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11 Best Commercial Food Dehydrators Reviews of 2022

Best Commercial Food Dehydrators

The commercial food dehydrators with an adjustable thermostat can be used to preserve meat as well! Food dehydration has been around since ancient times because it’s a natural way to store produce without refrigeration.

A dehydrator is a machine that removes moisture from food. If you’re looking for the best commercial food dehydrator, we’ve compiled this list of options with reviews to help you find the one that’s right for your needs.

Types of Commercial Food Dehydrators

People buy all kinds of things in bulk during sale periods and want to use them up within expiration dates, which is why food dehydration is an important process in many businesses. Drying out foods requires the right equipment, but not all machines are created equal-and certainly not when you’re looking for a commercial dehydrator.

Cabinet Dehydrator

These units use extremely low airflow and temperatures to dry foods without altering their appearance, texture, or taste-and they typically take up the most space. They are perfect for making beef jerky, dried fruits, herbs, and more. Most models can handle 5 to 50 pounds of produce at one time. If you’re processing large amounts of fruit on a daily basis, look into cabinet dehydrators with automatic loading systems so you don’t have to unload the unit every day.

Stackable Dehydrator

These units typically include a heating element and fan at the bottom and trays that stack on top of each other. The best commercial food dehydrators use low temperatures to dry foods but can also control humidity levels. These types of food dehydrators are more compact than cabinet models, making them suitable for small-business owners or those working in an industrial kitchen.

Horizontal Flow Dehydrator

These combine the best aspects of cabinet and stackable models while providing excellent airflow and temperature controls for even drying – and they often come with microprocessor controls.

List of 11 Best Commercial Food Dehydrators Reviews

1. Ivation 10 Tray Commercial Food Dehydrator Machine

  • The most versatile food dehydrator on the market. It’s got so much power, even those stubborn fruit roll-ups will be gone in a snap. The fan inside this dehydrator circulates warm air with 1000W of heating power to ensure your food product is evenly dried from all angles.
  • Room for six trays (15.6″ x 15.6″) means you have plenty of room to preserve all your favorite beef jerky, fruit, snacks, and vegetables without worrying about limited space! Even better? You can remove one or more trays at a time to make room for, especially thick slices if needed, too!
  • Ivation is a three-in-one commercial food dehydrator, meaning you can use it to make garden-fresh vegetables and fruits into healthy delicious snacks for your entire family. The versatility of this product doesn’t stop at its other uses though; it also has the ability to act like an oven because of its temperature control dials. With countless options, Ivation will surely please anyone who wants to step up their kitchen game with one purchase!

2. NutriChef Electric Food Dehydrator Machine

  • The NutriChef Food Drying Machine will stop the cycle of food going to waste. This device is multifunctional in that it can also be used for drying foods without dehydrating them, making clean-up easy. The trays are removable and dishwasher safe, so they’re easy to care for!
  • With the power of an electric motor, this commercial dehydrator will help you enjoy fresh and healthy snacks like never before! Simply throw any vegetables or fruit into the machine and let it do all the work for you. You can’t beat that kind of efficiency!
  • This NutriChef Electric Food Dehydrator Machine allows you to make nutritious sundried potatoes with as little as four hours of drying time. They won’t be soggy either; they’ll retain a crispy exterior with a tender interior which is unbeatable if fry cravings ever hit again.

3. VVinRC 10 Layers Commercial Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator

  • VVinRC 10 Layers Commercial Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator is perfect for people who want to maximize their food. It can be set for a certain time and lock the minerals and vitamins in the food while also preventing it from drying out too quickly.
  • This commercial dehydrator is designed for commercial use so it’s built to last. It has an exclusive design that features 1,000 watts of heating power and a 7-inch rear-mounted horizontal airflow Dehydration fan system that provides the best results. The powerful motor guarantees dry, healthy snacks!
  • If you’re looking for dehydrated meat or non-meat products, there are plenty of recipes – with 67 ingredient choices included in your purchase! Plus 10 Layers Commercial Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator comes with glass windows (for convenient viewing!) which means no more guessing if the food’s dried out enough to stop!

