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13 Best Copper Moscow Mule Mugs Reviews of 2022

Best Copper Moscow Mule Mugs

Copper mugs were first used for drinking Moscow Mules in the 1920s, and since then more bartenders have been using them. The copper mug’s main advantages are that it can chill drinks faster than any other type of glass or metal, it is more eco-friendly, and has a more authentic look.

The best part about these mugs is that they do not need to be washed as often because of the copper coating which inhibits bacteria growth. This makes them great for bars who want to keep their water glasses clean!

If you’re a fan of the Moscow Mule, then this is the post for you. This article will explore how to make a delicious and refreshing copper mug that will be perfect for your next cocktail party. You’ll learn about all of the different ingredients that go into a good Moscow mule as well as some variations on it!

List of 13 Best Copper Moscow Mule Mugs Reviews

1. Moscow-Mix Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

  • No more chasing Copper Mug after Copper Mug on the Table, no dribbling it on your clothes, or spilling it. So Enjoy Your Moscow Mule Cocktail in this complete set of 4 Hand-Crafted Raised “NOT SINK” Moscow Mule Cups for Four with a Handle and four matching copper straws with bent ends to avoid blocking liquids while drinking.
  • The set includes an authentic mini copper Shot Glass so you can enjoy a tasty vodka pick me up while you mix some mules! This is everything you need for your next great party.
  • These gorgeous copper mugs will make a beautiful and useful gift. With their food-grade material, they’re perfect for relaxing at the end of a long day and sharing with family or friends over some tasty Moscow Mules.

2. PG Moscow Mule Mugs

  • The Moscow Mule mug is a staple in any home bar and at the end of a long day, chilling out with vodka and ginger beer in your new PG Moscow Mule Mug feels so luxurious. Made from high-quality glass ensured to last for many years of frosty cocktails, it features an eye-catching copper finish and a large capacity making these mugs perfect for spilling responsibly.
  • Enjoy a casually elegant, refreshingly zesty cocktail in these 4-pc set of stylish mugs with efficient design and practical features. Made out of high-quality stainless steel material that is brass plated to hold up over time, you’ll be enjoying the drinkware for years to come.
  • Keep your Moscow Mule’s within reach at all times or even use them as an everyday copper coffee mug because it is safe for food usage! The roomy large capacity 19.5oz rounded bottom metal mug will serve any beverage needs while the comfortable brass handle will give you oodles of grip space to move around without risking spilling precious contents on your outfits or other surfaces nearby.

3. Benicci Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

  • The artwork, the craftsmanship. You can’t help but notice our authentic Moscow Mule cups as soon as you set eyes on them, and the drinks that come out of them are just as delicious and refreshing as they look.
  • They use food-grade pure copper so it’s safe for both you and the planet to enjoy! No two cups will be alike! This is a collectible cup that is not only beautifully distinguished but makes for one heck of a nifty gift idea too.
  • Finally! A Moscow Mule mug that is made exclusively for those trying to keep their drink icy cold. The handcrafted Copper Mule Cup set will quickly become your go-to “after-hours” bar buddy. Each set includes 4 mugs, 2 copper jiggers, and 4 pure copper straws – guaranteeing both high quality and convenience.

4. Alchemade Copper Mug for Moscow Mules

  • Make a perfect Moscow Mule for yourself or a friend with the Alchemade Copper Mug. Everyone will admire your new mug as you show off how durable it is. With high-quality construction and lacquer coating on each piece, the copper mugs are practically indestructible!
  • Maybe you wanted to get away from the party for a while. Maybe your girlfriend was starting to make you feel claustrophobic. You could have called her bluff-anything’s better than this, right?-or else just slipped out without telling her, but it would have been really awkward when you come back in.
  • Instead of making things weird with an exit strategy that’ll result in some unsatisfying revenge sex, why not just slip away into the Alchemade Copper Mug for Moscow Mules? With its 12-ounce capacity and coolant feature, this mug is perfect for every drink…oh hey there!

