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13 Best Fridge with Wine Coolers (2023 Reviews & Top Picks)

Best Fridge with Wine Cooler

The fridge with wine cooler is a key appliance for any gourmet food lover. If you have an extensive wine collection or would like to start collecting, it’s also important to choose a fridge that can store your bottles so they don’t get too hot and spoil. It’s important to have the right refrigerator, one that will keep your wine at a perfect temperature so you can enjoy it in style. But which is the best fridge with a built-in wine cooler? We’ll help guide you through what to look for and why this particular model might be the right choice for your kitchen needs.

When it comes to buying a new refrigerator, there are many factors to consider. The best fridge with wine coolers allow you the convenience of storing both your food and drinks in one place. This is beneficial as you can leave your fridge open without worrying about spoiling anything. They also offer increased storage space for those who like to buy expensive items such as cheese or sushi that need colder temperatures than regular refrigerated foods. With so many options available on the market, we’ve narrowed down the list of 13 top-rated and reviewed models below:

List of 13 Best Fridge with Wine Cooler Reviews

1. Kalamera Wine and Beverage Refrigerator

  • With the Kalamera Wine and Beverage Refrigerator, your guests can enjoy their favorite wine or cold beer away from home. The fridge features a large storage space to hold up to 20 bottles of wine and 78 cans of beverages. In addition to an independent control for both zones, it also includes a digital LCD panel that displays temperature information in Fahrenheit or Celsius. This unit is perfect for any party that needs customized refreshments!
  • The Kalamera wine and beverage refrigerator is the most seamless way to store beverages. The right side of the cooler offers an average temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit with features such as individual can dispensers, frosted glass paneling, custom graphic stickers, and plenty more. On the left side, you’ll find a size with features such as five adjustable glass shelves with chrome trimming for perfect preservations of your reds or whites, two slide-out drawers for ginger ales, or baby teas.
  • With Digital Controls, this refrigerator won’t make it easy for you to forget about its powerful cooling abilities with quick-depositing glass shelves and dual-zone temperature control. It’s stylish too, featuring a classic French door design in a rich polished chrome finish!

2. Antarctic Star 24 Bottle Wine Cooler Cabinet

  • The Antarctic Star 24 Bottle Wine Cooler Cabinet Beverage Refigerator Mini Fridge is the perfect way to store your wine or any other beverage, while keeping it cool and dark. This Beverage Refrigerator includes LED lights that gently illuminate the inside of cabinet, while preventing it from direct exposure to light which can harm your beverages.
  • The reinforced glass door with an air tight seal help maintain an ideal humidity level so you get the best fridge with wine coolers out there. It’s compact size also means it can be installed in any room where you want a beautiful yet functional storage unit for drinks.
  • To top things off: there are six storage areas inside and can accommodate up to 24 standard size slim bottles of wine or 12 non-standard sized bottle. With its advanced cooling system, you’ll know that grab cans of beer or coolers on a hot day will be reliably chilled in record time with no noise to disturb your peace and tranquility!
  • Its black shelves can be moved around so you can store most shapes and sizes of beverage bottles neatly and securely, while their glass door provides easy viewing of inventory without compromising temperature control.
  • This refrigerator has no vibration or noise because it’s equipped with an advanced cooling system that will keep everything fresh without moving the natural sediments found in wines over time even without waking someone next door at night.

3. Colzer Classic 15 Inch Wine Cooler Refrigerators

  • The Colzer is a compact wine fridge designed to store up to 30 bottles of your favorite vino with precision humidity and precise temperature control.
  • Spacing between adjustable and removable shelves more than 3.5’’, there are no limitations to store bigger size wines one by one or together! For your convenience, this fridge will automatically adjust based on the temperature of where it’s placed, keeping your drinks nice and cold so you can enjoy them in style anytime.
  • This fridge with wine cooler is designed to replicate the ideal temperature and humidity of a traditional wine cellar, letting you customize an optimal environment for any type of drink. It has sturdy shelves that are both continuously adjustable and removable. Constructed from prime beech wood with precision hinges, this elegant refrigerator will suit any design taste.
  • With an upgraded compressor with a unique vibration absorption system, you can have the peace of mind knowing that our fridge will last longer without significantly impacting how frequently it needs to be maintained. The adjustable and stable 4-cabinet feet greatly reduce impact on the floor when vibrations occur or when pressing buttons.
  • With blue LED display lights to distinguish what wines are stored in it, this refrigerator also comes equipped with easy to use digital control panel that provides one touch access; making sure you never forget to turn off the power when left unattended for too long.

