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14 Best Electric Tea Kettle without Plastic (2022 Reviews)

Best Electric Tea Kettle without Plastic

The electric tea kettle without plastic is made of stainless steel and has a capacity of 1 liter. It heats up quickly, saving time that would have been spent waiting for water to boil on the stove. This product also comes with a detachable cord so it can be stored easily when not in use. The body is safe from rusting and coated with an anti-bacterial finish to avoid any unwanted bacteria growth inside the container or lid area.

If you’re looking for the best electric tea kettle without plastic, then this article is perfect for you. We have researched and compiled a list of some of the best electric tea kettles around. All of these options are made with stainless steel or glass inserts which means they won’t leach any harmful chemicals into your hot water.

A best electric tea kettle without plastic can be used on any stovetop surface as well as on gas, ceramic glass, induction, and halogen ranges. There are some models that come with a spout so you don’t spill boiling water all over yourself when pouring it out! Finally, it’s dishwasher safe for convenience! In this write, we’ll review some great options for eco-friendly electric tea kettles without plastic parts including: capacities, features, pros/cons, and more!

List Of 14 Best Electric Tea Kettle without Plastic Reviews

1. Sweetwater 1.8L Hot Water Kettle Electric Water Boiler

  • From the ground up, we designed our kettle with your health in mind. The PureCover Lid is made from stainless steel and has a 100% plastic-free design that distributes heat evenly for an authentic tasting cup of tea or hot chocolate. It also makes a great conversational piece on your kitchen countertop when not in use!
  • With a plastic-free lid and an extra-large boiling chamber for a fuller pot, the PureCover Lid is finally here. 1.8L Hot Water Kettle Electric Water Boiler BPA-Free Made from stainless steel with no plastic contact to give you that pure taste and smell every time. Exclusive compact size saves on counter space!
  • Elegant and easy to use, this microwave kettle boils water in just minutes. The automatic shut off control switch with boil dry protection ensures safety for users as it automatically switches the unit off if the current is interrupted by a power surge or sudden loss of power.
  • Not only does the electric tea kettle boil your water quickly and evenly, but it also locks in all of those tasty little bubbles. That’s because the heating element is a great distance away from the outside of the kettle to ensure safety and prevent boiling dry. What’s more, this electric tea kettle without plastic is designed with an auto shut-off control switch to keep things cool, literally.

2. Eglaf 0.5L Small Electric Kettle without Plastic

  • Eglaf, a reputable name in kitchen appliances for decades, is proud to bring you the Eglaf 0.5L Small Electric Kettle without Plastic! The sleek stainless steel kettle is perfect as a smaller alternative or as an on-cart electric water boiler if you don’t have access to your larger stove. It features a large opening that can be safely hand-washed and a removable lid and power cord storage bases for easy hygiene and convenience.
  • It includes a functional handle with a cool touch that doesn’t flatten out after being held for long periods of time – keeping hold of that hot tea or coffee is not difficult at all! The lid and cord both store conveniently within the base too; no need to look about in cramped spaces though these miniature kettles take less counter space than your average.
  • Made from beautiful stainless steel with an insulated outer surface to keep your hands cool while using and a handle so you can carry it easily around anywhere, this electric tea kettle is both versatile and stylish! You’ll also love how easy it is to store: the lid and cord come fully off so you can put them all in one place when not in use.
  • The water heats up at 800 watts, meaning that it will only take a minute to fill with 1-liter of boiling hot water. This model also features auto-shut-off and boil-dry protection functions, ensuring that you know when it’s safe to use.

3. Culinary Obsession Glass Electric Kettle

  • The Glass Electric Kettle is a budget-conscious yet stylish option for your kitchen. The advanced safety features ensure forgetful moments won’t result in disasters and the large capacity means you can make enough hot liquid to sip on or cook with without having to refill the kettle, every 10 minutes. And with clear glass panels that give a full view of what’s going on inside, there’s no guessing if it will be ready when needed.
  • The Glass Electric Kettle is not only tough but also has an intuitive design that gets the job done with ease. This generously sized kettle holds 1.8 liters of water for boiling or steeping your favorite teas and coffees, while this large lid rotates to provide easy access for cleaning. The glass floor panel allows you to see how much water is being heated so you know when it’s time to turn off the power switch.
  • This best electric tea kettle without plastic is so smart, it knows when to turn on or off. It turns off automatically after boiling the water, and the flat cord is designed for use kettles that are located more than 3 feet from an outlet. The heating element takes just three minutes to boil water at any time of day or night! Plus, this sleek kettle can brew tea with our stainless steel infuser- you don’t have to worry about finding fussy filters or steeping leaves in your sink while waiting for your kettle to start whistling again.

