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13 Best Double-Walled Coffee Mugs 2022: Reviews & Top Picks

Best Double-Walled Coffee Mugs

A double-walled coffee mug is a great way to keep your drink hot and hands cool while you’re on the go. These mugs usually have a vacuum seal that helps insulate, but some are made with an outer layer of stainless steel or ceramic for added insulation.

Double-walled coffee mugs come in many different shapes and sizes, from 12oz travel cups up to 40 oz iced tea tumblers. The best double-walled coffee mug will depend on what you’ll use it for most often. Below is the list of the best options you can buy.

Top Double Walled Coffee Mug Brands

There are several top double walled coffee mug brands available today so it can be difficult to choose which one you should buy. Here are the top three double-walled coffee tumbler brands:

1. Contigo

This is one of the most popular double-walled cup brands in the world with its sleek design and simplistic style that doesn’t compromise modern functionality. In fact, this brand offers different types of double-walled cups such as those that come with lids or those without lids depending upon your personal preference.

2. Zojirushi

This double-walled tumbler brand offers double-walled cups that are attractive with hundreds of designs and colors to choose from. It also offers double insulated double-walled travel mugs for those who want double insulation but don’t like the bulky double-walled tumblers with lids. These double-insulated double walled travel mugs are slim, lightweight, and double insulated so you can carry them around your kitchen or office easily even if they are filled with hot coffee.

3. Takeya

This brand is known for its double-walled extracts bottles which are perfect for making smoothies at home! Its double-insulated line includes different types of cup sizes such as the 20 ounce double insulated double-walled coffee cup and double insulated double-walled tea tumbler.

List of 13 Best Double Walled Coffee Mugs Reviews

1. HDMY Stainless Steel Double Walled Coffee Mugs


  • The HDMY Stainless Steel Double Walled Coffee Mugs are the perfect gift for someone who takes pride in their coffee rituals.
  • These American-made mugs are shatterproof and double-walled, so you can take them anywhere without worrying about spills or drips. Toxin-free 304 18/8 stainless steel won’t rust or tarnish over time and will not leach chemicals. Dishwasher-safe and easy-to-clean smooth metal surfaces make these products favorites for all coffee addicts out there!
  • Stop spilling your coffee everywhere with these double-walled coffee mugs. These American-made mugs will keep you going strong all morning long while still being able to enjoy a sip of your hot beverage! They have a modified lid so it’s easy to close without popping out, and the insulated stainless steel design means your drink is safe from major spills or drops. Get yours today before they sell out!

Why Choose this Product:

  • Double-walled design to keep heat and humidity inside
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • Comes with a lid so it’s spillproof

2. CIVAGO 12oz Stainless Steel Double Wall Coffee Mug


  • CIVAGO 12oz Stainless Steel Double Wall Coffee Mug is a double-walled, insulated mug that keeps your drink hot or cold for hours. It’s made of food-grade stainless steel, so it’s light and durable. The clear lid lets you see how much liquid is left in the mug, and it has a classy design that will look great in any kitchen.
  • This double-walled coffee mug will keep your favorite drinks at the optimal temperature all day long! You’ll be able to enjoy staying refreshed without overindulging because you can monitor how much liquid remains in the container at any time. Because it’s made of stainless steel, this mug is not easy to break or crack due to its heavy-duty construction materials.
  • It’s not just a container that keeps the favorite drink from going warm with sweat on the hand. It’s also a durable, lightweight mug for those who love their morning cuppa joe and need to drink more cups of steaming hot coffee per day. Also, it’s great for iced cold beverages as well. It will become your go-to haven when you want to enjoy ice-cold beverages in style!

Why Choose this Product:

  • Classy design
  • Sturdy construction made of stainless steel
  • Maintains the temperature of hot or cold drinks for hours

3. Wells 2-Pack 12 Oz Double Walled Glass Coffee Mugs


  • With a double wall and thicker walls than other glass mugs, the Wells 12oz Double Walled Glass Coffee Mugs are perfect for a fresh cup of coffee every morning. The extra-thick glass is insulated to keep liquids warmer twice as long, keeping your fingers safe and cool with every sip. These glasses also make the perfect addition to any houseware collection; sure to last through years of enjoyment.
  • Give yourself an extra luxury look in your kitchen or on your dining table with double insulated coffee mugs. The 12oz (350ml) glasses feature a double wall and thicker walls than other glass mugs, making them more durable and lighter weight.
  • While you can put these mugs in the dishwasher top rack and microwave safe, we only recommend hand washing for longer-lasting clarity of color. These ultra-light, clear double-wall mugs are perfect as gifts that someone who really loves their morning coffee as much as they love themselves!

