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11 Best 4 Burner Gas Cooktops of 2023: Reviews & Top Picks

Best 4 Burner Gas Cooktops

The first thing that we should do when looking at a new 4 burner gas cooktop is considered wherein our home will be placed. If space is limited, then getting a smaller stove might benefit us more than buying something large that doesn’t fit into tight spaces or kitchens with small counter space.

It is important to have a gas cooktop that can accommodate your cooking needs. The best 4 burner gas cooktops are able to handle any dish you want, from eggs in the morning to grilled steak for dinner. If you’re looking for the perfect appliance for your kitchen, be sure to read this article!

List of 11 Best 4 Burner Gas Cooktops Reviews

1. forimo Built in 4 Burner Gas Cooktop

  • The forimo Built in 4 Burner Gas Cooktop is perfect for cooking large quantities of food quickly and easily on an enormous surface area. The first triple ring wok burner offers more intense heat making it great at searing meat or boiling water quickly.
  • The second semi-rapid burner is the perfect size if you’re looking to fry eggs or pre-cooking pasta, while the auxiliary burner can be used as a backup – safe cooking has never been easier!
  • Perfect for those who enjoy their cooking time! The company has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing gas cooktops and the top quality stainless steel and cast iron material means your stove is made to last.
  • The built-in 4 burners can accommodate a variety of pots and pans, making it easier than ever to find the one that suits you best! Stop by today and we’ll show you how amazing our products are!

2. GASLAND Chef GH60SF 4 Burner Gas Stovetop

  • The GASLAND Chef GH60SF 4 Burner Gas Stovetop is perfect for different styles of kitchens. The high-quality stainless steel with 2 heavy cast iron pan support grates makes it easy to clean after cooking allowing ease and assurance of durability.
  • It features 4 sealed natural gas burners including a 2,800BTU auxiliary burner, double 5,000BTU semi-rapid burners, and a 9,500BTU wok burner. This drop-in 24-inch stove has the capacity for 7 frying pans at once which means you will be ready to cook the next amazing dish the moment your pots are cool enough to hand on or if anything happens during the excitement of cooking.
  • The GASLAND Chef GH60SF 4 Burner Gas Stovetop has an automatic electric pulse ignition and conversion kit. This 24 inches, ETL-certified stove is CSA certified and comes with a 55.1’ cord plug for easy use in North America. If the flame is not present on this NG/LPG stove-top, it will shut off automatically to ensure safety.

3. NOXTON 4 Burner Gas Cooktop

  • The NOXTON 4 Burner Gas Cooktop is for professional chefs that don’t want to compromise on features or quality. Boasting four powerful burners, the gas cooktop looks great with its thick stainless steel top and heavy cast iron supports. The NOXTON also uses automatic thermocouple protection which ensures the flame is turned off if it detects no heat, so you can avoid gas leakage during cooking lulls.
  • Made of 100% stainless steel with heavy cast iron support means this piece will last through years of wear-and-tear! Add in durable bakelite knobs for easy cleaning and maintenance and you get a reliable stovetop perfect for beginner chefs to seasoned pros.
  • The NOXTON 4 Burner Gas Cooktop provides the flexibility and accuracy of gas cooking with a sleek, modern contemporary design. This stainless steel gas hob comes in a plug-and-go unit that allows for quick installation without any hassle. The control panel operates with an automatic ignition system- no battery needed.
  • Electronic ignition guarantees that there won’t be any surprises when you get home from work to find it lit but not heated up like other cooktops out there! This product contains an LPG conversion kit, so customers can take advantage of both natural gas and LPG if their needs require them to switch fuels monthly or yearly.

