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7 Best Corner Wine Racks 2022: Reviews and Top Picks

Best Corner Wine Rack

Having a corner wine rack is not an easy task. The space that you have to work with is limited, and there are many different shapes that can be created in those corners. Which one would be the best for your needs?

A wine rack is a storage and display system for wine. It can be an under-the-counter unit, such as the best corner wine rack, or a freestanding cabinet that includes all of the necessary features to store and serve glasses of wine. This blog post will help you find the right options for your home and budget.

List of 7 Best Corner Wine Racks Reviews

1. Red Barrel Studio Corner Arms Bar with Wine Storage

  • With more than enough space for your drinks, the Red Barrel Studio Corner Arms Bar with Wine Storage is sure to be quite popular. The beautiful mahogany design on the front and mirrored walls create quite an alluring atmosphere for your guests at home.
  • Mirrored walls provide a nonslip surface to handle glasses of wine without worries of spills or messes. Make this piece part of your intimate spaces like kitchens or living rooms-it’s terrific! Racks inside make future clean-up easy after too many drinks (or before, depending on what you’re feeling).

2. Home Source Grey Corner Bar Unit with Built-in Wine Rack

  • Storage made stylish with the Home Source Grey Corner Bar Unit With Built-in Wine Rack. If you’ve got some bottles of vino to stash, make sure they don’t go unnoticed in this sleek unit.
  • A top corner wine rack and shelf for items set this built-in bar apart while providing convenient storage on your counter space. The base cabinet has windows to showcase your collections while also having two interior shelves for all your needs. Assembly required will have you enjoying a drink before you know it!

3. Hombazaar 5-Tier Industrial Corner Wine Rack

  • This elegant 5-tier corner shelf with a wine rack is the perfect addition to any home. The simple style and sleek design allow it to seamlessly integrate into almost any room, while also being a space saver so you won’t have a cluttered kitchen or living room anymore.
  • The industrial corner bookcase can be used to store and display plates, condiments or green plants, photo albums, and souvenirs on the open shelves. The simple and stylish retro design is easy to integrate into your room decor. The bookshelf has a container size of 16.5″x16.5″x68.3″, each shelf able to hold up to 10 pounds from a layer from 12 inches from the ground floor – giving you lots of storage space for your items needs! Sit it in a corner or against a wall with ease!

4. Green River Wood Wine Rack and Corner Floating Shelves

  • This set includes one corner wine rack and two corner shelves. Handcrafted in the Amish community of Central Kentucky, these three pieces are made from Amish pine wood which displays its natural characteristics to give each piece a unique look. These pieces will not disappoint with their quality or customer service mission, leaving you satisfied for years to come.
  • Wood wine racks and shelves bring a new look to your home. You can have them positioned on your bar, floating under a window or along the wall. Use one as a serving station for appetizers at any time of the day, or as a perfect addition to an empty corner in just seconds with this handy product that assembles without tools!

5. CoTa Global Modern Alexander Wall Mounted Wine Rack

  • If you are a wine connoisseur or lobbyist, this freestanding barrel-shaped wine rack is the perfect fit for your home. It’s finally time to show off that collection! This decorative wooden can be placed anywhere in the house for easy access and style. Made with sturdy wood complete with bolts at each end, you’ll never have to worry about any wobbling or tipping over of your precious bottles.
  • The Modern Wine Storage is for both everyday use & special occasions so put it next to your mini-bar so it’s always within reach! With an authentic look handcrafted by skilled artisans, showcase the beauty of local contemporary design made from exotic woods with its natural variations resulting in unique textures.

6. Kings Brand Furniture Free Standing Corner Wine Rack

  • Unwinding after a long day with your favorite bottle of wine is made easy thanks to this decorative Free Standing Corner Wine Rack. Towering at 42″ tall, this free-standing display unit can proudly show off 13 wines in one elegant space.
  • The separate top shelf also provides the perfect surface for chilled beverages or other drinks not associated with wine consumption. Made of durable metal in a modern pewter finish, the corners are reinforced with padded felt foot pads to protect your floors from scratching when you need it most.

7. Wine Rack Pine Wood Stackable Storage Stand Display Shelves

  • Enjoying a glass of wine with friends or after work has never been better. Store your favorite wines in peace without the worry of it toppling over from one little knock. The Wine Rack Pine Wood Stackable Storage Stand is a simple and elegant solution that displays up to a couple of bottles at a time in an alluring manner.
  • These racks can be assembled very quickly and easily into whichever shape you prefer, freeing up your mind for other things – like choosing which bottle to open next! Enjoy your wine guilt-free knowing this rack will never let anything topple onto the ground again!

How to Choose the Best Corner Wine Rack

The best corner wine rack really comes down to your particular situation and what you will be using it for. There are a number of things you may want to consider before buying one.

You can estimate that most people have anywhere from 100 to 300 bottles in their regular collection at any given time, so finding the best corner wine rack for this sort of quantity is important when considering aesthetics, storage opportunities, and cost-efficiency. Here are some important points to consider:


When choosing a corner wine rack for your space, think about whether it will be placed in a high-traffic area or in an out-of-the-way spot where it won’t get bumped around too often. Placing a less expensive wooden rack in a high traffic area is more of a risk, but if you like the aesthetic it may be worth doing this for your home.


The best corner wine rack should fit somewhere between 20 and 40 bottles, depending on how large your collection is and what you think looks good. This includes space for 8 to 12 bottles on each level of the rack (assuming three levels) and two vertical racks that will usually take around five bottles each.

Type of Wine Rack

To determine whether or not a particular corner wine rack is suited to your needs, look at the type of wines you collect – do you have examples from different regions? Do you tend toward full-bodied reds or lighter whites? This will give you a better idea of what type of wine rack is best suited for you.


Wine racks can come in many different materials, such as wood (carbonized steel and metal varieties also exist), but the most popular material for corner wine racks is wrought iron or steel because of its durability and strength that makes it perfect for holding heavy bottles. The design choices available with this sort of wine rack are more versatile than some other types, so take time to consider what will look best in your home and also meet your particular needs before making a purchase.


You’ve made it this far in the post, so let me help you find a wine rack that fits your needs and budget. The best corner wine rack is an under-the-counter unit for those with limited space. If you have more room or want to store bottles of wine, we recommend looking at freestanding cabinets like the one from.

We hope these options will guide you towards finding the perfect storage solution for your home and maybe even give you some ideas about how to decorate your kitchen around them!

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