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14 Best Pizza Oven Kits 2022: Reviews & Top Picks

Best Pizza Oven Kit

The best pizza oven kit is the perfect way to make your own Homemade Pizza, and it makes an excellent kitchen gift for friends who love cooking. The kit includes a pizza stone made of ceramic material that distributes heat evenly so that the crust cooks perfectly every time. It also includes two stainless steel spatulas to help you lift up your homemade pizzas without burning yourself or damaging them. This kit is great for making pizzas at home on those days when you just don’t feel like going out to get take-out!

What comes to mind when you think of the perfect pizza? Is it a thin crust that is crispy on the outside but soft and chewy on the inside or maybe a hearty, thick crust with just enough crunch to give it an extra bite? With this kit, you can make your own delicious pizzas right in your home without ever having to leave!

If you are looking for a pizza oven kit that is easy to assemble, then this article is perfect for you. We have created an in-depth review of the best pizza oven kits on the market today. Our goal was to find one that would fit your needs and provide quality cooking results!

What is a Pizza Oven Kit?

A pizza oven kit is a collection of materials designed to be assembled into an outdoor cooking area that will enable the user to cook pizzas at high temperatures. These kits may include insulation, flooring, stainless steel interiors and exteriors, heat resistant bricks for the walls, vents for controlling air flow and heat. The components may be made from either steel or cast iron. Pizza oven kits are also known as “pizza ovens”.

The Benefits of Owning A Pizza Oven Kit

If you’re looking for the perfect gift to give your friends and loved ones who love pizza as much as you do this year, then consider getting them one of these kits. Not only will they thank you but they’ll be forever grateful that they can whip up delicious pizzas anytime they want! Here are just some of the benefits that come with owning an oven kit:


No need to order pizzas anymore because now everybody has their very own oven so there’s no reason not to make their own delicious pies at home whenever the mood strikes them!

Fresh ingredients

Frozen or store-bought? No way! Now each household has its very own pizza oven so it’s time to get really fresh with it! Why not make use of all the freshly picked ingredients from the backyard garden? Go ahead and whip up a mouth-watering Margherita pizza, steamy hot out of the oven with tomatoes, basil leaves, and mozzarella cheese on top.

Delicious results

There’s nothing more rewarding than making your own pizzas at home—homemade or baked in this case! You know that you’ve made sure to use only the freshest of ingredients so you can be guaranteed that your pizzas will always turn out tasty no matter how they look on the outside.

Familiar tradition

Now every night is family dinner night because there are dough balls being tossed around so everyone can have their fill of delicious homemade pizza! Just imagine the lively conversations that are bound to happen when everybody sits down at the dinner table because everyone has made their own pies.

An activity for the whole family

Kids love spending time with their parents, especially in the kitchen so buying them a kit is one way of bonding with them while making sure they keep safe and sound. They’ll all help out kneading dough, rolling it into thin crusts, adding toppings and baking them to perfection…it’s just another form of quality time spent together while cooking.

Conveniently portable

If your friends want to have a cookout party or picnic by the beach then you can be rest assured that they will have something to snack on because they will most definitely bring their own oven kits! This way they’ll be able to make fresh pizzas without having to get stressed out about it.


The possibilities of what you can do with a pizza oven kit are truly limitless because you can make all sorts of pies from freshly baked Margherita pizzas, Quattro Formaggi (four cheese), veggie pizzas, and pepperoni just to name a few.

List 0f 14 Best Pizza Oven Kit Reviews

1. ZHOUWHJJ Stainless Steel Deluxe Pizza Oven Kit

  • The ZHOUWHJJ Stainless Steel Deluxe Pizza Oven Kit turns your gas grill into a professional pizza oven. The six-piece kit fits most gas grills, including Weber, Char-Broil, Broil King, Napoleon, and Royal Gourmet. It includes the cordierite ceramic stone for even heating without burning or scorching. Get all your favorite recipes to bake pies and bread in this fantastic new addition to any kitchen!
  • Lightweight yet durable stainless steel is easy to take up or down with two handles for best performance on the grill. This exclusive design heats quickly but evenly so half an hour can give you crispy crusts ready for all your family’s favorites–pies duck-Randy recipe perfect
  • This deluxe stainless steel pizza oven kit, with the delicious flavor of high-quality material in your home kitchen. 4 Pieces Kit – The kit includes 4 pieces tool pack: heavy-duty stainless steel oven, 15 x 12″ rectangle pizza stone, Oven mitts, and extra strong metal twine to tie everything together for convenient travel/carving knife included–making this perfect for many purposes. Easy To Operate –Stainless steel housing with durable cordierite ceramic stone, pulls outer moisture off the dough and promotes perfect crust, leaving the inside moist and fluffy-Assembles, Installs in minutes with no tools needed.

