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9 Best Double Oven Gas Ranges 2022: Reviews & Top Picks

Best Double Oven Gas Ranges

In the kitchen, it is important to have a lot of counter space and storage. This is why commercial gas ovens are becoming more popular in recent years. Double oven gas ranges combine both of these features into one convenient appliance that can be used for cooking or warming up food.

The best double oven gas range is a cooking appliance that has two ovens, this is great for those who don’t have the space to store multiple appliances. With these ranges, you can cook different dishes simultaneously and they are perfect for families who want to spend less time in the kitchen.

If you’re looking for a new oven, then this blog post is for you. We’ll be discussing some of the best double oven gas ranges on the market today. For many people, an oven is one of their most expensive kitchen appliances; and with that being said, it’s important to know what type of range would suit your needs. With all these options available, we hope by reading through this blog post that we can help make your decision process a little bit easier. Happy browsing!

What is a Double Oven Gas Range?

A double oven gas range is a type of kitchen appliance that features two ovens. These appliances usually come equipped with the following: One large, primary oven and one smaller secondary or warming oven. A single (or center) grill/griddle burner comes standard on most models. Many have additional burners located underneath the bottom main oven. This is used to heat a griddle or frying pan.

Double oven ranges are typically larger than single oven models, with more cooking space and additional features such as warming drawers. These advanced appliances also tend to be more expensive than their single-oven counterparts, but they offer a great deal of utility for the money spent. Double oven gas ranges have earned industry recognition for their outstanding performance in homes all across America. If you’re looking for an award-winning range that will perform day in and day out, check out our list below!

The Benefits of Having a Double Oven Gas Range in Your Kitchen

Double oven gas ranges are designed to optimize and maximize a homeowner’s cooking experience. These appliances provide you with not one, but two ovens, giving you more than enough space for all your dinnerware. They also come with a series of features that make them stand out among the rest. If you’re considering investing in this kind of appliance, here’s how it can help you and your family:

Two Ovens Make Dinner Easy

Whether it’s pizza night or taco Tuesday, having two separate ovens lets you cook both kinds of food at once. You won’t have to wait around between rounds or keep checking on your food because everything will be ready at once. Plus, you’ll save money from wanting takeout every night because you’ll have more than enough room to cook your own food.

Save on Energy and Get Even Heating

Double ovens also give you the ability to regulate the heat of your appliances according to your needs. If you want hotter temperatures in one oven, simply turn up the heat. To cool things off, lower the temperature levels in the other oven so it doesn’t interfere with dinner’s preparation. This will help save on energy costs and ensure even heating across all surfaces for cakes, roasts, and casseroles.

Temperature Monitoring Systems Keep Things in Check

Using gas or electric ovens, many double ovens ranges also come with temperature monitoring systems that keep an eye on the levels inside each oven. This feature will help ensure that foods are cooked to perfection every time. You won’t have to constantly check and adjust your dinner’s cooking levels, which can sometimes lead to burned meals if you’re not careful. The temperature instruments will let you know when it’s time to remove food from the oven so it doesn’t become over-cooked. Like all appliances, double ovens should be used safely by knowing how they function and reading the manuals before attempting any repairs yourself. It is recommended that you hire a professional appliance repair technician when issues arise to avoid accidents from occurring.

Extra Features Make Cooking More Convenient

A double oven gas range isn’t just a huge investment; it comes packed with several extra features that make cooking easier for homeowners everywhere. Some models come with a warming drawer and one or two broilers, giving you the freedom to prepare appetizers while your main meal is cooking. Others have reversible cast-iron grates that can be customized for comfort on any surface. Most all models are equipped with oven locks as well, which prevents them from being turned on by curious little fingers.

