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15 Best Gold Wine Glasses Reviews of 2023 You Don’t Miss

Best Gold Wine Glasses

Gold wine glasses are the most popular type of stemware for red wines. They are also sometimes used for white wines, but they are not as common. Usually made from thin-gauge glass that is gold in color, these glasses have a slender bowl and stem that tapers out into the base at an angle.

The best gold wine glasses will have a solid feel to them when you pick them up, which means they were well constructed with high-quality materials. If you’re looking for some new ones to use at your next dinner party or special occasion, here are some of the top-rated choices on Amazon!

List of 15 Best Gold Wine Glasses Reviews

1. Trinkware Gold Rimmed Wine Glasses

  • These gold wine glasses are classy, shiny, and make a perfect gift for any occasion. They’re great for events like housewarming gifts, birthdays, or graduations. Wine enthusiasts will be impressed with the design on top of each gold-rimmed glass.
  • The stem is long enough to hold the wine securely without spilling it everywhere which makes these an especially good idea for dinner parties because you’ll never have to worry about spills again!

2. PG Copper / Rose Gold Stem Stainless Steel Wine Glass

  • These sleek, versatile wine glasses are made of 18/8 stainless steel and can serve your favorite libation in style. Not only will they fit seamlessly into any decorating scheme, but they also offer you added durability because of their shatterproof design.
  • Buy these stemless gold wine glasses for everyday use whether you’re having a picnic or hosting the next big gathering! You’ll enjoy them not just for how scrumptious your drink tastes but also because cleanup is smoother (they go gentle cycle) and requires less space than conventional glassware.

3. Burns Glass Stemless Gold Wine Glasses

  • These stemless gold wine glasses are perfect for the aesthetically savvy wino in all of us. Make your next dinner party with friends stand out with these elegant 18/10-gold plated cups that have a modern honeycomb design and classic snifter shape, showcasing your taste for sophistication.
  • These glasses can hold up to 17 ounces each, so whoever is hosting has ample space for their guests to enjoy an evening full of iced white wines or reds. The clarity in color will make your love affair with vino even more intimate when you pour two round pours into these stunning gold champagne flutes-perfection!

4. Rhinestone DIAMOND Studded Gold Wine Glasses

  • The Rhinestone Diamond Filled Gold Wine Glasses are the perfect accessory for any night in. These best gold wine glasses hold 8 ounces of any beverage, with matching color to bring out the beauty in whatever you’re drinking.
  • The Crystal Ball Diamonds inside cast a magical rainbow over your drink when in motion! Spice up your dull tableware by adding these dazzlers in gold to spice it up! They make beautiful gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, or any occasion that needs that extra sparkle.

5. HOMIP Unbreakable Plastic Gold Wine Glasses

  • Give your next gathering that extra touch of class, with the HOMIP Unbreakable Plastic Gold wine glasses! These hundred percent BPA-free red plastic cups are durable and elegant.
  • Removable imitation metal gold bottoms give each glass a unique component. These recyclable or disposable plastic cups come in white, so don’t worry about any broken glass at your home birthday party.
  • You can be sure to leave it out until morning because these wine glasses won’t break like real glass would! All you need is one for each guest and these reusable or disposable coffee tumblers will make an amazing addition to any event you run.

6. StarRy Handblown Red Wine Glasses with Gold Accents

  • Impress your guests and enjoy a relaxing evening with friends. We’ve added just the right amount of contemporary appeal to keep you in touch with the latest trend in safety technology and décor. The superbly cut wine glass will withhold break or stain while retaining its clear, sleek shape that beckons continuous use.
  • This exquisitely crafted gold wine glass is proportional to your desired taste, whether it’s red wines chosen for their complexity or white wines chosen for their lightness. Your favored liquor flows smoothly over this glass’s soft edge through our uniquely skillful metalworking process, to unveil sensory-pleasing tastes each time you pour another drink. Now other glasses are left wanting!

7. Interglass Italian Crystal Gold Wine Glasses

  • Stylish and functional, these Interglass Italian crystal gold wine glasses go with any table setting. Pair them with your good stemware to create a balanced atmosphere that is as comfortable as it is sophisticated.
  • There’s no such thing as needlessly emptying one for just water when you have a classy, luxury crystal at the ready! This set of six makes an excellent wedding or housewarming gift-they’re discrete enough for a subtle hint but versatile enough to work in most places.

