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15 Best Painted Wine Glasses Reviews of 2022 You Can Buy

Best Painted Wine Glasses

If you are looking for the perfect gift to give, or if you want to escape the monotony of drinking out of clear wine glasses, these painted wine glasses will do just that. They are great for any occasion and can be personalized with your favorite color.

The best painted wine glasses are a great gift for any occasion. Whether it’s your birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, or any other holiday – these hand-painted wine glasses make sure that you have a unique and thoughtful present to give to the special people in your life. With our selection of 15 designs, we guarantee that you will find something perfect for anyone on your list!

List of 15 Best Painted Wine Glasses Reviews

1. Lolita Dragonfly Summer Artisan Painted Wine Glass

  • Summer just got a little more colorful with these handmade Lolita Dragonfly Painted Wine Glasses. The blue-winged, sheer lacewings are artfully hand-painted with an intricate pattern to make your favorite drink last through the season.
  • Each glass holds 15oz of any cocktail you desire and comes in its own beautifully decorated box design for easy gifting or storage – no wrapping needed! Crafted by Designs by Lolita exclusively for Beau All Day, these glasses are sure to be an eye-catching addition to any collection.

2. CHOOLD Sunflower Artisan Painted Wine Glass

  • A glass of wine can be so boring, but not anymore! Your table will have a gorgeous flower pattern with these glasses, and at a huge 10oz capacity, you’ll never have to worry about running out of room again.
  • Fun designs that are practical for everyday life, CHOOLD Sunflower Artisan Painted Wine Glasses are perfect for any holiday or occasion.
  • And the best part is they’re lead-free and made from high-quality glassware-safe food-grade materials! So get your new special glass today and spice up your home while entertaining guests with style!

3. ANTONI BARCELONA Hand-Painted Stemless Wine Glass

  • Antoni Barcelona’s hand-blown stemless wine glasses are each a work of art, featuring breathtaking details and a graceful posture. These elegant glasses make a perfect gift for anyone with a discerning taste in glassware or who is looking to add fine designer pieces to their table settings.
  • This hand-painted stemless wine glass is a great gift for families and loved ones who want to celebrate their happiness together! This exquisite piece of artwork is crafted by masterful hands will make any home more beautiful.
  • Plus, it’s functional too, so they can put their favorite cocktail in this beautiful and serve close loved ones with ease. Purchasing this item will not only make you happy but will also bring someone joy upon receiving such a thoughtful and selfless gift.

4. NymphFable Hand-painted Wine Glass

  • NymphFable Hand-painted Wine Glass is a birthday present idea for anyone. It’s also an awesome gift to remember someone special because each one of these glasses was hand-painted by the NymphFable design team.
  • Give this vibrantly colorful wine glass as an anniversary gift, engagement gift, wedding shower favor, or bridesmaid & groom gift. All pieces are carefully packaged and ready for gifting!

5. Enesco Designs by Lolita Shamrock Hand-Painted Artisan Wine Glass

  • A painting by one of our favorite artists framed by hand-painted wine glasses is a perfect gift for any collector. This Lolita Shamrock glass features vibrant, hand-painted designs and either a unique cocktail recipe or the signature of the designer, Lolita under the base.
  • It ships with care in an ornament box to your door for easy gifting, too! We love that this personalized design offers something different than boring stainless steel kitchenware. Can’t find what you’re looking for? We offer more than just fine art with our assortment of serving dishes and canapés baskets to satisfy all tastes!

6. Top Shelf “Birthday Queen” Decorative Painted Wine Glass

  • A unique and beautiful way to celebrate a birthday, this hand-painted wine glass is a dazzling addition to every occasion. This novel design of vibrant colors and jeweled embellishments is carefully given with meticulous detail so that no detail was overlooked in creating the perfect gift for any wine enthusiast.
  • Best for any birthday celebration, this attractive wine glass is decorated with our vibrant colors and jeweled embellishments that are applied by hand. This purple and Gold “Birthday Queen” Decorative Painted Wine Glass is sure to be the perfect gift idea. Drink responsibly!

7. Bottom’s Up Giraffe Handpainted Wine Glass

  • You’ll be the hit of any party with this fun hand-painted wine glass. You can tell that our Giraffe Bottom’s Up Wine Glass is for you if you’re looking for something elegant, playful, and downright hilarious!
  • The bottom part of the giraffe doubles as a stand to make sure your drink never spills on your clothes or any tables. And what about those adorable little eyelashes?
  • Now there’s no better excuse to say ‘bottoms up’ than getting ready to indulge in some delicious beverages using this hand-painted 14 oz timeless beauty!

