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10 Best Gas Cooktop with Griddle: 2023 Reviews & Guide

Best Gas Cooktop with Griddle

A gas cooktop with griddle is a great option for those who enjoy cooking. It provides the best of both worlds by giving you the ability to sear meat and poultry on your stovetop, while also being able to make pancakes, eggs, or bacon without any oil on your griddle. A gas cooktop with a griddle can be used as an all-in-one kitchen appliance that saves you space in your home and money from purchasing multiple appliances!

The best gas cooktop with griddle can be hard to find. You need to make sure the griddle is large enough, and that it has adjustable heat controls. The list below will help you find the perfect one for your needs.

Top 5 Best Gas Cooktop with Griddle Reviews

1. FRIGIDAIRE Professional FPGC3677RS 36” Gas Cooktop with Griddle

  • Inspired by a pride of lions, the FPGC3677RS cooktop is a powerful and majestic appliance. Intensive three-sided grates around the titan burner create powerful hot zones from cornbread muffins to delicate risotto cakes.
  • Comfortably spanning 36″ of your kitchen surface, this gas stovetop employs power with elegance as it rises from its heavily reinforced black porcelain counter-tooth exterior to unleash 9 kW on any culinary endeavor.
  • For those stews that require time on nice even medium heat, or baking on low temperatures for days at a time-this professional cooktop has you covered delivering 182000 BTU via its center olympian ring.
  • Do you need a professional gas cooktop? Then look no further with this Frigidaire 36 Inch Professional Gas Cooktop. It’s made for the needs of professionals and will meet your most intense cooking demands!

2. Empava 36″ Bulit-in Tempered Glass Gas Cooktops

  • The Empava 36” Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop with Glass Granite Surface is a beautiful, five-burner cooktop that provides plenty of room to accommodate cooking for a whole family.
  • With its LPG/NG convertible design and high-powered burners, this stove can work manually without electricity making it perfect for RVs, light cooking, motor homes or small kitchens as well as mobile homes and outdoor usage.
  • Quickly connect this appliance to an existing oven from our same brand-the Empava 24″ under-counter single wall oven-by following the installation instructions carefully on page 22 of your owner’s manual.
  • The Empava 36″ Built-in Tempered Glass Gas Cooktops is the premium standard for today’s modern kitchens. Enjoy cooking with confidence with these heavy cast-iron grates that can be cleaned in your dishwasher and sealed burners to prevent falling food. Stay clean, chic, and efficient with this indispensable cooktop!

3. GE Cafe CGP9530SLSS 30″ Gas Cooktop with Griddle

  • The GE Cafe CGP9530SLSS 30-inch gas cooktop offers five burners with simmering capabilities. Your kitchen will be able to adapt quickly to any challenge you bring it! The griddle can function on its own or in conjunction with one of the other burners to create a breakfast station that’ll serve your family for days.
  • Cook up a storm in no time with this gas cooktop. Get all your ingredients prepped and level out using the griddle-perfect for family gatherings or potluck parties! The sleek stainless steel finish will look amazing in any kitchen.
  • It also features 5 powerful heating elements that can be used separately or together to accommodate various cooking styles, and it won’t disappoint when it comes time for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert! With GE engineering you know you’re getting one authentic product that’s totally worth it.

4. Bosch 800 Series 30″ Stainless Steel 5 Burner Gas Cooktop

  • Compared to your average stove, Bosch 800 Series 30″ Stainless Steel 5 Burner Gas Cooktop is no ordinary range. It features five cooking zones that are not too big and not too small, but just right to give you space for all of your dishes at once.
  • With Bosch’s Cranium cookware, each dish comes out perfectly cooked through whatever heat source you choose (gas or electric). Plus, it has an amazing Neff oven with a two-speed fan oven; which one will work best for baking?
  • Trying to cook dinner with one burner of gas because the other three are out of reach due to some unforeseen circumstances unknown at this time… But never fear! Bosch has solved the problem for you with our ingenious 800 series gas cooktops that put all five burners right where they belong – on top. With precise performance and high/low heat options compatible with any dish, cooking is about joy now instead of just stress relief.