8. Vikko Décor Light Gold Wine Glasses

  • These gold wine glasses are durable and will last you for years to come. They can be used on any occasion, whether it’s a business meeting or date night. Add some color to your table setting with these Vikko Décor Gold Wine Glasses!
  • These modern-style goblets allow you to enjoy fourteen ounces of your favorite red wine in style – whether it’s for entertaining, cooking dinner on the patio, or catching up with friends over drinks. With thick glass that is both elegant and classic, these lovely wine glasses make an ideal addition to any tabletop.

9. Matana 50 Gold Glitter Plastic Wine Glasses

  • Matana 50 Gold Glitter Plastic Wine Glasses are elegant & stylish, adding that finishing touch to any table. These glasses are made of PS plastic, so they’re durable and strong too – perfect for housewarming parties or celebrations.
  • Beautifully made & presented, the best gold wine glasses are elegant & stylish, generating a sophisticated posh look. Perfect for any occasion, these glasses will add that finishing touch to your table, impressing guests no end!

10. MyGift Electroplated Ombre Rose Gold Crystal Stemware Wine Glasses

  • The MyGift 4-Piece Electroplated Ombre Rose Gold Crystal Stemware Wine Glasses create elegant displays when serving red or white wine.
  • The ombre rose gold effect will draw your attention to the fascinating light display with both red and white wines you’ll be able to enjoy in this hand wash recommended, not dishwasher safe set of four glasses that can hold up to 19 oz at full capacity for maximum enjoyment.

11. Trinkware Stemless Wine Glass With Gold Dot Design Goldosa

  • Solid, Sturdy glass stems- no more breakages, spilling wine on your rug! Enjoy your favorite drink with the peace of mind that it won’t shatter glass all over your floor. Add this gold stemless wine glass set to your party decorations so you can enjoy food and drinks like royalty.
  • Enjoy a relaxing evening around the bonfire with this beautiful stemless tableware for outdoor entertaining. Forty elegant cups (4 glasses) included for family-friendly gatherings or intimate dinner parties; perfect for any occasion.

12. VonShef Brushed Gold Stainless Steel Wine Glasses

  • Light up any occasion with these lovely brushed gold stainless steel wine glasses. Durable and shatterproof, the affordable glasses are perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Great for picnics, barbecues, your next party – you name it!
  • These durable and shatterproof wine glasses will look smashing at your next event while keeping your drinks extra cold thanks to the stainless steel build. Making a great gift idea also!

13. Crystal Gold Rimmed Champagne Flutes ‘Medusa’

  • This one-of-a-kind set of Crystal Gold Rimmed Champagne Flutes are the perfect way to toast someone special. These unique champagne flutes feature a vintage gold pattern that will remind everyone who’s celebrating with you just how elegant you are.
  • The glasses pack premium quality espresso lead-free crystal, which makes this gift an instant heirloom. And because these products were handmade in Italy, it’ll make any event feel absolutely luxurious and sophisticated!

14. Cheer Collection Gold Wine Glasses

  • Celebrate with style and elegance. Say cheers to these beautiful 18oz Cheer Collection Gold Wine Glasses! Beautifully embellished with stunning rhinestones on the silver stem, these elegant glasses will add a touch of glamour to your couture entertaining while enjoying wine time after time at any occasion. A great Hostess, Wedding, and House Warming gift for family and friends.
  • Warm yours up with this collection or enjoy them every day while dining in modern or traditional flair at home, whether entertaining guests or not – they’re that perfect! The 10″ inch long stem is dishwasher safe making cleanup a breeze after use!

15. Phnx Phyr Hand Blown Crystal Rose Gold Wine Glasses

  • A wine glass that not only captures the beauty of water but the elegance and class that a sophisticated drink deserves. Hold it up high, admire its simplicity in form and complexity in design.
  • From every angle, you get to soak yourself in this masterpiece from British Columbia’s skilled crafters of Phnx Phyr hand-blown crystal roses gold wine glasses with quality unmatched by any other on the market today. A simple yet perfect way to have one more toast for someone special!


Finding the perfect gold wine glasses for your next dinner party or special occasion can be a daunting task. After all, picking out the right glassware is an important detail that will make or break your dining experience and it’s also one of those things you might not think about until there’s a need to replace them. Fortunately, we’ve done some research and found these top-rated choices on Amazon!

The best gold wine glasses come with solid construction and high-quality materials which makes them feel like they were well worth their price tag when you pick them up in person. With hundreds of reviews from verified purchasers, this list should help narrow down your search so take a look at what else made our list below!

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