5. KoolBrew Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

  • This Moscow Mule Copper Mug Gift Set of 2 16-oz. mugs are the perfect gift for that crush you’ve always wanted to take out on a date, or for any special occasion really. Their copper finish and sleek design will leave your recipient feeling pampered and luxurious, while also enjoying their favorite beverage in these genuine KoolBrew Ecuadorian Copper Mugs made by hand.
  • Your friends will be jealous when you tell them about this amazing set – get one for yourself too! The bottom of each mug is engraved with our seal of quality so please make sure to read “how to care” instructions carefully before use – It’s what keeps your mules safe from damage.
  • The Koolbrew Moscow Mule Copper Mugs are a staple for all drink connoisseurs. With our artistic handcrafted design, your guests will be impressed by the appearance and quality craftsmanship. Our hammered cups provide a luxury drinking experience that is distinctly different from other mugs.

6. B. WEISS 100% Pure Copper Moscow mule mugs

  • B. WEISS copper mugs are lovingly handcrafted set in the city of Moscow, Russia to create perfect drinkware for your bar or kitchen display. Each one is handcrafted by seasoned craftsmen who design its solid grip and smooth lip feel mug for the best drinking experience available on the market!
  • Every B. WEISS mug is 100% pure copper carefully crafted with impeccable workmanship that guarantees a lifetime of excellent service. This set includes 4 Copper Mugs, 4 Copper Straws, four wooden Coasters, and 1 Copper Shot Glass which makes this great product perfect as a gift for your family and friends at the holidays or any occasion like birthdays and corporate events.
  • They won’t tarnish or lose their shine over time with the coating it’s coated in, plus they come guaranteed of quality assurance with 24 months warranty so you are ensured of satisfaction no matter what!

7. COPPure Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

  • COPPure Moscow Mule Copper Mugs are elegant, reducing the smell and taste of any drink. No nickel plating or lining metal goes into the construction of these cups which will laboriously maintain your drinks cold while still retaining all their original flavor. Matching cocktail recipe booklet included.
  • These special cups offer a space-age beverage experience everyone should enjoy! Whether you’re looking to get more chill on hot days, feel healthier in terms of hydration, break free from sugar cravings, get the perfect balance of stress levels where they need to be to combat fatigue, COPPUR copper mugs are for you!
  • COPPure Moscow Mule Copper Mug sets are handmade by professionals who have expertise in crafting gifts that impress. They are made out of COPPure copper, hand-hammered into perfect designs. Comes with a beautiful gift box to get the party started.

8. Yooreka Moscow Mule Mugs

  • The Yookarka Moscow Mule Mug Copper Cup with Handle is the perfect cocktail vessel. Its light copper hue gives it that classic look, while it’s coated inside and out with safe food-grade lacquer for that huge protection against tarnishing. And if you’re not in love, just return them anytime for a full refund.
  • These hammered copper mugs from Yooreka are top-quality. The handcrafted, seamless handles give your Moscow Mule drinks a classic look that will last for decades with proper care and maintenance. Copper has been used as a cooking surface since before the designation of “modern” kitchen design.
  • Yooreka’s kiln-cooked, the antique copper mug is guaranteed to withstand contact with boiling liquids up to 1200° F-so you can confidently make your favorite cocktails in your own home without concern about whether they’ll go cold too quickly.
  • In addition to exceptional hardness, each cup features a uniform shape and thickness for maximum heat absorption and retention from 16 oz of ice-cold beverages from summer through the winter solstice.

9. ARTISANS VILLAGE Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

  • The Artisan Moscow Mule Copper Mug set is an excellent choice as a bar gift. The pack, smartly gift wrapped, comes with 16 oz copper mugs and a pair of two straws just waiting to be put into your Moscow Mule.
  • With its traditional design, artisan craftsmanship, and extraordinary versatility, this copper-plated stainless steel mug will send your Moscow Mule experience up a few notches. The Moscow mule was originally made in restaurants to serve with ice on top of cocktails that are perfect for warm days-the addition of nutmeg adds real warmth to drinks.
  • Now you can enjoy your cocktail without diluting it with melting ice by holding the drink snugly next to your chest or placing it on a specially designed coaster under the grip joint at the base of the handle so that only one surface is touching anything else.

