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12 Best Electric Tea Kettles with Infuser (2022 Reviews)

Best Electric Tea Kettles With Infuser

The electric tea kettle with infuser is a symbol of sophistication and refinement. The enjoyment of watching the delicate bubbles rise to the surface, releasing their rich aromas into the air, is only surpassed by drinking from your favorite mug.

Whether you’re looking for an over-the-range design or one that sits on your countertop, there are plenty of options available so all you have to do now is decide which model will be perfect for you!

The best electric tea kettle with infuser is a must for any avid tea drinker. It can be difficult to find the perfect combo of quality and price, but we’ve done our research and found some great options.

List of 12 Best Electric Tea Kettle with Infuser Reviews

1. Taylor Swoden Electric Kettle with Tea Infuser

  • Small electric tea kettle that brews green, black, herbal, or fruit teas individually in their own cup–or use as a single serving unit if you’d prefer! Just insert your favorite loose-leaf or bagged variety into the stainless steel infuser contained within the stain-resistant borosilicate glass kettle.
  • One press to turn on the keep warm function of the electric tea kettle with infuser when you want the water keeping the temperature between 176°F/80℃ to 185°F/85℃ after boiling. If the water temperature is below 176°F or lower, the Keep Warm function will auto heating up water for you.
  • Electric water kettle with removable stainless steel tea infuser for brewing your favorite loose-leaf or bagged teas directly in the stain-resistant high-quality borosilicate glass kettle. Allow you to make such as green tea, black tea, herbal or fruit teas in a fraction of the time.
  • Warm-up in minutes with this 1-liter capacity electric kettle, equipped with concealed heating elements and bright LED lights that indicate it is heating. Enjoy a quick boil without worrying about getting burned or wasting time in your limited morning routine. No worries for safety either – the inner locking lid makes it impossible to open when boiling, while automatic shutoffs ensure peace of mind during use.

2. Bonsenkitchen Electric Kettles with Tea Infuser

  • From herbal to Tea, you can enjoy delicious fresh tea flavors with the removable tea infuser. Simply sprinkle in your desired loose-leaf or bagged tea and watch it brew as your water boils
  • Enjoy the best taste and quality of tea with a variable temperature electric kettle that offers 5 different temperatures ( 120℉,160℉,175℉,195℉, 212℉) for optimal brewing. Precise temperature controls the perfect brewing process so you can have coffee or tea just how you love it!
  • The ingenious design features a self-shut-off button if it detects no water, and concealed heating element for an even safer approach. It also includes British STRIX thermostat technology for efficient, dependable 1500W power that will boil your full pot of water in just over 7 minutes.
  • The Electric Kettles with Tea Infuser, 1.7L Temperature Control Tea Kettle, 1500W is a reliable machine that will boil water faster than your old stovetop kettle!

3. FIMEI Electric Tea Kettle with Tea Infuser

  • FIMEI Electric Tea Kettle with infuser is a must-have product for those who love to drink healthy and tasty tea. It’s easy to use, has five temperature settings from 105℉ to 212℉, and ‘keep warm’ functions for up to 1 hour. The blue LED indicator will make the process of boiling water visible and enjoyable company during rainy days or cold seasons!
  • Blue LED indicator bringing you a visible boiling process so you can enjoy your tea without waiting too long! Entirely made by food grade stainless steel and high-quality ABS silicon safety lid ensuring no burning of the kettle or scalding messes on surfaces around it
  • This is the best electric tea kettle with infuser for today’s busy lifestyle that people strive to fit into like a puzzle. The fast boiling water heater operates on 1500W, only takes about 5 minutes to boil 1.7 liters of water; 0.5L for just 2mins, this is why it saves you time and energy throughout your day!
  • The stay-cool handle will ensure that handling of the tea kettle is easy and safe, helps to prevent burns as well as accidents from children around the stovetop because they can’t touch it hot anymore which enables them to use their own cooking equipment safely.

