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Hottest Hot Sauce: Do You Dare To Try?

Hottest Hot Sauce

If you are crazy about spicy food, is the sauce in your cupboard hot enough for you? Why don’t you try some more challenging options?

We have included the hottest hot sauce list in the article. For certain: All the names are hotter than any sauce you have tried in your life.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s discover the list, and check where you are among the hot levels.

How To Measure The Hotness Of The Sauce?

What is the tool?

We use the Scoville scale to measure the hotness of the sauce.

The sauce is hot due to the capsaicin included. The compound causes your mouth to burn, your skin to sweat, and your ears to hurt.

We use the Scoville heat units (or SHU for short) to check the quantity of capsaicin in the sauce.

The hotter the sauce, the higher the SHU is. As a result, a low grade implies that there is little or no heat.

Scoville scale for peppers
Scoville scale for peppers

How to measure?

To calculate the SHU, an alcohol extraction of the capsaicin oil from the sauce combines with water and sugar.

Keep adding the mixture until a panel of human tasters cannot identify the heat. Then, we will check the SHU based on the amount of dilution necessary to no longer feel the spicy taste.


The human taste differs greatly from one person to the next. As a result, the Scoville test seems to be pretty subjective.

The test depends on human perception. So, it is necessarily inaccurate to some extent. Scoville ratings for hot sauce vary due to the production circumstances of the sauce.

Human taste testers are no longer necessary since a method known as liquid chromatography can detect the exact quantity of capsaicin.

However, the Scoville Scale remains the official measurement. Both amateurs and specialists apply this method.

The Hottest Hot Sauce According to Scoville Scale

We searched for them at hot sauce stores and wholesalers to identify the world’s spiciest hot sauces. Then, we had to measure how spicy each jar was in SHU.

Now, let’s see what the hottest hot sauce is.

Rank 15. Reapercussion (1.5 million SHU)

  • This is a jar of genuine pot primo with scorpion and pot peppers. Scorpion and primo are two of the strongest peppers on the planet. They provide us with a SHU of 1.5 million. You’d better use only a pinch of the sauce in your food.
  • Reapercussion Hot Sauce is the limited edition, exclusive sauce choice by satan himself. This devilish hot sauce packs a punch that will leave your taste buds feeling like you just beat them with a hammer made of habaneros and their ghost peppers!
  • The Reapercussion Primo Pepper adds to this mouth-searing heat with seven (7) pods adding a tongue-numbing kick that’ll be sure to have you praying for an ice-cold beer after you’re finished eating.

Rank 14. Hydra 7-Pot Primo (1.5 million SHU)

  • Manufacturers only apply the primo in this hot sauce. The product is scorching hot, with a SHU rating of over 1.5 million. To enhance the flavor of your dishes, all you need would be a few drops.
  • The 7-Pot Primo has been around since 2005. Rather obscure for quite a while, it packs an almost 1.5 million SHU rating! While other chiles have grabbed the limelight as “World’s Hottest” this chile has flourished in the backwoods and swamps around Lafayette, Louisiana.
  • The legend of the world’s hottest pepper grows, not by popularity but through secrecy and little progression. Get first dibs on this amazing hot sauce that holds the mysterious 7-pot primo chile at its heart!

Rank 13. Stinger Scorpion (2 million SHU)

  • The scorpion stings with 2 million SHU units. Hence, Pepper Palace decided to name the sauce “scorpion”. Beneath the heat, you may find some familiar pleasant taste, such as juice or carrots.
  • The Trinidad Butch T Scorpions have been distilled with red habaneros to make Scorpion Stinger, and it will be your death blow. You’ll taste the sting of excruciatingly hot peppers, as well as a tangy mustard finish that gives it that extra flavor punch to back up its venomous bite. Try this product on eggs or in burritos for a new experience in heat you won’t want to miss out on!

Rank 12. The Last Dab XXX (2 million)

  • Due to three separate strains of hybrid pepper X, this deadly sauce has a SHU rating of almost 2 million units. The sauce also contains vinegar, cumin, and some other ingredients.
  • The Last Dab XXX combines fierce heat with intense flavor. Ginger and mustard seed give it zippy notes up front, while dried spices like turmeric and cumin layer in an earthy base.
  • Made with three varieties of PEPPER X, the world’s hottest, this sauce is a true burner and smokes out celebrity guests and fans alike! Ideal for adding to big-batch meals like chili and stir fry. Also great in marinades and dips for the truly daring!

