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13 Best Countertop Wine Coolers (2023 Ultimate Reviews)

Best Countertop Wine Coolers

For wine lovers, the choice of a countertop wine cooler is not just about keeping their favorite drink at an appropriate temperature. It’s also about choosing a design that complements the style and ambiance of their kitchen or living room. The market for these appliances has exploded in recent years with new designs being introduced all the time. What once was a simple square box holding one bottle, now offers many options including refrigerators, under-counter models, double door cabinets with glass doors, and more.

The wine cooler is the best countertop wine cooler because it will keep your wine at the perfect temperature. It has a sleek design that fits in well with any decor style and doesn’t take up much space. They’re made from stainless steel or durable acrylic because these materials keep the temperature consistent for longer periods of time. Plus they’ll never give off an odor like plastic does after many years of use-just think about all those tasty wines you’ve enjoyed!

There are several factors to consider when choosing an option, including size, bottle capacity, temperature settings, and more. If you’re ready to buy a new appliance then read our guide below so you’ll know what type of product will work best for your needs!

List Of 13 Best Countertop Wine Cooler Reviews

1. Nutrichef PKCWC120 Refrigerator-White & Red Chiller Countertop Cooler

  • The Nutrichef PKCWC120 Refrigerator-White & Red Chiller Countertop Cooler is a 12 bottle electric beverage refrigerator with an accurate precision compressor cooling technology for the perfect wine storage. Adjustable temperature control and a small footprint will keep any space looking sleek and modern.
  • Adjustable temperature control, integrated LED lights provide a touch of elegance to your home bar cart.-130 frost free degrees set at compartment for perfect crisper food preservation
  • Coming in a sleek design made from brushed stainless steel with an airtight seal on the reinforced glass door, this unit also allows for increased flexibility in placement. The counter top fridge is best suited for use in high traffic areas such as the floor, table, or countertops giving it a great value when entertaining.
  • Nutrichef PKCWC120 Refrigerator-White & Red Chiller Countertop Cooler is the perfect countertop wine cooler for any of your beverage needs. It has an adjustable temperature so you can set it to Celsius or Fahrenheit.

2. NutriChef PKCWC24 Countertop Wine Cooler

  • The NutriChef countertop wine fridge efficiently stores up to 24 bottles of red or white wine with its 65.9L interior. Cooled by a compressor fan cooling technology and equipped with a placement for standing wines, your wines stay cool while being well ventilated. With its simple electric plug-in design and ultra quiet operation, the NutriChef PKCWC24 Countertop Wine Cooler unit will be sure to save both time and money when it comes to powering up your favorite drink.
  • The best countertop wine cooler with a modern design, this unit is perfect for those who care about the safety of their wines. 24-bottles capacity – enough space to store red or white wine on your countertop comfortably. Built-in circulation fan and ventilation grill ensures that the wines you have stored last as long as possible
  • The small wine fridge keeps your white and red wines in perfect condition with adjustable temperature control. This countertop wine fridge is equipped with touch controls so you can customize it to suit your unique needs. With a blue LED light, reclining glass shelf for optimal viewing, and counter-friendly design this compact wine refrigerator is both functional and attractive.

3. Merax 24 Bottle Retro Counter Top Wine Cooler

  • Keep your wine collection at its optimum temperature with a sleek retro wine cooler from Merax. Featuring a whisper quiet operation, the double-paned glass panel top door prevents heat from entering and harmfully affecting your bottles.
  • Featuring tempered glass doors that are air-tight and double paned for additional insulation coupled with touch screen technology that can be adjusted from 39 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the flavors without temperature fluctuations or outside interference.
  • The touch screen function makes it easy to switch between different temperatures quickly too perfect for when the sun decides it wants to come out in winter!
  • High-quality construction, premium design, and features such as the state-of-the-art compressor cooling system for a consistently cool temperature at 50°-65° Fahrenheit.
  • Chill out with this vintage-styled retro wine cooler to store your favorite chilled reds. Measurements for storing 24 bottles, this durable countertop wine cooler has an iconic round corner design that is aesthetically pleasing while also maintaining optimal temperatures of detailed viewable items in the lighted interior.