5. FOTILE GLS30501 30” Stainless Steel 5-Burner Gas Cooktop

  • FOTILE GLS30501 delivers versatility and power. With four 9,000 BTU left burners providing high heat along with five gourmet cooking modes plus an optional griddle, you can cook any dish to perfection, whether it’s boiling crabs easily or searing steaks perfectly on the included infrared burner. From boiling water for tea to frying eggs at medium-low heat, all of life’s best dishes are cooked on FOTILE GLS30501 gas chef top.
  • With a 304 food-grade stainless steel surface and durable parts including edge to edge heavy cast iron grates, you’ll love the FOTILE GLS30501 as it’s built to last. Featuring one-second fast ignition system combined with heat resistant knobs, installation kit, and LP conversion kit so it’s easy to install in almost any kitchen space.

Top 5 Best Griddle for Gas Cooktop Reviews

1. Legend Cast Iron Griddle for Gas Stovetop

  • The Legend Cast Iron Griddle for Gas Stovetop is the perfect tool to fry up an egg over easy on the stovetop, sizzle some sausage on campfire coals, or sear a steak at home. Its contemporary design has sleek curves and smooth edges making it easy to use and portable with grippy handles for comfortable transportation.
  • Legend cast iron is made from solid steel and cast iron, guaranteeing lifelong durability. This 20” grill and griddle masters heat distribution for the perfect sear with contemporary features like a scratch-free finish, an easy to use size (can fit over two stove burners comfortably), and easy-grip handles.
  • Cast from a premium-grade material, you know this grill will be as beautiful as it cooks your meats to perfection every time! Works with all heat sources too – cooking on gas stovetops, in the oven at medium heat, or on coals of fire doesn’t phase this bad boy!

2. Sensarte Nonstick Griddle Grill Pan

  • The Sensarte Nonstick Griddle Grill Pan is the perfect way to cook a range of different dishes all at once. The stone non-stick coating will keep your food from sticking, and it’s dishwasher safe too! This great cooking surface is reversible so you can grill or grill both sides with one product.
  • It also has a durable cast aluminum construction that makes it sturdy and easy to clean up as well as healthier than PFOA products because this pan does not contain any silicone material. With the exception of temperature requirements for searing, this pan can be used on top of any stovetop including induction cooktops.
  • Offering lightweight design alongside amazing heat retention, this pan is bound to please. Light enough that it won’t droop in the middle when cooking large foods like pancakes, eggs, and bacon while ensuring ease of clean up thanks to its cool touch handles. The unique hanging hole also makes this product stand out from rest with its versatility in use so you can store or hang it at your convenience!

3. Ecolution Reversible Double Burner Family Griddle

  • The Ecolution Reversible Double Burner Family Griddle is the perfect choice for those who enjoy cooking and want to cook more than one dish at a time. The first side is ribbed so you can grill your favorite meats, while the other side has a flat surface for pancakes and bacon and eggs. This product should be washed in the dishwasher after each use to save time on clean up between tasks.
  • Seasoning your family’s favorite dishes is easier than ever when you use the Ecolution Reversible Double Burner Family Griddle. Constructed with heavy-gauge cast aluminum, this stovetop griddle is designed to evenly distribute heat across two burners so that your food can be cooked side-by-side without fear of burning one half.
  • The easy to grip dual handle design makes it convenient for transporting onto counters and ideal for flipping eggs or burgers too! On top of these functional features, the reversible cooking surface provides an expansive 19.5” x 11” that gives chefs enough room to make everything from pancakes in the morning to steak dinners in the evening for their entire crew!

4. NutriChef Cast Iron Reversible Grill Plate

  • The NutriChef Stovetop Grill is the perfect companion for your kitchen island. Cast-iron ensures even distribution of heat which means nothing sticks, and it’s built to last 100 years without flaking or peeling.
  • Show off your culinary skills with this cast iron reversible grill plate! For those days that you want to grill indoors or just need an extra cooking surface, take advantage of the bbq griddle side and the stovetop ridged grilling design. Flip it over for a large skillet without additional oil needed!
  • Plus, you can make two different dishes at once because of its reversible cooking surface. Prepare breakfast before work on the ribbed side while slowly grilling that impressive steak for dinner! The Reversible Stovetop Grill really is an all-around go-to for any time of day or night!

5. ProSource Professional Heavy Duty Reversible Double Burner Cast Iron Grill Griddle

  • With ProSource Professional Heavy Duty Reversible Double Burner Cast Iron Grill Griddle, you can enjoy delicious grilled foods any time of the day. This heavy-duty cast iron griddle is both durable and reversible so you can grill virtually anywhere with it!
  • Made out of sturdy cast iron that distributes heat evenly, this griddle will last a long time while retaining heat really well for everyday cooking needs.
  • It’s also extremely easy to clean with hand-washing instructions included in informative packaging. Now your family will be able to take their favorite dishes on the go in outdoor adventures year-round or cook hearty meals when camping at any time without having to worry about how much fuel it’s using up.