Rank 11. Wicked Reaper (2.2 million)

  • This sauce includes the Carolina Reaper. It is extremely spicy, with a SHU rating of 2.2 million. The scorching burn will last more than five minutes, based on the product description.
  • Wicked Reaper Carolina Hot Sauce is the result of a man seeking out the world’s hottest pepper. This chili sauce has a unique taste and will spice up any dish. It excels in providing flavor, texture, and heat to your chicken wings or vegetable stir fry alike.
  • A special sauce made with the hottest pepper in the world. This sauce is hotter than any had imagined, but if you’re up for a challenge then this is for you. Be careful when handling it as there are no warnings, only that it’s really hot and your adventure will begin once opened – beware of what danger awaits.

Rank 10. Reaper Squeezin’s (2.2 million SHU)

  • PuckerButt Pepper Factory is the host of the world’s hottest pepper. Hence, Reaper Squeezins is the spiciest sauce of the brand. The sauce contains 92 percent peppers.
  • You may think you know the world’s hottest hot sauce, but have you met Smokin’ Ed? This patented Carolina Reaper has been crafted by the kitchen wizard himself in his hermetically sealed lab. And now he wants to share this mouth-watering recipe with all of you ravenous Peppersmith out there.
  • In order to ensure proper handling skills, please wear safety gear before opening and do not consume after 9 PM at night when it is more likely that your body will go into a state of panic over this mouth-scorching blend of power.

Rank 9. LD50 (3 million SHU)

  • The manufacturers combine four of the world’s hottest peppers and produce LD50. It is sweltering outside. In reality, the term is a nod to the median fatal dose necessary to kill half of the test population.
  • Let the fire take you away with LD50 Hot Sauce! This concoction is made in equal parts of Reaper peppers and extract. The extract expands with heat to leave behind a pure spicy critter that just wants to eat your lips off. The hotter the better, so pour on liberally today and see if you can handle it.

Rank 8. The Hottest Sauce (3.5 million SHU)

  • It is not exactly the hottest sauce on the planet, but it gets quite close. The sauce uses 40 pounds of ghost peppers to produce each batch. It has a Scoville rating of 3.5 million. That figure is 700 times the spiciness of ordinary Tabasco sauce.
  • o amped that it’s ranked as one of the Scariest Things on Earth, The Hottest Sauce – 2nd Dimension has taken over social media and turned up in cuisines all around the world. Why let your food go boring when you could pour awe-inspiring flavor into it?

Rank 7. Z Nothing Hot Sauce (4 million SHU)

  • This delectable hot sauce, ominously named Nothing Beyond, begins with papaya, pineapple, guava, and banana. Then, the sauce makers add the inclusion of capsaicin extract by a factor of four million. Even if you try a little, it may be incredibly hot.
  • Z Nothing Hot Sauce is unquestionably the hottest and most dangerous thing in your pantry. Z Nothing Beyond Extremely Hot Sauce – Prepare to be a different person after using this sauce!
  • This intense, powerful, fiery product should not be used by anyone with an average taste for spice. One drop at a time. Use responsibly or it will burn you up faster than any before it!

Rank 6. Meet Your Maker Retribution (5 million SHU)

  • This sauce comes from a mixture of 5 million SHU peppers from Heavenly Heat. It even offers you a coffin-shaped box. Sound pretty creepy, right? Remember to use it carefully. Only three drops will infuse eight quarts of chili with a significant amount of heat.
  • Stronger than the last, but still not enough to satisfy you? You can rest assured that the Maker is back with vengeance in this blistering blend of Ghost Peppers and an insane amount of extract. Are you prepared for your food additive-only needs? Caution: Use with extreme caution – not safe to be eaten directly or applied fully on skin.

Rank 5. The End Hot Sauce (6 million SHU)

Try this sauce to win some money
Try this sauce to win some money
  • If its name doesn’t scare you, the description might. It claims that burning agony felt over your tongue causes tears to well up in your eyes. You will surely scream for water.
  • Those who are courageous enough to sample this Pepper Palace invention may share their reactions on social media. Just attach the hashtag #WallOfFlame. You may win for some money.
  • The End Hot Sauce burns so well! So hot that just 1 drop will create the intense, lingering heat of a thousand fire angels. The only way to make it stop: one shot of water for every teardrop you’ve cried. Be aware though. The sting won’t stop the madness of wanting a more and more dip into this salsa from hell.

