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10 Best Ceramic Cooktops: 2023 Reviews & Top Picks

Best Ceramic Cooktops

A ceramic cooktop is an electric cooking surface that sits on top of your kitchen counter, stove, or wall. It heats up quickly and evenly without any hot spots. The design prevents spills from ruining the finish because it has raised edges around the perimeter.

Ceramic cooktops are a great option for those who don’t want to spend money on an induction cooktop. They come in both gas and electric, which is a good option for people who have already invested in one of these types of the stovetop. One downside to ceramic cooktops is that they can be more expensive than other options, but then again you get what you pay for.

Choosing the best ceramic cooktop can be a difficult task. There are many factors to consider, but ultimately it will come down to your specific needs and cooking style. Cooktops typically range in size from 30 inches up to 36 inches, with larger sizes being more popular for those who cook regularly or want an expansive counter space. The power output ranges from 1,500 watts up to 5,000 watts depending on the size of the stovetop and how powerful you need it to be, so choose wisely!

Ceramic cooktops are increasingly becoming the preferred choice for home cooks. They offer a number of advantages over gas or electric ranges, including lower energy use and less heat damage to your kitchen. We list the top 10 best ceramic cooktop options currently on the market in our blog post today!

What is a Ceramic Cooktop?

A ceramic cooktop is a type of stove that carries heat from the burner to the cooking pot or pan using microwaves. While this sounds somewhat similar to a standard electric stove, the mechanism behind a ceramic cooktop is different and gives it its unique qualities. The ‘ceramic’ element in a ceramic cooktop refers to the material used to create the surface, rather than how it works – which involves generating microwaves at frequencies between 300 MHz and 300 GHz. These microwaves then interact with metal components inside the cookware to transfer heat into your food or liquid

List Of 10 Best Ceramic Cooktop Reviews

1. GASLAND Chef Drop-in 4 Burner Ceramic Stove Top

  • The new 30″ drop-in electric ceramic cooktop is an amazing kitchen appliance for larger kitchens. With 4 powerful round burners and total power of 1000-6600W, it can quickly boil or simmer your food for any cooking task you’ve got in mind. The dimensions are 770mm x 520mm x 52 mm, with a cutout hole size of 560 mm x 490mm.
  • With well-designed knobs, you can freely control the flame power to cook different dishes in diverse ways for greater pleasure! The gas knob is located on the right so that your cooking area will always be clean. This beautiful electric cooktop with 4 burners within simply takes up minimal counter space by accommodating it under cabinets and other appliances.
  • You can arrange your cooking properly using the 1-99 minutes timer. You can use it as a timely reminder when cooking. You can lock the operation panel by turning on the child safety lock to avoid accidental operation. The overheating protection, auto shutdown protection, and hot surface warming function can ensure safety when cooking.

2. Megachef Ceramic Infrared Double Cooktop

  • The Megachef 25 Inch Countertop Burner is perfect for anytime you want to cook, pack and go. This sleek counter-sized burner features a ceramic bottom layer that evenly distributes heat across the entire cooking surface with an All-American Iron finish. Furthermore, it includes built-in handles so transportation has never been easier for filling your plate on the go.
  • With its sleek ceramic design and major convenience, the Megachef Ceramic Infrared Double Cooktop is perfect for all your cooking needs. Add this cooky top to any kitchen for endless possibilities. It’s maintenance-free; all you need is quick routine cleaning between uses!
  • The Megachef Ceramic Infrared Double Cooktop delivers a sleek, modern look with 25 square inches of total cooking space. It has an electric power source for versatility and also includes two sealed ceramic cooktops that are positioned and designed to provide the ultimate even heat distribution.