List of 9 Best Double Oven Gas Ranges Reviews

1. Thor Kitchen 48 inch Freestanding Pro-Style Double Oven Professional Gas Range

  • This 48-inch range is our company’s flagship product. With the capability of using up to five burners, you can cook for large groups at once. Featuring a professional stainless steel finish and 1 griddle, this is the perfect range for any size kitchen!
  • Double the oven means double the cooking space. With two ovens in one appliance, you’ll be able to cook multiple dishes at once without taking up your entire kitchen countertop! The large 48-inch stainless steel drop-down griddle works like a busy restaurant chef’s prep station-burger patties can go on one burner while bacon cooks on another and eggs fry in no time flat on the integrated 1 burner beneath it!
  • The ranges are perfect for any commercial kitchen as these ovens have enough space to store platters of food during service, saving time and money off unnecessary prep work. These ovens make it easy to prepare a range of foods in advance so customers can enjoy fresh food hot off the stove at all times.

2. GE JGSS86SPSS 6.7 Cu. Ft. Stainless Slide-In Front Control Gas Double Oven Range

  • GE brings you the best of both worlds: the best double oven gas range and state-of-the-art convection cooking. The GE JGSS86SPSS 6.7 Cu. Ft. Stainless Slide-In Front Control Gas Double Oven Range is designed to keep up with your busy lifestyle while being easy on top of it all, thanks to Electronic Touch Controls that make heating up for dinner faster than ever before!
  • With this range in your kitchen, meals can easily be increased from two people to 15 simultaneously with ease. Your favorite recipes will shine when cooked on the industry’s largest integrated nonstick griddle and finished off by using one of the two center oval burners!
  • The GE JGSS86SPSS 6.7 Cu. Ft. Stainless Slide-In Front Control Gas Double Oven Range offers the industry’s largest integrated nonstick griddle and true European convection, with a maximum temperature of 18,000 BTU for efficient oven heating and cooking – from edge to edge!
  • This appliance also features an easy-glide storage drawer that enables effortless access to small pots and pans from any cabinet above or below the range quickly without obstructing larger ones. Be at home in your kitchen while enjoying precise simmer control or high performance boiling through two power boil elements, enhanced by stainless steel finishes on a sleek modern cooktop with continuous edges for prep space near the burners for better maneuverability and a spacious counter.

3. Verona Prestige Series VPFSGG365DSS Double Oven Gas Range

  • The Verona Prestige Series VPFSGG365DSS Double Oven Gas Range is made of Italian stainless steel and has continuous grates and electronic ignition. It has five seared gas burners, two turbo-electric convection fans with EZ Clean porcelain oven surface to ensure easy clean-up.
  • The main oven can hold up to 2.4 cubic feet and the second oven can only hold up to 1.5 quid feet (14″ x 18″ x 17″). With this beautiful range, you’ll no longer have trouble cooking at night because it comes equipped with beveled doors cast iron griddles, and caps with an electronic ignition LP kit included!
  • With an elegant stainless steel finish, 5 sealed gas burners 2 turbo-electric convection fans, and electronic ignition turn this range into a heating powerhouse. This gas oven is also equipped with manual clean plus it has stainless steel rounded oven handles.
  • The Verona Prestige Series VPFSGG365DSS provides two ovens for simultaneous family cooking or entertaining your guests while still being priced competitively within mid-range gas ranges on the market today.

4. Cosmo COS-EPGR486G 48 in. Slide-in Freestanding Double Oven Gas Range

  • No matter what your kitchen needs are, Cosmo’s Slide-in oven has the perfect fit. The 6 sealed burners and 1 griddle that make precision cooking easy will be a favorite for quick dish preparation or to entertain dinner guests. Energy-efficient gas with an 18,000 BTU burner is included for boiling water quickly or reheating leftovers without dry out.
  • If you’re looking to get creative in the kitchen try using the versatile 15,000 BTU griddle for extra deliciousness. With two convection ovens of 4.6 cu ft., it houses all sorts of meal-making opportunities as well as side extensions on both sides that make mealtimes easier by holding dishes outside the main oven!
  • This heavy-duty gas range is designed with bright, reflective knobs and stainless steel handles to provide an unmatched professional touch. Advantages include cooling ventilation systems for safe heat dissipation and triple-thick oven glass that will not warp or boil over.