4. VIVOHOME 10 Trays Commercial Food Dehydrator

  • VIVOHOME 10 Trays Commercial Food Dehydrator is the perfect choice for anyone who enjoys cooking with fresh ingredients. The 10 drying racks give your dried food an unsurpassed flavor and taste, while also retaining 97% of the vitamins and minerals. This food dehydrator does not restrict you to any one style, instead, it allows for complete customization in order to make sure that your family loves what they are eating.
  • This dehydrator is equipped with 1000W of power which ensures swift dehydration along with true preservation of foods flavors without sacrificing nutrition. Excellent craftsmanship means excellent everyday operation; the VIVOHOME’s durability ensures years of hassle-free use, so rest assured that this investment into convenience will last a lifetime!
  • The best commercial food dehydrator is the perfect solution to making delicious dried fruits, sauteed vegetables, delicate herbs, and more. It’s easy to use for beginners who are looking for a healthier, tastier snack without additives. The drying temperature can be set from 95ᵒF to 167ᵒF, which balances the time you leave your ingredients in the machine depending on what they are.
  • The hot air fan will switch off and on automatically so you don’t have to worry about creating a mess with dripping liquid when removing your fresh produce. Made out of stainless steel base and premium stainless steel trays that are free of BPA substances known to leach chemicals into foods being processed or stored nearby this is an absolutely safe choice for your family.

5. Moongiantgo Commercial Food Dehydrator

  • The Moongiantgo Commercial Food Dehydrator is a great way to make a variety of healthy foods with no changes in flavor. The stainless steel trays, designed for high heat applications, are capable of keeping trays from sticking.
  • This dehydrator comes equipped with a scientific dehydration system that dries food evenly and quickly using the power of 1000W and dual fans that will prevent any kind of bacteria or harmful residue buildup on your dish. Leaving your food delicious with all its nutrients preserved!
  • The Moongiantgo Commercial Food Dehydrator is perfect for small businesses that have high standards. You can save time and money, thanks to the upgraded heating tube! It’s also backed by a 1-year warranty.

6. WY Commercial Electric Food Dehydrator

  • The WY Commercial Electric Food Dehydrator has a built-in innovative design that maximizes airflow to achieve uniform drying without overheating, ensuring perfect dried fruit slices. This commercial food dehydrator is both efficient and versatile, providing the dryer with the versatility you need for your next project.
  • The maximum temperature of this unit can be set at 30 degrees C up to 90 degrees C depending on the type of product being dried. There are also 20 adjustable trays which makes it easy for mass production or even small batches.
  • The transparent door allows you to monitor the progress of dry food snacks without ever having to open them. WY Commercial Electric Food Dehydrator has safety functions, including a timer and overheating protection which prevent any accidents from taking place. Don’t risk it with your diet or experience- get this product today!

7. Waring Commercial WDH10 10 Tray Food Dehydrator

  • The Waring Commercial food dehydrator 10 trays comes with a durable aluminum exterior and large-capacity for commercial use applications. You can efficiently dry up to ten trays of food at once, making this product great for muffin drying; degreasing soups; and oven-dried crispy onion soup mix.
  • The sturdy construction ensures you won’t have to worry about heat leakage like cheaper materials used in most dehydrators out there! The mesh racks allow ventilation and airflow by drying evenly without heating the outside or absorbing moisture from the inside.
  • The digital LED display lets you adjust the temperature at increments of five degrees Fahrenheit while also offering adjustable timing settings, so it’s easy to find your perfect setting quickly.

8. ZXMOTO Commercial Food Dehydrator

  • This commercial food dehydrator is the perfect device for preparing healthy and delicious dried foods that are low in sugar and sodium. The machine can produce crispy nutritious snacks, dry herbs, or spice mixes with the flavor profile of fresh produce.
  • It is equipped with 10 stainless steel trays to help you easily process all your ingredients. The large capacity selection range ensures that you have enough space on the tray for greater flexibility while drying time ranges from 0-12 hours so you can find a suitable setting based on your needs.
  • A great drying machine for a variety of food. Make sure the nutritional value stays high and flavor-rich with this stainless steel food dryer that keeps your food crispy. With just a little space, you can enjoy crunchy jerky or fresh apple slices all year round!

