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9 Best Pellet Ice Makers (2022 Reviews and Buying Guide)

Best Pellet Ice Maker

Pellet ice makers are a great way to make iced drinks when you’re on the go. They’re compact and heavy-duty, so they can produce up to six cups of ice in just eight minutes. This is perfect for boaters and campers who need an easy way to keep cool without lugging around clunky appliances that take up too much space!

In this blog post, we will be discussing the best pellet ice maker. We’ll discuss what these are and who they’re for, the benefits of using one, as well as some helpful tips on how to use it. We’ll also touch on some of the different options available today if you want to purchase a pellet ice machine.

What is a Pellet Ice Maker?

Pellet (pebble) ice makers produce small cubes or fragments of ice (pellets) that can be used in a variety of applications. A pebble ice maker produces up to 35 pounds of medium sized pellets per hour and is capable of storing the pellets at the same time. Pellets are made from regular, filtered water and can come in several different varieties such as plain, flavored or sparkling. Most pellet ice makers use an evaporator plate inside a reservoir to freeze the water into pellets which drop down into a collection bin once frozen solid.

How Does A Pellet Ice Maker Work?

As the water inside the reservoir begins to freeze, it first becomes slush that is then forced through a small opening where it is forced down into the evaporator plate. The water will quickly begin to freeze onto other areas of the evaporator plate until you have solid ice and then this ice starts to form into small fragments that fall down into a collection bin which is located at the bottom of the machine. Once in the collection bin, these small ice fragments are pushed forward and compacted by an auger system until they become tightly packed together in a brick style shape/size (a little larger than 2″×2″). This process generally takes about 15-20 minutes per cycle depending on how much water has been put in and what type of pellets you are making.

The collection bin is also where the cold air that surrounds the ice makes it all the way to the bottom of the bin and keeps the ice below frozen so it doesn’t start to turn back into the water. The auger will continue to push this tightly compacted brick forward once every few minutes until it reaches a certain point which stops it from moving any further, at this time you should either shut off your machine or open the lid of the collection bin and remove these “pellets”.

The Benefits Of Using Pellet Ice Maker

Are you interested in the benefits of the pellet ice makers and how they can help your business grow? If yes, we recommend reading this article to learn more about these benefits. They are really important and should be taken into consideration by every entrepreneur that wants to save time, money and increase the production rate. You will find below the main benefits that come with pebble ice maker:

Save Time And Money

Pellet ice maker saves your time and money by allowing using thin pieces for packaging fish, berries, or vegetables which provides extended shelf life without sacrificing freshness. It also allows reducing the number of deliveries because pellets have longer storage time than cubes so you just need to have inventory stocked only once every few days instead of several times a day.

Also, pellet ice maker provides higher flexibility when it comes to changing recipes because you can change your recipe and add new ingredients directly into the mix without worrying about how they will release their taste because pebble ice maker provides easy tool-less removal of the whole ice block from the machine which makes adding and cleaning process very simple and quick.

Provides Faster Production Rate

Pellet ice marker allows making large amounts of pellets in a short amount of time so the production rate is increased dramatically when compared to other machines on the market. It means that you can reach higher profit margins just by using pellet ice makers instead of other machines.

Fits Into Any Business

Pellet ice maker fits into every business because it provides a fast production rate and easy cleaning process without taking much space on the countertop. Also, pellets can be used for any application so you don’t have to buy multiple machines that are dedicated only to specific applications. Pellet ice maker is perfect for bars, restaurants, or supermarkets where drinks or food must be kept fresh and chilled at all times.

These businesses usually already have other equipment so using a pellet ice maker doesn’t require investing in the new vending machine or increasing the amount of storage space which is very important for small businesses trying to keep costs low while growing their enterprises successfully.


As mentioned before, the pellet ice maker provides easy and quick tool-less removal of the whole ice block from the machine which makes adding and cleaning process very simple and quick. Also, the pebble ice maker works by utilizing the user’s water supply so there is no need for any type of additive or power connection which makes this machine eco-friendly because you don’t have to worry about using additional chemicals or electricity to run it.

