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10 Best Blue Wine Glasses Reviews of 2022 You Can Consider

Best Blue Wine Glasses

The blue wine glasses are made of leaded crystal and can be found at many different stores. They should have a height-to-width ratio that is between 1:2 and 1:3, which will help to reduce the tendency for the wine to warm up too quickly. The stem should also be short enough that it does not interfere with your drinking experience, but long enough that it doesn’t get cold when you hold it by the base.

The blue wine glasses are made from the highest quality glass and include a variety of shapes and sizes. This article will teach you about the different kinds of the best blue wine glasses available to help make your choice easier!

List of 10 Best Blue Wine Glasses Reviews

1. Spode Blue Italian Wine Glasses

  • These elegant wine glasses are perfect for those that wish to take their experience of enjoying a glass of wine to the next level. The Spode Blue Italian Wine Glasses not only let you enjoy your fine wine in peace and quiet, but they manifest this enjoyment by transforming your surroundings into an intimate space where friends and family can sup together.
  • The luminous blue and white design celebrates its 200th anniversary in 2016 and will allow each sip of wine tasted to come alive with vivid color, texture, and life.

2. ANTONI BARCELONA Stemless Painted Blue Wine Glass

  • Celebrate life’s most memorable moments with the gorgeous Antony Barcelona Stemless Hand-Blown Crystal Wine Glasses. These glasses are handcrafted by some of Spain’s finest glass artisans, who individually blow each wine glass to create a unique work of art.
  • Mouth-blown and hand-painted for an award-winning combination in unparalleled class and sophistication, these luxurious wine glasses truly do add depth to your favorite red or white wine taste profile.
  • And because such attention is given to crafting each beautiful piece-no two glasses will be exactly alike-these stemless blue wine glasses also make terrific gifts for women and ardent wine lovers alike!

3. Cristar Translucent Blue Wine Glasses

  • Keep refreshments flowing and taste buds delighted with this set of Cristar Translucent Blue Wine Glasses. These wine glasses are ergonomically designed for easy gripping and won’t shatter even if you drop them on the floor, so no stress!
  • You can also put them in the dishwasher or hand wash them without fear of ruining their durability. And because they’re translucent, you don’t have to pour your drink out to admire how gorgeous it looks! Bring some blue into your life today.

4. Libbey Premiere Cobalt Blue Wine Glasses

  • Adding to the historic Libbey collection, this set of 12 vibrant blue wine glasses is perfect for any occasion. From hosting a fantastic dinner party with friends or starting your own underwater themed beverage company, these wine glasses will brighten up your space and prove you’re an imaginative host.
  • The bright color shades are reminiscent of the cobalt blue sea spreading out beneath you as you dive into the adventure on your vacation. The premier dinnerware design adds elegance to any party while staying durable enough to be dishwasher safe after each use.

5. Yungala Blue Wine Glasses

  • Sure, you can use any old glassware for your wine or cocktail festivities- but then it’s not about the bottle anymore. Why not truly celebrate by serving up some Yungala Blue Wine Glasses with personality? Trust us, these blue wine glasses are way more fun than using clear ones-you’re getting the chance to show off the color too!
  • Make everything pop at your table setting with our diamond-patterned cups which will make any dish upscale. Match them with pink goblets or aqua decor and watch as every angle is a photo op. Stock up on plenty of sets because these beauties make excellent personalized gifts year-round!

6. Qualia Glass Merician blue wine glasses

  • This is a cobalt blue wine glass that will add sophistication to any table. This set of four glasses takes the process of blowing the glass one step further and adds silver oxide directly under the clear glass in order to create an optic pattern on the bowl. The beautiful, soft color blends elegantly with any décor and will surely become your newest gathering must-have.
  • Encourage tranquility at your next gathering with this attractive Meridian Cobalt Blue Wine Glass set created by hand from mouth-blown crystalware. It features an intriguing optical design fully exposed through transparent drawstring stems attached to each colorful rimmed bowl compatible for both wine lovers or art enthusiasts alike!

7. Drinique Stemmed Blue Wine Glass

  • Drinique stemmed blue wine glass is made of safe, durable BPA-free Tritan plastics. Great for everyday use and especially ideal when you need glasses that are portable and shatterproof – this glass looks like a “real” wine glass but with all the benefits of plastic!.
  • Drinique Stemmed Blue Wine Glasses enhance your life by reducing some of the risks associated with traditional drinking vessels while providing superior convenience and functionality. The tough impact-resistant qualities make these novelty glasses perfect for many occasions: travel (cruise ships/flights available), home entertaining, barbecues, concerts, or sporting events…

8. Kate Spade Charlotte Street Stemless Blue Wine Glass

  • During those special summer evenings, nothing says “get it together” like a chilled glass of rosé on the porch. The stemless wine glasses can go from fridge to table and back again, and we promise they’ll stay intact throughout the evening-just don’t put them in the microwave.
  • Get your drink on with this attractive stemless wine glass. Made from durable, break-resistant glass, the Kate Spade Charlotte Street Stemless Blue Wine Glass is beautifully crafted and perfect for any occasion. The wine glass comes in a gorgeous cobalt blue hue that will make you feel classy while sipping your favorite drink!

9. CHRISTMAS BOUTIQUE Cobalt Blue Wine Glasses

  • The CHRISTMAS BOUTIQUE blue wine glasses are perfect for those looking to add a bit of holiday cheer to their dinner table this Christmas.
  • Coming in cobalt blue, these glasses afford you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite red or white wines as well as champagne and other bubbly drinks all while incorporating that gorgeous festive color into your tabletop look.
  • Clear stem and very tall, these glasses also make it simple for you to mix up beverages by adding some beer. Cobalt Blue is certainly one of our favorites colors this season and we hope these little beauties help make yours too!

10. Beasea Blue Drinking Glasses

  • Beasea Blue Drinking Glasses is a set of elegant glassware for your enjoyment. Made with lead-free crystal that shines in the light, these glasses are well made and durable to make sure you can use them time and time again. Although they look fragile and thin to drink from, these glasses hold up quite nicely when used correctly — we recommend hand washing them or putting them through the dishwasher!
  • Beasea Blue Drinking Glasses come in blue, purple, and golden styles so there are all sorts of colors for everyone. The purple versions add personality to any table while staying neutral enough for dinner parties; golden versions provide a stellar contrast against white dishes; lastly but not least, blue versions will match any.


If you are looking for the best blue wine glasses, then this article is just what you need! We will teach you about different shapes of glassware that can be used to enjoy your favorite beverage. Learn all there is to know before investing in a new set so that you get the most out of each purchase.

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