Rank 4. Get Bitten Black Mamba Six (6 million SHU)

Get Bitten product looks like barbeque sauce
Get Bitten product looks like barbeque sauce
  • This looks like barbeque sauce. But trust us when we say it’s a lot hotter. The hot sauce includes chocolate habaneros. However, they don’t taste like chocolate and have a SHU rating of 425,000. Capsaicin extract with a SHU rating of 6 million units provides genuine heat.
  • For those who want to set their tongues on FIRE, but don’t like the extreme heat of some atomic and nuclear-level hot sauces, Mamba 6 may be more your cup of tea, or should I say glass dish? It’s unfortunate that not everyone can handle the spiciness of this bad boy.
  • The glistening sheen and fiery liquid oozing from its midnight black jar bring hints upon hints of an inferno that will make sore throats even sorer. Made with a select blend of Chocolate Habaneros, Vinegar, and 6 MILLION extracts; this sauce is guaranteed to get you Bitten by Black Mamba!

Rank 3. BumbleF***ed (6 million SHU)

The idea from a guitarist
The idea from a guitarist
  • A guitarist invented this hot sauce because he enjoys molten lava-type heat and the thrill that comes with it. Ginger, tropical fruit, and ginseng are all present in the sauce. You may even find some caffeine in it. Capsicum and Habanero peppers have a SHU of 6 million. They lead the charge in terms of taste.
  • Bumblefoot’s Bumblef**ked Hot Sauce starts with a tingle on the lips, then the taste of tropical fruit and ginger… Heat rises in the back of your mouth while your body is filled with warmth so vigorous it leaves you lightheaded.
  • When this sensation reaches its peak, deep breaths become short and jagged, pacing slows but feels like you can’t stop moving. Time turns elastic as the heat keeps building after heat until catching fire is a brilliant idea that only frightens those with empty stomachs – ugh…

Rank 2. The Source (7.1 million SHU)

The source with 7.1 million SHU stays at the second place
The source with 7.1 million SHU stays at the second place
  • The Source, with a SHU rating of 7.1 million, may only work with food additives. If you’re not using any actual chilis on hand, just try this sauce. Just a drop of this item will give you a lot of flavor and fire. It’s 1,000 times stronger than a jalapeno. Please be cautious while using it. If not, it will send you to the hospital.
  • This extract can be used in all kinds of dishes to add a mild or blazing level of intensity to any dish to your preferred taste, no more bland chili for us! It’ll come sealed up tight so it won’t get into anyone’s hands but yours, accidental spicy disaster averted!

Rank 1. Mad Dog 357 No. 9 (9 million SHU)

The world’s hottest hot sauce
The world’s hottest hot sauce
  • This sauce is presently the hardest on the market. It contains 60% pure capsicum. Please note that the capsicum here is the freshest, hottest, and most concentrated pepper extract attainable.
  • It has a Scoville value of 9 million. The caution on the side states that you should only use it as a food additive. Never try to eat the sauce directly. There is a warning on the back of the package that says you can’t sue the firm if you are hurt. This hot sauce seems a bit dangerous, right?
  • The extreme heating sensation of mouth and throat upon consumption may be followed by reactions such as runny nose, watery eyes, and on rare occasions sensitiveness to sunlight…Caution must be exercised when using this product with persons who cannot tolerate hot spicy food or drink.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is hot sauce good for our health?

The majority of spicy sauces are quite healthful. They are sugar-free or contain very little sugar and fat. We may even claim that this makes hot sauce one of the healthiest condiments available.

2. How many Scoville units can make the hot sauce detrimental?

With over 2 million SHU, the Carolina Reaper is the hottest pepper on the planet. So, consuming too much of this pepper in a short time would undoubtedly harm your stomach.

3. Can hot sauce kill us?

Yes. Hot sauce is healthy in general. However, if the sauce is too hot that you can’t stand it, it turns out to be dangerous. This is because of the capsaicin. If you consume too much spicy sauce, you will most certainly have severe heartburn that mimics a heart attack.


Above is the hottest hot sauce list. Which rank are you at? You can totally conquer the next level. However, don’t ignore the warning in the products’ package. Some of the hot sauces may be dangerous to try. Remember to take care of yourself first.

Hopefully, you find this article helpful. If you need any further information, please leave a comment. We will be right back to assist you.

Thank you for reading!

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