4. Bonsenkitchen Electric Tea Kettle with Infuser

  • The newest electric tea kettle from Cooper & Co. needs a good name, but we can call it the “inventor.” It’s got all of the design features you’ve been looking for from our original stovetop model, and a few you probably didn’t know about! A large 1.7L capacity means this is perfect for daily use at home or work, with an added removable infuser that works with both loose-leaf and bagged varieties. Easily control heat output by turning the power dial to max 1500W, which will reach 230° F in just 5-7 minutes – no more waiting around!
  • Safe material provides excellent insulation against heat breakage or electricity leakages, no matter what type of tea are you brewing with the electric kettle – anything tastes great with this top-quality kettle!
  • This electric tea kettle with infuser features a 1.7L capacity to brew up to 16 cups of loose-leaf or bagged teas. The maximum power reaches 1500W, which boils water in less than 5 minutes so you can enjoy your favorite hot beverages quicker.
  • The body is made of hard glass while the heating plate and inner lid are stainless steel for safe use with no lead or other harmful materials found. It also has an ergonomic base for easy handling and seamless pouring control, all while being dishwasher-safe on the top rack only.

5. COMFEE’ BPA Free Glass Variable Temperature Electric Kettle with Infuser

  • This best electric tea kettle with infuser heats water to any temperature, from boiling hot to just below room temperature. Boil 1 liter of water in just over two minutes with overheat protection to maintain your desired set point digitally. The variable temperature range allows you to get the perfect cup-no matter what type of tea or coffee! Enjoy a nice, warm drink and relax with this BPA-free glass kettle.
  • It heats up in under 2 minutes, has a removable infuser that acts as a handy teapot after using the kettle, and is also multipurpose- use not only for tea but your coffee too! The safety features in this product include: auto-shutoff after boiling, electronic temperature control (to prevent heating), and smart sensors (to switch off if knocked over by accident). This technology means no burnt spoons or having to smell burned rubber when pouring water from an electric refrigerator jug.
  • The kettle has a lighted power button and an automatic shutoff feature, meaning it’s easy to use. It also comes with removable parts that can be easily washed in the dishwasher for convenience.

6. Topwit Electric Tea Kettle with Stainless Steel Infuser

  • Electric tea kettle with the new tea-brewing method. With one simple switch press, it starts to work. It self regulates temperature by the farthest temperature sensor technology, provides maximum heating efficiency without burning or overcooking. You can make different types of teas on the “STEAM MODE” including Drip Tea(English Breakfast), Green Tea(Dragonwell), and Brown Sugar Coffee(Italian Espresso).
  • Top with a new hot tea maker with a kettle focus on the brewing process. Powered by two-selection temperatures, water is heated up to the boiling point in a short time. One switch operates the whole machine so there`s no need for you to do it manually!
  • Topwit Electric Kettle is a 360-degree design with food-grade borosilicate glass and stainless steel, suitable for home and kitchen. This electric tea kettle boils water fast and has a better-controlled temperature for brewing perfect tea!
  • The removable stainless steel infuser means your next cup will be contaminant-free and easy to clean too! If you need a kettle that’s great for making teas, look no further. This borosilicate glass body not only enriches the flavor of coffee or any other type of tea it makes but is also very durable so it can take everyday use. With an automatic shutoff feature for safety purposes as well as a long cord range from 1 to 4 meters, this compact machine has everything you could want in a quick drink-making device!

7. Gourmia GDK290 Electric Glass Tea Kettle With Tea Infuser

  • This best electric tea kettle with infuser features a unique plunging tea infuser that allows you to separate and lower the tea strainer while still in hot water, making it easy for customized flavor. It also comes with digital controls so boiling times are always perfect no matter what you need!
  • The water will never get too hot or cool thanks to its keep warm setting so if you’re not ready yet, just hit the button again when needed. Plus this kettle has an automatic shut-off, boil-dry protection, and is made of glass which makes it absolutely stunning in any kitchen.
  • This kettle boasts a unique plunging tea infuser that allows you to lower and raise the tea strainer for the perfect flavor. The digital pedestal is easy to use – just hit one of 4 simple buttons and see your temperature on one of many different settings displayed on the LED display.
  • The sleek glass design of this electric tea kettle with infuser will impress your guests, but the features are what really make it worth buying. The heating element is hidden away beneath the base to give you safer, more efficient boiling water. With our patented 360 Degree Rotation Technology, we can ensure that you never have that problem with this model.