4. K&H 4 Burner LPG/Propane Gas Glass Cast Iron Cooktop

  • The 4 Burner Cast Iron Cooktop is perfect for any modern kitchen that needs a dependable stovetop with the power to handle anything. What sets this cooktop apart from others is its safety precautions built-in, including an automatic safety shutoff system, flame failure burner safety device, pan tilt detector, and stainless steel over one front burner along with heavy cast iron pan supports which come standard. Although designed as an LPG/Propane Gas glass cooktop, you can choose to convert it into 110V AC if needed and additionally comes with a standard 110V plug so it’s ready for you no matter your preference!
  • The K&H 4 Burner LPG/Propane Gas Glass Cast Iron Cooktop is made for restaurant cooking with the highest quality materials. It’s equipped with high-grade cast iron, which distributes heat more evenly than traditional stainless steel cooktops and does so in an attractive gas-fired glass top. The powerful burners offer quick heat-up time and robust flames for maximum performance in all cooking operations: steaming, frying, grilling, and more!
  • This ceramic glass-topped range provides even distribution of heat that’s gentle on sensitive foods like fruit and produces when boiling water or simmering sauces and soups that inevitably splash into the pan; tough enough to brown meat; resistant to scratching; scratch-proof surface easy to clean.

5. Empava 4 Burner Gas Cooktop

  • With 4 World Class Made in Italy SABAF burner gas cooktops by Empava, this modern and innovative cooktop can be used to perfectly sear your steak or melt sugar for a delicious crème Brulee. The Empava 4 Burner Gas Cooktop is large enough for larger gatherings such as Thanksgiving dinner and features 2 rear burners so you don’t get surrounded when you’re cooking family-sized dishes like lasagna or roasted chicken. The LPG/NG Convertible (Both Nozzles Included) delivers the same maximum BTU power to propane and natural gas cooktops–no electricity needed!
  • Versatile and efficient, the Empava gas range includes 4 versatile burners with a 12000-BTU Dual Ring burner included. Cleaning is simplified because it switches to a dishwasher job for effortless stainless steel, stain, and heat-resistant stovetop. Enjoy minimal clean-up with sealed burners that prevent food from falling inside them!
  • With an adjustable griddle that provides you the flexibility, you need to make all your favorite dishes using precise temperature control for precise cooking. And now not only come standard on every oven but also high wattage power functioning as an economical solution even when running at 100% capacity over extended periods of time.

6. Frigidaire FFGC3012TS 30″ Stainless Steel 4 Burner Gas Cooktop

  • Frigidaire’s FFGC3012TS 30″ Stainless steel 4 Burner Gas Cooktop is designed to be both durable and beautiful alike. The sealed gas burners are easy to clean, emphasize the stainless steel finish over time, and are safe for quick or simmering cooking techniques. With a premier cooktop design that retains heat naturally during cooking, you’ll be able to do more with less effort!
  • This stainless steel powerhouse is the perfect addition to any kitchen. The four burners can be used simultaneously so you’ll never have an excuse for doing dishes by hand again! Use the timer to set off your favorite soups and stews while not in use so they’re always ready when you are.
  • The Frigidaire FFGC3012TS 30″ Stainless Steel 4 Burner Gas Cooktop is a complete centerpiece for your kitchen. The angled controls will easily guide you to the perfect temperature and with four burners, you’ll have plenty of room to cook anything from soups and sauces all day long to dishes that must be cooked on low or high heat. At just under five square feet in space, this gas stove top offers plenty of cooking area without looking too cluttered. Get yours today!

7. Ramblewood High Efficiency 4 Burner Natural Gas Cooktop

  • The Ramblewood High Efficiency 4 Burner Natural Gas Cooktop is not just another cooktop, it’s quite literally the hottest acquisition in commercial cooking. A sealed design ensures that every last bit of flavor remains for a taste that’ll ignite your appetite! Its four sealed burners are fueled by natural gas and have maximum power per burner of 9500 BTU + 5000 BTU + 5000 BTU and 2800 BTUs respectively.
  • The high efficiency will guarantee you’re lessening your energy bill with each meal cooked to perfection on this stylish appliance. Finally, choose from among 17 different colors or stainless steel for a sleek look that compliments any décor.
  • The Ramblewood High Efficiency 4 Burner Natural Gas Cooktop is made of stainless steel surfaces with heavy cast iron pot stands, which provides the ultimate durability and convenience.
  • It also includes four burners; two large front-left burners that can accommodate 8-quart pots, one simmering rear left burner, which allows slow cooking without any spitting or spilling from the flame being so high on a hot pan. The stove features a safety device with thermal couple & flame out failure detection trigger mechanisms as well as an auto shut off gas supply!

