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12 Best Microwaves for Trucks (2023 Updated)

Best Microwaves for Trucks

A truck driver’s job is difficult and demanding. They spend hours on the road, often in bad weather. It can be challenging to maintain a healthy diet while constantly on the go. One way to combat this is by bringing microwaves for trucks with them on their journeys so they can cook meals as needed without having to stop at a restaurant or gas station.

There are many reasons why microwaves were installed in trucks. One reason is that microwaves can be used for heating up food and other items. Another reason is that it will help truckers keep their food from going bad due to no refrigeration or because of the long hours they spend on the road. A third reason is that it will reduce the amount of trash created by truckers as well as save them time, which allows them to make more money each day. Here are the top 12 best microwaves for trucks you should buy.

List of 12 Best Microwaves For Trucks Reviews

1. Commercial Chef Countertop Microwave Oven

  • The Commercial Chef Countertop Microwave Oven is designed with convenience in mind and is perfect for those who live busy lifestyles or work long hours. This microwave oven lets you prepare snacks, reheat leftovers, and homemade meals all easily and quickly!
  • It features a commercial-grade strong construction that enables efficiency for everyday use. The black front display on this unit is easy to clean yet sturdy enough to maintain durability. Constructed with an easy grasp grip type handle, opening and closing the rotary microwave oven has never been easier. When it comes to cooking settings, there’s something for everyone! Speed Defrost whether allows food to defrost faster by running at high power level cycles which are controlled by the user.
  • With its durability and space-saving design, this microwave for truck is the perfect fit for any kitchen countertop or dorm room. This sleek little machine also features easy-to-use controls so those without tons of cooking experience can enjoy delicious results every time!

2. Toshiba EM925A5A-BS Microwave Oven

  • This Toshiba EM925A5A-BS Microwave Oven with Sound On/Off ECO Mode and LED Lighting is a stylish addition to any kitchen. Used in professional kitchens, this best microwave for truck offers peace of mind for home cooks because it includes preprogrammed options such as convenient power-saving Eco mode. It has the ability to cook food evenly and has 10 power levels that enable you to cook foods from full power up to 90%.
  • Equipped with LED lights for an even cooking environment, sound on/off so you can enjoy your favorite tv show without worrying about disturbing anyone else, and child safety lock, no worries need to apply when buying this model!
  • This microwave will cook up all your favorite foods with just the touch of a button! It features an Eco mode for conserving energy and saving you money. You can power it on or off by sound, making it great for dorm life or noisy families. With 900W of power heating up in 10 different levels, this oven has something to offer every taste bud!

3. COMFEE’ EM720CPL-PM Countertop Microwave Oven

  • This microwave oven of 700 watts is made with a stylish (black) stainless steel finish. Comfee’ EM720CPL-PM Countertop Microwave Oven with Sound On/Off, has a compact size of 0.7 cubic-foot capacity, 11 power levels, and Eco mode for minimizing 50% standby power loss by turning on the energy-saving mode.
  • The stylish newly designed control panel gives easy accessibility to convenient cooking options like One-touch express cooking function includes buttons one turns on 1-6 minutes and +30 seconds functions, two defrost settings by weight or time along with mutes function that allows you not to disturb others while preparing your food in the early morning hours!
  • This little medium-sized microwave has an ECO mode that minimizes standby power by turning on energy-saving function 50%, which is great for green living enthusiasts!

4. TUNDRA MW Series – 120 Volt Truck Microwave Oven

  • A small, compact microwave oven for cooking quick meals on the road. From prepping a cozy breakfast to whipping up some lunch or dinner- this unit is essential for your next long journey. It only takes minutes to install and has plenty of room inside for reheating food on the go! This unit also works with power inverters used in sleeper trucks.
  • The Tundra MW700 truck microwave oven is perfect for long road trips or when you need to cook on the go! Easy installation, power inverter compatibility, and premium quality materials make this the perfect truck accessory.
  • This truck microwave oven is easy to install and provides the perfect place to cook or reheat your favorite foods. It can handle 20 L / 0.7 ft³ of space and automatically calculates cooking time with its 700 W, 120 V power rating. The MW700 features heavy-duty construction that will last you years of baking, roasting, warming snack time needs.
  • With six auto-cook programs and more features that make life easier when on the road, our 120V microwave is guaranteed to be satisfying for truck drivers on long trips or on smaller journeys alike! And installed in most trucks with minimal fuss due to its compact design.