5. ZLINE 48″ 6.0 cu. ft. Dual Fuel Double Oven Gas Range

  • Take a look at the ZLINE 48″ 6.0 cu. ft. Double Oven Gas Range and clean up your kitchen! This DUAL LIGHTING range features a 3-layer glass oven with dual lighting for enhanced visibility when prepping meals and snacks for yourself or your family members.
  • The ZLINE 48″ Dual Fuel Double-Oven Gas Range provides commercial-style kitchen performance for your home with features like gas cooking, electronic spark ignition, and stay-put hinges. The sleek head design offers a modern feel to your kitchen at an affordable price.
  • This oven does not only cook beautifully but looks beautiful too! Created with no-scratch porcelain that is durable and easy to clean plus 3 layer glass ovens for clearer visibility, this appliance will last you for years!
  • There is a knuckle guard on this sleek 8-gas range where burners are made of high-grade alloy steel with electronic spark ignition for more control over temperature and flame production while giving off less grease to clean up later. With 3-layer glass oven construction as well as super insulation, you can be reassured that your food will cook evenly and heat inside so it’s ready for serving at a moment’s notice rather than an hour (or two) later.

6. LG LTG4715BD 6.9 Cu. Ft. Black Stainless Double Oven Gas Range

  • The LG LTG4715BD 6.9 Cu. Ft. Black Stainless Double Oven Gas Range includes a premium convection oven that pre-heats in only 11 minutes and has an integrated fan to circulate warm air throughout the oven for optimal cooking results and minimal heat loss; 18,500 BTU UltraHeat feature provides a powerful quick burst of even heat on large cookie sheets or roasting pans, where conventional ranges offer single-center controls; EasyClean technology automatically whisks away baked-on food at the touch of a button with no need for harsh chemicals such as Windex or abrasive scrubbers – you can say goodbye to hard scrubbing and hours spent scraping off your stovetop!
  • With an 18,500BTU burner that delivers unsurpassed searing power and a 0.7 cubic foot capacity with ultra-high-speed extraction, cleaning is quick and effortless so enjoying your meal or entertaining friends can happen anytime you want it to… ask any of the thousands who’ve made this LG their favorite oven yet!
  • This LG double oven with porcelain-coated cast-iron grates cooks up tasty perfection for all your culinary needs. The sleek home redesign invites time spent in the kitchen to be both enjoyable and satisfying, plus seamlessly-matched chrome accenting elements throughout guarantee unmatched innovation without sacrificing comfortable functionality on every level. Get going now – give life an upgrade like never before!

7. FORNO Galiano 48″ Inch 8-Burner 107000 BTU Convection Double Oven Gas Range

  • Introducing the New FORNO Galiano 48″ Inch 8-Burner 107000 BTU Convection Double Oven Gas Range from Alta Qualita! The convenient double oven convection gas range is sure to change your cooking habits forever. With a capacity of 4.32 cu ft and some most precise burners-5,000 watts will help you take on anything from boiling to frying without sacrificing quality or precision.
  • And while all this power accommodates any scenario, FROMO also provides convenience: with an individual rack position for each burner at just the right level you can cook 2 dishes side by side, saving time and energy-allowing both parts of your meal to come out perfect as they’re ready!
  • The oven has two compartments for an increased capacity to fit more dishes into the range. If you’re a culinary master, this high-performance range will never let down on delivering flavor and quality in every dish you cook up. Regardless of what size your family is, this gas double oven will help make your time spent preparing all sorts of food easier than it ever was before.

