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10 Best Pellet Pizza Ovens 2022: Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Pellet Pizza Oven

Pizza is a favorite meal for many people, but the hassle of making it at home can be daunting. If you are a pizza lover and want to make your own pizza at home, a pellet pizza oven is the best option. It will save time and energy while still being able to produce restaurant-quality pizzas. Pellet pizza ovens can be used for more than just pizza as well, they have been shown to bake bread in half the time of traditional methods which makes it great for those who like fresh-baked bread on their sandwich or toast!

A pellet pizza oven is an appliance that can make a delicious and healthy meal for your family. These ovens give you the ability to control the heat, time, and flavor of your food. With some patience and experience, anyone can make their own homemade pizza with this type of stovetop cooker!

The best pellet pizza ovens are the most efficient, versatile, and user-friendly option for those who love cooking with wood. A great pellet pizza oven is perfect for grilling pizzas with a crispy crust that will satisfy your cravings. Pellet pizza ovens can be used to make many different types of food including bread, vegetables, bacon, crab cakes, and more! This means you’ll never have to worry about running out of ideas or recipes again! We’ve compiled a list of pellet pizza oven reviews so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

What is a Pellet Pizza Oven?

A pellet pizza oven, also known as a wood-fired stove, is a cooking appliance that cooks food in the same way as an outdoor brick pizza oven. It works by heating up stones inside of it which is then used to cook pizzas and other items placed on top of the hot surface.

There are several methods to use this type of cooking tool, such as placing either direct or indirect heat on your baking tray in order to get the most out of it. The cooking time is usually around 3-5 minutes and can be done in just about any weather condition with the proper tools and techniques.

Being able to bake delicious homemade pizzas with ease has become more popular due to its affordability and flexibility. Traditional ovens make it hard to cook food in adverse weather conditions, but pellet pizza ovens allow you to be creative with your cooking.

Although these ovens vary in size and design, most of them can reach temperatures of 600 degrees Fahrenheit which is more than enough to create the perfect pizza crust. The biggest advantage it has over traditional cooking appliances is that you will never heat up your house if the device is used outdoors.

If you are interested in keeping things simple yet functional when it comes to homemade pizzas, pellet pizza ovens may be the best experience you’ll ever have due to their ease of use and flexibility at the same time. They are able to stand strong against any weather condition while providing their users with delicious results.

List Of 10 Best Pellet Pizza Oven Reviews

1. Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven Everything Bundle

  • The Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven Everything Bundle is the complete outdoor wood-fired pizza oven for any Fire General. Cooking with Wood & Gas at the same time, this all-inclusive bundle, which includes a Bertello Oven that can cook on either gas or charcoal provided by included sticks of chicken, pork, or beef jerky logs. With optional attachments like our GC350 Charcoal Grill/Griddle and compact dual fuel GS15 grill stove added to your cart, you are never far from delicious food outside of the kitchen.
  • With a Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven, it’s ridiculously easy to cook pizza at over 930 degrees Fahrenheit (500 Celsius) with the authentic flavors of a wood fire. The Berto Outdoor Pizza Oven has a 12.5″ wide x 13.5″ deep cooking surface lit by 5200K natural color bulbs suspended on 16′ long LED bars.
  • The Bertello pizza insert set includes: an outdoor oven; a gas burner; a peel; and accessories like a multipurpose ash pan, cover, and thermometer for perfectly baked pizzas every time!

2. BBQSTAR Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven

  • The BBQSTAR Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven is the perfect solution for your outdoor party needs! A pellet pizza oven can be fuelled by wood pellets, charcoal, or a mixture of the two and they provide delicious stonebaked pizza ready in 10-20 minutes.
  • The BBQSTAR Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven is great for outdoor evening parties because it can be fuelled using wood pellets, charcoal, or combined. Cooking pizza has never been easier thanks to this easy portable oven which reaches an optimal 700 ~ 900 degrees Fahrenheit within 10~20 minutes!
  • Wood fired pizza ovens are the perfect way to cook delicious, stone-baked pizzas at your backyard gathering. It includes a built-in thermometer for optimum cooking results as well as an orange exterior that brightens up any party or camping trip with its fiery beauty.