Perfect For Various Applications

Pellet ice maker provides different types of pellets that can be used in a variety of applications such as:

  • Drinks – Whiskies, Tequilas, Vodkas, Rums, and other spirits will look great when served with large cubes made out of their mixer ingredients like fruit juice or soft drinks. Also, the melting of smaller cubes will be slower so your drink will stay fresh longer which is perfect for every bar owner!
  • Seafood – Ice made out of seafood juices or other liquids that are used to keep seafood fresh can provide better value because it allows keeping the product fresher for a longer period of time. This is a huge benefit that can help you beat your competition and increase sales numbers significantly!

There are many more advantages that come with using a pellet ice maker such as less electricity consumption, lower maintenance costs, etc. It’s up to you if you want to use them and start growing your business today by making better use of these benefits and switching from cube ice maker to pebble ice maker.

List of 9 Best Pellet Ice Makers Reviews

1. GE Profile Opal | Countertop Nugget Ice Maker with Side Tank

  • Skip out on that pricey ten-gallon bag of ice and haul the GE Profile Opal Countertop Nugget Ice Maker with Side Tank into your next backyard barbecue, pool party, or family get-together.
  • This best pellet ice maker is capable of churning out nugget-sized cubes just perfect for icy cold drinks more quickly than the traditional cube mold.
  • A built-in side tank helps you avoid refilling too often with an extra 3X increase in capacity so you can finally be free from oversized blocks of freezer burns waiting to happen.
  • The GE Profile Opal Countertop Nugget Ice Maker with Side Tank makes it easy to enjoy fresh, crunchy ice any time of day. The pebble ice maker features state-of-the-art heating and vacuum technology that produces soft, flavorful ice in just 20 minutes or less.
  • The machine has a bin capacity of 3 pounds and can hold up to 24 pounds in total per day – so you’ll never be without it once your order arrives. It also possesses WiFi capability which means you can monitor the status of the machine through your smartphone and automatically schedule ice production for when necessary too!

2. FRIGIDAIRE EFIC235-AMZ Countertop Crunchy Chewable Nugget Ice Maker

  • Flip open your cabinet and get ready for a treat. The FRIGIDAIRE EFIC235 Countertop Crunchy Chewable Nugget Ice Maker lets you enjoy soft, chewy ice that’s perfect for any occasion. You won’t be sacrificing taste with its powerful and quick recipe: in just 15 minutes, you can turn half a gallon of water into crunchy nuggets the size of tennis balls! And like the ice from your favorite restaurant, all it needs is some lemon or other flavoring to transform ordinary water into extraordinary refreshment.
  • The ultimate ice machine that’s ready to go anywhere you want. Take this innovative and stylish countertop pellet ice maker on your next trip or use it at everything from camping trips, picnics, pool parties, and emergencies just in case. With a high capacity of 44 lbs per day, this machine will keep producing plenty of refreshing snacks for all those nearby to enjoy!

3. NewAir Nugget Ice Maker

  • Learn about the NewAir Nugget Ice Maker and how it is compact for your convenience. Feel like grabbing a handful of heart-shaped cubes? All you have to do is fill up the machine with water, turn on the switch from OFF to ON, set your desired size of ice, and let our special circuitry work its magic for some ultracold ice right in time for those summertime cocktails.
  • This best pellet ice maker gives you your favorite ice in an instant. Nugget ice is smaller than sugar cube but still soft and delightsome to chew. Designed with a high-power cooling process, this machine starts producing nugget ice as quickly as 12 minutes after pressing start.
  • The machines are more environmentally friendly and don’t produce excess waste like traditional models. You can even use our machine with “tap water” and it has a low running cost so you won’t be strapped at the hip by excessive monthly bills.

4. KBice Self Dispensing Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

  • The KBice Self Dispensing Countertop Nugget Ice Maker is the only ice maker that allows you to enjoy delicious nugget ice with an easy and convenient self-dispensing system. Simply fill up the reservoir with purified water, and within twenty-three minutes you’ll have soft, crunchy ice just like what’s served at your favorite restaurants!
  • The machine produces a max of thirty pounds of ice per day. And with its compact design, this freezer will be a delightfully creative addition to any countertop in your home or office-without sacrificing square footage: it measures 12″ wide x 16″ deep x 17 ½” high.
  • It produces cold, tasty nugget ice in minutes and comes with a self-cleaning function to keep it clean! The Self-dispensing Nugget ice maker also has BPA-free parts and R600 refrigerant which makes it greener than most other units on the market. One simple push of a button and you’ll have high-level hygienic iced (which is much better than water or ice from your machine).