5. Toshiba EM131A5C-BS Microwave Oven

  • A microwave is a handy and versatile household appliance. The Toshiba EM131A5C-BS Microwave Oven with Smart Sensor Easy Clean Interior makes it easy to cook and reheat food in just minutes. This smart oven can be pre-programmed for optimum heating of pizza, potatoes, veggies, or other popular foods from the sensor menu.
  • With an easily readable control panel and large digital display inside this black stainless steel, microwave interior stays clean every time! You’ll love that if desired, popcorn or one pound manual defrosting can both be set using one-touch features on our front panel – select custom or automatic.
  • The microwave ovens for truck offer large capacity, 1100-Watt heating power with 10 settings, and a sensor menu for optimum cooking. These microwaves are attractive with sleek black stainless steel exteriors that blend into any kitchen décor.
  • The microwave provides you with preprogrammed sensors for your most popular foods like pizza, potatoes, veggies, and more; making cooking breakfast or dinner quick and easy! Safety features also include automatic shut off after 50 minutes of use on all models (except EM31A5C).

6. BLACK+DECKER EM720CB7 Digital Microwave Oven

  • The BLACK+DECKER EM720CB7 Digital Microwave Oven is the perfect addition to any home. This oven features 10 power levels with a 700-watt microwave that takes 30 seconds for Express Cooking and has preprogrammed buttons for popcorn, potato, pizza, frozen vegetable, beverage, and dinner plate settings.
  • The vibrant LED display provides easy reading of your favorite recipes with a child safety lock and interior light. With dimensions (W x D x H) measuring 17.3”x13.0”x10.2” you can even place this brightly lit oven in your office or dorm room!
  • It features ten different power settings including 30 seconds express cooking for those who always seem to be running late or forget about dinner completely. Efficiently designed outside and inside with child safety lock and interior light keep things neat and tidy.
  • The Black+Decker EM720CB7 Digital Microwave oven is the easy way to use your microwave. Push-button door release offers convenient access and LED digital display allows for quick viewing of time settings. With pre-programmed buttons for current fad dishes like popcorn, potato, pizza, frozen vegetables, beverage drinks, and dinnerware you are always in charge of this technologically advanced appliance that cooks 700 Watts with 10 power levels.

7. Galanz GLCMKA07BER-07 Retro Microwave Oven

  • The Galanz GLCMKA07BER-07 Retro Microwave Oven is a 700W, 0.7 Cu.Ft space-saving microwave oven with smart features like extra powerful thermal waves and up to six variable power levels to cook quickly and effectively.
  • You’ll be able to defrost or heat up food in just minutes with this handy appliance that has an LED light inside for easy cooking and checking on your food without opening the doors! Child safety lock ensures unsupervised operation by children isn’t an issue and the interior light lets you check the status of roasting meats or whatever else needs microwaving so you can monitor without having to open the door every time.
  • The GLCMKA07BER-07 Retro Microwave Oven is one of the premier new innovations for kitchen appliances. With just 3 beeps when cooking is complete, this oven lets you know that your meal is ready without any more stress on you!
  • This Galanz GLCMKA07BER-07 Retro Microwave Oven, LED Lighting, Pull Handle Design emulates the aesthetics of yesteryear at a very affordable price. With its flip-down handle for an easy-to-grip feel and its led screen that displays cooking time in minutes, it is truly a retro gem.