8. Brentwood KT-1960BK Cordless Electric Kettle with Tea Infuser

  • Fill this 1.8L insulated serving glass with one liter of cold tap water and enjoy watching as an 800-watt heating element boils gravity-fed cold water in less than three minutes. The lighted indicator will keep you informed all the way through about the finishing temperature of your drink (meaning no more dumping boiling water tepid).
  • To help you avoid any more burnt tasteless pots of water, we have the Brentwood Cordless Electric Kettle with Tea Infuser. The black cylindrical kettle is made from BPA-free plastic and comes with a classic glass infuser to heat a delicious pot of tea without leaving behind yellowed stains on your stove.
  • The kettle has 1400 watt power for quick boiling while being energy efficient at an only 1-kilowatt hour per day. At 4 pounds, this product is portable enough for carrying around your house to get your fix wherever you are sitting lazily on the couch contemplating life’s mysteries.

9. Chefman Electric Tea Kettle w-Temperature Control, Removable Tea Infuser

  • The Chefman Electric Kettle takes your favorite beverage experience to the next level. With five temperature presets and a sleek, modern aesthetic, discover how quality time steeps with friends goes from ordinary to extraordinary. Boil water for perfect-brew coffee or tea quickly on demand. The Chefman kettle is UL approved and features a 1.8-liter capacity and rapid boiling times.
  • The sturdy construction of our high-quality electric kettles allows you to worry less about being gentle with it while giving the best heating power possible – right where you want it – at the center of your pot!
  • With advanced temperature control and 5 built-in preset temperatures to match your tea or coffee type preference, you can’t go wrong with this electric stovetop kettle by Chefman. Built with features that include flywheels instead of belts to provide instant startup when water reaches a boiling point or just set it on one of its 4 chimes at any level for an exact.
  • This Chefman Electric Kettle w-Temperature Control, Removable Tea Infuser, and 5 Presets is perfect for busy people who don’t want to wait for the water to boil.

10. BUYDEEM K2423 316 Stainless Steel  Electric Tea Kettle

  • With the included custom-designed stainless steel infuser, BUYDEEM K2423 Tea Maker allows you to enjoy a variety of teas with just one appliance. A button on the control base indicates when it’s time to add water and turn on the machine, while a single sound lets you know when your tea is ready.
  • With six pre-programmed temperature settings – boil, black/herbal, oolong, white, green, or off – it’s never been easier to make your perfect cup of tea with the simple touch of a button. Add an infuser made from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel – no worries about rusting away here! And what would any tea lover say “no” to using FDA-certified German Schott Duran glass in their newest appliance?
  • It also heats up automatically after 60 minutes for those who prefer only one cup at a time. If you want to enjoy your hot drink throughout the day or night, you can set this machine to auto keep warm mode which is powered by a smart heating system.

11. Chefman Digital Electric Glass Kettle, Removable Tea Infuser

This kettle has a sleek, modern design with all of the features that you need to brew perfect hot water – perfect for any tea or coffee drinker. Eight presets are included to easily preset your desired temperature and get 6-cups of steaming hot water in just one minute. Built-in infuser makes it easy to get the most out of your favorite loose leaf teas without messy grinds getting stuck at the bottom of your mug.

  • The Chefman 8 Preset Electric Glass Kettle features a removable tea infuser to soak your favorite flavored leaves before brewing. The glass kettle also comes with 8 preset buttons for different amounts of water – use the right amount for warming up an individual cup or pot. Sturdy enough to move back and forth between worktop and table, contoured grip handles to keep the kettles 3-quart capacity contained firmly in your hands. A weighted lid push button will automatically open when boiling so you can pour quickly without holding down the button
  • The handle of this electrictea kettle with infuser stay cool so you can avoid burns and electrocution, while the Boil-Dry auto shut off automatically turns the kettle off when water boils
  • Just unplug the kettle to remove its infuser, then wipe down both exterior surfaces with a damp cloth to clean this appliance that’s perfect for tea addicts.