8. Bosch 500 Series 30″ Stainless Steel 4 Burner Gas Cooktop

  • If you’re looking for gas cooktops that will offer exceptional performance, stunning style, and user-friendliness, look no further! The BOSCH 500 Series is the perfect option. With convection cooking technology to shorten prep times, our patented Aquastop® burner system with 3 hot spots plus an extended range for extra versatility, scratch-resistant ceramic glass touch controls, and more; this versatile appliance offers it all. Speed up your cooking from spinning roast chickens to crispy bacon with ease on a dual-zone electric griddle – perfect for pancake breakfasts too!
  • Bosch 500 Series Stainless Steel 4 Burner Gas Cook-Top will keep you in the kitchen cooking for hours. Cook with precision by adjusting the flame size, no matter what’s in front of you. Control your cooktop to quickly prepare fresh vegetables, sear meat at a high temperature, or simmer soup to perfection using up to 4 burners for maximum versatility.

9. Deli-kit Dual Fuel Sealed 4 Burners Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop

  • Whether you’re a war veteran, a scientist, or a doctor, it can be challenging to prepare meals that comply with your diet requirements. Diet restrictions could be the result of allergies to certain foods, problems digesting specific types of carbohydrates and proteins found in food – the list goes on.
  • But now there is one cookware system that has been created by professionals who understand these challenges: Deli-Kit, for use at home as well as professional kitchens. The top burners are dual-fuel sealed stainless steel gas cooktops fueled by liquefied natural gas (LNG) and natural gas sold separately from kitchen supplies stores all over Europe.
  • Deli-kit Dual Fuel Sealed 4 Burners Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop is the perfect cooktop for kitchens that serve many people. It can be used with any type of combustible gas, enabling you to save on your fuel bill and to cater to specific dietary requirements such as vegetarianism or allergen avoidance. The burners are both sealed and stainless steel hindering external contamination and food coking under them which makes it easier to clean and maintain than a traditional stovetop.

10. Magic Chef 24′” Built Stainless Steel MCSCTG24S 4 Burner Gas Cooktop

  • The Magic Chef 4 burner gas cooktop is perfect for any foodie who loves to create great home-cooked meals. With a sleek and sophisticated stainless steel design, you can make even the most delectable dishes without adding an additional layer to your already busy schedule. There’s no need for spills with this sealed cooktop that will have your kitchen looking cleaner than ever before.
  • The sturdy, rust-resistant will make sure your burners are always at the perfect temperature. Built with safety in mind, the best 4 burner gas cooktop has flexible touch controls that allow you to raise or lower the flame without lifting a finger. With four powerful eye-level burners, everyone can get cooking fast while multitasking to their heart’s content!
  • Impress your friends with this beautiful and powerful gas cooktop. With 4 burners ranging in power from 5,000 to 16, 000 BTUs you won’t have any problem making anything. A handy triple ring burner provides a surface area perfect for pans of all sizes while the cast iron grates are sturdy and give it that classic look. Take your cooking to an elegant level!

11. Cosmo 640STX-E 24″ 4 Burner Gas Cooktop

  • The Cosmo 640STX-E 24″ 4 Burner Gas Cooktop is the perfect solution to make cooking in kitchens with small spaces easier! Now homeowners can enjoy four sealed burners including 16,000 BTU for grilling dishes and two 6,800 BTU burners on top of a sleek compact design. Feel free to cook on the 5,000 BTU burner while enjoying all of these features that give you more for less.
  • The Cosmo 640STX-E 4 Burner Gas Cooktop is a well-built and advanced cooktop perfect for any professional chef. The unit’s 304-grade stainless steel cooking surface and front metal knobs stand up to whatever you throw at it, while the top features heavy-duty flat cast iron cooking grates.
  • The electronic ignition provides safety and efficiency with flame failure technology in case of emergencies. This product comes with a 5-year limited parts warranty from our customer support team based proudly in the USA.