8. NXR SC4811 48″ 7.2 cu.ft. Pro-Style Natural Gas Range with Convection Oven

  • The NXR SC4811 48″ 7.2 cu.ft. Pro-Style Natural Gas Range with Convection Oven is a masterpiece of design and engineering, from its easy-to-clean black porcelain drip pan to the commercial grade stainless steel construction that sticks out like a diamond in the rough – it’s simply so much more than meets the eye! With six burners, an extra-large oven capacity for big meals on holidays or every night, our NXR will bring your cooking fantasies to life and make you feel like a real pro at your own stovetop!
  • The NXR SC4811 48″ Pro-Style Natural Gas Range with Convection Oven is perfect for chefs who are looking to make a cleaner and more professional impression in their kitchen.
  • All stainless steel construction combined with a 10,000 BTU broiler burner, 22,000 BTU oven burner, and an extra-large 7.2 cu. ft. capacity ensure that you never have to sacrifice consistency or quality when cooking anything from crème Brulee to prime rib roast again! The convection fan and exterior window provide even heat distribution while the black porcelain drip pan ensures easy cleanup!

9. Kucht KRG4804U Professional 48″ 6.7 cu. ft. Double Oven Natural Gas Range

  • Cook like a pro when you need to get dinner on the table with this 48″ natural gas double oven range. This top of the line model is complete with 2 separate ovens, one professional-class 30″ convection oven, and 18″ infrared broiler for quick roast chicken or an easy Sunday brunch, as well as a second oven to keep everything at precisely the right temperature.
  • The heavy-duty cast-iron cooking grates provide even heat distribution between burners, along with some serious weight capacity! These features help you cook anything from delicate meal prep for your two kids without worrying about temperatures going too high, to creating a perfect low country boil each Friday night for your upscale game day party guests.
  • Enjoy a full cooktop, surrounded by three professional dual-range top burners and six versatile 15, 000 BTU grates that move from one burner to another as your cooking needs change. The 30 in., 22, 000 BTU convection oven is big enough for holiday dinners and gatherings. And waiting on the other side of the double oven doors is an 18 in., 15,000 BTU conventional oven with an infrared broiler perfect for small meals or quick snacks.

How to Choose the Best Double Oven Gas Range for You and Your Family

The best double oven gas range allows you to cook multiple dishes at various temperatures without the need to wait. It will also save you time, money, and energy. Plus, there is no need for a separate microwave or stand-alone oven. You can have them all in one appliance with space for your large casserole dish and family-sized trays of lasagne or roast potatoes. Below we look at nine things that you should consider before buying your double oven gas range.

1. Capacity

The first thing to consider when choosing a double oven gas range is its capacity which will depend on how many people you are cooking for and what type of food you like to prepare. For example, if you are cooking meals such as roast dinners or big casseroles that require lots of cooking space, then you should buy one with a large cavity. Some double oven gas ranges have four ramekins whereas others can accommodate eight so if you regularly cook for many people, opt for the roomiest option.

2. Oven type

Most standard modern double oven gas ranges are built to work as conventional electric ovens which means they provide even heat but take longer to reach temperature and cool down slower when opened. If you want more control over your baking and like the idea of having a fan-assisted steam convection oven such as those produced by De’Longhi, choose a range with this feature. This will help retain food and speed up cooking times.

3. Elements and grates

High-quality ranges will have heavy gauge stainless steel elements that heat up quickly and stay cool on the surface when the oven is turned off. They will also have a strong cooking grid that you can rest pans upon while they are being used to cook with near-boiling water instead of burning your fingers or tripping over loose pans on your gas stovetop. Finally, some double oven gas range models feature warming racks that keep cooked food warm until you’re ready for it.

4. Oven controls and setting

While most people opt for a standard double oven gas range, there are other options such as those with electric boost facility, induction hobs, or halogen systems that provide you with even more cooking options. If you want quick and easy temperature control, choose one with electronic touch controls for the ovens. This will save time when setting the temperature or adjusting it during cooking. Additionally, a double oven gas range with a self-cleaning facility makes cleaning up after a big meal much easier as this saves hours on your knees scrubbing at burnt in food in your oven.