3. BIG HORN OUTDOORS Wood Pellet Pizza Oven

  • The BIG HORN OUTDOORS wood pellet pizza oven is constructed with high-quality stainless steel. This sturdy and compact product is the perfect size to add that extra pizzazz to your outdoor event or party.
  • Outdoor ovens pellet pizza oven is engineered for cooking all types of delicious food. Cook pizzas in as little as 90 seconds, roasting entire meals to perfection and much more with just a push of a button. Made from durable stainless steel and getting up to 850°F you’ll be able to cook up to 12 meals at once!
  • The BIG HORN OUTDOORS Pizza Oven is easy to use and cooks evenly. It heats up in 18 minutes, slide in that pizza for 20 minutes, turn it often with the wooden peel that’s included, enjoys your delicious pizza! You can also cook other foods like tarts or pies in this oven as well!
  • With its large size, you’ll have no problem cooking enough dough to feed everyone at your party. The dimensions of this product are 12”L x 12”W square so it will fit almost any party table too! With a compact design, you won’t have to worry about saving space for this high-quality oven.

4. Mimiuo Portable Wood Pellet Pizza Oven

  • Mimiuo Portable Wood Pellet Pizza Oven is perfect for all your family’s favorite dishes-baking pizzas, roasting vegetables, or even cooking corn on the cob in minutes!
  • We designed this oven to be lightweight so it can easily go with you anywhere; whether it’s camping trips, graduation barbecues, picnics in the backyard with friends and family. The preheating time is quick at about 10-15 minutes before reaching 932℉ hot temperature that cooks your creations within 1 minute giving you more time to enjoy with your loved ones!
  • The newest Mimiuo Tisserie W-Oven series wood pellet pizza baking oven is specially designed to be relatively lightweight for outdoor application, either portable or transportable, cooking with a portable wood-fired pizza oven means serving up fantastic dishes in your garden backyard. The bottom bracket on which the pizza stone sits can be automatically rotated during baking to prevent burnt spots and keep even heat distribution – it’s the true fast crust!
  • Includes 13″ wood-fired stone perfect for trapping heat as well as 12″ round aluminum peel with foldable handle – making it easy to pull out those charred delicious crusts. Use it right on your tabletop like they do in Italy! Its compact size makes it easy to store even when not in use.

5. ilFornino Professional Series Wood Fired Pizza Oven

  • The ilFornino Professional series is the perfect upgrade for all ilFornino owners or any of you that are looking to get into wood-fired cooking! With thicker stainless steel construction, improved insulation, and more efficient heat retention, this oven will bake up a delicious meal anytime anywhere. Simply open the dome door, put in some hardwood with flare-ups prevention right inside it with 7″ pea gravel to make an even fire bed; throw in some ingredients; close the door and wait 10 minutes.
  • The ilFornino Professional Series wood-fired pizza ovens are uniquely designed to produce authentic Italian pizzas and grilled foods with traditional, flavorful firewood or gas-fired flavor using the three continuous baking deck stone decks on the top of the dome from which light wispy smoke rises through vents in the dome roof to give your pizza that crisp yet chewy crust just like you remember from Napoli.
  • The ilFornino Professional Series Wood Fired Pizza Oven with a total cooking area of 1007 square inches was created for those who want to spend time outdoors. Ready to cook in 22 minutes this fully assembled product comes with high-quality fire bricks and a stainless steel rod thermometer. With a 2 year warranty, ilFornino pays attention to detail so you can be creative outside not worrying about fires.

6. Green Mountain Grill Wood Fired Pizza Oven

  • Your GMG Pellet Grill is already a culinary marvel, but with this accessory, you can cook restaurant-quality pizza in just over two minutes. Use the included Pizza Stone and you’ll even get that perfectly crisp crust that will make everyone’s taste buds perk up!
  • Preparing restaurant-quality pizza in 2 to 4 minutes has never been this easy! The Gourmet Pizza Oven from Green Mountain Grills is a terrific add-on for your GMG pellet grill that converts it into an authentic wood-fired gourmet pizza oven. This kit comes with a preheated stone, all the required hardware, and a recipe booklet to get you started.
  • The lid features an adjustable panhandle that lifts up for adjustment to your cooking needs. Plus, this Grill Pizza Oven includes a 12″ pizza stone that has added handles for easy removal from the oven door or rack!

7. Stanbroil Wood Fired Pizza Oven for Pellet Grills

  • A wood-fired pizza oven for pellet grills lets you take your cooking experience to the next level. It has a stanbroil stainless steel design with temperatures that can reach 800 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s perfect for restaurant-quality pizzas in just two minutes! 90% of pellet grill owners are having fun testing out new recipes on their stanbroil wood-fired pizza ovens, including traditional favorites like stuffed crust and pepperoni supreme – or try something completely different.
  • The idea of cooking restaurant-quality pizza in 2-4 minutes is mouthwatering. Now you can cook wood-fired pizza at home on your grill with ease thanks to the Stanbroil Wood Fired Pizza Oven for Pellet Grills.
  • The oven’s temperature can reach upwards of 800 degrees Fahrenheit, so it will take less than 5 minutes to bake a perfect pie every time. The oven fits over 60 pellet grills including Smokin Brothers, Traeger, RecTec, Green Mountain Grills, Pit Boss, Camp Chef, and many others meaning you’re one purchase away from delicious food every day! And installation couldn’t be more simple – just remove some grill parts where necessary.