5. Igloo ICEB33SL Large-Capacity Automatic Portable Electric Countertop Ice Maker

  • Igloo ICE B33SL Large Capacity Automatic Portable Electric Countertop Ice Maker is an iced dining essential, with its sleek design and programmable ice-making capability.
  • It produces 33 pounds of fresh ice per day-enough for your family’s entire party or barbecue! It also includes a removable storage basket for up to 2 pounds, which means you can keep it stocked even when the machine is running. And if that weren’t enough to entice you, it has two push buttons that allow manual operation with one touch.
  • The Igloo ICEB33SL Large-Capacity Automatic Portable Electric Countertop Ice Maker is the perfect countertop kitchen appliance for an individual or family, providing up to 9 small or large ice cubes in 7 minutes. Equipped with a LED illuminated control panel and transparent lid, this machine makes it easy to keep tabs on your ice production.
  • Adding water is simple and requires no tools thanks to the removable ice basket and scoop that allow you to transfer freshly made cubes into drinks, buckets, cups – even coolers! The portable size also makes storage in tight spaces a cinch.

6. IKER Ice Maker and Ice Shaver Machine Countertop

  • IKER’s countertop ice maker machine can produce 18 ice cubes per cycle (every 9 to 11 minutes). That means you can make up to 44 pounds of ice cubes every 24 hours, which can meet large demands easily.
  • And the built-in ice crusher can make a full batch of fluffy shaved ices within a minute. Perfect for snow cones or mixed drinks, IKER’s product will instantly satisfy your cravings with its easy availability and convenience.
  • The IKER Countertop Ice Maker and Shaver Machine make ice very quickly so you can keep your cool. Enjoy perfectly shaped ice cubes with an advanced infrared sensor technology that makes the appliance stop producing ice when the basket is full or when you need to add water.
  • An easy-to-use machine, this device will produce up to 20 pieces of cubed ice in 10 minutes, enough for large parties or big families. Its compact size means it’s also great for entertaining on rooftops, balconies, and patios where there isn’t much counter space. The durable body is made of high-grade stainless steel while still keeping a sleek design footprint at 28″x10″x19″.

7. Northair Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

  • The Northair Countertop Nugget Ice Maker is a durable and dependable appliance that delivers ice on demand. This capable model produces mechanical nugget-sized cubes from up to 3 quarts of water per day. It also offers electronic controls for ease of use and an easy-to-read push-button digital design.
  • Best yet, this ice maker has automatic safety features like the built-in indicator light which will remind you to add more water when there isn’t enough or remove extra ice cubes when the bucket is full; all so we can make sure we always produce enough without overflow!
  • This best pellet ice maker is great for apartment dwellers who need a little more kick to their summer drinks. In as little as 15 minutes, this countertop machine churns out 44 lbs of fluffy, soft ice with all the details you would expect from any high-quality appliance.
  • This stylish and versatile Northair provides convenience and accuracy with its two water tanks that store 3.7L or 2.2L worth of your favorite ingredients at a time. The mirrored reservoir makes it easy to monitor how much water is used and ready, while a top viewing window showcases the process in progress.

8. Cool Life COOLHOME Countertop Crunchy Chewable Nugget Ice Maker

  • This COOLHOME Countertop Crunchy Chewable Nugget Ice Maker produces gooey ice cubes that can make a drink more pleasant to drink. It produces 44 pounds of ice per day and the bin capacity is able to store up to 3 pounds of freshly made ice. 18-24 hours a day, this item eliminates any need for trips to the convenience store or restaurant again because it has a built-in capacity for everyone’s use without time restrictions.
  • The COOLHOME Countertop Crunchy Chewable Nugget Ice Maker is compact enough to fit on any table at home. It features an automatic system that will make up to 70 nuggets of ice per hour. The large capacity allows you to produce high-quality ice for your needs without having to worry about running out.
  • If need be, this product can be taken outdoors and powered via battery or USB cord, meaning water hookup is not needed! This best pebble ice maker produces an interesting crunchy chewable cube with every nugget allowing you for a delicious cooling-down snack during the summer heat.