Why Choose this Product:

  • Well-made and sturdy
  • Added insulation keeps hot drinks hotter and cold drinks cooler
  • Dishwasher safe

4. AVITO 14 Oz Double Walled Coffee Mugs


  • The Avito 14 Oz Double Walled Coffee Mugs are double-walled stainless steel mugs that can be used to transport your drinks safely, without the worry of them getting cold or hot.
  • The silicone grip keeps your hands from burning, and the powder-coated exterior won’t rust. These mugs come packaged in a gift box for easy gift giving!
  • They are perfect for transporting your drinks and keeping them at the right temperature. The double-walled design helps your drink stay hot or cold with little to no condensation, and it has a safe steel exterior that you can feel good about using without worrying something will break.
  • The handle is strong enough to hold two of these thermally insulated cups together, so if only one mug is needed, use the other as a handy coaster!

Why Choose this Product:

  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Keeps beverages cold or hot without any condensation
  • Easy to hold, with a silicone grip on the outside of the cup

5. Copco Acadia Double Wall Coffee Mug


  • If you’ve ever struggled to enjoy your morning cup of joe on your commute, then you know how important it is to have a mug that can keep it warm or cold. The Copco Acadia Double Wall Coffee Mug is perfect for your everyday commute. The durable BPA-free plastic construction and double wall insulation will keep your coffee warm or ice cold, so the only thing you’ll be worried about is whether it spilled all over your outfit because of its leak-proof design.
  • This Copco Acadia Double Wall Coffee Mug offers insulation from the hottest cup of joe. With a textured, non-slip sleeve and capacity of 16 ounces, it will fit comfortably in standard cup holders. The mug is microwave and dishwasher safe so you can enjoy your favorite coffee any time without worrying about messy spills.

Why Choose this Product:

  • 16 oz capacity
  • Leak-proof design
  • Sturdily constructed

6. Gezzeny Double Wall Glass Coffee Mugs


  • Gezzeny Double Wall Glass Coffee Mugs are the perfect addition to your kitchen. The double-walled design helps to keep your beverage hot or cold for hours without condensation on the outside, unlike most glasses.
  • Plus, they’re made of 100% hand-blown clear borosilicate glass that is stronger and lighter than typical glassware. Add a splash of color to everyday life with these sleek mugs!
  • Gezzeny Double Wall Glass Coffee Mugs are perfect for any occasion. Whether it be daily casual dining or entertaining, these premium 12.5 oz double-walled glasses are large enough to mix in milk powder and sugar if desired. Gezzeny Double Wall Glass Coffee Mugs come in an elegant packaging that will make them an easy gift idea for anyone!

Why Choose this Product:

  • Double walled rigid glass adds strength and stability.
  • Keep your beverage hot or cold for hours.
  • Hand-blown borosilicate glass that is stronger and lighter than typical glassware.

7. PARACITY Stainless Steel Double Wall Coffee Mug


  • The PARACITY Stainless Steel Double Wall Coffee Mug is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite hot or cold beverage. With its double-wall design, this mug keeps drinks at their optimal temperature for up to six hours without having to worry about cooling off or getting too hot.
  • Its lightweight design means you can take this mug with you anywhere, and its sliding lid prevents splashing when drinking—so even if you’re in a rush, you can still enjoy your drink without any mess. This best double-walled coffee mug is made with food-grade silicone and stainless steel so it is safe for use by adults and children alike!
  • This Stainless Steel Mug is perfect for anyone that needs both convenience and durability: It can be dragged over to work or put into one’s bag without fear of breaking, it fits all car cup holders, and its design means there will never be any dripping from this coffee tumbler meaning no more coffee stains on your clothes.

Why Choose this Product:

  • Lightweight
  • The double-wall feature ensures great temperature retention
  • Its sliding lid prevents splashing when drinking

8. MarsRoad 20oz Stainless Steel Double Wall Coffee Mug


  • If you’re looking for the best travel mug for coffee on the go, you’ve come to the right place. The MarsRoad Travel Coffee Mug is a double-wall stainless steel design that keeps your beverage hot or cold without leaking or condensing. It’s easy to rinse and comes with a long leak-proof straw and snap lid.
  • The MarsRoad Travel Coffee Mug is designed for people who need an insulated mug that keeps drinks hot or cold without turning them into a sauna. This mug is made from stainless steel, which can handle extreme temperatures without getting too hot or cold externally. The glass sliding cover ensures easy sipping while also providing visibility into what you are drinking and how much remains inside!
  • This mug has double-wall insulation that allows it to keep drinks hot while maintaining its temperature outside of the cup. The result is a cup that won’t burn your hand while holding it!