3. GASLAND Chef CH90BS Ceramic Cooktop

  • This is a 36-inch electric cooktop that can be used in any type of common cookware such as aluminum pans, copper pans, cast iron frying pans, and non-magnetic stainless steel. The maximum output for this stove is a staggering 10000W with the most basic being the 1000W power option.
  • This electric cooktop is reliable enough to withstand demanding home cooks 24/7 with 1000-8900 watts of power on tap, so you can take advantage of all its great features without worrying about bursting a fuse or overloading an outlet halfway through dinner prep! Our sturdy design also includes 3 retractable side panels that allow plenty of room to fill whatever size dish you’re working on.
  • Built with 5 powerful cooking zones, the 2 round burner has a power of 1200W and the two rectangular burners have a power of 1800W; which is enough to cook all sorts of dishes for you at high speeds. This gasland electric cooker takes care of your daily cooking experience with its consistent heat distribution and fast heating!
  • As an electrical appliance, this model requires a 240V AC power supply & 50A breaker size; as well as 7 wiring gauges due to its wattage. The ceramic coating on components makes them scratch-resistant, ensuring a longer lifespan for this product saved in long-term usage scenarios (e.g., dinner parties).

4. GTKZW 12″Electric Double Built-in Ceramic Cooktop

  • GTKZW’s built-in ceramic cooktop gives you the power to cook at two different temperatures, which is perfect for cooking dinner and making coffee or tea. You can swiftly turn up or down the heat so that there are no burnt edges on your favorite dish. With touch control buttons, the burners have 20 levels of varying degrees of heating from 176°F all the way up to 1202°F!
  • GTKZW electric ceramic cooktop features 2 cooking zones with individually controlled burners for simultaneous, even heating of several dishes. GTKZW uses advanced touch controls to adjust the thermostat to up to 9 different temperature settings with 2000 watts of power!
  • GTKZW 12″Electric Double Built-in Ceramic Cooktop With 2 Burners is a high-quality appliance that is made of durable and elegant materials. It has a double ceramic burner, which is great for cooking a large number of dishes at the same time. It also features extensive safety features with high-temperature protection, child safety lock, timer controls, and more!
  • GTKZW ceramic burner has multiple protection: Child safety lock (good idea stay with stove), timer, and overcooking protection, the timer can be set from 1 minute up to 120 minutes.

5. Techwood Double Infrared Ceramic Electric Stove

  • The Techwood infrared ceramic cooktop heats up food faster than conventional cooking ranges. Solid stainless steel riveted handle stays cool and comfortable during cooking. Ergonomic design ensuring safe transport and keeps cool on the stovetop.
    The Techwood hot plate used timeless stainless steel and crystallite glass design, compact and flat which makes it perfect for dorms, studios, RV/caravans, work campsites, or just one extra appliance in your busy kitchen just about anywhere!
  • It uses infrared ceramic hot plates which start staying cool on your stovetop for safe transport. The Techwood Kitchen Counter Range is not only energy or space-saving addition but a breeze to use with its flat and compact design, making it great for overworked chefs everywhere!
  • Completely dishwasher safe, it’s perfect anywhere in your home without having to line up any pots on the stovetop like grandma used to do all the time when she was making Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Simply wipe with a clean cloth when cool after use, like after breakfast or dinner tonight! This handy portable burner lets you cook up an array of delicious foods all at once or as an extra burner to keep your food warm.

6. CUSIMAX 1800W Ceramic Electric Hot Plate for Cooking

  • The CUSIMAX 1800W Ceramic Electric Double Hot Plate is a convenient cooking solution for those living in smaller spaces. The dishwasher-safe glass and ceramic cookware heat up quickly with minimal heat loss, which means that even the smallest kitchen can now prepare delicious meals.
  • This space-saving hot plate also accommodates pots and pans as large as 7.1’’x7.1′, meaning it can be used to prepare grilling sandwiches or boil pasta all without taking up precious counter space because it doesn’t have a stovetop to take up any surface area at all!
  • Designed for both indoor or outdoor use with a durable metal exterior body – even in tough environments like RV’s/ campgrounds/ hotels/ bus stations.
  • CUSIMAX ceramic double hot plate provides excellent heat distribution and enables two different cooking zones while providing a surface for preparing various foods. Unlike an electric stove, it maintains a steady temperature without hot or cold spots on the entire cooktop.
  • CUSIMAX 1800W Ceramic Electric Hot Plate includes adjustable temperatures from 150-500 degrees Fahrenheit with an indicator light that lets you know when the unit has heated up. It also features six pod-like feet that give it an appearance of elegance, high technology, and even agility in movement giving your kitchen a fresh new look this warm season!

