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7 Best 6 Burner Gas Cooktops of 2022: Reviews & Top Picks

Best 6 Burner Gas Cooktops

The 6 burner gas cooktop is one of the most popular models on the market today because of its versatility in size and functionality. You can use it as a standard four-burner with two extra side burners or you can purchase an add-on that converts two of those side burnings into front burners so that you can use the cooktop in a more traditional manner.

This means that your 6 burner gas cooktop can be used in many different ways to suit your needs and match your cooking style. Whether you are a large family of 6 or two people who entertain quite often, this cooker can definitely accommodate any need. In this blog post, we will explore what features are important in the best 6 burner gas cooktop and how they can help you create your next masterpiece.

List of 7 Best 6 Burner Gas Cooktops Reviews

1. Deli-mate 6 Sealed Burners Gas Cooktop

  • The Deli-mate 6 Sealed Burners Gas Cooktop features six different versatile burner sizes, which includes two triple-ring 11262BTU burners, two rapid 9385BTU burners, one 5972BTU burner, and an auxiliary 3413BTU burner. The gas cooktop provides quality cooking for every dish while distributing even heat for simmering food, boiling water, or stir-frying vegetables.
  • For convenience in use near flammable items like curtains or other materials that may catch fire due to improper use of the product’s flame, the flame failure device ensures no smoke is emitted when there are no flames detected.
  • Perfect for heavy pots and pans, the cast iron supports this product and ensures safety by preventing it from shaking when in contact with boiling liquids. The sturdy steel construction maintains even heat distribution while providing a sleek surface to keep your food looking good as well as easy to clean. Make sure you get one today!

2. ZLINE 36 in. Dropin Cooktop with 6 Gas Burners

  • The Professional 36″ Drop-in Cooktop comes complete with 6 burner gas cooktops. These are quality craftsmanship, professional-grade stoves imported from Italy! They are crafted to fulfill your cooking needs without taking up too much space in the kitchen.
  • Gas is the most efficient energy source, meaning that you will save both time and money when it comes to heating your home! This state-of-the-art stove has precise temperature control, ensuring that every ounce of food cooked on this stove will be succulent and delicious.
  • This 36 in. cooktop can do it all! Six burners provide the perfect range of cooking power for whatever you need, 4,200 to 18,000 BTU’s. The drop-in installation makes this easy to install in any kitchen or cleaning is a breeze – no tricky crevices in which dirt and grime can collect. It even comes with a solid-piece cast iron grill that will last you a LONG time without any worry of purchasing another one!

3. Thorkitchen Pro-Style Gas Rangetop with 6 Sealed Burners

  • The Thorkitchen PRO-STYLE Gas Range top boasts 6 sealed burners, a range extender kit compatible with Porcelain/Stainless Steel ranges of widths measuring 36” to 44”, and fully adjustable heat settings. Included in the purchase is the range features an oven timer with a flat & convex glass door which can be removed for cleaning, manual controls with 6616 BTUs cooking power at 6000 BTUs maximum.
  • This product includes an installation kit that has illustrated step-by-step instructions for gas conversion, which you must use if your home was not equipped when new construction. BOTH Natural Gas & Propane are supported by this unit!
  • As any chef knows, a perfectly cooked meal requires the right tools. With six sealed burners and cooking grates made from heavy-duty cast-iron, Thorkitchen Pro-Style Gas Rangetop with 6 Sealed Burners will bring your kitchen to life with ease and precision for years to come.
  • When it’s time to cook up something special for friends or family, go no farther than the professional quality gas range top at home in any modern kitchen design. Grab some fresh veggies from our produce department over by bakery goods before you head out back to feed everyone!