9. STX International STX-DEH-1200W-XLSCommercial Food Dehydrator

  • The STX Dehydra Model 1200W-XLS is a commercial-grade food dehydrator that will be perfect for your restaurant or catering business. With an extra-large stainless steel build, the 10 drying racks that measure 16 inches wide and 14.5 inches deep each have been made from 304-grade stainless steel to ensure durability and longevity of this amazing product which also features 1200 watts of dehydrating/heating power with 7 preset heat temperatures ranging in temperature from 97 degrees Fahrenheit (36 Celsius) to 165 Fahrenheit (74 Celsius). This unit can’t be beaten when you need a high-powered, durable piece to help nourish your customers without compromising on taste due to unhealthy cooking practices!
  • The STX Dehydra 1200W Dehydrator is perfect for those whether they are looking to make healthy snacks or dehydrate their organic harvest. This commercial food dehydrator can be programmed in 5 minutes intervals for any climate, and the digital control panel is easy to use with an LCD screen that provides specific guidance on what temperature you should run your machine at for different types of food! One of the unique features unique to STX brands is an included cookbook filled with suggestions on how best to prepare your bounty every time.

10. YOOYIST Commercial Food Dehydrator

  • The Commercial Food Dehydrator is a convenient and easy-to-use drying machine for those who plan on dehydrating fruits, vegetables, or other food. The machine has an adjustable thermostat so you can regulate the temperature as desired.
  • It also comes with 16 trays of various sizes as well as 8 mesh sheets and 8 non-stick sheets so your dried produce doesn’t stick to the trays when finished drying. This ensures hygiene in your kitchen by decreasing contamination transferred from tray to tray during multi-day processing.
  • The 15-hour timer helps prevent any mistakes! With enough space for 27.55ft2 of production, there’s no need to rotate trays so you’ll save time searching for the perfect angle every time.
  • The design of this product allows you to store your food in an easy-to-access manner while preserving freshness, spice levels, taste, and nutritional integrity. Store favorite foods like vegetables, chicken breast, fruit pies, and berries without having them rot away!
  • Make healthy eating more convenient than ever before with YOOYIST’s commercial food dehydrator that has unparalleled effectiveness on 12 hours or less of heating time!

11. NICCOO Commercial Food Dehydrator Machine

  • NICCOO is the perfect accessory on your kitchen counter. It’s easy to use! Just transfer any food (fruit, vegetable, meat) onto each tray of gels and enjoy yummy healthy dried foods without preservatives or excess sugar.
  • The dryer has an adjustable temperature range that ranges from 95°-194°F and 1350 watts of drying power that ensures that your food will be dried quickly and evenly with no burnt edges. A great way to save space in your fridge and cut down on cooking time too!
  • With the NICCOO Commercial food dehydrator machine, you don’t have to rotate hot pads anymore. The electric dehydration machine features a rear-mounted drying fan and airflow circulation technology for even drying. There’s no need to rotate the shelves either! And with a transparent door window, monitoring your dryer process is easy too. It takes up to 12 hours on automatic shut-off at only set intervals!

How to Choose the Best Commercial Food Dehydrator

When looking for the best commercial food dehydrator, you should think about your business. Do you have a large processing facility? What type of food do you want to process? These questions are just several that will help determine what kind of dehydrators you need. Some people may need more than one model to handle their capacity requirements. Here’s what to look for when choosing the right commercial food dehydrator:

1. Capacity

The first thing you need to determine is how many trays, and therefore how much volume the commercial food dehydrator must be able to process at any one time. Your business needs will determine what size machine you need for peak periods of operation. If you only do an average amount of volume but it peaks during certain times such as holidays or hunting season, you may want a second dehydrator if your current one cannot handle the increase in volume without slowing down and affecting production and quality (and losing some product). 4-8 sq. ft. per tray is recommended for good production rates.

2. Types of foods

This will help determine which type of dryer that’s most suitable for your business needs: conventional ovens, dryer/conveyor ovens, horizontal flow tunnel dryers, fluid bed dryers, or solar-assisted drying systems. There are other options available but these are the most common. 8 sq. ft. of floor space is needed for each conventional oven while an average of 4 sq.ft./tray is needed for a horizontal flow tunnel dryer and about 1 sq. ft. per tray is recommended for fluid bed models. Solar-assisted drying requires very little floor space since it can be located on rooftops or outside buildings with large exterior surfaces that catch the sun’s rays to use for drying food products.