7. thermomate 36 Inch Built-in Radiant Ceramic Stove Top

  • A high-quality radiant electric stovetop is an indispensable kitchen appliance. With 5 power burners that are widely adjustable, it can meet all your cooking needs for both small and large dishes, providing almost twice the cooking area of a normal gas or electric cooktop. Capable of multi-tasking due to its quality features like 99 minutes timer and multiple power zones with different heat settings.
  • The sleek, flawless electric cooktop is perfect for cooking fresh dinner dishes in a flash. The easy-to-use and beautiful design offer 5 zones with different heating power which allows you to choose the best option depending on what your cooking needs are. The timer has 1-99 minutes settings so you no need to watch over your dish as it cooks and can easily switch off when finished by pressing “zero.”
  • Featuring 9 power settings for more precise heating, can be used for boiling water or frying anything from vegetables to meat patties.
  • This modern stove top works great with any kind of cookware and takes up minimal space under the counter. The glass top surface makes clean-up effortless while the durable use will last for years. With safety features like residual heat indicator and child safety lock, you can easily rely on this appliance to meet all your needs.

8. NOXTON Ceramic Cooktop

  • Easily replace the gas stove in your kitchen with this high-tech ceramic cooktop. This cooks food faster and more efficiently than any other stove, giving you maximum control over the process without using inefficient heat sources. The NOXTON Ceramic Cooktop is durable, versatile, and quality-built for everyday use!
  • The NOXTON Ceramic Cooktop is not just a cooktop. It’s an all-around stove, cooker, and electric range with four powerful 1800W burners for maximum power and control. The 9 different cooking modes will have you covered from simmering to frying to boiling in seconds. With a touch of a button, it easily switches from one mode to another for the perfect sear or an even, delicate simmer depending on what type of food you’re preparing.
  • The revolutionary design allows you to move seamlessly from one intense burner to another, or regulate the heat by changing the level on each word of your touch control panel. Choose between five different power levels (1800W/1200W/1800W/1200W), helping make every meal quickly and comfortably.

9. GIONIEN 30 Inch Drop-in Ceramic Cooktop

  • Flexible mode is designed for different cookware and cooking styles, such as a large or long pan for BBQ. Our 30-inch electric cooktop is equipped with a timer, child lock, switch off automatically, residual temperature warning, and so on.
  • The drop-in ceramic cooktop has digital sensor touch control and is very simple to operate. You can precisely adjust the power of 1-9 levels. The black ceramic glass stovetop should be cleaned easily by wiping down with soap water using your cloth; it will look like new after!
  • The Electric Cooktop 30 Inch Drop-in Ceramic Cooktop is durable, easy to use, and safe. Simple yet beautiful in design, our stove has a timer, child lock, and residual temperature warning system, so you can enjoy your cooking without worrying over the details. And it comes in four versatile burners: one 8 burners; two 6 burners; or three 4 burners – all at 3000 watts of power!
  • With nine levels of power to choose from, you can easily create everything from delicate sauces to frying meats in minutes or less. Its sensor touch control simplifies the process even further by allowing you to precisely adjust your temperature anywhere between one and nine, regardless of what is being cooked on top.

10. K&H 2 Burner 24″ Induction SLIM Electric Stove Ceramic Cooktop

  • The K&H INDUCTION COOKTOP is perfect for any kitchen! Boils water in seconds and heats up quickly throughout its large cooking area with multiple heat zones that adjust to suit any need you might have. With 9000 BTU’s this stovetop delivers the power only two butane burners can give you- no worries about taking up valuable counter space as this induction cooker top has all the functionality compactly tucked away inside your countertops.
  • The K&H Ceramic Glass Cook Top Electric Stove is the perfect appliance for any kitchen. It has two burners and a scratch-resistant ceramic glass top that will require very little maintenance to keep looking nice and new. The size of this stovetop is 24 inches so it can be used both as a free-standing stove or an under-counter cooktop with the installation of the appropriate brackets behind your current range top.
  • Nine power levels per cooking zone ensure that you’ll get just the right temperature for whatever you’re cooking from simmering vegetables to roasting potatoes without even having to use high-powered gas for this task.
  • K&H 2 Burner 24″ Induction SLIM Electric Stove Ceramic Cooktop 24 Inch ETL is a thin portable stove that conserves electricity and can be used to prepare either cooking or heating. The unit has two vents for ventilation and one of the burners can be turned off when not in use.