4. GE CGU366P2MS1 36 in. Gas Cooktop with 6 Burners

  • With six burners to cook with, this gas-powered Cooktop will have something for every occasion. From the traditional stovetop boiling to an open flame broiling or searing, there are many different settings that can be used depending on the type of dish being prepared. The 36-inch size is perfect for smaller spaces and all of your cooking needs.
  • This gas stovetop is perfect for families, featuring six burners that allow you the space to sear different types of food at once or to prepare multiple dishes simultaneously without circulation interference. Its durable cast aluminum surface has one smooth top cooking area along with five scratch-resistant fronts that is easy maintenance with everyday cleaners like soap suds plus water – not mild chemical solvents!

5. Evakitchen Pro-Style Gas Rangetop with 6 Cooktop

  • We’ve designed the Evakitchen Pro-Style Gas Rangetop with 6 Cooktop with bottom and high mounted regulators (1.2 Psi) for added safety, comfort, and peace of mind while cooking. These oversize control knobs give you excellent grip when cranking up or down. You don’t have to work hard to change the temperature anymore!
  • The two included independent bracket covers also aid protection against spills that may occur during food preparation making clean up easier too. And because style matters, we didn’t just focus on quality-our design is eye-catching with our popular Porcelain Drip Pan for an elegant look along with Heavy Duty Flat Cast Iron Cooking Grates that are always ready for all your desirable dishes?
  • The Evakitchen Pro-Style Gas Rangetop is like having a full kitchen! With six gas, radiant elements, and two ovens in one unit the versatility of this range top will make cooking fun and easy. The 30-inch width provides plenty of room to cook at once when preparing traditional dishes or more elaborate meals with friends and family.

6. Empava 36 in. Slide-in 6 Burner Natural Gas Rangetop

  • The 6-burner commercial grade range (36 inches) is perfect for larger cooking areas with multi-purpose usage in mind. This gas range top features a reasonable solid cast iron grill layout ensuring enough space between burners to use several pots at once without pushing one off-center in the process.
  • Since it’s compatible to install above any Empava 24/30 inch oven, this workhorse can be used in RVs, light cooking family situations, small kitchens, and outdoor applications like barbecues. The 36¼ inch slide includes 2 sealed even coil electric ignition or natural gas flame spark ignition; large burner control knobs make adjustments easy; triple-walled oven door maximizes viewing area for foolproof monitoring of food during preparation.
  • The professional 36 in. slide-in 6 burner natural gas range top can give you a limitless number of cooking options with its six burners and 8 grates that are easy to clean due to porcelain drip pan and continuous cast-iron cooking grates. It’s deep recessed, automatic reigniting for pot control ensures maximum satisfaction from the quality cooktop model.
  • This Rangetop features a tough black stain-resistant stainless steel surface which reflects light so food absorbs less grease when being fried or roasted making it easier on your cookware. It also has heavy-duty zinc alloy control knobs with blue LED lights that allow you to see if the cooktop is turned off from a distance thanks to the visibility radius of 80 inches.

7. Cosmo COS-DIC366 Drop-In 6 Burner Gas Cooktop

  • This six-burner gas cooktop turns a messy kitchen into a well-thought-out, organized workspace. It features two 18,000 BTU burners as well as two 12,000 BTU and two 6 000BTU burners, allowing for any hot plate task from boiling eggs to barbecuing pork chops.
  • Constructed of corrosion-resistant 304-grade stainless steel with heavy-duty cast iron grates, this professional-grade range cooks up meals easily while keeping your cooking line food-safe thanks to measurements on the control panel/knobs. Sleek and convenient in design (due to no protrusions), it is easy to put together or take apart for cleanup!
  • The Cosmo COS-DIC366 Drop-In 6 Burner Gas Cooktop heats up to 400°F and includes a side burner with an elegant protective cover. Complete with electronic ignition for safety and efficiency, the cooker is convenient enough to use as everyday tool in any kitchen – whether you want exotic authentic Thai cuisine or simple home cooking.

How to Choose the Best 6 Burner Gas Cooktop in the Market

If you are always looking for ways to improve your cooking experience, then a gas cooktop is the best way to go.  Having this appliance in your kitchen will provide you with more choices on stovetop appliances that you can have in your home.  Likewise, there are many brands and types of 6 burner gas cooktops you can choose from.  However, if you want to purchase the best cooktop for your needs and preferences, then this article will help you choose wisely.