4. Mega Chef 1.7Lt. Electric Tea Kettle

  • Eighteen pounds of boiling hot water, no extra effort needed. Say goodbye to having to measure out how much water you need for tea the old-fashioned way–now all you have to do is tap a button!
  • This large capacity electric kettle is perfect for boiling water quickly without all the fuss of using a filled pot on an open stove. Enjoy boiled water in nearly half the time with our BPA-free kettle that automatically turns off when reaching boil to protect against boil dry. Also featuring 360° cordless pouring, this kettle has you covered on design and convenience-all while looking stylish with its elegant white color!
  • The Mega Chef 1.7Lt. Electric Tea Kettle in White is a 360° cordless kettle with boil-dry protection and an LED light that automatically turns off when water boils. The BPA-free material will keep your tea to the top-notch quality you know and love, whether it’s herbal or black, cold or hot!

5. Bodum Bistro Electric Water Kettle

  • Effortlessly heat water to precisely the temperature you want with Bodum’s Bistro Electric Water Kettle! Boiling just one cup of water? No problem. This electric kettle features a manual on/off switch and power indicator light, plus a steam sensor for automatic shut-off to provide safety-plus it’s made from safe BPA-free plastic. The heating element is tucked away at the bottom of the kettle, ensuring that flipped tea kettles are no longer an issue.
  • Time-saving and convenient, it’s an essential appliance for any kitchen! The 17oz water kettle has a manual on/off switch and power indicator light to make boiling water fast and easy. Ethical too, as there is no hidden heating element that causes dry spots or odor in your pots and pans like other typical kettles. It heats up quickly without having to heat over a flame and lugs around all the time (it only weighs 1 pound). Safe because of the steam sensor that will automatically shut off when boiling point is reached.
  • With a clear scale so you know exactly how much water to put in, and an indicator that tells you how many cups are needed, you can then enjoy your favorite hot beverage with the Bodum Bistro Electric Water Kettle! An integrated water level indicator, cup size markings, and see-through design make this Elitech kitchen appliance one of our most handy go-to kettles around here.

6. Panesor 1.7L BPA Free Electric Tea Kettle

  • The Panesor 1.7L BPA Free Electric Tea Kettle Cordless Stainless Steel is the perfect kettle for everyday needs. It has a large capacity of 1.7liter/1.8quart, which will fill up 8 cups of water at once with ease; it heats quickly and shuts off on its own to avoid boiling dry or scalding users (blue LED light indicator).
  • The stainless steel interior design removes any plastics from contact with hot water, making this kettle worry-free and made-to-last! This cordless electric teapot keeps warm for hours after boiling due to the double-walled exterior that touches no edges or metal (cool touch), allowing its user to enjoy their drink all day long.
  • The convenient kettle boils water quickly and has a comfortable cool-touch exterior so you never have to worry about scalding your fingers on the outside of the kettle, or leaving it where it could fall off of counters or tables. Made from stainless steel with no plastic in contact with hot water, this best electric tea kettle without plastic will look great wherever it’s placed because of its elegant styling that will match any decor style. Boils faster than conventional kettles with double-wall insulation that keeps your water warm longer all while keeping you safe.
  • Its indicator light tells you when the kettle boils so there are no surprises, plus it shuts off automatically after being boiled so if anything knocks over the appliance, there will be no excess heat exposure, accidental burns, or potential risk.