Why Choose this Product:

  • Keeps drinks hot for hours
  • The stainless steel design
  • Easy to clean and maintain

9. BTaT Double Wall Glass Coffee Mug


  • You’ve probably used insulated tumblers before, but you’ve never used one like the BTaT double wall glass coffee mug. What makes this mug stand out from other glasses is its beautifully designed cups that create an optical illusion over the beverage inside causing it to change colors as if coming alive!
  • These particular mugs also have a vacuum seal that keeps beverages at their desired drinking temperature for longer periods of time and has never been known to be too hot or too cold to hold, despite being made out of glass!
  • BTaT Double Wall keeps hot drinks hotter and cold drinks colder than ordinary glasses. This trendy design can withstand extremely high and low temperatures without breaking down. Made of borosilicate thermal glass, BTäT is scratch-resistant and condensate-free.

Why Choose this Product:

  • Discreet and stylish design
  • Easily rinses clean with soap and water
  • Durable, good-looking, shatterproof

10. Grandties Insulated Double Walled Coffee Mug


  • This double-wall insulated coffee mug is perfect for any on-the-go use. It’s large enough to hold your favorite iced beverage or hot chocolate, but small enough to fit in a car cup holder or backpack. The sliding lid makes it easy to open and close one-handed.
  • The silicone O-Ring seal on this leakproof travel mug keeps liquids from spilling or leaking out—no matter where you take it. The durable construction is also dishwasher safe with disassembling feature for easy cleaning!
  • With an ergonomic grip on both sides, this tasteful insulated coffee mug holds up well in the cold months without letting hands get too chilly.
  • The 16oz coffee tumbler is made from Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel for both inner and outer layers. BPA toxic-free. Better than ceramic or glass. The thermal tumblers are finished with a stylish matte powder coating design that lasts in contemporary color – prevents scratching, peeling, or fading; topped with an ergonomic handle for a comfy grip. Ideal for home, office, camping, or other workplaces.

Why Choose this Product:

  • Holds 16 ounces of liquid.
  • The innovative sliding lid is really easy to open and close one-handed.
  • Very durable and won’t break easily.

11. Yoelike 14 oz Double Wall Coffee Mug with Lid


  • Yoelike 14 oz Double Wall Coffee Mug with Lid is the perfect companion for people on the go. The leak-proof lid is created with a silica gasket which locks the lid completely in place and prevents spills. This best double-walled coffee mug is BPA-free, eco-friendly product that features a wide mouth that’s perfect for drinking hot beverages.
  • Keep your favorite drink hot or cold for hours on end. The Yoelike Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Coffee Mug is made from premium 18/8 food-grade stainless steel and vacuum insulated technology, to keep any beverage at the perfect temperature. This mug conveniently contains a touch-proof lid when you’re on the go.
  • The powder coat on the colored tumblers won’t peel, crack or fade away! This mug stands 3 ¾ inches tall and 4 inches wide at its lip diameter size placing it conveniently within reach of your hand while keeping your hands dry. It also comes equipped with a 5″ handle to carry this travel coffee cup without spilling your beverage.

Why Choose this Product:

  • Made from premium 18/8 food-grade stainless steel
  • Anti-oxidation double-wall features leak-proof valve and silicone gasket top
  • Keeps beverages hot or cold for hours on end

12. Yuncang Double Wall Glass Coffee Mugs


  • The Yuncang Double Wall Glass Coffee Mugs are premium coffee mugs with two walls, one made from heat-insulating borosilicate glass and the other from a practical outer body. These high-quality mugs keep your drinks between 140°F – 180°F for hours when used in the freezer or on the go!
  • Not only can these be used as everyday cups but also as travel cups to take coffee on the go without it getting cold too quickly. With double insulation, your hands will stay cooler while drinking iced beverages or hot beverages alike which is great if you’re out at a picnic or walking through Times Square all day!
  • The best double wall coffee mug just got sleeker, more beautiful, and even healthier. Yuncang Borosilicate Glass is the perfect way to enjoy some of your favorite hot beverages just about anywhere while shielding both hands from getting messy or burnt. The insulating borosilicate glass is made in a two-step process which creates its unique properties. Even better news for coffee lovers? It won’t break easily like other glass materials so you don’t have to worry as much about dropping it onto hard surfaces like concrete sidewalks or marble countertops!

Why Choose this Product:

  • Sleek design
  • Durable borosilicate glass
  • Keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cool for long periods of time

13. Sweese Double Walled Glass Coffee Mugs


  • The latest designs of Sweese double-walled glass coffee cups are only 12 oz and are available in three colors: black, white, and red. They are refrigerated to keep your hot drinks warm while maintaining the cooling effect for other beverages such as iced tea.
  • These glasses can be washed in a dishwasher, or microwave, and left out on the table without melting (unlike plastic). The used glass is safe from all materials because it does not contain BPA or lead. Want something classier than disposable paper cups at home? These glasses offer delicate beauty while still being tough enough for outdoor environments like picnics!
  • Sweese double-walled glasses are a cup that changes the rules in hot or cold drinks and gives you a feeling that your drink is floating in the air. It has two layers of low convection heating and insulating ability: with materials like glass and stainless steel; insulation will be even better after it is warmed up, Sweese double-walled glasses can keep both hot and cold drinks for hours without any changeable taste (cold) or temperature (hot).

