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7 Best Drawer Microwave Ovens 2023: Reviews & Top Picks

Best Drawer Microwave Ovens

A drawer microwave oven is a great appliance for anyone who likes to cook with their microwave. It can be used with an electric stovetop or in a different room from the cooking area. There are many different microwave models on the market today with a wide range of features, but not all microwaves are created equal.

The drawer microwave oven will have some key qualities that set it apart from others on the market that might be less expensive or more powerful. In this post, we’ll explore some of those considerations and give you tips on how to choose the best drawer microwave oven for your needs.

What is a Drawer Microwave Oven?

Drawer microwave ovens are a relatively new type of microwaves that have a flat top and a drawer at the bottom, where you can fit in large plates, bowls, or any other larger items. The cooking process works entirely inside of this drawer part of the unit, unlike conventional microwaves that cook using heat from the back/sidewalls. Drawer technology is especially beneficial if you’re concerned about energy efficiency- it has been shown that microwaves with this feature use only 10% of the electricity required for an average unit. Drawers also provide more space to cook larger dishes without worrying about overcooking or undercooking due to smaller size and may be especially useful in small kitchens which don’t allow much storage space: these microwaves can double as storage space with their extra-large door shelves.

Benefits of Drawer Microwave Oven

Drawer microwave ovens are a sort of stainless steel microwaves that can be built under the kitchen counter and drawers. Just like any other modern kitchen appliance, drawer microwaves come with their own distinct advantages.

1. Convenient

Drawer microwaves allow you to fit one more appliance into your kitchen without making extra space for it. They have been specifically designed in such a way that they can slide under the counter or cabinet when not being used and pull out easily when required. The brushed stainless steel finish is also a major advantage as it makes them look very stylish and blends well with most modern kitchens. Drawer microwaves have simple control panels on top of the unit so that even if they are fitted under a counter, you can still change their settings with ease.

2. They heat food quickly

Almost all models of drawer microwaves use inverter technology which allows them to reach the desired temperature in a very short time and maintaining it as well. This way, your food will always be cooked or reheated evenly and perfectly, irrespective of how busy you are. In case there is any spillage of food/juice on the inside of the drawer microwave, cleaning it would become extremely easy since these appliances have removable stainless steel interiors that are dishwasher safe.

3. Flexibility

Drawer microwaves come with multiple power levels so that they can also be used to defrosting frozen foods/leftovers safely. Some models also come with a pre-programmed menu option that allows you to cook a dish even when you don’t know how long it should be cooked for. You can set the cooking time and power levels accordingly and the microwave will do the rest of the work for you.

4. Easy to use

All of these features make drawer microwaves extremely easy to use. You just need to plug them into the power supply, switch on the ON/OFF button, and then set the timer for cooking or heating up food. Most models also have audible tones which let you know when your dish is ready to be eaten. Drawer microwaves are very safe as well with most models having an automatic shut-off option in case they are left underneath a counter or cabinet accidentally. They are so convenient that most modern kitchens have at least two-three drawer microwaves so that they can always have fresh meals whenever required.

5. Energy efficient

Drawer microwaves come with energy-saving options that allow them to heat up your food quickly but not waste power. The inverter technology used in these appliances also makes sure that cooking/heating is done evenly which saves both time and electricity.

6. Easy cleaning

The best part about drawer microwaves is the removable stainless steel interiors which are dishwasher safe. This means you can always keep them clean easily by just popping them inside a dishwasher after every use. Drawer microwaves are also very easy to maintain as they don’t have lots of different parts that require regular oiling or other maintenance regularly.

List of 7 Best Drawer Microwave Ovens Reviews

1. Sharp SMD2470AS Microwave Drawer Oven

  • No more microwaving your food from a high distance just for it to be scorched or overcooked on one side – with this new, innovative design you can cook directly in the microwave! With an easy-touch automatic drawing system and a convenient kitchen placement, cooking time has been cut down to seconds so you have more free time elsewhere.
  • The Sharp SMD2470AS Microwave Drawer Oven has concealed control panel that is angled at a 45° angle so it’s easily legible and operates without any waste of space on the door front. We confidently say that there simply isn’t anything like our latest product release now available for purchase!
  • Cooking is now more convenient than ever once you’ve placed it right through your pantry door – saving both time and space! It accommodates any dish size with an extra-large interior capacity, freeing up precious cabinet space in your kitchen-it even has wheels for good measure.