2. BakerStone O-ABDHX-O-000 Original Box Kit Pizza Oven

  • It’s the perfect way to enjoy your favorite food any time, anywhere with BakerStone’s O-ABDHX-O-000 Original Box Kit Pizza Oven! Simply place on a grill or campfire and bake gourmet pizza in 2-4 minutes (performance may vary by grill). Every bakerstone box provides professional quality stone baking inserts that eliminate the need for specialty pans. This oven has an extra long 3 ft tube which makes it perfect for use with larger grills or cookers.
  • The kit includes everything you need to make great breads, pies, pizzas, roasted meats, vegetables and fish including a 14″ x 16″ regular size pizza peel and metal pizza turner. This sleek stainless steel box adds no weight to the grill yet creates healthy dishes without taking up space on decks or patios.
  • The product includes a box that transforms into an oven, metal peel for removing cooked food from the oven’s stone or wire mesh cooking surface and metal turner for topping pizzas while they cook inside your BakerStone Original Box Kit Pizza Oven!

3. Chicago Brick Oven Residential Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit

  • The Chicago Brick Oven CBO-500 is a multifunctional pizza oven that can be used as a traditional outdoor oven under the stars, an indoor oven for school projects, and a backyard grill. This kit includes everything you need to create pizzas with minimal cleanup and maximize taste!
  • Crispy crust on the bottom with a delicious light fluffy texture and finely seasoned, bubbling cheese on top. The proprietary RoundDesign offers 360° of cooking surface and is designed for your convenience: creating pizzas that go from dough to table in under 10 minutes.
  • The CBO-500 kit includes a handmade, refractory wood-fired oven made from natural fired bricks and large stones. The unit sits on a firebrick stem wall with steel reinforcement rods to withstand high temperatures and extreme weather conditions. The kit comes with the essentials for installing the oven in your yard, including an instruction guide that contains full details on how to build the oven yourself or have it installed by professionals.
  • At 25 cubic feet, the pizza oven has enough room for two 15” pies or one 14″ x 20″ sheet pan with plenty of space left over for appetizers.

4. only fire Universal Stainless Steel Pizza Oven Kit

  • The only foolproof way to get the perfect round crispy crust every time. This oven kit is specifically designed for 22″ Kettle grills, turn your outdoor kettle grill into a professional style pizza oven-a perfect choice if you don’t have room for a wood-fired oven! Made of highest quality stainless steel exterior with double-wall ceiling for optimal heat retention, this beautiful piece adds an elegant touch to any deck or patio. Round cordierite ceramic stone plate draws off moisture from dough leaving the inside moist and fluffy giving you that famous New York Style feel.
  • You can use it with any kettle grill or other brands such as weber, char broil, napoleon and others. With cordierite ceramic stone that pulls moisture off dough and promotes perfect crusts while keeping inside ingredients moist and fluffy, finally you’ll get a delicious crunchy crust pizza!
  • From cooking pizza on the grill to camping meals, the only fire Universal Stainless Steel Pizza Oven is a versatile addition for any camp kitchen. This 22” round oven offers significantly faster cooking times and superior results when compared with traditional ovens or cooktops. Built from a four piece kit that includes a 17 3/4 inch stainless steel chamber, 15″ round pizza stone, 13 1/2*16″ aluminum pizza peel and thermometer it assembles in minutes without tools.

5. KETTLEPIZZA Gas Pro Basic Pizza Oven Kit

  • Become a pro at pizzas with this kit. Turn your grill into a pizza oven and prepare the perfect crust using the cordierite stone pan. The durable gloves will protect you from burns as well as allow for better handling of grilling utensils so those fresh ingredients won’t have to suffer much heat exposure time to turning them into perfectly cooked delights.
  • The KETTLEPIZZA Gas Pro Basic Pizza Oven Kit is the perfect way to cook up delicious pizzas. With a stainless steel pizza stone and 15 inch round cordierite stone pan, this professional pizza oven kit ensures even cooking and fast product turnover. The high-temperature thermometer provides stable heating for consistent cooking results every time. Made with padded gloves you can pull out your dough, spread it on top of the pizza stone, and let it rise under cover of the grill’s lid until cooked. When the timer goes off, remove from heat and cook up some awesome cheese by using an electric skillet!