4. nutrichef 15 Bottle Refrigerator-White Red Chiller Countertop Cooler

  • The Nutrichef countertop wine fridge is perfect for those who like their wine chilled and ready to serve. The countertop unit includes 4 racks that can hold 15 bottles securely. Each rack has a bottom middle portion that stands up, making it great for those with limited space. Napkin holders are included on either side of the unit just above the top shelf which is perfect if you’re preparing hors d’oeuvres or appetizers.
  • The control panel has a lock function that will activate itself automatically after you’re done using it–this refrigerator’s minimalistic design is great for anyone looking for a sleek and modern piece in their kitchen.
  • The nutrichef 15 bottle refrigerator-white red chiller countertop wine cooler is a compact, silent and energy-efficient appliance. This unit has a digital button control panel with LED lights for easy use!

5. COSTWAY 21 Bottles Countertop Wine Cooler

  • Never worry about drinking your wine quickly because you were rushing for a get-together again. With the COSTWAY countertop wine cooler, from 41℉ to 64℉, you’ll always have an enjoyable drinking experience waiting for you! Designed with 4 layers of storage space and high hardness beech shelves that have 3 removable parts, now what are you waiting for?
  • This wine refrigerator features a 3-in-1 function. It can store up to 21 bottles of wine, keep them at the right temperature for tasting it best and be conveniently accessed for serving your guests.
  • COSTWAY Countertop Wine Cooler is for the wine connoisseur and enthusiast to store and display your wine collection. It has a digital, soft-touch control panel that makes adjusting temperature and turned on/off LEDs simple. Features an anti-UV glass door that blocks light giving you a dark environment for storage.
  • Featuring a control panel so easy it looks like an iPad, this sleek device will keep your wines cold while not taking up all of the side space in your kitchen or at your event. Light brown anti-UV glass on both doors assures that you’ll always be able to check out what’s inside while keeping light off and heat out.

6. Antarctic Star 1.6cu.ft Countertop Wine Cooler

  • The Antarctic Star 1.6cu.ft Countertop Wine Cooler is perfect for those on a tight space budget, cellaring wine with higher demands on temperature and humidity control as well as those new to the world of wine cellar-ing looking to store their growing collection in an efficient, modern design that neatly fits into small spaces around the home.
  • The Antarctic Star is an exquisite wine cooler with superior insulation, UV protection, and customizable temperatures. The window-less cabinet design provides optimal storage space for your select wines, while the blue LED interior lighting provides a beautiful showcase to display the beauty of your bottle collection.
  • Store them among friends with a 1.6 cu.ft of standard red or white bottle capacity & save space with horizontal racking that can’t harm your wines!
  • Add some bubbles to your glass with one of our six caned beverage compartments holding up to twelve 12 oz cans at a time-this best countertop wine cooler will keep everything displayed in style even on larger events when you need more beverages on hand.
  • This unassuming cabinet was designed with no vibration or noise like older models, making it top-notch for storing wines that require special care. Select from our black wire upper shelves; working best with delicate reds and white wines, they’re also great for canned beer and beverages on display during parties.

7. Koolatron Urban Series 8-Bottle Countertop Wine Cellar Cooler

  • This Koolatron Urban Series 8-Bottle Countertop Wine Cellar Cooler is perfect for those who want to store their favorite vintages and also impress family and friends with its sleek, contemporary design features like the touch screen digital temperature control, and LED exterior lighting.
  • This wine fridge is well-insulated to keep your beverages at an optimal temperature thanks to UV protective mirrored glass door and thermoelectric cooling technology which maximizes efficiency while lessening power usage.
  • The thermoelectric cooling technology efficiently preserves this cooler’s battery life compared to compressor units. This gorgeous unit offers artistic flair via mirrored glass which protects your wines.
  • This sleek model stands at just over 18″ tall and features an attractive mirrored glass door with soft lighting that can be used to show off the collection of your favorite wines. It has enough space inside to hold up to eight bottles, so if there’s one thing guaranteed about buying these units in bulk, it’s saving money.