10. Gold Armour Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

  • The Moscow Mule Copper Mug is a real beauty. It’s made of 100% pure copper so it’s solid, not hollow. They have thicker 22 gauge metal plates for the outside and thinner 22 gauge metal plates on the inside to form a tight seal which makes them perfect for hot liquids like coffee or tea as well as iced drinks with ice cubes in them!
  • You deserve all the best things in life, that’s why we built our Gold Armour Moscow Mule Copper Drinking Glasses Kit to fit your needs and go with any decorating style you choose.
  • Made from durable copper material these high-quality drinking cups will last years of parties! The classic design is simple and elegant and adds a touch of old-world charm to your favorite party drink: authentic Moscow Mules made in copper mugs.

11. Oggi Moscow Mule Copper Plated Mugs

  • Two copper-plated Moscow Mule mugs that not only match perfectly with your kitchen decor but also work for any intimate gathering. Keep them in the cabinet and pour drinks for friends at any time whether you’re grilling steaks or throwing a Christmas party.
  • The surface is even scratch-resistant so they won’t show scratches over time. Plus the elegantly curved handles provide easy gripping while serving other dishes on the side or accommodate ice cubes during summer evenings outside with family and friends!
  • As an ever-popular tipple, the Moscow Mule witnesses its popularity gradually waning as vodka tramples beneath it. Get your hands on one of these copper-plated mugs before no one else can!
  • These Oggi Moscow Mule Copper Plated Mugs are great for serving that beverage to friends, family, or significant others because they’re comfortable, sturdy, and functional.

12. SKOTZ LLC Solid Copper Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

  • Everyone knows that you need the perfect copper mug for what might just be the best drink in the world: a Moscow mule! SKOTZ LLC offers specially made, handcrafted, and hammered Moscow mule cups with no lining to transfer heat.
  • Each one is individually made by our skilled craftsmen in India and designed without handles to maintain maximum coolness for your iconic drink.
  • Make your drink as refreshing as the outdoors with our copper-plated Moscow Mule Mug. Enjoy a cold iced tea on a hot day, or an ice-cold beer after mowing the lawn.
  • These traditional copper mugs work just as well for mixed drinks and wine too! You’ll enjoy this quality mug immensely and we’re so confident that you will that we offer a lifetime guarantee against any craftsmanship issues.

13. Solid Copper Moscow Mule Copper Mug

  • The perfect gift for all of your friends and family, this pure copper tumbler is something really special. Bonus recipes are included with purchase to show off the unique qualities of the metal hues.
  • This mug will bring timeless joy to any drinker with its sleek design, a light reflection that makes drinks shine, slight texture to give it a pleasing feel in the hand – you’ll never want to drink out of anything else!
  • The authentic copper, un-lined mugs are designed for the perfect Moscow Mule. People love them because they’re strong and don’t leak. With 150+ variations of recipes included, you’ll never run out of ideas again!

How to Choose the Best Copper Moscow Mule Mug

Drinking your favorite cocktail out of an old-fashioned copper mug can be a pure pleasure. The mugs are rich in detail, look fantastic, and guarantee the perfect temperature for your drink. Additionally, they are reusable and very durable so you won’t have to worry about wasting money on new cups ever again.

However, even if the advantages of these types of mugs outweigh their disadvantages by far it might take some time to find the right one that suits you best. Here’s how to choose the best copper Moscow Mule Mug.


Copper is often used because it adds value to cocktails served in them due to its unique taste transfer function. This means that when you pour drinks into these cups small traces of copper flavor will be transferred into your beverage.

This can be a huge plus as it gives each cocktail its unique taste that might vary from the traditional version people are used to, but on the other hand, this trait cannot be enjoyed by everyone.

Additionally, copper mugs tend to lose their luster over time due to oxidization caused by air and impurities so they require regular polishing with a specific compound or cloth dipped in vinegar.


Next, you have to pay attention to the solder joints of the cup which usually come undone after some time due to constant usage and transfer of temperature between cold and hot drinks.

Although most manufacturers will ensure you that all products they sell are lead-free, even if there is no warning on the box or on the website it’s a good idea to look into the matter yourself. Lead is a dangerous substance that can cause many health-related problems so you’d better stay away from it if possible.