How to Choose the Best 4 Burner Gas Cooktop

More than at any other time in human history, cooking has become a passion, which is why people are willing to spend more money on naming-brand appliances and kitchen gadgets. Rather than laboring over an open fire or preheating an oven for long periods of time, for example, individuals can simply turn on their state-of-the-art stovetops and instantly enjoy their meals. The following guide aims to show individuals how they can choose the best 4-burner gas cooktop for their specific needs.


The material used in the production of the 4 burner gas cooktop is perhaps one of the most important considerations when choosing a state-of-the-art stove. Aluminum, which is generally lighter than cast iron and heats more evenly, is an excellent choice for certain stoves. Cast iron, on the other hand, cannot warp or become damaged easily and can therefore be used to cook over open flames. Many individuals prefer stainless steel because it performs well at high temperatures and is easy to clean.


Understanding how much cooking space an individual requires beforehand will prevent him or her from feeling overwhelmed when looking at all the different options available. Generally speaking, 4 burners generally cover an area that measures 70 inches by 30 inches with each burner being roughly 10 inches apart from each other. This means that most appliances will cover the majority of a standard stovetop with their own individual pan space.


Many stoves feature special features that make using them a more enjoyable experience. While purchasing one with an electronic touchpad might seem convenient at first, individuals should remember that the buttons will wear out over time and need to be replaced. In addition, stoves with too many bells and whistles might cause consumers not to use certain features properly. For example, a stovetop with various cooking settings might intimidate some people who feel overwhelmed by all the choices available at any given time.

Proper Warranty

Since manufacturing defects are very common in appliances, individuals who purchase a stove with “lifetime” or similar warranties might have to contact the manufacturer repeatedly for help. By contrast, stoves that are backed by 2-year warranties are generally considered low quality because manufacturers know they will need to be replaced within just a few years. This is why it is important for consumers to look at all available warranty options before choosing an appliance. If possible, people should look for burners with 5-year guarantees so they can utilize each feature properly without worrying about being left alone in times of emergencies.

Smudge Resistance

The best 4 burner gas cooktop should have a smudge-resistant coating that is easy to clean and does not retain stains. In the past, individuals had to use abrasive cleansers for their appliances but now they can just wipe away any messes with a paper towel or sponge. While these features might seem minor at first, stoves with perfect finishes will look much nicer in any kitchen.

Precise Temperature Controls

Being able to control the temperature of each individual burner provides many benefits because different types of food require distinctive cooking techniques. For example, a steak often requires more heat than other types of protein while vegetables usually cook faster when placed on lower burners. If possible, people should look for models with infinite controls so they can make precise adjustments without worrying about going past a certain temperature.


Since the 4 burner gas cooktop will be used every single day, individuals should purchase appliances with designs that look modern and elegant. In addition to this, stoves with rounded edges are more comfortable for cooks of all ages to use because they can easily reach any spot on the cooking surface. Appliances that have been painted black might provide a sleeker appearance but can often become damaged over time by heat and moisture.


The easiest way to understand how an appliance is installed is by checking the user manual, which almost always has detailed pictures and step-by-step instructions detailing each part of the process along with what tools are required for it. Once individuals have determined whether or not they can install their particular range themselves or if they require professional installation services, this frees them up to focus on cooking and does not put them at an additional cost as well as inconvenience compared to installing their cooktop themselves.


When trying to determine how much money an appliance costs, it helps to peruse Consumer Reports as well as online retailers such as and Best Buy to see how much people have paid for a similar product based on their personal experience with it. In addition, it is always smart to determine the price range that one wishes to pay for an appliance before they start shopping around as this can save them from wasting time looking at items that they cannot afford.

How to Repair Slow Gas Flame in 4 Burner Glass Top Gas Stove


People looking to buy a new stove should remember that it is almost always better to spend a little bit more money on a high-quality appliance than it is to save a few bucks and end up buying another gas cooktop in the near future. By choosing the best 4-burner gas cooktop and taking the time to read reviews and understand product features, people can select a stove that not only performs well but also lasts for years.

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