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9 Best Cooling Mugs 2022: Review & Buying Tips

Best Cooling Mugs

The cooling mugs will keep your drink cool for hours. The length of time it takes to reach the desired temperature is dependent on the size of the mug and how much liquid you put in it.

If you’re looking for a good gift that’s practical, then the best cooling mugs are some of our favorites! We’ve reviewed some popular brands and models so that you can find one that suits your needs perfectly.

List of 9 Best Cooling Mugs Reviews

1. AZFUNN Beverage Mug Cooling

  • This cup cooler can help you keep your beverage at around 37°F-46°F, which makes it the ultimate tool to use in the Summer. What’s more, using what advanced ECT semiconductor refrigeration chip, in general, it can take 15 minutes to quickly cool the temperature of the beverage to 10℃.
  • Safe and green AZFUNN Electric Cup Cooler will be given as the best gift of Valentine’s day/ Thanksgiving/ Christmas or other holidays celebration events without any liars committed by the gifter.
  • With AZFUNN Beverage Mug Cooling Cup, you can easily chill drinks without making a mess! This beautifully designed personal one-person cooling cup is perfect for home use and great for summer outdoor events or cocktails in an office.
  • You won’t be disappointed with this practical and professional product that kills two birds with one stone: easy access size and eco-friendly design!

2. YJHOME 350ML Fast Cooler Electric Cooling Mug

  • The YJHOME 350ML Fast Cooler Electric Cooling Mug is an innovative, affordable electric mug that can cool up to 6 times more quickly than a regular fridge. The aluminum radiator on the inside helps your drink reach a temperature of 32°F-45°F within a matter of minutes – perfect for those hot summer days.
  • One-touch start-up switches make it easy and convenient to use. It saves you time from constantly running back and forth from the refrigerator every few hours for cold drinks!
  • This environmentally-friendly electric cooling mug uses the latest, energy-efficient technology to work without any need for refrigeration. Simply pour your drink into the aluminum cup-included or put your canned or bottled drink into this enhanced cooler and enjoy either an ice-cold beverage at just about any desired location!
  • The fast cool operation only takes 2 minutes to complete, so you’ll be able to periodically refresh yourself with a cool sip before talking at summer parties, attending sports games, relaxing on the beach, and more! And remember, if you use canned beverages they must be poured into this cooler’s dishwasher-safe aluminum cup.

3. Thsinde Coffee Warmer Cup Cooler Desktop 2in1

  • Thsinde Desktop Mug Cup Warmer and Cooler is a cozy desk companion! With our adjustable thermostat, you can set 131℉/55℃ (heating) or 18℃ /64 ℉ (cooling). Need to keep up with your responsibilities at work only to find out your coffee has gone cold?
  • Thsinde Multifunctional Coffee Mug will become your best friend on busy days. It also works great for holding snacks like Oreos while you go through work emails or games in bed.
  • Comes in four colors with a variety of options to make the perfect blend. This incredible COOLCUP not only looks great but is guaranteed not to break or crack like those paper cups! With every sip, you’ll be glad you found it, and its built-in lid will keep bugs out as well as cold drinks iced cold for hours on end.

4. nicelucky Cup Cooler-Coffee Warmer Desktop 2IN1

  • Keep your coffee or tea at the perfect temperature. The Nicelucky quick heat cup holder is designed for office desks, home bars, and other places that usually are not near a power outlet.
  • It also can be used as a desktop tea warmer to keep your favorite brew warm all day long without sacrificing temperature control – it slowly heats up to 131°F (55°C).
  • Whether you need something to cool down an iced drink or want an easy way to enjoy hot chocolate in the winter months, this cooler-warmer is ready for any situation.
  • Simply fill with ice cubes and turn on the switch function button (the warmer automatically shuts off after 4 hours) to whip up one of these ingenious gadgets!

5. Denghl 350ml Instant Cooling Cup

  • Denghl 350ml Instant Cooling Cup is made to cool your drinks in an instant. Put it in the freezer 20-30 minutes before you want to use it, take it out, put ice to reduce heat quickly.
  • You can enjoy a cold drink right then and there with high-quality material that promotes very fast cooling speed. It’s safe for kids due to the silicone bottom pad that prevents slipping up alongside safety which is easily cleanable with no unhealthy chemicals added in.
  • This handy device is designed to keep any beverage cold for up to four hours, saving you from those pesky warm days. Adjustable height design fits most cup holders, making the cooling unit perfect for both interior and exterior use-just fill it up at home and enjoy a cool drink on your way to work or inside an air-conditioned café.

6. Fnoko Coffee Warmer Cup Cooler Desktop

  • The Fnoko Coffee Warmer Cup Cooler Desktop is your go-to solution to keep beverages at their optimal temperatures, no matter how hectic the day gets. Whether you’re heading out for a meeting or taking advantage of some downtime, our desktop mug plate can help get back on track with refreshing hot coffee or even give in to that midday craving for a cold beer.
  • The Fnoko Coffee Warmer Cup Cooler is a unique LED circle embedded inside the stainless steel, which displays different running modes with different colors. With this small COOLCUP, you can always enjoy hot tea/coffee/milk in your office, while enjoying cold cans or chilled beers wherever you go. Keep whatever you’re drinking at the perfect temperature all day long.
  • The Fnoko Coffee Warmer Cup Coolers are professionally designed to keep whichever drink at the perfect temperature for hours on end! The Fnoko Fnoko drinks cup keeps any liquids cool or warm for hours without requiring ice cubes that melt-it’s perfect around the clock!