Buying Guide for the Best Ceramic Cooktop

When you are looking to buy new cookware, there are different types of cookware which you can choose from. Among them, ceramic cooktops are quite popular these days. Ceramic cooktops are nothing but stovetops on which heat is generated using an electric current. These ceramic top appliances have the best features in them, and they also come with several advantages. They can be used for various purposes like boiling water or frying food etc. This is one of the most preferred choices for people who love cooking at home more often due to some exceptional features that come along within its range.

Choosing the best ceramic cooktop for your kitchen is not always easy since there are many factors to be considered before making a purchase. You must be very careful and cautious while picking out the best one for yourself. Some of these factors that we will discuss below may help you choose the right appliance for your kitchen.


Each of these models has some pros and cons attached to them which you can know about only after having a look at the materials being used for manufacturing the appliance. So, it is advisable that you keep this info about each type of ceramic cooktop handy before shopping so that you don’t get confused while making a choice between one or another. This is the most affordable type of cooktop which you can purchase from the market. They are quite easy to handle and maintain as well. One main drawback in the case of this kind of ceramic top is that they heat up very quickly so it is advisable not to touch them with your bare hands when they are in operation


Ceramic cooktops have one or more heating elements attached to them. The number of ceramic valves in the appliance depends on its size. For example, if you are opting for a 36-inch stovetop then it is very likely that you will find 6 heating elements in it. You can opt for single-element cooktops as well which are ideal for cooking with small pans. There are also some models that come along with 2 heating elements only, and they are relatively smaller in size.


The most important thing is to consider how fast your cooking area is capable of generating heat when required before buying any ceramic cooktop. If you love using large utensils or pans on your kitchen stove then go for models that offer faster heating. On the other hand, if you are looking for cooktops that can generate low heat or maintain low temperatures then look out for models with reduced wattage.

Power Consumption

It is better to be careful about this factor before purchasing any ceramic cooktop since it will help save a lot of money for you in the long run. The watts being used by different types of stovetops also vary according to their size and usage where some use as little as 1500 watts while others may require up to 3000 watts. So, choose wisely after having complete information about power consumption features of each type so that you do not regret it later on due to higher electricity bills. Ceramic cooktops are really worth every penny spent on them.

They are a great investment for every modern home and the best part is that they will serve you for years if taken care of properly. So, make sure to take good care of them according to the manufacturer’s instructions to always get accurate results while cooking on your stovetop. It gives you flawless performance might it be boils, stew, or fry whatever dish you like making at home. A ceramic cooktop not only keeps your kitchen clean but also makes it stylish with its shiny surface which can complement any color combination of the wall tiles in your kitchen area.

Power source

Another important factor that you must look into while buying a ceramic cooktop is its power source. These are available in both gas and electric versions, although the latter are more preferred by people today due to the high safety factors attached to them. Electric-powered cooktops are also highly safe since burning is prevented even when there is a higher amount of heat applied to them.

However, if you want one for outdoor uses or camping etc then gas-powered ones will be great for you since they can be used outside the house without any issues whatsoever. Noise levels in these appliances may vary from one model to another but most of them tend to work quite silently which makes your kitchen extremely neat and clean without any unwanted noises.

Ease of Maintenance

You should also consider the ease of cleaning and maintaining a ceramic cooktop before sealing the deal. These models do not require a lot of maintenance but over time dust tends to accumulate on them which makes them look dirty so it is highly recommended to wipe your stovetop after every use with a dry cloth. Never pour water directly on it as that will damage the system and you will end up spending more money for its repair or replacement.

If you can take proper care of such appliances then they will surely last long enough to be your best kitchen partners for years. Although cleaning ceramic surfaces is difficult, investing in microfiber cleaning pads is definitely worth your money since these make things easier and help you save time as well while ensuring great results always.


If you are cooking on a regular basis in your house, then it is important to get a small-sized cooking surface so that it does not occupy too much space on your kitchen counter. The size of the cooking surface varies from 30 inches to 36 inches, and there is no doubt that most people prefer one that fits into their own needs and requirement according to home use, etc. If you have a large family or you love hosting guests in your house regularly, then going for bigger-sized cooktops would be highly recommended since it will save your time.