5. Warranty

When buying any large appliance such as a double oven gas range, look out for extended warranty options to protect your purchase from breakdowns and defects. Most ranges will come with standard guarantees offering between two years and five years cover while some manufacturers offer lifetime warranties against electrical/mechanical failure which can be worth considering if you want peace of mind. The more you play, the better quality your oven will be so weigh this up against how long you plan to own it and come to a decision that suits you best.

6. Style

While aesthetics may not be top of your priority list when buying a gas range for your home, people often overlook the importance of style when making any domestic purchase. Today’s appliances are available in various sizes and colors with stainless steel finishes becoming increasingly popular as they blend seamlessly into existing kitchen décor.

7. Price

As with every product you buy, price should be considered before clicking one of those all-important ‘buy’ buttons online or visiting your local retailer. Remember that the most expensive gas range isn’t always best; some cheap models can provide equally impressive performance so don’t go shelling out thousands of dollars on a design that doesn’t offer value for money. Check out customer reviews online to learn more about any potential problems with a given model and remember that paying a bit extra for added features can be a great way of improving your overall cooking experience.

8. Decorating

If it’s decorating time when you’re out shopping, keep in mind that double oven gas range units are available in a variety of colors and finishes. Some stainless steel models feature wooden handles, while others come with side panels that allow them to blend seamlessly into existing kitchen décor. Alternatively, if you just like the look of one color then check whether or not the appliance is coating with one uniform hue all over its body or if the control panels are a contrasting shade to the ovens themselves.

9. Cleaning

Number nine on our list is cleaning and it’s simple really, choose a model which offers easy access to the interior of the oven so you can get in with your sponge or cloth without any hassle. Some double oven gas ranges have one large cavity while others feature two separate compartments which allow them to cook different dishes simultaneously (great for big family meals). It’s also well worth checking if there’s an option for self-cleaning as this saves hours scrubbing at burnt-in food that won’t come off even with a strong detergent.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are double oven gas ranges worth it?

If you cook large meals or dishes with different cooking requirements, a double oven gas range may be worth it. You also have the flexibility of using one while preheating another for an efficient kitchen experience. However, if your budget is tight and you don’t need two separate temperature zones in one appliance then a single oven range will do just fine!

2. What are the different types of double oven gas ranges?

There basically three types of double oven gas range: Freestanding, built-in and integrated. A freestanding unit is larger and more common and comes as two separate ovens. A built-in double oven has a single body but the top compartment is designed to be installed flush with the surrounding cabinetry, while an integrated unit is smaller and often somewhat shorter than freestanding equivalents. They have no visible handles or knobs but are instead controlled via push buttons on the stove’s control panel.

3. What are the best double oven gas range brands?

The most popular manufacturers of double oven gas ranges include Smeg, ZLINE, GE, Thor Kitchen, and Verona. Each brand has a wide range of units with various features available to choose from so you’ll certainly find something that meets your needs and budget.

4. What is a dual fuel double oven gas range?

A dual fuel double oven gas range features both electric and gas cooking elements as opposed to only one or the other. This allows you to choose between them according to your preferences, which makes it especially useful for large families with diverse needs. In addition, a dual fuel unit is also more expensive than a single fuel stove.

5. When did double oven gas ranges first appear?

The first modern double oven gas range was introduced by the Italian company Smeg in 1980. Prior to that time, most kitchens only had a single oven and some even featured a bottle warmer on top of it to heat up milk for babies. Nowadays it is hard to imagine a kitchen without one.

How to Steam Clean Double Oven Gas Range


A double oven gas range has a lot of benefits for those who don’t have the space to store multiple appliances. With these ranges, you can cook different dishes simultaneously and they are perfect for families who want to spend less time in the kitchen.

This article covers all aspects of this cooking appliance so that your decision is informed with information about what features matter most when buying a new one. We’ve found some of the best double ovens gas range below so that you can compare them side-by-side before making your decision!

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