8. CHANGE MOORE Outdoor Pizza Oven Wood Pellet

  • CHANGE MOORE Outdoor Pizza Oven Wood Pellet: Experience the best and tastiest pizza ever! Undoubtedly one of the keys to a good pizza is using fresh ingredients. This outdoor oven with stainless steel exterior can cook up to an amazing 900 degrees Fahrenheit in just 15 minutes for that perfect crust every time!
  • Plus, thanks to thermal insulation it’s designed to keep your oven warm with less waste, which means you won’t have pepperonis shrinking by the second due to cold air getting in.
  • The round shape makes it easy for you to turn over pizzas and slide them off onto a plate or cutting board. You can also use this durable, aluminum window-pane style door as a window divider if needed!
  • This is the ideal outdoor pellet pizza oven! The durable construction and collapsible design allow you to take it anywhere. Cook pizzas for an outside gathering or in your backyard with the help of our prized cordierite stone that provides even heating and excellent cooking results. It’s just like a high-end restaurant-quality pizza oven in your own home!

9. Green Mountain Grill Wood Fired Pizza Oven

  • The included pizza stone and the 2-4 minute cook time make it easy to produce delicious pizzas with tantalizing artisanal crusts and ingredients like Padron peppers, aged cheddar cheese, and wonton leave your guests coming back for more. Simply replace your cooking grate with the included pizza stone, load up with wood pellets, and start to grill fresh, homemade pizzas in minutes. With this kit, you can transform your standard smoker or gas grill into a gourmet wood-fired pellet pizza oven to enjoy every crusty bite.
  • The Green Mountain Grill Wood Fired Pizza Oven is designed to fit in GMG pellet grills, Jim Bowie and Daniel Boone. Add this 220°F oven to any GMG Pellet Grills wood-fired grill with a reversible cart for versatility at your outdoor event, backyard patio, hunting lodge, or tailgating adventure!
  • The GMG Pizza Oven is perfect for making your favorite foods at home. The ovens are available for Jim Bowie and Daniel Boone Pellet Grills, so you can easily convert yours! Low gas consumption makes this unit great for the environment as well as your wallet.

10. GIRtech Bravo Wood Fired Pizza Oven

  • GIRtech Bravo Wood Fired Pizza Oven is the perfect kitchen gadget if you’re looking for something to do with friends and family. This multi-faceted oven allows you to cook a selection of dishes quickly and easily right at home. The beginnings are simple, with an assembly process that does not require any additional machining or skill set. Once ready, users can place this multifunctional oven in their backyard for meals with friends, cooking up their favorite pizza toppings alongside meat, vegetables, or pastries just like in a real wood-fired pizza restaurant!
  • If you’re really into cooking and know how to use a wood-burning oven, then GIRtech’s new “Bravo” oven should be just what you’re looking for. It features two heat settings, various options to increase or decrease the fire intensity (especially handy during pie baking), and rustproof metals throughout. If you like experimenting with vegan fare or even do something fancier like pies, this will work nicely because of its adjustable parameters.
  • The assembly process is estimated at 6 1/2 hours; make sure your tools are sharp before starting! Burners are not included (but they can be bought separately) but mandatory safety rules will keep everything safe while firing up that pizza pie in the sky!

Buying Guide for the Best Pellet Pizza Oven

Now that you have made up your mind to buy a pellet pizza oven. You must be wondering which is the best pellet pizza oven in the market? There are several brands and models to choose from, each claiming it’s the best. We say don’t fall for those claims, as there can only be one that deserves that title.

And surprisingly enough, many people who own pellet pizza ovens swear by their quality and functionality than any other brands out there. With so many options available on the internet, finding just the right one can be a daunting task. So we did all of the research for you and prepared this buying guide on the top 10 best pellet pizza oven reviews.

Before we get into the review part, it is important to know about the different types of pellet pizza ovens in order to prepare yourself with what you’re looking for. It’s not just about buying any pellet pizza oven. There are several factors that can help you determine which model is perfect for your cooking needs and desired results:


The most important factor in determining your best pellet pizza oven, as no one wants a tiny-sized oven when they can have large space at home. So make sure you look carefully before buying the right size for you and your family members. A good average is around 100-150 pounds per day or up to 20 pies per hour. You might need more than that depending on your party size.