Why Choose this Product:

  • Elegant, attractive, and durable design.
  • Double-walled glasses can keep drinks colder or hotter than normal glasses
  • Water won’t get into a cup and won’t leak out with Sweese double-walled glasses.

How to Choose the Best Double Walled Coffee Mug

The double-walled coffee mug is a double-walled cup that serves to insulate hot liquids. It also prevents your hands from being burned when you hold the double-walled coffee mugs especially while drinking piping hot beverages such as coffee and tea directly from the double-walled cups. Double-walled mugs come in different sizes and colors, but whatever mug you choose guarantees to keep your drinks warm and your hands cool! Here’s how:


Think about what size you want for your double-walled coffee mug. Some people prefer smaller double-walled cups while some prefer larger double-walled cups depending upon their personal preferences. Most double-walled mugs are packaged with double-walled tumblers which are double-walled cups with handles.

Type of drink

Think about what type of drinks you will be drinking from your double-walled coffee mug. If you like hot chocolate or tea more than coffee, then opt for double-walled mugs which won’t retain the heat too long and would only keep your beverage warm for a few minutes. On the other hand, if you prefer to drink piping hot beverages such as espresso and cappuccino, choose double-walled coffee mugs which can hold in their contents’ heat for longer periods of time and thus don’t require double-walled cups with lids that need to be removed while sipping.


Pick double-walled mugs that match your lifestyle and your personal preferences. Colorful double-walled mugs are attractive, but they can be difficult to clean which is why most double-walled cups with lids come in different colors where you can just replace the lid instead of having to buy a new double-walled tumbler.


Choose double-walled tumblers made out of stainless steel or plastic depending upon your preference. Stainless steel double-walled tumblers are more durable than double-walled plastic cups, but double-walled plastic tumblers are better insulated than double-wall metal cups. In fact, double-walled coffee mugs made out of double-walled plastic are double insulated and double-walled mugs made out of double-walled stainless steel have a double outer wall.

Insulation properties

Think about whether you want double-walled coffee mugs with lids that double as saucers or double walls which have a single glass wall between the double walls. Both types serve to keep your drinks hot but double-walled glasses with two layers of glass can keep in more heat than double-wall cups made from a single layer of glass.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a double-walled coffee mug?

A double-walled coffee mug is a container for hot drinks that has two walls that separate the liquid from the external environment. One of those is an insulating air pocket, which means it can keep your drink warm for longer than other containers. This construction style makes double-walled mugs double or even triple as cool as regular ones.

2. What are double-walled glass mugs made of?

Most double-walled glass mugs are manufactured by fusing two layers of borosilicate glass to form the inner and outer walls, along with their respective caps or handles. The double-layer glasses generally have lower thermal conductivity than other types of plastics and metals used in double-wall construction, and double-walled glass mugs are typically more aesthetically pleasing than their double-walled ceramic counterparts.

3. How do double-walled coffee mugs work?

Wherever there is a temperature difference in any system, heat will flow from hotter areas to colder areas until they come into equilibrium (reach the same temperature). The double-wall construction of a double-walled glass mug separates two separate spaces, each with its own temperature. It is important to understand that when one side is heated and the other side is not, heat will move from hot to cold until both sides are at the same temperature. Double-walled coffee mugs use this basic principle in their double-walled design and try and eliminate as much heat transfer between compartments by trapping all possible heat within the inner compartment.

4. What size double-walled coffee cup?

Coffee cups are usually available in double-walled glass mugs which are 6 ounces (180 mL), 8 ounces (240 mL), 11 ounces (330 mL), or 16 ounces (475 mL). Larger double-walled glass mugs are also manufactured to hold 20 ounces (590 mL) or 32 ounces (950 mL). Some double-walled glass mug double wall vacuum coffee cup is even double that size.

5. Does stainless steel double walled mug keep coffee hot?

Double-walled glass mugs are made out of double-layer glasses which have lower thermal conductivity than other types of plastics and metals used in double-wall construction. Because water vapor molecules have a hard time passing through the airless space between double walls, double-wall vacuum insulated glass mug will maintain heat over time, meaning it does keep your drink hot for longer than regular containers.


The best double-walled coffee mug can make your morning routine that much more enjoyable. After sipping on a hot cup of joe, the last thing you need is to burn your hands because they are too close to the heat source. With these reviews and recommendations for some of the most popular brands in 2021, we hope you find one that suits your needs perfectly!

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