6. Kettlepizza Pro 22 Kit – Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit

  • The KettlePizza Pro 22 Kit – Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit is the best kit offered for a real wood-fired oven cooking experience. The kit includes a KettlePizza insert, prograte, tombstone, firebox and aluminum peel. With refueling made fast and easy with drop slots on either side of the grate and an elevated rear firebox for higher cooking temperatures, it’s the perfect gift enhancement to your home.
  • This kit includes everything that is needed for making delicious pizzas outdoors including a kettlepizza insert plus prograte, tombstone, firebox and aluminum peel. With higher cooking temperatures due to elevated firebox in rear it will be easier for us to make fuels fast while refueling.
  • The top features a grill grate made of 1/4 inch steel wire mesh coated with porcelain enamel paint to prevent food from sticking. This convenient design also features drop slots on either side of the grate which make fueling fast and easy.
  • Raising the temperature even further is our elevated firebox at the rear – not only does it help transfer heat faster but it also means less time spent tending embers during cooks.

7. Mimiuo Portable Gas Pizza Oven Kit

  • The newest and smartest Mimiuo Tisserie G-Oven series gas pizza baking oven is specifically designed for use outdoors and you’ll be able to bake the perfect pizza every time! With an easy preheating period of 10-15 minutes, you can create your homemade pizzas with minimal effort. The bottom bracket on which the pizza stone sits rotates automatically during cooking to avoid burning (which means that any cheese or toppings will stay intact too!), and it bakes a 12″ pie in up to 1 minute.
  • This newest addition to the Tisserie G-Oven series is light enough to easily carry with one hand, but strong enough to feed your hunger and need for a hot pizza pie any time you want it.
  • Mimiuo portable gas pizza oven kit is the best outdoor cooking device you can take with you anywhere. It assembles and installs in minutes, includes all the accessories, like a 13″ round pizza stone, 12*14 aluminum pizza peel (foldable), protective oven cover. The cordierite stone ensures that your dough bakes into crispy golden-brown crust every time; it pulls moisture off dough for fluffy interior while having excellent high temperature resistance (up to 2200 ℉).

8. BrickWood Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit

  • The Mattone Barile is our MEDIUM sized DIY pizza oven form. The 700 SqIn cooking surface can easily entertain 10 – 15 guests. Be sure to visit our store to see our full line of budget-friendly DIY-EZ pizza oven kits and packages!
  • When you combine our DIY Pizza Oven Kits with locally sourced masonry materials (firebrick, mortar, cinder block…), you too can build an inexpensive, yet high-performance wood-fired pizza and bread oven.
  • MATTONE BARILE DIY pizza oven form and kit features: 700 sqIn of cooking surface. Inspired by traditional wood-fired brick ovens. Durable, convenient, and easy to use! Can handle most pizzas with a 12″ diameter – perfect for 12 people or more!
  • Our patented 2-in-1 design means kids can cook their pizza while they play outside or use the same kit as decoration in your kitchen or backyard.

9. Red Stag Stainless Steel Outdoor Pizza Oven with Pizza Stone Kit

  • This is a lightweight and portable outdoor pizza oven kit that can be inserted into 80% of 20 inch diameter barrel style pellet grills. The included ceramic pizza stone promotes even heat from the pellets and allows you to get an appetizing crust on your pizza with added smoke flavor.
  • The best part about this product is easy heating efficiency. In just 5-10 minutes, you’ll have a perfect slice of pizza! What’s more – it’ll store easily when not in use so there’s no clutter in your campsite or home patio! It includes a 14.6″x14.6″ square size for cooking up to 12 inches in size, but also works individually as an accessory for baking multiple foods anytime during the day.
  • Pizza Oven kit fit in Traeger, Pit Boss , Camp Shef, EMBERS. Enclosing pizza oven chamber design to concentrate the heat from the pellet burner. Ceramic pizza stone promotes even heat and give your pizza a delectable crust with smoke flavor.