9. Opal Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

  • The Opal Countertop Nugget Ice Maker is the perfect addition to any modern home. The elegant design, paired with first-rate comfort properties, will have your guests impressed before they even try the first bite of delicious ice!
  • This product can produce 24 lbs of ice per day and holds up to 3 lbs at a time. The Opal Countertop Nugget Ice Maker comes with an easy installation guide that makes set-up easy for anyone without experience in this field.
  • The Opal Countertop Nugget Ice Maker is Bluetooth-equipped, so you can set up your ice-making schedule from the convenience of your phone with the free FirstBuild app. This efficient and cost-saving machine will make all the ices you need in a blink of an eye without any unnecessary water consumption.
  • It generates 3 pounds per day and can produce daily for up to 50 days before requiring a refill. Be thinking ahead with the future in mind: this self-sufficient machine is low maintenance and never needs any costly water or electricity hookups – just plug it into any 120v grounded (standard) electrical outlet and fill the reservoir with potable water!

How to Choose the Best Pellet Ice Maker for Your Business and Home

As the name suggests, pellet ice makers make pellets of ice. The process of making them is similar to how snow cones are made; pressed layers on top of each other gradually make it icy and compact. These machines allow homeowners and small business owners (restaurants, cafeterias, catering services) to create their own ice in large quantities that they can serve or use for cooling drinks.

Simply put, pellet ice makers are appliances that produce different shapes of ice cubes utilizing the principle where you pack one on top of another on top of another until it hardens into an iced block. To get the most out of your pellet ice machine, you need to know what factors to consider when buying one so you can make an informed and well-informed purchase. Provided below, we discuss the factors to consider when picking a pellet ice maker:

1. Type of Pellet Ice Machine

You have two types to choose from, Horizontal and Vertical Ice Makers. Knowing the difference between them will help you pick one that fits your business needs best.

  • Horizontal Pellet Ice Maker – this type is for businesses with long hours such as hospitals and restaurants where they serve lots of drinks and food items daily. The horizontal design allows easy movement so you can deliver or send items easily without having to destroy the process of making ice already in progress. They are also user-friendly because servicing is not necessary on a regular basis since maintenance only occurs once every 2 years. It also makes less noise than other types which is good for hospitals and restaurants because people will still be able to enjoy their meals while ice is being made.
  • Vertical Pellet Ice Maker – this type of pellet ice maker saves up space since it can produce more than one ton of ice daily in large quantities. Even better, the vertical design takes up only 25% of the amount of space required by horizontal machines so you can maximize your storage capacity even if you have limited room at home or even in the office. This machine, however, may require routine maintenance not just once but twice a year so there are instances when these appliances get defective during operation; if this happens, you might need to buy replacements immediately which can be costly. Plus, they are noisy so you have to make sure that no one in the area is trying to sleep when this happens because it will definitely wake them up.

2. Capacity

The size of your pellet ice machine must depend on how much ice you need daily for your business or home activity. In order to know what type and capacity of ice machine are best for you, consider the number of people who will use it regularly (employees at work, family members). If there are lots of people who will use it regularly, choose an ice maker with a large capacity since making more means having less frequency in refilling water and emptying storage bins. For personal use (for example, if you own a small business and you only have a few employees), buying an ice maker with a small capacity should suffice.

3. Ice Making Capacity

This refers to how fast the pellets are made so if your business or home needs a regular supply of ice throughout the day, choose a pellet ice machine that has an efficient production system. Make sure that you check the wattage too since it also affects how much ice is being made in just a matter of minutes.

4. Output Speed

The rate at which water goes through evaporator coils can affect how quickly your pellets will form at a given temperature level; machines with high output speed will make pellets faster than those with low output speed even though they use the same amount of heat transfer fluid (water). If you need ice quickly, choose an ice maker with high output speed. Even better is if the machine comes with timers that will automatically shut off when it detects maximum capacity has been met.