Ease of Use

Another important factor that determines the suitability of ceramic cooktops for daily use is their ease of using them on a regular basis. Since it’s hard to cook without proper controls, you need to see if your stovetop has enough settings to generate heat at different levels depending upon the type of cooking done. For instance, some models come with dials or knobs which can be used for generating more heat while others may offer buttons instead.

It is better to go for one according to your preferences, although most people like having knobs since they look simple and easy to understand as well. Some other features that are generally preferred by most people include automatic shut-off options on high which prevent any accidents from happening and child safety locks for the same reason. It is always better to be safe than sorry so look for such features before buying a ceramic cooktop to keep your loved ones and yourself away from any unwanted dangers in the kitchen.


Finally, if you are looking for one ceramic cooktop model that fits well in your budget, then there is no better option than going through customer reviews of various models available across different websites on the internet. This way you will be able to choose one depending upon its features like power source, size, etc quite easily with the least effort required.

Although most people prefer electric-powered cooking appliances over others since they are highly safe but there are several other factors that need to be kept into consideration while making a purchase, which we have already discussed above. There are certain brands that come up with warranty offers on their products so this will also play a crucial role when it comes to choosing the right ceramic top for your kitchen.

These were some of the important factors that you must look into while buying the best ceramic cooktop model that fits well with your requirements and budget as well. Take your time and read out all these things before making a purchase so that you get the most suitable one for yourself without any hassles whatsoever.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should you not put on a ceramic cooktop?

Do not use cast-iron or other rough-bottomed cookware on ceramic or glass stovetops because they will damage the surface. Skillets and pans with flat bottoms work best for cooking over an open flame, while ruffled bottomed pots are better suited towards gas stoves as their high sides help distribute heat more evenly across its base – making them great if you’re looking to sear meat in all sorts of different ways!

2. How do you protect a ceramic stovetop?

A protector for glass/ceramic stovetop is a thin cover that keeps your cooktop safe. They are made from rubber or silicone and can prevent spills, grime, scratches from ruining it while protecting against hot objects on top of the stoves as well!

3. Do ceramic cooktops scratch easily?

Ceramic cooktops are the perfect choice for those who want minimal maintenance and easy cleanup. You won’t have to worry about cleaning up food remnants, as they’re made of ceramic which is immune from burnt on grease so you can just wipe away with ease!

4. What is the difference between a glass cooktop and a ceramic cooktop?

The difference between a ceramic and an induction cooktop is how they create heat. The coiled metal elements under the tempered glass on a ceramic top generate intense, radiant waves that sear food by transferring their own thermal energy into it much more quickly than with other surfaces such as stainless steel or aluminum pans; this means you can saute vegetables on your electric range without worry about burning them! But there’s another great advantage: since these plates cool down so rapidly after cooking has finished – only heating from residual pan warmth-the risk for scorching yourself goes down considerably because handling hot pots will no longer set off any open flames nearby.

5. Can you use Windex on a ceramic cooktop?

When we think of cleaning a stove top, the first thing that comes to mind is using Windex or other glass cleaners. However, these products are not suitable for use on your cooktop as they can lead to permanent stains and streaking in just one cleanup session! Thankfully distilled white vinegar has been proven as an all-natural option with little risk if you’re careful when applying it so make sure there’s nothing nearby before getting started.


A ceramic cooktop is an electric cooking surface that sits on top of your kitchen counter, stove, or wall. It heats up quickly and evenly without any hot spots. The design prevents spills from ruining the finish because it has raised edges around the perimeter. This type of range can be a great option for people who are looking to avoid traditional stoves with open flames or potentially dangerous coils below the burners which could get damaged by accidental spills while cooking. If you are looking for a modern space-saving solution that is easy to clean and has the most efficient cooking surface, this might be your best option.

With so many factors to consider, it can be hard to find the perfect ceramic cooktop that suits your needs. However, if you take into account these key points and think about how much cooking you do at home or what size kitchen counter space is available for a stovetop before making a decision, then choosing the right one should be easier. Choosing the best ceramic cooktop can be a difficult task. There are many factors to consider, but ultimately it will come down to your specific needs and cooking style.

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