8. NutriChef PKCWC150 15 Bottle Countertop Wine Cooler Refrigerator

  • The Nutrichef countertop wine cooler small wine refrigerator is the perfect size to take up minimal space in your kitchen while also still being able to comfortably fit 15 bottles of wine inside. It has a sleek and modern look, with a contoured polished chrome exterior that easily complements any kitchen decor.
  • This attractive fridge can either stand against a wall or be set on countertop for display. The adjustable temperature settings will keep the food chilled at just the right level, so you can enjoy all your favorite reds and whites as soon as they’re ready to go!
  • This freestanding wine refrigerator effortlessly holds up to fifteen bottles of wine! You can adjust the temperature to 41-64° degrees Fahrenheit (5 – 18°C). The Nutrichef 15 Bottle Wine Cooler Freestanding Countertop includes 4 chrome contoured polished racks and also, one bottom standing rack for your collection of wines.
  • Wine racks are contoured for easy access to your favorite wines, which is perfect if you’re hosting a large event. Plus with its wide-open door design, you’ll have plenty of room to insert wine bottles or champagne flutes without worry about smashing them or having any problems.
  • With its digital button control panel and auto-lock feature, the wine fridge is perfect for anyone who wants to make sure their little ones can’t get in. As an added bonus, it has a quiet operation so no one will be disturbed!

9. NewAir Compact Countertop Wine Cooler

  • The compact 16-bottle capacity system has a sleek modern design that makes your living room feel like a trendy bar, and the adjustable temperature control from 54 to 66 degrees F doesn’t take up precious counter space.
  • With its sleek and innovative refrigeration technology, you can store reds and whites in an optimal setting to preserve their original flavor and aroma until it’s time to pop the cork or crack open another glass.
  • This compact model will keep your flavors fresh with a patented double pane UV-protected insulated glass door and sleek black racks that can be easily removed. There are gorgeous black racks inside that can be removed for easy loading and access to all 16 bottles inside.
  • The built-in wine racks are removable so you can easily load or remove bottles, giving you easy access to pick the perfect bottle of vino. This fridge is freestanding and plugs into an outlet to create extra space in any room.

10. WIE 18 Bottle Compression Countertop Wine Cooler Refrigerator

  • This best countertop wine cooler is a cabinet that you can install easily in your garage, storeroom, or cellar. WIE 18 Bottle Compression Wine Cooler Refrigerator offers critical temperature preservation for critical conditions to meet any wine lovers’ needs. With its high-quality stainless steel fittings and durable white color, this compressor-operated refrigerator looks fine from the outside but from the inside?
  • It has a powerful WINE SUCTION system to suck out air and after constant cooling, for about an hour it forms ice crystals.
  • You can choose from 41°- 64°F(5°C- 18°C) compartment for selecting storing your red or white wines so they won’t change color prematurely without worrying about humidity which could lead them to spoil quickly.
  • This freestanding wine refrigerator from WIE has a powerful compressor cooling system for stable performance and long life, with an 18-bottle capacity. In addition, it features a customizable design with removable shelves to store your wines how you prefer-whether opened upright or laid flat or remove the shelves entirely to make space for glasses.

11. NutriChef PKCWCDS185 18 Bottle Countertop Wine Cooler

  • The 18 Bottle Refrigerator is perfect for the wine enthusiast who wants to extend their cellar by keeping up to 18 bottles at the optimal temperature…It’s also equipped with an internal circulation fan so your wines can age at their highest quality.
  • With this dual-temperature countertop wine cooler, you can store up to 18 bottles of red or white wine for years to come. With its built-in circulation fan and ventilation grill, your wines will never be warmer than the inside compartment’s controlled 15ºF. With a simple plug-in design and ultra-quiet operation that helps keep an air-conditioned quality in the room wherever it is placed, this countertop unit is perfect for grocery stores or small bars looking for an affordable option!
  • Our adjustable temperature control offers precision cooling from 41-64°F with °C or °F selectable units. Touch screen controls make it easy to customize the temp to your liking while our integrated LED light power control lets you turn on the fridge when needed. Plus, our freestanding design is slim enough to fit onto a table/countertop without taking up too much floor space!