5. Heat Transfer Fluid

The type of heat transfer fluid (water) used is very important because this affects how fast water can be evaporated to produce pellets; using hot water may result in faster production time at the expense of more energy consumption since heat transfers better in cold water than the hot one. Using cold water on the other hand may not make good quality pellets at all so make sure you check which type of heat transfer fluid works best for your pellet ice machine before buying it.

6. Automatic Water Supply

This is a good feature to look for if you want convenience; all you need to do is make sure that there is always an adequate supply of water whenever the machine needs it – through a direct line or through a tank – and this will definitely save lots of time on service and maintenance.

7. Sound Level

Pellet ice machines are not as noisy as other types but if your business or home activity requires a quiet environment, choose one that has low noise levels such as those which use rubber pads on the base to minimize vibrations that may come from its cooling system. This way, nobody in the area will be disturbed.

8. Energy Consumption

Make sure you find out about how much energy an ice maker uses before buying it so you can decide whether it is a good option for your needs. Power requirements will vary depending on the amount of ice it produces at a given time so check out its power consumption before committing to buy it. You can ask the manufacturer or supplier about this or read reviews online from other customers who have bought the same type of pellet ice machine before if you are still unsure about how much energy an appliance uses.

9. Ease of Manual Defrosting

If your business needs lots of ice daily, then you need an ice maker that is easy to defrost when needed because there may be instances when frost builds up on evaporator coils and reduces heat transfer thus decreasing production capacity. This situation can happen more often in machines with low output speed; make sure to choose one that is designed to be easily defrosted manually.

10. Portability

If your business requires lots of movement, then you should choose an ice maker with wheels to make it easy to transfer from one place to another; if you need portable ice makers for a small business or home use, then you can opt for those that come in small sizes and have caster wheels for portability – even though they may produce less amount of pellets that will suit your needs.

11. Speed Sensors

This feature comes in handy if there are specific temperature requirements depending on the type of food being stored in the freezer because changing temperature quickly can affect its quality. A good example is when frozen vegetables are thawed by putting them at room temperature or hot water, which can make them turn to mush. This situation is where speed sensors will prove useful because they will monitor and produce pellets at a given rate so that more or less ice can be produced as needed without affecting the quality of the food being stored in the freezer.

12. Price

Of course, this is the most important consideration of all; if your budget is limited, then it’s best to settle on a pellet ice maker that has good quality and can produce pellets according to your needs while staying within your budget. You may not get the highest capacity out there but you will surely get good value for what you can afford.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between Nugget and pellet ice?

Nugget vs. Pellet Ice Nugget ice is sometimes referred to as flaked ice, nuggets, and pebbles. The manufacturing process for nugget ice involves shearing thin layers of water which freeze together into small pieces that look like tiny pebbles. This type of ice melts much slower because the individual pieces create air pockets that provide insulation, slowing down the melting process considerably as compared to traditional cube-shaped ice. In this way, nugget ice provides a nice visual appeal as well as a better solution for prolonged cooling of beverages without watering them down too quickly from melting.

2. How Can You Use a Pellet Ice Maker?

Pellet ice makers are versatile pieces of equipment that work well with a wide range of drink types – from margaritas to mojitos, gin and tonics to sweet tea. These machines make it easy for anyone to add ice-cold drink enhancements (water or alcoholic) to their parties, outdoor gatherings, and more.

Pellet ice makers are also built to be highly durable pieces of equipment that can hold up in both professional and personal settings. They take advantage of stainless steel design elements, food-grade components, and sleek exterior looks that will fit well with any kitchen décor scheme.

3. What are the Best Brands of Pellet Ice Makers?

Some of the top pellet ice maker brands available today include: Arctic Air, Bayou Classic, and EdgeStar. You can find these and other high-quality pieces in a number of big box stores like Target and online retailers like Amazon. These brands make it easy to find a machine that fits your unique party needs, whether you’re looking for a single-cube capacity or a large bin to store dozens of batches at once.


If you’re looking for a way to make ice at home, the pellet ice makers are an excellent option. They take up very little space and can be used in any room of your house or business. These machines also come with some helpful features that allow them to stay clean as well as keep their components working properly for years to come. For these reasons, we highly recommend adding the best pellet ice maker into your life today!

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