12. NutriChef Electric Glass Water Tea Kettle

  • Reach boiling point in an instant, boil over 1.8 quarts of liquid effortlessly – including tea or soup to make for hot pot dinner without the microwaves! Since it’s glass, you’ll be sure to keep a close eye on all those satisfying bubbles as they rise up through the clear space visible at first glance.
  • The 1.8-quart capacity will offer instant heating and quick boiling with a maximum temperature of 212° Fahrenheit. All you have to do is plug in the kettle’s base right next to an outlet, select whichever one of five preset temperatures suits you best, and press start. It includes a glass kettle, tea brewing basket, and heating element base so that your nutritional drinks are heated up quickly without any hassle
  • This tea kettle with infuser features a glass water storage container with a detachable heating plate for easy washing and cleans up while steam rises from the spout for required humidity while boiling over a hot stovetop or portable stove burner if given a power range of 110-125 volts 60Hz 15W maximum input power 1200 watts, providing up to 1600 watt-hours per day on average.

Buying Guide for the Best Electric Tea Kettle with Infuser

If you are looking for the best electric tea kettles with infuser on the market, then you are definitely right here. An electric tea kettle has many advantages compared to a classic one because it heats up water faster and is safer. A simple click on your chosen product will provide more information about its particular features or specifications. You can choose between different designs that will perfectly fit into any kitchen design due to their elegant look and sturdy material. Moreover, you can use the kettle to heat up water for other beverages as well such as coffee and soup.


Kettles are among the most popular designs of electric kettles. The reason is that they enable you to brew loose leaf tea in your own home, at a fraction of the cost you would pay in an upscale teashop.

There are lots of advantages that make these appliances appealing for many consumers, not least among them convenience and ease of use. However, it is also worth thinking about the best type of infuser kettle for your particular needs before making any purchase.


For many people, the capacity of their kettle is one of the most important factors to consider. If you’re buying one for your family, for example, it makes sense to get a larger model that can make enough tea for every member. However, if you only drink two mugs of tea at a time then there’s no point in purchasing an extremely large infuser that will end up getting wasted.

If you are thinking about making more than just 2 or 3 cups in one go, then it may be worth considering getting yourself a bigger electric kettle with greater water tank capacity. These kettles have capacities to suit all household needs and budgets, so it shouldn’t be much of an issue when looking to buy one.


There are many benefits that come with getting an infuser made from glass, not least of which is the fact that you will be able to see when your water has reached the correct temperature. You can also look inside without having to open up the kettle and check it manually. Most important of all is the fact that these electric kettles are extremely safe, in sharp contrast to metal models where hot steam can escape when you try to pour water out. If you want something stylish for your kitchen countertop then stainless steel may be a good choice too, especially if you’re looking for one that won’t cost too much money. There are lots of different options available when it comes to choosing a suitable model and different models are made from different materials.

If you do decide to buy one with a glass kettle then it is important that you choose an infuser that has shatter-proof features. If the glass cracks, for example, it could be very dangerous and result in injury to anyone who happens to drop it. It pays to choose a high-quality item such as this which will last for years and give you great value for your money.

Tea Type

While some electric kettles can be used with any type of tea or herbal infusion, there are actually some types of kettles that are more suited towards certain types than others. These include loose leaf tea, balled tea, and compressed tea leaves – all of which require slightly different temperatures in order to extract the best flavor.

For example, if you wish to just use one type of tea then it may be worth looking for an electric kettle with a variable temperature setting that will let you set your preferred level for better results. If you want to be able to use different types of tea then you should check the product description carefully and look for something that can accommodate all or most types.


If there are only two of you at home then it might not be necessary to get an extra-large infuser, especially if space is already limited. However, if there are more people living in the same household then it stands to reason that bigger is better – especially since many models come with automatic shut-off features that will turn the appliance off after a certain amount of time.

For example, if you’re looking for a model which can make up to 8 cups at once then it should be pretty obvious that this is intended for use in larger households or perhaps even commercial establishments. If there are more people living under your roof, therefore, it’s worth considering getting something bigger to meet everyone’s requirements.

Temperature Control

It is important to find an infuser that will provide you with sufficient temperature control in order to get the best flavor from your favorite type of tea. For example, get one with a temperature range of 80-100 degrees Celsius if you like drinking green teas, whereas something around 95-110 degrees may be more suitable for pu’erh and other types of fermented teas.

While some people believe that there’s no real need for adjustable or variable temperature settings on your electric kettle, it’s always good to have the option of being able to choose different options according to individual taste preferences. If you enjoy herbal infusions then it is possible to use these electric models too – just remember that they require a much lower water temperature than tea.