12. Tx 8-Bottle Single-Zone in Red Counter Top Wine Cooler

  • It has 8 bottle capacity, so it’s great for the couple who loves to live life with a glass of vino in hand. The semiconductor cooling system is very quiet and cools down your chosen drink from 15 ℃ to 30 dBA. Plus, there are 2 wire storage shelves on the inside for those bottles that just won’t fit on the main shelf area. The see-thru door offers you an easy way to check what’s inside without opening up–plus it looks great because of its grey tinted glass and interior light feature.
  • Plus hidden door hinge and Silver door handle for enhanced appearance are just some of the features that make opening up this countertop wine cooler both elegant and easy!
  • This Tx 8-Bottle Single-Zone in Red Counter Top Wine Cooler is the perfect wine dilettante’s dream. With a sophisticated and sleek appearance, an integrated cooling system with 2 chrome wire shelves, and a glass door that makes your wine more accessible than ever before, this chic little thing will make storing your wine a breeze.

13. Antarctic Star 1.6cu.ft Counter Top Wine Cooler

  • The Antarctic Star 1.6cu.ft Counter Top Wine Cooler is compact freezer designed to store up to 20 bottles of wine in an elegant environment with blue LED lights that won’t affect the taste or quality of your wine.
  • The Antarctic Star 1.6cu.ft Counter Top Wine Cooler is great for storing your favorite wine of choice so you can rediscover it anytime. With its reinforced glass door with an airtight seal and help to maintain an ideal humidity level, this beverage refrigerator gives you a compact and modern design perfect for homes on the go! With its 40°F- 61°F temperature range, it can be customized to work according to your needs.
  • With no vibration and quiet operation, the cooling system will maintain your beverages at the right temperature without making noise. The ice maker/freezer provides your favorite drinks in desired quantity and flavor, and there isn’t a better feeling than picking out which wine to compare and contrast next! You’ll receive 5 rubber feet that can easily be screwed on before refrigerating your life away with no obstructions. This versatile appliance will surely satisfy everyone’s thirst as they choose from.

How to Choose a Countertop Wine Cooler

A countertop wine cooler is an appliance that will keep the temperature of your bottles at a constant level, maximizing their taste. It’s practical because it can fit on any kitchen counter, doesn’t take up much space, and its price is affordable. Countertop wine coolers are perfect for people who don’t have enough space for a regular cooling unit, or for those who want to invest in this type of appliance without spending too much money. Some have extra features like a dual-zone cooling system or digital controls which enhance the storage experience even more.

You need to consider various aspects when looking for a new cooler.

Size, Shape, and Design

Before buying a countertop wine cooler you need to make sure it fits your style. Keep in mind the space it will occupy on your kitchen counter when choosing its size. Also, consider how it will fit with existing appliances in the room.

There are various models available on the market today, each one having a different design that can complement or contrast with your kitchen décor. You should opt for an appliance that matches not only the surroundings but also the general atmosphere of your home. While some people prefer simple designs others can go for more exotic ones which perfectly match their personality.

Cooling System

There are two main types of cooling systems, thermoelectric and compressor. Thermoelectric is generally quieter than compressor models but they’re also more expensive. These appliances usually have between one and three fans, depending on the model you choose. Compressor systems use a refrigerant that emits gases which can affect wine flavor over time, so if you like the taste of your wines it might be better to go with thermoelectric technologies.

Other Important Features

If you want to pick up an appliance that makes wine storage easier for you take into account these additional features: digital or analog controls, glass door or solid plastic front, wooden shelves (for decor), locking mechanism (to prevent friends from helping themselves). There are other features to consider as well, such as: dual-zone cooling and self-cleaning.