10. Jak BBQ Pizza Oven Kit

  • The Activa Pizza Box is perfect for those who love to make pizza outdoors, but want an easier way to cook them. Even if you’re cooking on a charcoal or gas grill with no stone surface, the natural stone in the box stores heat and ensures great heat distribution inside of it instead. And with the built-in thermometer, it’s easy to monitor what you need: whether that’s dough boiling fluidly atop your cooker or cheese bubbling around gorgeous toppings by nature’s hearth.
  • The General J’s Pro Series Batch Kettle is a durable, all-in-one cooker with a digital timer and an automatic shut off function. Its removable inner cooking pan greatly reduces prepping time because it can be detached from the oven to cook on your stovetop or in your broiler for browning!
  • Makes one 18 inch pizza per batch. Automatic ingredient dispenser keeps ingredients fresh and visibility saves you prep time by revealing inside contents without opening the oven door risking heat loss.
  • Perfect for those who love to grill pizza and other delicacies, the Jak BBQ Pizza Oven Kit J 20 will work with your existing gas grill. It’s a one-of-a-kind kit that works as an ordermate, so you can still cook other things on your grills while cooking pizzas at the same time. The design includes all of the necessary items: a stainless steel top with a 17.5″x13″ surface area and thermometer, as well as a marble stone weighing 13″x10.”

11. KettlePizza Deluxe Stainless Steel Pizza Oven Portable Kit

  • The KettlePizza is a pizza oven durability and convenience wrapped in one! You can use our set on natural gas, propane fire grill grills – even charcoal. The high-temperature thermometer and cordierite stone pan means your pizza will always turn out perfect, while the wood peel is handy for placing and retrieving pizzas. Made with high quality materials that will last you years of tasty dinners to come!
  • This kit includes a cordierite stone for making the crust crispy, a wood peel to place and retrieve your pizza from the oven, and grilling gloves to keep your hands comfortable while cooking over an open flame. The high-temperature thermometer provides stable heating for consistent cooking. It all comes in a handy carrying case with a handle.
  • Deluxe kit to make life easier in the kitchen. Comes with a 15-inch round cordierite stone pan and a well-designed wood peel for easy pizza making. The kit includes grilling gloves and a high temperature thermometer so you can keep an eye on cooking time and temperature.

12. Skyflame Universal Stainless Steel Pizza Oven Kit

  • This high-quality and durable ceramic stone is made in Italy and can withstand heat up to 900 Fahrenheit so it leaves your crust crispy and tasty every time. The stainless steel housing seals out moisture for its long life, making sure you get perfect pies all day long without drying out. With such a compact design, this hot dog cooker fits perfectly on any type of grill like gas Ikes, charcoal grills or barbeque pits too!
  • Skyflame is the perfect addition to your backyard with Ultimate BBQ Grill Accessory! Skyflame is a stainless steel pizza oven kit with stone that allows for easy installation right on top of Webers, Kamados, or grilling devices.
  • With sky-high heat that penetrates up through the crusts of dough, you can enjoy delicious wood-fired pizzas in 8–15 minutes depending on how crispy you prefer them.

13. Pellethead Green Mountain Grill Ultimate Wood Fired Pizza Oven Combo Kit

  • This Pellethead Grill Ultimate Wood Fired Pizza Oven Combo Kit includes everything you need to cook restaurant quality pizzas. All of our products are made in America and designed with the griller in mind. With this combo kit, your grill will be transformed into a gourmet brick oven giving you amazing flavors unparalleled by any other tool.
  • Make tender crusts without all the dough prep time and find peace in knowing that your pizza is cooked evenly throughout thanks to our unique 4mm granite stone surface. We offer all kinds of attachments including insulated gloves, peelers, grip aids.
  • The Pellethead Pizza Oven Kit lets you cook restaurant quality pizza in half the time. The kit includes a Wood Fired Pizza Oven, a Pellethead Stone for an authentic stone-baked taste, and a GMG Temperature Gun to take your grilling experience from great to sublime (and save ourselves some cooking and cleaning!).

14. Cuisinart CPO-700 Grill Top Pizza Oven Kit

  • The Cuisinart Grill Top Pizza Oven is the ultimate in outdoor kitchen appliances. Get fresh, hot pizza on your grill at the push of a button.
    You’ll never leave hungry when you can make 12″ pies in less than 5 minutes with this innovative and uniquely designed oven!
  • The cordierite baking stone makes for a delicious crust, and thanks to its integrated thermometer, you’ll know everything’s perfect before opening the lid. Never worry about burning your mouth again with the easy-to-handle aluminum peel that features safe folding wooden handles – it can even double as a large spatula or turner when not in pizza use!
  • The Cuisinart Grill Top Pizza Oven is here. Now you can have all the flavor of a wood-fired pizza oven, without taking up your entire backyard or campground with cords and hoses. Comes with cordierite baking stone for perfectly cooked crust every time, 12″ aluminum peel that’s lightweight and easy to handle storage storage space saving offering, adjustable hinge door that locks in place while not in use for optimal safety, convenient side handles for guaranteed grip during wear/weather conditions, timer beeper will remind you when desired crust color has been reached.