4. Phiestina 15 Inch Dual Zone Wine Cooler Refrigerator

  • The Phiestina 15 Inch Dual Zone Wine Cooler Refrigerator has a built-in flexibility, and will work as either a freestanding or built-in installation. This wine cooler is equipped for two different zones – one for white wines and the other for red meats; both of which come with cooling degree ranges that suit their needs. It also includes an advanced compressor cooling system, which uses less power than older models, making it more environmentally friendly too!
  • The advanced compressor cooling and air circulation system makes this fridge with wine cooler perfect for wines of all types-remember reds need lower temperatures than whites. Utilizing the dual zone design, no matter what type of wine you like best, this fridge will be able to accommodate with ease. The removable shelf on the bottom level is designed just for white wines with its 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit range while the middle shelf offers more room for reds that prefer a warmer climate at 50-66 degrees Fahrenheit range.
  • With dual zone design, make the temperature in the upper zone for white wine ( temp range of 40-50℉) lower than in the other one (temp range of 50-66℉ for red wine). This durable wine cooler combined with all necessary features to store your wines perfectly at home or office. Reversible door hinge allow user to reverse the door opening side if necessary.

5. NutriChef 15 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator

  • This eco-friendly 15 bottle capacity wine cooler includes 4 chrome racks and a bottom standing rack with space for safely holding your fifteen favorite bottles. The durable stainless steel interior will keep your bottles secure while keeping them chilled with its adjustable temperature settings between 41-64 degrees Fahrenheit (5 – 18°C).
  • The Nutrichef Wine Cooler is perfect for white, red, champagne & sparkling wines. It has contoured, polished chrome 4 wine racks and 1 bottom standing rack to hold up to 15 bottles of wine securely.
  • The 15 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator is a dual-zone wine fridge small wine cooler occupying a maximum of 3.5 cubic feet, perfect for white and red wines. The interior of this unit features mesh dividers which offer on shelf customization to hold your favorite bottles from vertical to horizontal position from beverage dispensing to chilled storage the possibilities are endless!
  • This add-on refrigerator can be positioned wherever you want on your countertop or buffet table that has easy instructions with hot/cold settings on the digital soft-touch buttoncontrol panel located door so there’s no need wait for it cool down before opening – it’s energy efficient so start chilling already!

6. AAOBOSI 15 Inch Wine Cooler

  • The low vibration and silence of the compressor make wine refrigerator one of the best for business to store their wines. Furthermore, we make sure that materials like nickel-plated steel side panels, roomy shelves and professional grade insulation keep your wines at its best condition.
  • We know brawn will only get you so far as real estate is concerned; with a stainless steel frame and double tempered glass doors, this wine cooler looks as good as it works. With sleek style built in classiness, our stores both commercial and residential spaces alike effortlessly to be well fitting without overpowering or disguising any other aspect no matter how big or small they may be.
  • Whether it is for personal use or for entertaining your guests, the AAOBOSI wine storage refrigerator has you covered. It features dual zones with electronic control panel that can conveniently maintain two temperature levels so that both red and whites are always at their optimal temperatures when drinking time comes around.
  • Furthermore, it offers up to 28 spanish creeks of space so there’s room for any amount of wines in your cellar. The beech wood shelves slide out easily and come off too providing extra versatility when organizing what bottles will sit inside this beauty.

7. Ivation 12 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator

  • A 12-bottle wine cooler with a lock for an optimal environment of long-term storage. Ivation wine coolers’ compressor technology provides temperature stability and reach temperatures low enough to store sparkling white wines, all while maintaining their true taste and aroma.
  • Electrify all of your wine with the Ivation 12 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator w/Lock. With a capacity large enough to house up to 12 bottles, this sleek design has cooling versatility that accommodates white wines 39°F-64°F. The six temperate zones are controlled by patented compressor technology, which is unaffected by outside sources – ensuring only the best tasting flavors!
  • 12 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler with UV-Resistant Double-Pane Thermopane Glass, Soft Interior Lighting and Removable Racks for easy mobility. The thermopane glass provides protection while allowing you to see into the unit without glare or unwanted reflections like other coolers may cause. We’ve given this sleek yet spacious white appliance a modern touch by adding an energy efficient LED lighting system within each compartment!