1.  Cooking Surface Material

The first factor that you need to consider when choosing a gas cooktop is its cooking surface material and burner configuration.  As much as possible, choose an appliance with a porcelain-coated or stainless steel cooking surface since it is strong and scratch-resistant so you can expect longer durability from your product.  Also, these materials can help distribute heat evenly so food will cook faster and more efficiently. Also, take into consideration burner configuration such as sealed burners or radiant burners which are both beneficial regarding even distribution of heat for cookware to rest on top of.

2.  Force of Burners

Second, you need to consider how many or what type of burners is included in your chosen appliance.  This factor will depend on the number of people that you cook for and how often would you use the gas cooktop.  If it’s a small family and there are not many occasions where everyone gathers at home for a big meal then a four-burner gas cooktop will do just fine.

However, if you have a bigger family or often do parties at home, then choosing a six-burner gas cooktop will be the best option for your needs.

3.  Recovery Rate

The recovery rate is another important factor to consider when choosing the best 6 burner gas cooktop in the market.  This factor refers to how quickly it can heat up after you switch burners on the appliance, so choose an appliance that has high recovery rates since food cooks faster especially if you are cooking for many people.  Evenly heating large pans of food will take longer without having this feature.

4.  Controls and Ergonomics

Think about the controls and ergonomics of your chosen appliance.  This will depend on how comfortable it is to use and if you can easily control the burners through the knobs or dials that are provided with your product.  Aside from that, choose an appliance that has easy-to-read labels for each burner knob so you won’t have any problems controlling the heat output of each burner. Also, get a 6 burner gas cooktop with sturdy construction since this feature makes handling easier.

5.  Power

The power or energy consumption of your 6 burner gas cooktop assists in determining how fast it heats up and the limits you have when cooking.  Make sure that the appliance has a high BTU value since this can help provide enough heat to cover a large area for faster cooking.

As much as possible, choose a gas cooktop with low wattage since it will save you more on your energy bills while still providing you with sufficient heat for cooking. Also, choose an appliance with lower voltage so it does not pose fire hazards inside your kitchen.

6.  Ease of Cleaning

Consider ease of cleaning when choosing the best 6 burner gas cooktop in the market. Check if the appliance has porcelain or stainless steel burners since they are easy to clean.  If you choose aluminum, enameled cast iron, chrome, or glass cooktop then it will be harder to clean. Also, get an appliance that has removable parts for easier cleaning and maintenance of your chosen product.

7.  Price

Lastly, take into consideration the price of the appliance especially if it has features that you may not really need to check out reviews online to know more about its pros and cons before buying one. For instance, an appliance with more features is obviously more expensive than a basic model.

How to Clean Gas Cooktop Grates and Burners

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How wide is a 6 burner gas stove?

A 6 burner gas stove is approximately 23 inches (58.4 cm) wide, measured from the back edge of one side to the other. Front-to-back width of a gas stovetop ranges between 15 and 18 inches (38.1 and 45.72 cm), while the height of standard gas tops range between 17 and 21 inches (43.18 and 53.34 cm).

2. Are high-end gas ranges worth it?

Let’s face it, cookware has evolved from being a necessity to being an absolute luxury. No matter how good your gas range is, the assortment of pots and pans that you use will determine how well your food cooks. And while buying brand new pot and pans for your kitchen may be worth investing in, figuring out whether or not high-end ranges which tend to carry top-notch cookware along with them are worthy of purchase isn’t really all that easy.



All in all, when choosing the best 6 burner gas cooktop in the market, consider your cooking needs and preferences while also considering these factors so you can enjoy cooking at home more knowing that you made the right choice. You’ll surely benefit from having this appliance especially if you have a bigger family or often do parties at home so there’s enough room for everyone! Happy shopping!

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