No one wants to spend several hundreds of dollars just for something that breaks down after one year right? Look for brands that are known for their durability and backed by high-quality warranty service because this way you’ll get your money’s worth in the long run. The best place to start doing those checks is from customer reviews on the top 10 pellet pizza ovens reviewed on this webpage.

Pellet Usage

If you’re buying a pellet pizza oven, then it’s important that you know about the number of pellets it consumes per hour. This way you can count how many hours you need to keep it running for your parties and events which is an important factor in determining the overall performance of the oven. Also, make sure to buy pellets from trusted sources or suppliers which are specifically made for these kinds of ovens.

Temperature Range

A pellet pizza oven with 15000 BTU might not be enough if your dining area is located in extremely cold places like Alaska. On the other hand, having one that has higher heat than 23000 BTU will do nothing good if your place is located in extremely hot areas like Arizona. So determining your dining area temperature is important before buying the best pellet pizza oven for you.

Ease of Use

If you’re not an expert or professional chef, then it’s important that you buy a pellet pizza oven that has automatic features and easy-to-use controls so that anyone can operate it with ease.


You don’t want your house to burn down after spending good money on luxury such as a pellet pizza oven, right? Make sure you check for the best safety features and protective measures in order to protect the whole family from accidents and hazards.

Size & Conveyor Belt

If you’re buying a conveyor belt pellet pizza oven, make sure to check how many pies it can carry at once. Depending on your desired outcome, you need to prepare yourself with the right size of cooking space for preparing multiple orders of pizzas in just one go.


You have to look into two factors before deciding on whether or not to buy that oven or not, which are price and warranty service. Look for the best deals where you get good value for money spent and top-notch warranty service offered by on pellet pizza oven brands out there.

Pre-heating Time

Pre-heating is an important feature that you should look for in a pellet pizza oven. Some brands take several minutes before reaching the desired cooking temperature, which means you’ll spend more time waiting instead of actually cooking. So look for the best pellet pizza ovens that can reach their cooking temperature within just a few minutes or seconds because this way your pizzas and other dishes will be ready and cooked in no time and there won’t be any delay to wait for them.

Heat Distribution

Heat distribution is necessary so your pies or any other dish will get evenly cooked from top to bottom without having burnt crust on top while undercooked ingredients at the bottom. Look for the best pellet pizza ovens with even heat distribution such as conveyor types because they have a special system that rotates pizzas evenly from top to bottom just like a commercial oven.

Cleaning & Maintenance

It’s important that you look for the best pellet pizza ovens that are easy to maintain and clean so there won’t be any hassle on your part to keep those ovens in good condition. Look for brands with removable parts as well as a nonstick coating so you can easily wipe down the dirt, dust, grease, and even spills after using those appliances without worrying about damaging them.


You can find top-rated pellet pizza ovens on the market for prices starting at over $1000 all the way to below $100. Of course, if you’re looking on a budget, then there are some good deals which you can get around the fifties or less. The price of these ovens is usually directly related to their size and cooking capacity as well as overall performance. It is important that you understand your needs first before buying one of these ovens because it will make things easier for you when looking out for the best deals on pellet oven models available online or locally.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best wood pellets for pizza ovens?

Woodlets are the perfect wood pellets for pizza ovens, with a light smoke to give that stone-baked taste. The kindling burns efficiently and produces very little ash waste compared to other fuels on the market today! They’re made from 100% Scottish trees so you know they’re good quality too – just like all those delicious backyards BBQs we have in America right?

2. What temperature should a wood fired pizza oven be?

To cook a pizza in the most delicious way, you need to use an oven with at least 400°C. The hotter your oven is, the thicker and crunchier your crust will be – tough if it’s too hot then things can burn quickly before they’re cooked through!

3. Do you close the door on a pizza oven?

Closing the oven door and chimney will help maintain a consistent temperature so that your food has an even chance of cooking evenly. Leave it for 5 minutes before opening up to allow any variances in heat distribution to time themselves out with no interference from human intervention!


If you are looking for a new way to make pizza at home without the hassle, look no further than a pellet oven. This cooking appliance can save time and energy while still producing restaurant-quality pizzas every single time! The best part? Pellet ovens aren’t just limited to making pizza; they also bake bread in half the time of traditional methods which makes it perfect for those who like fresh-baked sandwiches or toast with their breakfast.

If you’re looking for the best pellet pizza oven that is efficient, versatile, and user-friendly then the perfect one may be just what you need. Pellet pizza ovens can be used to make many different types of food including bread, vegetables, bacon, crab cakes; this means that there’s never going to be a time when your creativity runs out! Take a look at our list of reviews in order to find the right product for you.

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