8. Koolatron WC24MG Urban Series 24 Bottle Dual Zone Cooler

  • There are separate temperature zones for each level of wines so the perfect storage is never an issue. The unit will let you know if there’s anything wrong via its read-out screen and app notifications. Free standing design makes it perfect to put anywhere power source is available.
  • Separately controlled upper and lower temperature zones can each hold 12 bottles of wine at their ideal storage temperature and will maintain them for you thanks to its two 10″ long evaporator coils and 3 speed fan. The digital control panel on the front allows you to easily select your preferred temperature zone or turn on the interior LED light without opening the door thanks to its external touch screen controls. It’s easy-to-use, freestanding convenience means that you can place this attractive unit anywhere there is a power source so your favourite wines are always within arm’s reach.
  • The UV PROTECTIVE DOOR ensures your wine isn’t harmed and is separated in 2 compartments with a fan system to reflect heat away from the area which stores most of the beverages, keeping them fresh and chill for days on end! This product also has eco-friendly thermoelectric technology with no harmful CFCs which efficiently cools this device down to 46˚F-66˚F without any vibrations.

9. Ivation 18 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator

  • With 18 rack slots and an adjustable thermostat going from 41°F to 64°F, there’s no need to worry about your collection of expensive reds, whites, and sparkling wines spoiling before using them again. In addition to enjoying the smooth crisp flavors at their best when served chilled or slightly chilled from the fridge, vessels with higher alcohol contents will stay intact so that every sip is as tasty as the first.
  • We designed wine coolers to suit a wide range of needs and personal styles with a choice of 3 different finishes: Black, White, and Stainless Steel. Pick your favorite finish or go for variety with one in each color! With clear glass doors and LED lighting features visible from every angle, there’s no question what you’re looking at!
  • The Ivation 18 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator w/Lock is the perfect addition to any wine enthusiast’s home bar. Designed with UV-RESISTANT DOUBLE-PANED THERMOPANE GLASS, soft interior lighting, and easy-to-use touch controls for your convenience, there is nothing you can’t manage about your collection; from its placement on the racks to its temperature preferences.

10. Koolatron Urban Series 6 Bottle Wine Cooler

  • Its contemporary design is compact and clean, perfect for putting stylishly into any modern space. With the thermoelectric technology powering this appliance there are no vibrations or greenhouse gases; it only runs on electricity! From the beautifully mirrored glass door protecting against UV rays shining, into the softly lit spaces you’ll want an excuse to display them all in again and again.
  • And if your chosen vintages aren’t feeling quite cold enough at 2 am when browsing through our neatly arranged bottles we’ve got a quick fix: just press the digital display button and effortlessly adjust it with ease!
  • The interior light helps showcase the collection in an elegant setting, and the mirrored glass door protects it from UV rays and damage. The thermoelectric cooling unit is both powerful and efficient – helping maintain your preferred temperature without vibration or off-gassing typically associated with convection cooling methods. With this sleek 6 bottle unit, any small space can accommodate the perfect selection for parties or impromptu tastings alike!
  • The Koolatron Urban Series 6 Bottle Wine Cooler, Thermoelectric Wine Fridge is a compact wine cooler for six bottles that provides 46° to 66° of cooling. Efficient thermoelectric technology cools without vibration or any hazardous CFCs so you can reliably enjoy a perfectly chilled bottle of wine whenever you want with the comfortable temperatures provided by this product.

11. NutriChef PKCWC12 Wine Cooler Refrigerator

  • The perfect wine storage unit for home, the 12 Bottle White Red Wine Fridge is packed with an accurate precision compressor cooling technology that adjusts to fit your desired temperature. Equipped with quality LED lights, a built-in circulation fan, and a ventilation grill, this compact refrigerator offers a chic modern design for your living space.
  • Designed with a freestanding design, this fridge can be placed on the floor, table, or countertops in any room of your house. Equipped with an accurate precision compressor cooling technology, adjustable temperature control with a ventilating system that’s integrated into the door for added efficiency.
  • Solid-state cooling adds to 41 degrees Fahrenheit, so it can preserve your favorite vintages well after you’ve opened them. It’s whisper-quiet in operation, so you don’t have to worry about disturbing the neighbors while enjoying a glass!
  • Utilize the soft-touch interface to select from Celsius or Fahrenheit as well as adjust the digital display on this sleek white luxury refrigerator specifically made for wine preservation.