8. Panasonic NN-SN67KS Compact Microwave Oven

  • The Panasonic Compact Microwave Oven is the perfect, compact size when you need a little more space in your kitchen. It features an 1100 watt cooking power and 13. 4-inch turntable for even heating of foods and has easy to wipe down metal construction with a convenient handle and front flush design so it won’t get in the way when you’re not using it.
  • The easy-to-use control panel puts intuitive slider bars at your fingertips so you can set microwave power levels from 100% to 1%, plus manual controls let you cook by time instead of using preprogrammed settings, making this oven versatile enough for any application.
  • The Panasonic Compact Microwave Oven with 1200 Watts of Cooking Power is your solution for fast, convenient cooking. This countertop microwave oven not only has 4 power levels but 11 to cook the perfect dish no matter what you’re making. You can set it to auto or manual depending on your preference–either way, the fresh turntable will bring everything even in your microwave!
  • The sensor reheat provides consistent food each time at any desired temperature without guesswork–and there are 16 preset options to choose from! Features an easy-to-clean interior and smart technology that automatically adjust wattage according to the thickness of the item being cooked for evenly heated foods all around.

9. Farberware Classic FMO07ABTBKA 0.7 Cu. Ft. 700-Watt Microwave Oven

  • The Farberware Classic 0.7 Cu.Ft Microwave oven is perfect for small spaces, dorm rooms, or office breakrooms. It’s the only one in the line that includes a kitchen timer in case your cooking goes past 60 minutes in which you would need to turn it off manually.
  • With 700 watts of cooking, power and 10 different power levels make every dish is easily cookable even when it has lots of ingredients involved! The carryout space included allows you to microwave plates without having to worry about spills disturbing your home contents with its sturdy glass plate lid holder! This classic beige microwave oven comes with six one-touch cooking functions including popcorn, potato, frozen vegetable breakfast meals like beverages.
  • The sleek, compact countertop microwave oven for truck has a layout that is completely different than what you’re used to, but once you get acquainted with it, there’s no going back. With Digital Controls and LED Display with clock and kitchen timer, this 0.7 cubic foot capacity can handle anything from frozen vegetables to popcorn or even beverages in one-touch cooking functions for up to 6 minutes (or more).

10. Amazon Basics Microwave

  • The Amazon Basics Microwave has a sleek, streamlined design that’s easy to clean and simple to operate. Fast cooking with 10 power levels means you can heat up anything from an egg on one setting to soup on another. The buttons are simple enough for even the youngest of children to use with just finger commands, so no more burnt fingertips.
  • You can quickly set a timer or night light time after it cooks your meal using our voice preset cooks with Alexa integration – all without lifting a finger! Its compact size makes sure there’s plenty of counter space left over for other kitchen appliances.
  • With a sleek touchscreen and a non-slip pad, the Fisher & Paykel 700W Microwave is both easy to use and looks great on your countertop. Push buttons have been replaced by a six-digit keypad that allows you to enter weight before pressing start – so no more guessing what time will equal how many minutes.
  • With an Echo device (not included), you can make quick microwaves without even touching a button with voice presets and simple keypad operations. The product is compact and saves counter space because there’s no need for extra cabinets and storage spaces while also including 10 different power levels that allow for boiling, baking, reheating, melting, waffling/pizza making modes – any type of cooking!

11. Nostalgia RMO4BK Retro 0.9 Cubic Foot 800-Watt Countertop Microwave Oven

  • Nostalgia brought back this retro 0.9 cu ft 800-watt freestanding microwave oven and we’re totally stoked! It features a sleek chrome handle and control panel for easy use, 12 preprogrammed cooking settings that automatically set the power level to cook food quickly, evenly, and even includes a rotating glass carousel that helps rotate the turntable for even cooking.
  • This microwave stylish hood with crisp curves is perfect as a stand-alone centerpiece in kitchens or as an accent piece – plus it’s available in black, white, or red to match any style you’ve got going on up there.
  • The unique retro styling combined with shining chrome accents will liven up your kitchen space to match its winning features, so buy now before it’s too late.
  • With an LED display on this unique chrome door handle with the control panel – the digital clock makes it easier than ever read each food setting option.