7. ASCOT Tea Ketlle & Hot Water Boiler

  • The AUTO SHUT OFF function senses when water reaches a boil and turns off automatically. It then resets once the kettle cools and is turned on again, so it can be boiled as many times as needed! The orifices that control this process are located at the top of the inside of the kettle.
  • The 1-liter capacity is perfect for making tea, coffee, cocoa, soup, or whatever you like to drink to stay warm throughout your day! The ASCOT Kettles has an elegant design with stainless steel silver finish and a glass window to see how much water is boiling without opening up its very tight steam cover.
  • The Fast Boiling Electric Kettle, in white or black SHEEN, comes with an auto-shut-off and boil-dry protection function for your safety & convenience. The Food Grade 304 Stainless again provides healthy water for your family while looking sharp on the kitchen countertop with a contemporary design.
  • Heats up 1.7 quarts of water in a snap! Free from the hassle of boiling a pot and pouring the water out, tea drinkers can enjoy high-quality tea any time they want to with just the press of a button.

8. Brentwood Appliances KT-1618 1.7-Liter Cordless Tea Kettle

  • A cordless kettle for quick, easy boiling of water so one can enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee on the go while also being done with the chore of actually wrangling up an old-style stovetop kettle to boil water.
  • It’s lightweight and cordless for convenience- no worries about tangled cords! The easy touch on/off switch lets you turn it on with just one hand-plus its 1200 watt power makes water boil in just minutes! Your favorite cup of hot beverage will always be at arm’s reach.
  • The Brentwood Appliances KT-1618 1.7-Liter Cordless Plastic Tea Kettle, 1, Black is a powerful 1200 watt electric kettle that quickly brings 1.7 liters of water to a boil for tea and coffee. The kettle gently extinguishes itself at the sound of a loud whistle once the boiling is reached with one simple button push, saving you water if it boils over in transit or when filling from icy snowmelt filled well! 1000 watts means this kettle completes heating your desired amount of water twice as fast as most electric.

9. OXO BREW Cordless Glass Electric Kettle

  • The OXO BREW Electric Kettle is cordless and features an illuminated LED power switch for easy on-off use. It heats up water quickly and precisely and has a non-slip handle to transport it safely. The lid opens slowly, preventing hot water from splashing out of the kettle, and it stays cool with an insulated base you can hold on to. This kettle’s sleek style will look great in your kitchen!
  • The kettle holds up to 17 ounces and includes a generous stainless steel boiling rod that can reach higher temperatures without scorching delicate foods like eggs – all while providing thermal shock protection thanks to borosilicate glass that won’t absorb odors or chemical residues. This electric tea kettle without plastic also boasts a non-slip handle and cool-touch design for comfortable use.
  • OXO BREW cordless glass electric kettle is safer and faster than the stovetop or microwave. Designed with a convenient measuring feature, this kettle boils up to 1.75 L of water anywhere safely and conveniently. Features include easy-to-use functions such as Perfect Pour Indicator that show when there’s enough water to pour and Auto Shutoff that shuts off automatically after boiling complete.
  • This pack includes the 9″ x 6.2″ x 11.2″ OXO Brew Electric Glass Cordless Kettle, an 8oz make-it-yourself pitcher for brewing single cups at a time, and two filters (one permanent and one paper) which can be used interchangeably depending on preference!

10. Hamilton Beach 40880 Electric Tea Kettle

  • This 1.7-liter electric kettle boils water faster than a microwave and is safer than using a stovetop kettle, perfect for college dorms, offices, or kitchens of any size. The water boiler also features cords that are hidden from sight so they don’t get in the way when you’re serving your hot drinks! This appliance automatically shuts off functions as well to ensure that it doesn’t overheat and boil out all the contents of its pan.
  • This kettle heats water at a speed of up to half the time as microwaves and is able to be safely boiled anywhere that has a standard 120v outlet.
  • The Hamilton Beach Electric Tea Kettle, Water Boiler & Heater is an innovative product that uses electricity to boil water much faster than a microwave. The kettle has hidden heating elements that are safe around children and pets, ensuring peace of mind. Remove the need for cords with this cordless electric kettle!
  • It heats up in minutes but won’t burn your fingers while pouring thanks to its drip-free spout and easy-to-view water level window. And it doubles as a warm beverage heater with a push-button lid to prevent spills when boiling over or not in use.