The digital controls in some models will allow you to control the temperature in each section with more precision, making sure your wines are stored at their best. A glass door instead of a solid plastic front is much better, especially if you want to show off your wine collection. The wooden shelves add a touch of class and style when compared to the usually seen metal ones. Some models come with locking mechanisms so no one can easily open them or take out bottles when not supposed to do so, which is perfect for people who have children running around the house! Models that feature an automatic cleaning option save time and effort and they’re very convenient because you won’t need to clean them yourself. Decide the features you want and then look for a model that offers them all.


Wine coolers have different storage capacities, so it’s important to know how much room you have available in your kitchen before choosing one. Some countertop models can hold up to 26 bottles while others only 4 or 5. In addition, you will need to store your existing collection in a traditional cooling unit when using a countertop model so keep this in mind as well. If you don’t have enough space in your kitchen counter for a new appliance consider buying a built-in wine cooler instead.

Additional Features

While not necessary, some wine coolers have additional features that can make them more convenient for you. Keep in mind these are only an added value, they don’t replace the main function of storing your bottles at a steady temperature.

A dual-zone cooling system allows you to store two different types of wines at different temperatures. Digital controls give you more control over your wine storage by allowing you to set the desired temperature precisely.

Interior lighting not only enhances the aesthetics of the cooler but also helps to choose a bottle when stored on lower shelves. You can choose between blue or red depending on your tastes or if your kitchen is well lit. Blue LED lights are less harsh for the eyes and help to protect the quality of white wines.


Choose a countertop wine cooler that will best suit your needs. If you need to move it around or install it on a different countertop, opt for a smaller and lighter model. Also, consider the location of your wine bottles inside the appliance and how easy it is to access them. In addition keep in mind that not all models have a built-in lock, so if you need to secure your wine from any unauthorized person choose a unit with this feature.


This is especially important if you are short on space in your kitchen. Some countertop models can hold up to 26 wine bottles while others only 4 or 5. Check the dimensions of each model before choosing one so you make sure it fits where you want to place it.


Wine coolers come at all different price points depending on features and storage capacity. Countertop units are usually the most affordable and provide enough space for a few bottles of wine. They can range from $35 to $340, depending on size and design.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you put a freestanding wine fridge undercounter?

When it comes to installing a freestanding wine cooler into an existing built-in space, the answer is no. Free-standing coolers need at least 3 inches on all sides so that they can breathe and get rid of heat from trapping inside your home or business. Flaws: Besides being unable to install into another unit (a wall would also do), placing this directly up against any surface blocks airflow which could lead to high temperatures if not addressed properly.

2. Is a wine fridge worth it?

Ever receive a phone call from your boss while enjoying that fancy bottle of wine you opened to celebrate? You’re probably not alone. That’s why it is so important for people who have expensive wines or other alcoholic beverages at home, like myself-to invest in one (or two!) refrigerators specifically designed with temperature control and storage space built into them!

3. Can you keep a wine cooler in the garage?

If you are going to place your wine refrigerator in a garage or basement, make sure it is installed with a strong compressor system. The temperature of these coolers must remain consistent and they should not be placed outdoors unless designed for outdoor use first!

4. Why are wine fridges so expensive?

A great wine fridge is an investment that will last for years to come. The best ones have all been designed with specialized temperature control technology, custom racks, and glass shelves in order to preserve your precious collection of wines from drying out or breaking due to too the high humidity levels you may find throughout the year.


The market for wine coolers has exploded in recent years with new designs being introduced all the time. What once was a simple square box holding one bottle, now offers many options including refrigerators, under-counter models, double door cabinets with glass doors, and more. Choosing a countertop wine cooler is not just about keeping your favorite drink at an appropriate temperature; it’s also about choosing a design that complements the style and ambiance of your kitchen or living room.

When it comes to countertop wine coolers, there are many options and styles that can help you find the perfect one for your home. We hope this write has given you some insight into what features may be best suited to your needs.

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