12. NewAir Wine Cooler Built In Refrigerator

  • The NewAir Wine Cooler with Built-In Refrigerator has a stylish and compact design that blends seamlessly with any kitchen. Unlike typical wine coolers, the versatile design allows you to slide this appliance under standard cabinets or stand it on its own – so there’s plenty of room left for storage inside the wine cooler no matter your preference! The dual-zone cooling system lets you store whites at 40 to 55 degrees in the upper zone and reds at 50 to 66 degrees in the lower.
  • Featuring a compact size, this sleek designed wine cooler is perfect for any home. With 29 bottle capacity and dual-zone cooling for reds and whites, you’re sure to enjoy your favorite beverage anytime.
  • We’ve made it as easy as possible to switch from cool casual drinks like whites and rosés to finger-licking red wines without ever opening the door. The efficient refrigeration system allows you to use both zones at once, two bottles in each compartment. Let this versatile and convenient gadget take care of your favorite drinks all year long (or seasonally).
  • Offering both digital temperature controls and triple-tempered glass doors to protect wines from UV damage, it features 29 bottle capacity with dual-zone capabilities. Take charge of your perfect serving temperature – down to the degree – in order to preserve quality and provide ultimate freshness for many years.

13. NewAir Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator

  • Quality wine tastes best when stored at a temperature that brings out its full flavor, and you can select your ideal serving temperature down to the degree on this 27-bottle wine fridge. With a built-in fan to keep temperatures consistent and preserve flavors until serving time, it’s the only way to enjoy wine as intended by nature. A soft LED light gently lights your collection of wines without emitting heat like a standard bulb–perfect for displaying colorful vintages in all their glory!
  • The stainless steel exterior creates a modern finish that will look great in any home. The ample interior storage space is designed to keep wine bottles standing upright and safely cooler at your own preferred temperature without breaking an arm extracting them, each can be easily removed with the thoughtfully placed handles supplied. This fridge also features an easy-to-use digital thermostat to maintain perfect wine conditions year-round.
  • This stainless steel wine fridge is perfect for any indoor accessory collection. This sleek design features adjustable chrome shelves that are removable to make room for larger bottle sizes or shapes. Sunlight exposure causes melatonin levels in the wine to rise, altering the color of the tannins in dark wines.

How to Choose the Best Fridge with Wine Cooler

Are you considering the purchase of a refrigerator with wine cooler? A good choice for this type of appliance is very important. You may not know how to get such a device, just like that. Although we think it is quite simple and straightforward, we must take into account several aspects of these appliances in terms of both performance and design:


The wine cooler capacity depends on its location in the house and especially if it is in a room where everyone will pass or less shared (for example, your bedroom).


Installation of the refrigerator with wine cooler is not particularly complicated, but it is important that you hire a professional or at least be sure that you have done everything properly.

If these are your main concerns when buying one of these appliances, read this article carefully to make the right choice. We will focus specifically on the most popular models on the market.

Number and type of bottles

It’s always better to ask yourself how many bottles of wine you usually have in stock. If you can choose between compartments with different capacities, look for what you need before buying anything.


Before buying a wine cooler refrigerator it is important to know what type of material is best suited to our needs. The traditional models are usually made with painted or lacquered sheet metal, but if we want a more modern style we go looking for refrigerators with doors in glass or stainless steel. Also, wood finishes give us an elegant touch, although they obviously do not offer the same resistance as other materials.


One of the main benefits of wine coolers is that they occupy very little space and can be easily integrated into any type of interior decoration. But this does not mean we should buy the first model we see because it will depend on its location. The fridges with built-in wine cooler should take into account:

  • The height so as not to feel cramped when taking out a bottle
  • We must also consider the width, which depends on how many bottles or shelves are installed in the refrigerator
  • And finally, make sure that the distance between the top of the refrigerator and ceiling allows us to open its door without bumping our head


Today there is a wide range of wine coolers available for sale, from the most traditionally styled to futuristic designs. In any case, take into account that you will have it in your home for a long time and that it must be aesthetically pleasing. Before buying a wine cooler refrigerator it is important to know what type of material is best suited to our needs. The traditional models are usually made with painted sheet metal, but if we want a more modern style we go looking for refrigerators with doors in glass or stainless steel. Also, wood finishes give us an elegant touch, although they obviously do not offer the same resistance as other materials.