3. Capacity Requirement

If you’re processing large quantities of food you may need more than one unit to handle your production. Two 8-tray units could be used for daily drying needs, but you need 12 trays if you run them on an intermittent basis throughout the day.

4. Multiple Product Lines

If you’re just starting out and want to offer several types of dried foods such as meats or fruits and vegetables, determine how much drying space is required per product line and how many lines you plan to have. You may want to start with a unit that can accommodate all lines at once so they can run simultaneously.

5. Drying Temperature

The type of food will also influence the dehydrator’s heat source (conventional ovens use gas or electric heating elements; dryer/conveyor ovens, horizontally flow tunnel dryers, and fluid bed models use heated air; solar-assisted drying uses solar power to heat air).

Most commercial food dehydrators can be equipped with an optional heating element which is recommended for moisture-sensitive products like fruits & vegetables. Food dehydrators capable of reaching at least 145 F (63 C) are best for creating jerky (you may want a lower temperature dehydrator if you plan on making “fruit roll-ups” or fruit leathers).

6. Energy Source

Commercial food dehydrators typically use electricity as the energy source but gas/propane dehydrators are available too. You need to determine how much power capacity your business will require. In addition, determine what type of electrical service you have because you would need to install special wiring and circuits if your commercial food dehydrator requires more power than your building’s service can safely provide.

7. Drying Methods

The type of food, packaging methods & final product requirements all influences the selected drying method (air-flow or tray-style). Airflow dryers typically move heated air through the trays while tray dryers rely on heat rising hot air from below which makes them best for creating jerky.

8. Space Requirements

Commercial food dehydrators typically range in size between 4 sq. ft. up to 100+ sq. ft., so find out what amount of floor space you have available at each location where you want it installed, before purchasing a unit(s).

9. Noise

Some food dehydrators are noisier than others so best to check with the manufacturer or your supplier first if noise is a factor that may be important to you.

10. Warranty

Warranties vary by brand and type of warranty but generally last from one to four years. When purchasing a commercial food dehydrator, find out what is covered, how long it lasts, and who handles repairs/replacements as soon as there’s an issue with the unit.

11. Maintenance

Depending on the type of commercial food dehydrator you purchase some models require little maintenance while others need more attention during each production run. It helps to know upfront what kind of care & maintenance will be required for each dried food processor before deciding on a commercial food dehydrator and what it will cost to repair &/or maintain the unit(s).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does a commercial food dehydrator work?

A commercial food dehydrator is designed to dry down your food in mass quantities. These types of machines will typically be composed of a stack of trays that are set vertically and allow the sheets to move closer together or further apart so air can flow between them. The heat source comes from underneath and warms the trays, drying out your food quickly. This type of design allows for faster dehydration than other methods because it provides more airflow and heat exposure pointed directly at the sheet of food sitting on top.

2. Is a food dehydrator better than an oven?

A dehydrator will typically provide more even heat exposure than an oven. Because the trays in a food dehydrator are set vertically, the food is exposed to air from both sides and all angles. This not only speeds up the process of dehydration but helps remove any excess moisture that’s still in your food when you’re finished with the drying process.

3. What is a good dehydrator for jerky?

If you’re making beef jerky, look for a machine that can accommodate strips of meat that aren’t too thin and aren’t too thick. If the meat is too thin, it won’t fully dry out before it begins dripping through the trays below it; if your meat is too thick, it will take much longer to dry out properly. The best dehydrator for jerky will also be designed to accommodate the flavorings you want to add. Salt, soy sauce, and smoke can all affect your meat’s flavor profile, so keep that in mind when choosing a machine.


It is important to get the best commercial dehydrator for your food drying needs. We have compiled a list of 13 different products in this article, and we hope that you find it very helpful when deciding which one will work best for you. If you are looking for more information on these items or want to see additional reviews, please follow the link below where we provide links to all of our articles on this topic. Thank you!

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