Heating speed

The speed at which a kettle heats up water is a pretty crucial factor that can make all the difference between getting your tea ready in time for drinking and having to wait around, especially if you’re quite hungry. Bear in mind that most models will take about two or three minutes to heat up enough water for one cup, but this varies from model to model – some are better than others. Some of these appliances may be equipped with boil-dry protection features as well as thermal shut-off features for added safety.

Safety & Convenience

Not all electric kettles are created equal – nor do they come with the same features and safety ratings. For example, some of them may feature a sensor that will automatically shut off once the kettle has boiled for a certain amount of time. If you want to be sure of this kind of safety feature then make sure that your chosen model comes with one that will turn itself off after 2-3 minutes.

Some people prefer glass models as opposed to stainless steel or other types because these glass models tend to look more stylish and blend in better with modern kitchen decor. Other great features include cool-touch housing and a cordless design – making it easier than ever before to use an electric kettle no matter where you happen to be.

When it comes to choosing an electric kettle, there are numerous things that you should take into consideration such as the type of tea that you like best and how many cups of tea you would like to be able to make at any one time. Whatever your needs may be, getting a high-quality item that has been specially designed for those purposes will give you great value for your money and last much longer than cheaper alternatives.

Easy to Clean

Some people will want to look for an electric kettle that is dishwasher safe, while others may prefer one with a removable filter. If you like the idea of not having to worry about dealing with stubborn tea stains then it is well worth investing in one which can be placed in the dishwasher without any problems.

Some manual infusers won’t come with removable filters and will require more effort on your part when it comes to cleaning up afterward – but often these types of models are made from materials such as stainless steel which are much easier to keep clean than plastic alternatives.

Just remember that whatever type you choose, storage space can be at a premium so getting something that comes apart easily might also mean that it takes up less room in your cupboard or pantry.


When it comes down to choosing an electric kettle with an infuser, price is one of the most important factors to consider since they don’t come cheap unless you decide to go compromise on quality and end up buying a cheaper model. However, they typically offer great value for money when compared with purchasing loose leaf tea from the expensive stores so the cost will soon be recouped.

When looking for a model to buy, there are plenty of cheap options that will help you save money and still give you good value for your money. As well as reviewing product descriptions carefully in order to find something that matches your budget and requirements, it may also pay to go online and check out customer reviews in order to get a better idea of just how well a certain kettle performs.

How to Use the Electric Glass Tea Kettle with Infuser

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you put a tea infuser in a kettle?

Once the water is at its ideal temperature, add an infuser full of tea leaves to your kettle as it cools. The steeping time will be similar in both a teapot and cup but remember there’s more room for error when using cups! Once ready pour yourself some delicious caffeine buckwheat chamomile brew before finishing off with honey if desired. I hope this helps clear up any questions or concerns about how much liquid should go into what type/size container.

2. How do you use a infuser kettle?

Pouring boiling water over loose leaves will extract all the delicious flavor, and allow you time to enjoy your cup of tea. Place the lid back on the teapot for optimum brewing duration- around five minutes should be enough if using whole leaves or string beans (or any other type). Now pour into individual cups!

3. What is an infuser in a tea kettle?

The process of brewing tea can be much easier with the help of two devices, one is an infuser; this little gadget will keep your favorite loose leaf fresh and immersed until you’re ready to enjoy. You may also use it in place of a traditional egg steamer for more delicate teas like green or white varieties!

4. Can we boil tea in electric kettle?

An electric kettle is a perfect way to boil water quickly and easily or make a cup of tea. Not just for making drinks hot enough so you can enjoy them any time day or night (although it’s great at that), an electric kettle also has many other uses! You could use one as well if your favorite type of noodles is not available in stores anymore – just put some into its bottom chamber then heat this special pot on top with boiling water until they’re done cooking-no flame needed whatsoever.


The best electric tea kettle with infuser is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Not only will it provide you and your friends and family with a calming, rich cup of hot tea in moments, but it also provides an aesthetically pleasing design that can be used as a centerpiece for many occasions! You’ll never look at another plain old pot again when you have this beauty on display.

The stainless steel exterior also has a mirror finish that not only looks good but helps clean up after use with ease as well. Electric tea kettles with infuser are also an excellent choice for those who don’t have time to wait around while the water boils on the stovetop or in a microwave. These appliances heat up quickly and make life easier

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