Design and Size

If you’re going to use your copper mug for Moscow Mules, you have to remember that traditional recipes call for ginger beer which has a relatively low content of alcohol so taller mugs are preferred in order to fit the volume of 5 cl of liquor needed for each cup. At the same time, be sure not to get too tall mugs as they will affect the taste by altering the temperature distribution within the drink mixture itself.

Reusable or Disposable?

Another factor that might capture your interest is whether you want a reusable or disposable copper cup. Although modern versions tend to be more durable they also have certain disadvantages when compared to their cheaper counterparts that are usually made from less detailed materials and can thus last longer.

Disposable cups may be washed with regular dishwasher detergents without any problems, but you won’t be able to enjoy traditional taste transfer in them which makes using reusable mugs a better choice.


You should also consider the brand of the mug if you want high-quality products that will serve for many years even when reused constantly. It’s a good idea to favor well-known brands because this guarantees their credibility and helps avoid scams, low-quality imitations, and overpriced products.

Some manufacturers create authentic versions of these copper mugs by using the same production methods used a hundred years ago whereas others come up with cheaper imitations that aren’t made of pure copper and might contain dangerous levels of lead or other harmful substances so it’s better to stay away from unknown brands and manufacturers.


Another thing you have to consider when choosing these mugs is whether you want them with, or without thick rims around their circumference. Gathering some information about each type beforehand will help you make your choice later on as people tend to have different preferences in this case.

Without rims, mugs look more elegant and easier to clean but if you prefer having something thick on the edge of your cup then chances are high that you’ll get one with a rim regardless of anything else.


Last but not least you have to determine the amount of money you are willing to spend on these mugs because they vary in price depending on size, brand, and materials used much like any other product available for purchase.

It’s a good idea to set your budget first before doing your research as this will narrow down your search significantly. As long as the quality is guaranteed there’s no reason why copper cups should be too expensive so don’t hesitate to get the one you need, regardless of how pricey it might look at first sight.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are copper mule mugs safe?

The short answer is yes, as long as they’re made of pure copper and aren’t lined with nickel or another cheap metal that would leech into your drink. If you stick to reputable sellers like those recommended on this site, you’ll be fine!

2. Why should I use a mule mug?

A well-made mug will keep your drink colder for longer (in fact, some people claim to feel the cold from such a mug for several hours after it has been emptied). A solid copper mug also looks really cool; there’s something extremely satisfying about drinking from one. Finally, unlike glassware and stainless steel, copper won’t impart any taste to your beverage whatsoever.

3. Are Moscow mules better in copper mugs?

No, a copper mug is perfect for any spirit-based cocktail!

4. Do I have to drink Moscow Mules from a mug?

Of course not, you can use your nifty new cup however you want! Some people might argue that the traditional South American way of drinking “caipirinhas” would be better in a mule mug, but those people are wrong and should immediately stop being so pretentious.

5. What happens if my mule mug rusts?

As long as it’s made of genuine copper and isn’t lined with nickel or another cheap metal then it won’t rust on you at all! It might tarnish slightly over time (depending on what ingredients you put in it), but that will only make your friend’s faces when they see it even funnier.

6. What should you not drink in a copper mug?

All spirits are safe when served in a copper mug. However, if you’re not really into cocktails then it’s probably best to avoid certain drinks containing ingredients that do not play nice with copper (e.g., fruit juices).

7. Can I reuse my mule mug?

Absolutely! However, you should always make sure it’s clean before storing it away somewhere. If done properly, this will give you years of great use out of your cup!

8. What do I need to know about copper before using it with my drink?

Copper reacts with certain ingredients, particularly those that are acidic. The best thing to do is prevent such things from happening by simply wiping your cup down regularly. However, if there is already some damage done then you might want to avoid serving drinks containing citrus or wine in your coppery cup!


There are many Moscow mule mug options on the market today. We have reviewed 13 of the best copper Moscow mules available for purchase in hopes that you can find one to suit your needs and budget. The key is finding a good balance, so consider all aspects before making an investment decision.

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