12. Commercial Chef Countertop Small Microwave Oven

  • This small microwave oven by Commercial Chef is ideal for dorms, apartments, and people with small kitchens. The dial controls six cooking power levels, making it easy to operate. This powerful little microwave for truck has 600 watts of power that perfect for reheating leftovers or defrosting veggies in just minutes!
  • With complete control over cooking power, the Commercial Chef Countertop Microwave Oven is perfect for quick reheating or making your frozen dinner in no time!
  • Easy to use and inexpensive, the Commercial Chef Countertop microwave oven is a great addition to any kitchen. The turntable easily rotates your food for maximum flavor while cooking; it can also come out for dishwasher-safe cleaning. With nine available timer settings ranging from 1 to 30 minutes, you’ll always get the perfect amount of heat or crispiness on your food.

How to Choose the Best Microwave for Truck

In this article, we will cover the most important points to consider when choosing a microwave for truckers. We will be covering the essential factors as well as what makes a good microwave and which features you should look out for before buying one.


The power of a microwave for truck is measured in watts and the most common wattages for microwaves range from 600W-1000W with around 800W being considered optimal. This will ensure that food is heated quickly and evenly without using too much energy. Smaller size microwaves will often have lower ratings which might cause uneven heating if you’re not careful. If you’re trying to save money then there is no need to get a higher wattage than necessary since anything above 1000W takes more electricity and does little else other than raise your monthly electric bill (unfortunately this is the case in most US states).


The interior is an important thing to consider since it will have a big impact on your cooking experience. Look for microwaves that are equipped with turntables since they greatly reduce the amount of time necessary to heat up food. They rotate automatically while heating which makes sure that all parts of your food are heated evenly and quickly. If you are looking at 1.5 cubic feet microwaves then there should also be recessed handles, but if it’s a 2 cubic feet microwave then avoid models without recessed handles since they make it harder to fit larger dishes inside the unit. The other part of this equation is what materials were used in order to create the microwave’s for truck interior which should ideally be coated with a non-stick material such as Titanium. This will greatly improve the cooking experience and reduce maintenance costs because you won’t need to buy special tools or cleaning products to maintain the interior of your microwave.


The wattage is an important factor that should be considered before buying a new microwave for truck since it determines how quickly food can be heated up and prepared for consumption. If you’re limited on space then you should go with smaller sizes like 1.5 cubic feet, but if your budget allows for it, look at getting something larger like 2 cubic feet in order to make sure that you don’t have any issues fitting larger dishes inside. Higher wattages (1000W+) are unnecessary unless you plan on heating up oversized items, so if you’re on a tight budget then sticking to 800W should be enough.


There are many different types of controls that can be found on microwaves and they usually fall into two categories: dials and touch screen control panels. While dials might seem easier to use, most drivers prefer touch screen controls since they can simply select the appropriate setting from a list without needing to spend time adjusting the settings manually. Since each brand has its own way of doing things it’s best to look at reviews before deciding which type of control panel is more suited for your needs.


There are different sizes of microwaves for truck available on the market today, so it is vital that you choose an appropriate size. The most common sizes are 1.5 cubic feet and 2 cubic feet microwaves. There isn’t a huge difference between these two models so if your budget allows it, go with the 2 cubic feet model just in case you need more space later on or have larger dishes to reheat from time to time. Sizes from 1-4 cu ft. are also available but they won’t be of much use to truckers and will usually sit very low on the counter, so keep away from them.


Unfortunately, most high-end microwave brands charge a premium for their products and often provide features that you won’t end up using. I would suggest looking at low-cost brands that have received positive reviews from fellow truckers because they tend to provide decent products at a very competitive price. In the end, it’s better to save money and purchase a cheaper microwave than spend unnecessary cash on features you won’t use, so make sure to avoid any brand that charges too much for its microwaves or those who sell compact models without a turntable.