11. COSORI Electric Speed-Boil Kettle

  • This kettle picks up where your morning coffee leaves off, boiling water in minutes with a safety cutoff that’s integrated into the design for peace of mind. It has a removable stainless steel filter and a variable temperature setting to make sure each cup is perfect. You’ll never have room temperature or cold brew again!
  • The COSORI Electric Speed-Boil Kettle boils 1.7L of water at one time, features British STRIX thermal sensor technology as well as an auto-shutoff function that activates within 30 seconds after fully boiling + boil-dry safety feature that turns it off if no water inside.
  • The COSORI electric kettle not only boils water in 30 seconds but also provides safe housings with its boil-dry safety feature to keep kids and pets away from it while they wait patiently in the background!
  • It comes made of durable borosilicate glass, so it’s easy to clean too! And when you need to unplug it, don’t worry about frying your house because of our built-in safety feature.
  • COSORI is designed with an innovative heating system that recognizes when the water reaches boiling point and will automatically turn off. The safety power switch also ensures your kettle shuts off if it falls over or gets knocked during use (Boiling 68°C for 12mins does not incur additional costs). It is made of food-grade stainless steel, which prevents tastes from seeping into the product, making it perfect for different uses.

12. Zeppoli Electric Tea Kettle

  • This kettle by Zeppoli is made with industrial-strength glass to withstand minor drops while preserving natural flavors. Designer highlights include a cordless design that allows for hassle-free pouring, a 360° rotational body, and bright LED lights to indicate when the water has boiled. For robust comfort, convenience, and technology in your kitchen, invest in this sleek tea kettle today!
  • Zeppoli Electric Kettle can significantly reduce wait time for hot drinks like coffee and tea by eliminating the typical wait periods before boiling or boiling then cooling. This product includes features such as temperature control for precise heat distribution; infrared sensor activation that detects when water is boiled; convenient and easy filling capacity and simple.
  • Well-Built and Sturdy with beautiful glass accents, this kettle accompanies any modern kitchen space. Durable enough for everyday use, but also kind to sensitive palates; the versatile design makes it ideal for buyers on various budgets. With Cordless Glass Technology and easy 360° rotational cups; it’s never been easier to brew the perfect cup of all kinds of tea (green, oolong…)
  • The Industrial Strength glass makes this kettle impressive AND durable! The automatic shutoff function ensures safety without sacrificing convenience. This kettle is equipped with an LED light indicator that displays.

13. Yousmart Electric Glass Tea Kettle

  • The Yousmart Electric Glass Tea Kettle is a powerful water boiling machine. It effortlessly makes a rolling boil in under seven minutes and has a base made from stainless steel that resists rusting or warping better than most other materials.
  • The kettle’s lid not only keeps the heat from escaping but locks in any fragrance as well as preventing waste contamination, which can often happen with plastic models. In addition to its high-quality construction, the kettle offers up incomparable style thanks to beautiful blue LED lighting and it comes with both an electric cord and manual boiler for versatility.
  • The Yousmart Electric Glass Tea Kettle variable temperature control is fast and easy to use. It features high-quality materials that will last for years with regular use. Enjoy tea or hot water without the mess!
  • Made from safe BPA-free thermoplastic polyurethane, stainless steel, and premium glass material the kettle itself cleans up nicely to keep off any taste interference whatsoever. Built to be durable, you can feel confident giving this as an elegant
  • Non-slip handle prevents grip loss when pouring when this electric kettle without plastic is full of water at 360°F/180°C degrees with an easy to twist control knob that can be set anywhere from 140°F/ 60°C up to 248°F/120°C according to your needs for hot beverages like instant soup, coffee, or oatmeal.