How to Choose the Best Gas Cooktop with Griddle for Your Kitchen

The best gas cooktop with griddle for you will depend on the size of your family, the look you want for your kitchen, and whether or not you also need a grill. When choosing a cooktop with griddle that is right for you, consider these factors.

Size of Your Family

The number one factor when choosing a gas cooktop with griddle is the size of your family. Does everyone eat at once? If not, then having two burners might be enough. When thinking about how many people live in your home, keep in mind that there may be a company from time to time as well as plans for future children. Be sure to have enough room to accommodate guests and extra people living in the home.

Types of Burners

Gas cooktops come with either sealed burners or open burners. Sealed burner options are easier to clean because grease accumulates underneath where it can be easily wiped away. Open burners can leave food debris stuck directly onto the grate which requires more maintenance over time. When choosing a gas cooktop, decide how easily you want to maintain your appliance and choose accordingly.

Customer Reviews

The best way to learn about different brands is by reading reviews online. Gas appliances are popular purchases because they can be very practical, but they are also high-maintenance. Learning what you are getting yourself into is important so that you can avoid frustration later on.

Cooktop Gas Type

The type of gas your cooktop runs on will also play a role in your purchasing decision. Liquid propane or natural gas are the most popular options because they have great energy efficiency and cost less over time. If you don’t have access to these types of gas, then being aware of how much it will cost to install an outlet is important when considering this appliance for your home. When using gas appliances, having access to natural gas or LPG can save money over time by reducing costs with fuel usage costs. This can help with long-term affordability and budgeting concerns.

The Style

The style of your kitchen is just as important as the size when deciding which gas cooktop with griddle to choose. Cooktops come in all different shapes and sizes, matte black or stainless steel, and in all different price ranges. Look through the cooktops available to see if there is one that will work with your kitchen style. If you have a modern or contemporary look, then stainless steel may be the best choice for you. If you like something more classic, consider matte black or traditional white.

Grill Quality

If you like to grill, then make sure the cooktop has a high-quality grilling surface as well as high BTUs (British Thermal Units). These factors will help ensure that meat and vegetables don’t stick to the surface of your cooktop and that it heats evenly. The higher the BTU output of your cooktop, the better it will be for grilling. If you’re on a tight budget and love to grill out, look for a gas cooktop with medium-low or even low BTUs since they can still handle some grilling tasks. Fire up those burgers!

Price Range

You always get what you pay for when it comes to appliances like these. Most quality brands sell for hundreds of dollars fewer than the high-end models. However, you still get good quality for the price. If you want to save money, look at cooking griddles on sale and check out coupons before making your purchase.

How do You Cook on a Griddle on the Stove?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you use a griddle on a gas stove?

In theory, any stove-top device that has a flat metal surface that does not have a built-in electric heating element can be used as a griddle, but the reality is that most traditional gas stovetops do not produce enough energy directly underneath the cooking surface to properly cook or brown food unless there is another source of heat supplementing it from below. And with most natural gas stoves, this would be impossible without having an electric heating element installed in the bottom of the stovetop itself. Modern induction units are able to generate far more heat directly under their cooking surfaces, and this makes them ideal for use as stand-alone griddles.

2. What material is best for a griddle?

A griddle can be made out of any material that is conductive, though the most common materials are either cast iron (for Great Griddles) or carbon steel (for Backpack Griddles).

3. What makes a good griddle?

This depends on how you plan to use your griddle. If you intend to travel with it, it’ll need to be small and packable. You will also want it to have legs so that you can cook things like eggs without having them slide around. A standard sized Great Griddle is only 14″ x 26″, but can still cook an entire meal for 4-6 people! Now of course, if you’re just cooking over a campfire there isn’t much of a size concern, but you’ll still want a griddle that’s not too heavy and is durable.


If you’re looking for the best gas cooktop with griddle to buy, we hope this list has helped! We know all too well how difficult it can be to find a quality unit that suits your needs. The key is knowing what features are important and which ones aren’t – so make sure you review our short guide before making any purchases.

It’s also worth noting that not every model will work for everyone. For example, some people prefer ceramic glass while others prefer stainless steel burners because they’re easier to clean or require less maintenance than cast-iron models do. Regardless of your preference, there should be something on this list suitable for whatever kind of cooking experience you want in your kitchen.

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