Wine Coolers vs Cellars

The first thing to consider is whether you would like to buy a traditional wine cooler refrigerator or an advanced cellar system. Both types of appliances are designed to store wines at the best temperature, although they work in different ways. A wine cellar has fixed temperature settings, which can be set manually depending on the type of grape we want to keep stored. On the other hand, wine coolers usually have two distinct zones; one for white wines and another for reds that allow us to store both types of beverage at their ideal temperature (between 4°C and 15°C). They also incorporate electronic controls with buttons for each compartment setting.


With the wide range of models on the market, it is easy to find wine refrigerator prices that fit into any budget. For someone who wants to invest in a basic model with a capacity for 30 or 40 bottles, they can find some perfect deals online. There are also more luxurious alternatives for those who want an aesthetically pleasing appliance with superior finishing options.

Temperature setting

Wine coolers provide good insulation and well-made cabinets maintain constant temperatures, so it’s really not worth worrying about this aspect. But we must remember that the lower the setting, the more energy they will use. The best option is to set it just above the freezing point: around 14 ° C or 57 ° F.

Freezer Comparment

A freezer compartment, although not a priority, is a good option to have in your refrigerator with wine cooler. In this way, you can store ice cubes if you need them, as well as frozen food. Some models also allow the addition of an extra freezer for ice cream or other things that you like very cold.

Model and Quality 

Like any other appliance, it is essential that we choose a model and quality which will meet our needs within reason and according to what we can afford. Wine coolers are available from 100 € / 400 € depending on capacity and features.

Single or Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Another aspect to be considered is if it is worth investing in a single or dual zone wine cooler. This option does not fully affect the price, which already varies greatly according to its features. A single-zone refrigerator with a wine cooler would only cool one compartment at 14 degrees Celsius (57F). There are no separate controls for different temperatures, the cooler will keep the entire space between 12 and 18 Celsius (53-64F) The dual-zone provides two compartments that can be set independently of each other, so you can store very hot food next to your wine bottles.

A fridge with wine cooler has a wide range of prices and styles so you can find something that fits your budget. Some models are suitable for all types of spaces while others will not stand out in an open dining room or kitchen due to their design. We recommend you get one with a good capacity because the price has almost the same weight as this feature. The main thing is to know what you need and ensure that your space can accommodate it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I look for when buying a wine fridge?

With the perfect temperature to chill your favorite wines, room for growth, and dual zones to provide flexibility in case of change; this wine cellar is sure not only to hold but also to enhance all those awesome bottles you’ve been saving up!

2. Can you use a wine cooler as a fridge?

One of the many benefits of storing beer in your own wine cooler, rather than on ice or at room temperature, are those higher temperatures. The upper zone ranges from 40-50°F and lower zones range 50 – 64 F degrees Fahrenheit

A drawback however is that it may be harder for yeast cells (which convert sugar into alcohol) with slow metabolism rates so they never quite reach their full potential.

3. What temperature should I keep my wine cooler?

Wine lovers should keep their white wine refrigerator at a temperature between 45°F (7 °C) and 50° F(11 °C), while red wines require more care. Red grapes are best stored in coolers that range from 50 degrees Fahrenheit all the way down to 65 degrees with an ideal storage range around 55 – 60 ⁰F. These temperatures will help prevent any types of damage including malolactic fermentation which can cause poor quality or spoilage when left unchecked by proper refrigeration!

4. Can you put a freestanding wine fridge undercounter?

This is a commonly asked question when it comes to wine coolers, the answer is no. A freestanding cooler cannot be installed into an already built-in unit and will not fit properly if there’s space available for installation somewhere else in your house or office (e.g., next door).

5. How long should a wine fridge last?

The average lifespan of a wine cooler is 10 to 15 years. While every brand will promise you an appliance that lasts many seasons, it’s subject only to your unique habits and usage standards in this household!


As we’ve seen, there are a lot of important considerations when you’re looking for the best fridge with wine cooler. But if you want to avoid regret and wasted money down the line, it’s worth taking some time now to think about what your needs might be in this regard before making any final decisions on where to buy or how much you should spend.

It’s not just about having the right refrigerator, but one that will keep your wine at a perfect temperature so you can enjoy it in style. If this sounds appealing for your own kitchen needs then read on! We’ll help guide you through what to look for and why this particular model might be the right choice for your kitchen needs.

The decision to purchase a new refrigerator is an important one. With all the options available on the market, it can be difficult to decide which fridge is best for you and your family. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 13 top-rated refrigerators with wine coolers below. Some are more affordable than others, but each has its own unique features that make them worth considering depending on what your needs are (such as increased storage space or cost).

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