14. Aigostar Juliet – Mini Electric Tea Kettle,

  • The Aigostar Juliet Mini Electric Tea Kettle, with 1 liter of capacity and an opening on top so broad it can be easily filled from any angle has got everything we need: our new favorite appliance!
  • The Aigostar Juliet is the world’s smallest electric water kettle, which also makes it 100% BPA-free. The 1-liter capacity allows for one to three people to be using the kettle at once. Simply turn on your electric outlet and wait 10 minutes, and you’re ready to boil some hot water!
  • It has an insulated handle that stays cool on touch, bends on top shape (doesn’t take up table space) and cord storage for compactness when not in use making your life easier than ever before. Comes in colors like red or white so accessorize your lives with our perfect kettle!
  • Clean up is not complicated with this kettle–simply mix vinegar or lemon juice in some hot water and wait 5-8 hours for deposits to break down before pouring down the drain.
  • The Juliet is a sleek, elegant, and powerful workhorse that can produce 1 liter of piping hot water in just 3 minutes. It has features such as safety precautions to eliminate burn risk and the removable filter design which resists lime buildup, making this beauty both safe and easy to clean! With a temperature control feature up to 100°C, it will meet your every need including optimal safety.

Buying Guide for the Best Electric Tea Kettle without Plastic 

Nowadays the people who love tea, are more concerned about what kind of materials their kettle has. In this post, we will not only introduce you to some electric kettles without plastic but also tell you how to select your best electric tea kettle. We have done a lot of researches and share our real experiences about the best electric kettles with you.


Electric kettles are usually between 800 ml / 1000 ml/1200ml. When you are using ,you should pay attention on the capacity that it can hold . Of course, you also need to consider where you will use it. If your family is more than four people,you can buy more big electric kettle . Even if there are only two of you , buying a small stainless steel electric kettle is better because it’s easier to put into your kitchen cupboard. And for one or two cups of water at a time, small electric kettles are good choice for them.

Heating Power

Electric kettles are divided into two types , one is induction heating kettle, which has better safety performance. Because no matter how much water you fill the kettle , it will never be overheated and explode or fire. Whether you use electricity or gas to heat the pot, they can not prevent these accidents . The other is electric kettle with metal heating elements,which is more vulnerable to short-circuit and high temperature. But don’t worry about it too much. Now we produce stainless steel electric kettles with self-protection function such as power off automatically if there is an overload of the current power supply ,overheating protection device etc. And most stainless steel electric kettles also have this function .


All stainless steel electric kettles are without plastic, but their packing is not . Some manufacturers will use plastics for packaging. They do this to reduce the transportation costs and save trees. It’s a pity that they can not realize that what benefit they get at the price of harming people’s health . If you want to choose ,you’d better buy stainless steel electric kettle with non-plastic package.

Temperature Control

Generally speaking, stainless steel electric kettles are more suitable for boiling water . Because they can quickly heat water ,it’s great not to wait for a long time before drinking tea. The higher the temperature of the kettle is, the faster it will boil. For example, some cheap electric kettles have poor quality and their maximum temperature is only 100 degrees Celsius. On the contrary, there are even some models of stainless steel electric kettles which can not be boiled at all . So when you choose an electric tea kettle,you’d better check its function firstly.

Ease of use

Electric kettles are simple in structure and easy to operate , what you want just put it on your desk ,it will automatically start working . Some people think that stainless steel electric kettles are more difficult to use, it’s not true. A few models have cool touch body so you don’t need to worry about being burnt by the kettle. There are even less worrying about leaving fingerprints on the outside of the kettle,which can be used without worrying about caring for a long time.

Stainless steel is a kind of corrosion-resistant metal , which has obvious advantages in daily life. Stainless steel electric tea kettles are made of 304 stainless steels or 18/10 kitchen steels,so they are stronger than glass electric kettles which are easy to be broken . And also better quality stainless steel material is obvious from the luster, it is more difficult to fade and scratch after a period of use. So stainless steel electric kettles have better performance in exterior decoration, which will never be rusting. And the price of stainless steel kettle is also lower than a glass kettle.


Even if you are a beginner, you’d better choose an electric kettle with a simple operation so you can use it immediately. And most electric kettles have these features. Most of them have transparent lids so that users can see the water level clearly. Some models only require one touch to operate, which is more user-friendly. Not only that, some stainless steel models come with a dry boil protection function, if there is no water left in the reservoir after boiling for two minutes, it will automatically turn off at once to prevent damage. All of this shows that stainless steel electric kettles are easier to use than glass electric kettles.


Due to its simple structure, electric kettles are more suitable for use in daily life. And there is no worry about being scalded by hot water when you pour water into the kettle, which is an important factor in people’s health . And some high-end models are even equipped with power off automatically if they are overloaded or overheated. So electric kettles are safer than glass kettles.