2. ZLINE 24″ 1.2 cu. ft. Built-in Microwave Drawer

  • ZLINE 24″ 1.2 cu. ft. Built-in Microwave Drawer is the perfect addition to your kitchen! With this sleek, stylish appliance you can enjoy cooking with a touch on the screen and 11 power levels of heating for anything from popcorn to pizza rolls on paper plates!
  • You can also reheat yesterday’s leftovers or melt butter on toast in only two minutes! Add something zesty by selecting the Melt feature on your microwave – worry-free melting of snack items without hot spots or burned edges to ruin your stovetop china set so you’ll save time and clean up too!
  • And with its easy-to-reach touchscreen controls and melting feature, there’s no need to watch over your food like it’s a baby while it cooks. The factory preset melt feature automatically melts butter, marshmallows, chocolate, and cheese so you can get on with what really matters: enjoying every delicious moment of life.

3. Bosch HMD8451UC 800 24″ Stainless Steel Microwave Drawer

  • The Bosch HMD8451UC is the first line of defense for diner doers. With 950 cooking Watts, there’s no need for guesswork – the microwave does all the work. There are 10 power levels, touch open/close, and an LCD white display.
  • With more cooking space than your average microwave, this Bosch oven gives you the freedom to cook all at once. Thanks to its convection technology, it can create dishes like muffins or baked potatoes one-third of the time. The touch open/close door feature helps minimize the clean-up process while automatic sensor programs help take care of all temperature needs within reach – so no worries!
  • The LCD white display shows peak times and includes 10 power levels for customized baking needs. Oh, and did we mention that this best drawer microwave oven also accommodates up to two centimeters of extra depth on both sides? Say goodbye to fighting over what gets shoved into the microwave space!

4. Sharp KB-6524PS 24-Inch Microwave Drawer Oven

  • The Sharp KB-6524PS 24-Inch Microwave Drawer Oven is perfect for a smaller kitchen due to 1.2 cubic feet of interior space, with a spacious cooking area capable of accommodating a 4-quart casserole dish or 20-ounce beverage from your favorite coffee house! AutoTouch key opens and closes the door, ensuring safety when handling potentially hot items from your spatula to your breakfast plates.
  • The 11 sensor programs make sensing which time interval is needed for cooking an easy task without guesswork- all you have to do is take out the ingredients and put them in the oven! This unit fits so seamlessly into your countertop with its sleek design that it can be removed completely after use for more space.
  • Never worry about trying to fit that lasagna into your small oven or using up too much counter space again with 1.2 cubic feet of cooking room inside this best microwave drawer oven! Make sure you check out other expertly designed features like Sensor Cook Technology, AutoTouch door sensor, and more to find exactly what you need for your home at Sharp.

5. Cosmo COS-12MWDSS 24 in. Built-in Microwave Drawer with Automatic Presets

  • The Cosmo COS-12MWDSS 24 in. Built-in Microwave Drawer is packed with space-saving features for modern microwaves, including on-the-go convenience! No need to fuss over the hot plate when you have 1000 WATTS OF POWER at your disposal, letting you cook meals with precise control and delicious results.
  • Cook your favorite meals with precision and delicious results. From melting cheese to defrosting pastries, the Cosmo COS-12MWDSS 24 in. Built-in Microwave Drawer with Automatic Presets is built for convenience and will provide consistent cooking every time.
  • Featuring four automatic cooking options that include melt, soften, popcorn, and beverage along with easy smart defrosting of packaged food items or fresh food without having to monitor it throughout. The new Cosmo microwave also includes one-year limited parts guarantee so get yours today while supplies last!

6. FORTÉ F2412MVD8SS 24″ Microwave Drawer

  • Cleaning up after dinner has never been easier thanks to the FORTÉ F2412MVD8SS 24″ Microwave Drawer. This easily accessible drawer is the perfect solution for kitchens with limited space. Whether you are storing or heating leftovers, this stylish cabinet-style microwave makes it simple to prepare meals on any day of the week.
  • Easy-to-use microwave drawer that can be installed under a counter or used as a cooktop. The easy-to-navigate interface is complemented by the variable power levels, which allow you to create everything from scrambled eggs to slow-cooking roast beef with exceptional results. This unit also has some additional features – such as defrosting and sensor timing options – making it perfect for any busy family on the go.
  • Forget using your oven for heating up an hour-long meal with all the dishes that come along with it! Cook delicious food quickly in this sleek yet powerful FORTÉ F2412MVD8SS 24-inch Microwave Drawer which has 1000 watts of cooking power – more than enough to handle even your mightiest dish. You’ll never go back to an old stove again!

7. Sharp SMD2489ES 24″ loT Microwave Drawer

  • The Sharp SMD2489ES loT Microwave Drawer is perfect for renovating kitchens and adding a modern look to the home. Easily control your microwave with touch-activated glass controls that provide an easy-to-read, 45° angle display and audible beeps to signal keypad activation.
  • Modern edge-to-edge black glass design at its best will help you easily hide your microwave in the kitchen cabinet while providing 24” of cooking space – about three times as big as most microwaves on the market! With 11 power levels to choose from, it’s simple to find optimal cooking time for any occasion; adjustable settings lock out other users and cookware protects against nasty burns when setting food inside again and again.
  • The built-in Airflow Control helps make sure that there is no excess heat being pushed back onto other items being cooked in this space. This feature eliminates any need for installing a separate hood system for this appliance between cooking and warming appliances. Make every dish tasty with all five levels of power control available through our touch panel controls that keep you informed on progress without having to open the door.