When paying a higher initial cost for a new model it’s always nice to know that all your appliances will be covered by the manufacturer if something goes wrong with them over time. It might seem like an unnecessary feature but since there are many high-quality low-cost microwaves for truck available now, it’s much easier to find one that provides at least a 1-year warranty so keep this in mind before making any purchasing decisions.


Whenever you are done with your microwave for truck, make sure to clean it in order to avoid any bacteria build-up that might cause your family members to get sick. The best way to do this is by removing the turntable and dishwasher safe tray inside the unit and placing them outside on a countertop or table for later cleaning. Next, remove all of the food particles from inside the unit using either warm water or special tools depending on your model. You can use baking soda mixed with lemon juice or vinegar if there are any stains left behind after washing the appliance.

Once you’re done pre-cleaning take a wet paper towel, wipe off any excess crumbs until you reach an acceptable level of cleanliness before drying the interior with a cloth. After the appliance has been thoroughly cleaned it’s time to reinsert all of your parts and you’re done! Now that you know how to clean the interior of your microwave, make sure to take good care of it during cooking because there might be times when there is excess moisture left inside which can cause rust and other types of damage over time.

Easy To Use

When you first purchase a microwave for truck it can be somewhat difficult to understand how best to use the appliance in order to get the most out of your cooking experience. I would suggest starting off by reading through all of the instructions that come with the product because each model has its own unique quirks that need to be taken into consideration. For example, some microwaves allow for rotisserie-style cooking where meat is inserted onto a spit which then goes into the unit for around 30-60 minutes before being removed. Other microwaves are used for defrosting frozen meats and others cook food from different areas of the world like Thailand or China so make sure to take note of these details during your initial setup.


The best thing about microwaves is that you don’t need to spend too much money on them since there are many affordable options available now that will provide you with all the necessary features. Sure, spending more can get you additional features like automatic defrosting but I would suggest avoiding these types of extra features and sticking to something like 800W which should be more than enough for your needs.

Before buying any microwave for truck make sure to compare different models by looking at their wattage, cubic feet size (1.5 or 2), how many power levels they come equipped with (3-10), how many cooking options they have, and what type of control panel they come equipped with. After doing this you should be able to find a microwave that fits your needs at a reasonable price by reading reviews from fellow drivers, so hopefully, this guide will help you in making the right buying decision.

Installing a Microwave in your Truck

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Truck drivers have a microwave?

Most truckers today have a power inverter that is rated for about 1000 watts of heat. So, the optimal microwave you should get is 600-800 watt range – but don’t buy one with too high of voltage because your electronics could be damaged!

2. Can you use a microwave right out of the box?

Yes! That’s what you need. Put a bowl of water in the microwave and heat on a normal high setting for 10 minutes, ensuring that your material is glass or ceramic certified to withstand more intense temperatures before using as it will be very hot once finished- don’t handle it with bare hands either because they can get burn easily (as if microwaves weren’t enough).

3. What is a microwave truck?

If you’re looking for the perfect way to get your food cooked and ready, look no further than microwaves. A mobile cooking device ?” portable and user-friendly? Microwave ovens may be used at home or while driving around town with ease thanks to their compact size that makes them easy enough even if there isn’t much free space inside of other larger appliances like ranges because they can just about fit anywhere without taking up too much room.


When truck drivers are on the road, they can’t always find healthy food options. One way to combat this is by bringing microwaves for trucks with them on their journeys so they can cook meals as needed without having to stop at a restaurant or gas station.

This helps ensure they stay energized and focused during long days of driving, all while maintaining balanced nutrition levels that keep them going strong every mile of the journey ahead! The world is becoming more mobile and this means that microwaves should be able to go with us. Portable microwave ovens are perfect for truckers who need quick, efficient heat for cooking or reheating food quickly. These microwaves can provide a home away from home where you can eat at your own convenience by using the power of technology.

In this article, we have explored how microwaves can be used to make trucks even better. Trucks provide a home away from home and what better way to eat at your own convenience than by using a microwave?

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