8. Lolita Mother of the Bride Artisan Made Hand Painted Wine Glass

  • With this hand-painted wine glass, you can toast to getting more of that quality time with your daughter. It is her special day after all why not spend it with her?
  • The Lolita Mother of the Bride Artisan Made Hand Painted Wine Glass has a unique cocktail recipe printed right on the bottom and pops up when you add in some ice or water.
  • That way no matter what she chooses for a signature drink, even if she finds out craft beer isn’t quite her thing like mom and dad thought:) You’ll be prepared!

9. DAQQ Hand Painted Wine Glasses

  • The DAQQ Hand Painted Wine Glasses are alluring, luxurious, and stunning. The hand-painted glass pattern emulates the beauty of the Milan Cathedral in Italy.
  • Celebrate good times with friends and family by offering wine with this elegant, entertaining handcrafted piece of art that will enhance not only your dining experience but also their feelings for you as host; it’s sure to be a topic of conversation whenever you’re hosting or coming over!
  • They are made out of lead-free eco-friendly dishwashers safe strong earth glasses which makes them posh yet practical. Be one step ahead of fashion on trend without losing money thanks to our affordable prices.

10. Lolita Silver Lining Hand Painted Wine Glass

  • This hand-painted wine glass from Designs by Lolita is an elegant and festive way to brighten up your happy hour. Each wine glass features a unique cocktail recipe under the base, illustrated with original artwork.
  • The “Silver Lining” wine glass is perfect for any booze lover, or as a gift for someone you love (we won’t tell if you want one for yourself!). Plus it comes in its own beautiful decorative gift box, making this vessel of fun easy to ship and look great when given as a present!
  • Treat your guests or get creative and make custom creations. No matter what drink you pour into it we’re sure that these glasses will always bring joy!

11. Enesco “Hummingbird” Hand-painted Artisan Stemless Wine Glass

  • Enter a garden where hummingbirds float on a breeze of butterflies! Feel the magic when you sip your favorite vintage from one of our new modern beverages glasses inspired by flowers, hummingbirds, and collectible art pieces designed by one of America’s foremost designers – Lolita “Hummingbird”.
  • Hand-blown glassware with hand-painted designs and crystal accents by renowned artist Lolita “Hummingbird”. Each stemless painted wine glass is shipped in a beautiful, decorative gift box and holds 20 oz.

12. Bezrat Hand Painted Wine Glass

  • These handmade, hand-painted wine glasses are a great gift for any wine lover in your life. They come in a set of 2 with two matching shot glasses. The shape of the goblets curves comfortably in the hand to make them easy to drink from and use at home or when out with friends.
  • These glassware pieces are dishwasher safe and boxed ready for gifting. The incredible paintwork on these jumbo-sized wine glasses creates a uniquely Italian vacation experience every time you drink from one!

13. Top Shelf Unique Hand Painted 21st Birthday Wine Glass

  • Well, there’s a new way to toast the 21st birthday of that special someone. You can thank their parents for raising this successful human being with their very own, “Top Shelf Unique Hand Painted 21st Birthday Wine Glass.”
  • It comes with unique hand-painted artwork, making it the perfect centerpiece on any table at your event. The glass itself holds 15-ounces of whatever drink you may want so everyone gets to enjoy some pampering We’ve even designed it with festive slogans and beautiful little gold microdots as a final touch so you know this is top-shelf sipping right here!

14. ANTONI BARCELONA Painted Blue Wine Glass

  • Each of the Antoni Barcelona painted wine glasses is handmade and mouth-blown by highly experienced glass artisans, making each glass a unique work of art.
  • These wine glasses exude the essence of life, adding a new dimension to the taste of your favorite red wine or white wine. Whether celebrating with friends or family these colorful glasses make for an excellent present for any occasion.

15. Two’s Company Hand-Painted Roses Stemless Wine Glass

  • You’ll be the talk of the party when you pull out this set of elegant stemless wine glasses. The hand-painted roses detail will make a great conversation piece that also gets your guests drinking in style.
  • Everyone likes to have options when it comes to their entertaining needs, and with 4 unique varieties in sizes from 12 oz. to 18 oz., the Decorative Wine Glass Collection is sure to become an instant favorite go-to for any occasion!


We hope you enjoyed our blog post on the best painted wine glasses. Our team is passionate about helping people find the perfect present for any occasion, and we are confident that this list will help make your decision a little bit easier! Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or Christmas, let us know if there is anyone special in your life that deserves one of these hand-painted beauties as their gift. If not, then don’t forget to pick up one (or two!) for yourself!

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