if you are tight on space and do not want to sacrifice the look of your home. It has an LED light that illuminates the interior which ensures that bottles are properly placed inside.


This is also an important factor that you need to consider before buying. Different manufacturers offer different warranty terms and conditions. There are some that offer only a short period which can be 30 days up to 1 year while there are still some who provide up to 10 years for this feature. In general, the longer the warranty coverage means better quality product because it gives manufacturer’s trust in their own products and services they offer


It is also necessary to consider the size of a wine bottle you want to store in your unit. If you have a huge collection then it would be best if you get a large cooler with high capacity but if not then it will not hurt to choose one with a small storage capacity so it can easily fit in your cabinet or countertop. This model can hold up to four bottles which means that this brand allows users to conveniently store their wines without any problems. In general, most cooling systems are wide enough for regular wine bottles and therefore unless you have an extremely big size of wine bottle then generally the standard size should be no problem.

Cord Length

This may also seem trivial but it actually plays a part in where exactly your unit will be placed. A longer cord means better flexibility when placing your wine cooler in your desired place. This model has a cord length of 5 ft which is already enough for most users but if you still want something more flexible then go for those with 8 ft or 10 ft instead


There are different types of wine coolers that you will find in the market and their price may vary depending on its brand and what it offers. There is one product that costs around $150 while there are some which can go beyond this range. If you want to know how much exactly your unit costs, be sure to check the website or store where you buy it from so you can easily see its detailed features and prices. It is also important to note that even if a product is expensive doesn’t mean it is already quality and really efficient in storing your wine bottles upright WARNING: Before buying, be sure to check the capacity of your preferred model because if it’s too small then this might not be good for your needs sometimes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take for a wine cooler to kick in?

It is important to give the wine cooler at least two hours before plugging it back in. This will help prevent any coolant from leaking out of your unit and onto other items, which could ruin them as well!

2. Why are wine coolers so expensive?

A good wine fridge is an expensive investment. It’s not just about the specialized temperature control technology, it also includes custom-built racks and units to fit into your cabinet space!

3. Are wine coolers worth it?

If you want your wine to age properly and taste its best, then it would be worth investing in a wine cooler. A refrigerated unit at the ideal temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit or lower will slow down spoilage bacteria that can cause unpleasant smells and toxins from fungus growth which may lead towards oxidation (a browning process).


The best 4 bottle wine cooler is one that can keep your bottles at a consistent temperature, preserving flavor and quality. When you purchase from us, we provide all of the necessary information about how to install or assemble your new cooler so that you can enjoy what matters most- great wine!

In the end, it is important to remember that a 4-bottle wine cooler is not just about keeping your wine at an optimal temperature. You should also take into account how much counter space you have in your kitchen and what type of décor will best suit your home’s aesthetic. Whatever option you choose for this luxury purchase, we hope these reviews help you find the perfect fit for your needs!

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