Power Consumption

Since the materials of stainless steel and glass are different, so electric kettles made of these two materials have a huge difference in electricity consumption. Glass electric kettles use more electricity than stainless steel ones. For example, on some high-end models, it can be up to 1400W while that on some low-quality brands is only 600W. In addition, the price of a glass kettle is also more expensive. If you want to save more power, stainless steel electric kettles will be a good choice for you.


Stainless steel has always been cost-effective compared with other materials so it is obvious that this metal has a better cost performance than glass. Firstly, the price of kettles is cheaper because it is made of less expensive materials, and now many cheap kettle models are made of 304 stainless sheets of steel. Secondly, the lifetime of this metal is longer than glass which can be used for a long time without being broken. And if you want to save power, stainless steel models will be cost-effective.

The electric tea kettles without plastic can heat water faster so you don’t need to wait for a long time to have your hot drink after getting up. They also have some other advantages such as being anti-rusting, easy to clean, and safe with dry boil protection function, etc. Especially they are better in exterior decoration compared with glass ones not only by their luster and no need to worry about fading and scratching but also lower in cost. And electric kettles won’t be rusting so you don’t need to care about them for a long time. Thus, we can say that they are easier to use than glass ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How safe are electric tea kettles?

The research I conducted found that kettles are generally safe to use in your kitchen. However, you should take care when considering models which contain plastic as they may leach chemicals and toxins into the water we drink- avoid these at all costs!

2. Are BPA free plastic kettles safe?

Though some brands now label their products as BPA-free, it’s not necessarily a guarantee of safety. Other chemicals can also leach from these plastics and pose health risks such as estrogenic activity or hormone disruption for humans who consume them in large amounts over time – this includes pregnant women too!

3. Is it safe to use a plastic kettle?

It was a disappointment to find out that even on the off-chance of sterilization and exposure, high temperatures can release plastic particles. The research looked at three different kettles from UK manufacturers which were all found guilty as charged in terms of releasing 16 million per liter into your bottle or pot when boiling water (and not using an insulated jug).

4. Are all plastic kettles BPA-free?

Due to health concerns surrounding BPA, a lot of kettles are now being marketed as being free from this harmful compound. However, there is concern that alternatives like bisphenol-S (BPS) could be just as bad and should also be avoided for this reason – do you want your food cooked with Teflon?

Due to recent studies linking high levels of exposure with prostate cancer in males over 40 years old; It has become a best practice among many restaurants not to serve any type or contact their cooking equipment which comes into direct contact against plastics such as stainless steel pans used during.


If you’re in the market for a kettle that is not made of plastic, this stainless steel option might be just what you’re looking for. It’s easy to use and heats up quickly so it can save time spent waiting on your stovetop or microwave oven. This electric tea kettle also comes with a detachable cord which makes storage easier when it isn’t being used. The body has an anti-bacterial coating that keeps unwanted bacteria out while the inside remains rust-free thanks to its metal design.

It heats up quickly, saving time that would have been spent waiting for water to boil on the stove. This product also comes with a detachable cord so it can be stored easily when not in use. The body is safe from rusting and coated with an anti-bacterial finish to avoid any unwanted bacteria growth inside the container or lid area.

You’ll find that these eco-friendly electric tea kettles without plastic parts are durable, efficient, and affordable. If you want to purchase one of the best options on this list but don’t know where to start, then we recommend checking out our recommended model! That way, you can be sure your investment is worth it. And if you’re looking for more advice on what type of kettle would work best in your home’s kitchen scenario–whether it’s a small apartment or large family/kitchen with lots of room! We’ll help make purchasing decisions easy so that all you have to do is enjoy brewing and drinking delicious hot drinks like coffee, tea…

Ben Bebenroth

Trained at Johnson and Wales University, Charleston, Chef Ben Bebenroth graduated in the top ten of his class and won the school’s national Taste Down Under cooking competition in 2004. He was rewarded with a 5-week trip to Australia, where he traveled with a French Master Chef to tour the country’s best restaurants and cook for national dignitaries along the way.

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