7. YEOSEN Coffee Mug Warmer and Cooling Mug

  • The YEOSEN coffee mug warmer and cooling mug is perfect for any time you just can’t wait to drink your coffee. The Mug Warmer heats up quickly and keeps the liquid’s temperature near (125.6℉-136.4℉) so that drinks will never become cold while working or staying in school.
  • The Electric cup cooler cools beverages from a room temperature situation to a colder one at 180 hot fast, keeping it around 54°C – 59°C which is perfect for most beverage bottles, cups, and cans alike.
  • Just pour the liquid into the internal corridor and press one button, it will be cooled to 10-12 degrees in just 2 minutes! The built-in waterproof board prevents leakage of boiling liquids. An intelligent child lock protects your product from unintended operation by children.

8. WHJ@ Fast Cooling Cup

  • WHJ@ Fast Cooling Cup is the perfect balance of high-capacity cooling and rapid heat dissipation. The top double-side exhaust vents are designed to create a cooler air intake by blowing hot air away from your face, while also preventing it from blowing straight.
  • The 4° minimum temperature prevents condensation on the cup’s exterior due to its innovative insulation design. WHJ@ delivers premium quality in every sense so you can enjoy your drink quickly while staying cool at all times!
  • The WHJ @ Fast Cooling Cup is perfect for the busy professional on the go. An easy one-button press of a button means it’s hot or cold in seconds. The aluminum design also means you can use it as your daily reference cup! It’s both durable and lightweight, so you won’t break any records setting this drink down either.

9. IYUNDUN Electric Cooling Mug Refrigerator

  • IYUNDUN Electric Cooling Mug Refrigerator is a cooling and heating mug with great benefits in hot summer and cold winter. IYUNDUN has a smart chip that delivers rapid cooling in just 15 minutes, continuous insulation for less thirsty drinking, and no noise from the silent fan! The best feature of this product is saving energy, which can save up to 20% more power than other products on the market.
  • In addition to being practical, IYUNDUN also looks sleek and trendy! With its creative design unique only to IYUNDUN, you’ll never want a different drink cooler again! So what are you waiting for? Buy our product now while stocks last before it’s gone forever!
  • The IYUNDUN is a creative and practical device that offers two cooling methods: cold beverages in summer and heated in winter. Users can utilize the IYUNDUN Electric Cooling Mug Refrigerator to hold drinks throughout the day without occupying desktop space while enjoying your beverage in any season whether traveling, working, or outdoors.

How to Choose the Best Cooling Mug

Discerning drinkers choose the best mug for iced coffee or iced tea not only based on its attractiveness and functionality, but also on how it keeps beverages cold. Cooling mugs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, usually holding between 16 and 40 ounces. A good cooling mug should be able to keep your beverage cool even as the ice melts. Here’s what you need to know about choosing the right one for you:


Choosing a Cooling Mug Based on Size How big is big enough? The standard size of an insulated mug is 16 oz., which can hold a tall cup of iced coffee or tea from a local shop. For those who drink large portions of coffee, 24 oz. or more might be a better choice – although these larger mugs are usually reserved for those who drink from home. In some cases, the actual volume may vary from the advertised size as it does not take into account the space taken up by ice cubes after they have been added to your beverage. What you put in is usually less than what you get out!

Build Material

How Your Cooling Mug is Constructed While most cooling mugs are made of stainless steel on the outside and double-walled plastic with a vacuum seal on the inside, others have silicone sleeves on the outside so that they can mold to your grip and insulate your hand from cold temperatures. Many of them also come with a metal handle attached. While this feature may help keep your hands insulated as well, it may not be practical for those who are always on the go.


How Well Built Is Your Cooling Mug? One of the most important features to look for in an ice-cold mug is durability – no one wants to invest in a product that will break easily! For stainless steel models without silicone sleeves, you should look out for corrosion and flaking after frequent use or cleaning. The same applies if you choose double-walled plastic with vacuum insulation. If the lid has multiple parts, check to see whether they fit together perfectly. This will ensure that there are no air bubbles near the seal between the inner and outer wall that could allow heat to escape or cold air to enter.


How Well Does Your Mug Keep Your Drink Cold? This is an important factor for those who drink their coffee iced, as the last thing you want is your beverage to be lukewarm after just a few minutes due to sub-par insulation! When choosing the best mug, look at the thickness of the wall that separates the inner and outer layer – most quality models have walls that are between 1/2″ and 3/4″ thick so they hold in more cold than cheaper models with thinner walls. The better insulation models will also keep ice cubes frozen longer than other mugs. If cleaning your mug with warm water is necessary, choose one with a double-wall so that the outside doesn’t get too hot to handle.

Additional Features

Additional Features to Look for When choosing between various models of mugs, be sure to pick one with features you will actually use. For example, some have lids that are designed to keep your hands from being burned – these are essential if you are always on the go or have children who might knock it over. Other common features include attachable stirrers and straws as well as logos that can be customized. Mugs with silicone sleeves can even come in all sorts of colors! Just remember, not all bells and whistles mean better quality – they should complement your lifestyle rather than make up for sub-par insulation or materials.


We hope this article has provided you with the knowledge and insight to make an informed purchase decision. And if not, we’re here for you! Please feel free to contact us anytime or leave a comment below with your questions about any of these mugs. The 11 best cooling mugs reviews have been compiled over many hours of research from online blogs, forums, websites, and more. This is our gift back to the world – so enjoy!

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