How to Pick the Best Drawer Microwave Oven for You?

Before buying a drawer type microwave oven, there are some things you must consider:

1. Ventilation

This is one of the most important things. If your place doesn’t have proper ventilation in place then it is not good to buy this kind of oven because these microwaves make noise and require proper air passage for releasing hot air outside. These ovens produce high-frequency sound when operating so if there’s no way out for the sound produced by this oven then you should not buy it otherwise after installing proper ventilation in place, you can go for it without any hesitation.

2. Installation

You would need professionals to help to install this kind of microwave above or below the counter. Make sure that they know how to wire and mount this over your counter.

3. Size

It is very important to measure the space where you want to install this before buying one. Make sure that after installation, there will be enough space for opening doors, pushing buttons, and rotating the turntable inside it. Some of these are a bit bulky in size so make sure that you have measured your place properly before buying one.

4. Power Consumption

This depends on the model you are choosing to buy. Basically, they consume less energy during standby conditions but while cooking a large amount of food at high power, they can consume more power than other regular microwave ovens. That’s why to choose carefully according to your needs!

5. Price Range

Most drawer microwaves are available on the market cost between $1000-$1500 which is quite expensive compared to other regular microwaves. But if you are willing to pay this much for an oven that is available in attractive colors, stylish design, and can fit well in your kitchen then go ahead without giving it a second thought.

6. Other Features

Most drawer microwaves have a stainless steel finish on the outside or inside of the door. The best thing about it is that they don’t take up much space so you won’t mind placing them anywhere in your kitchen even if you have limited countertops to cook food or space to store anything else due to their small size. If you want something with all the modern high-tech features, choose carefully according to your needs but don’t expect too many features because most of these ovens come with standard features like one-touch buttons for cooking, rotating glass turntable inside the oven, and child lock functions. One of the most important features is that they are available with inbuilt sensors which detect humidity inside the oven so it does not overheat during operation.

How to Installation Drawer Microwave Oven

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long do drawer microwaves last?

The typical lifespan of a microwave drawer is approximately 10 years. That means that the average American will buy 2.5 microwaves over the course of their lifetime. The first microwave oven was introduced in 1947 and cost $5,000 and weighed 750 pounds and has been refined over the past 70 years to feature sleek modern designs and use less energy than older models.

2. Why do drawer microwaves have no turntables?

The turntables from older microwaves tend to break down or become faulty over time. Without a working device, drawer microwaves do not work properly and could be dangerous. In addition, the glass trays often crack due to high temperatures which can lead to injury if touched by a person. Drawer microwaves are designed for functional purposes only and include features such as lights that indicate when a proper cook is completed and sensors that take humidity into consideration.

3. Does Bosch make a drawer microwave?

Bosch makes a drawer microwave, and it’s called the HMT75G(S)1B3. The 75 cubic feet Bosch HDM 7530 built-in microwave oven is one of 4 models in the HDM (high definition module) line of microwaves; the other 3 are countertop microwaves. This model comes with a stylish design and has great performance with its fan cooling system for low noise. It features touch controls and an LED display with an electronic clock timer. Other features include 10 power levels, a 6/9 minute quickstart key, an express cooking key, an express reheat key, and a multi-stage cooking menu that allows you to cook or defrost by weight-based setting. There’s also an option for weight-based defrost, along with a child lock and over-temperature warning.

4. Is there a drawer convection microwave?

There is a drawer convection microwave. It has a design that involves an oven with a single door and a turntable inside it. The oven compartment is located under the counter, and the microwaves go into it from the top, like in other microwaves. A typical width of this form factor is 30 inches, but there are several different sizes available – 26 inches, 27 inches, 29 inches, etc. Drawer microwaves are very popular because they give extra space on the countertop above. Also since all standard over-counter appliances can be installed next to it you can have your fridge or dishwasher opened at the same time without any problems.

5. Where can I find a replacement drawer microwave vent?

If your stove’s vent is damaged or worn out, you will need to replace it. These vents are usually easy to find in home improvement stores and come in a variety of styles and colors to match your current drawers and appliances. Some even have lights that turn on when the oven is being used! They attach to the back of your stove’s top drawer.


Choosing the best microwave for your needs can be a difficult task. There are many different sizes and styles of microwaves to choose from, as well as brands and models that vary in price and features. We hope this article has given you some insight into what considerations go into choosing the best drawer microwave oven for yourself or your loved ones.

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