Different Features to Consider When Purchasing Your Pizza Oven Kit

A pizza oven kit is a great way to improve your cooking experience. Not everyone has the discipline or money available to buy a big pizza oven, however, a DIY option is a perfect solution. This article looks at different features you should consider when selecting your pizza oven kit.

Wooden box

For those looking for a good value and simple to set up option, then a wooden box style might be right for you. The majority of these kits are flat packed as standard but this doesn’t mean that they will be difficult to assemble or lower build quality. Many people like the idea of having something which matches the rest of their garden furniture and many even enjoy putting these kits together themselves; it can make for an interesting bonding experience. However, if you would prefer to let someone else do the hard work then most manufacturers will offer this service for an additional fee.

The only real downside is that with wood there are some limitations when it comes to insulation, so you will probably not want to choose this option if your garden does not receive much natural sunlight. You may also find that any paint used on these kits may fade in high temperatures which can result in the box looking a little shabby over time.

Metal box

Metal boxes are really popular because they provide increased durability and insulation compared to wooden alternatives. They are usually available in aluminium or stainless steel depending on the manufacturer, although some dedicated chefs even opt for copper versions of their pizza oven kits.

If you enjoy cooking then this may be a good option for you. These pizza oven kits are great at retaining heat which means that it is possible to achieve high levels of cooking performance from something as simple as a wooden box. However, you will need to keep in mind that metal does conduct heat and this can make these types of pizza ovens a little difficult to handle when the temperature starts to climb.


For those looking for the best of both worlds, many manufacturers offer combination pizza oven kits. This gives you all of the insulation and durability benefits associated with metal while retaining some of the simplicity found in wood products. In other words, this type of kit can give your garden the best of both worlds.


You should also consider the installation process when selecting your pizza oven kit. Some are really simple to set up, while others offer enhanced functionality for more dedicated chefs. For example, you might want to look for a model which includes an adjustable height or cooking grill if you intend on using this product on a regular basis. This may result in making it slightly more expensive but it is worth spending that little extra in our opinion. A good example of combining these features would be the Kettle Pizza KIL-750 which comes with a stacking system and adjustable vents alongside plenty of insulation materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you put out a pizza oven?

To get the initial fire going, you can use either balled up newspaper or fire starters. In order to make it easier on yourself and have less work in front of your oven while prepping food for cooking time is nearly over; using one will do both by providing oxygen so everything won’t die from the lack thereof! Next, simply layout paper across the bottom half with something heavy (like canned goods) laid atop them – this creates an effect similar to putting crumpled sheets underneath pots before placing them onto gas rings at home: once lit there’s no need to adjust flame size because all they’ll require are larger amounts than what would otherwise occur naturally due.

2. Can you leave a pizza oven outside?

If you leave your pizza oven outside throughout the winter, it should be covered up and preferably insulated to protect it. However, make sure that if an event were to occur where there is significant snowfall or freezing temperatures-for example 20 below zero Fahrenheit -the structure of this type of equipment can easily get damaged by frostbite.

3. What wood should you use in a pizza oven?

The best wood for pizza ovens are dry, seasoned hardwoods like birch, beech, or ash. With such a plethora of options, you might want to opt for Oak as it’s safe and easy to source compared with the rest.

4. How much do I need to spend on a pizza oven kit?

The majority of these products retail for just a few hundred pounds. However, you can pay significantly more if you want to invest in something with an increased build quality or cooking performance. If you just want a simple product then a small investment will probably be enough but if you enjoy cooking and love the idea of being able to show off your culinary skills in the garden then investing slightly more may be worthwhile.

5. What additional features should I look for?

There are some pizza oven kits which include adjustable height or cooking grills so you might want to keep your eye out for these in particular. Many models also come with a stacking system which can be particularly useful if you intend on using this product regularly. What type of size do I need? Before buying any pizza oven kit it is important that you take some measurements into consideration. You will obviously need to check how much space is available but aside from that you will also need to ensure that there are enough vents for letting in the necessary amount of oxygen when cooking at higher temperatures. This can vary largely depending on the size of your garden and how long you plan on cooking for. For example, a large pizza oven kit with an adjustable height will probably work best if you intend on hosting regular parties in your back garden.


If you’re looking for a creative gift to give your friend who loves cooking, this is the perfect kit. The best pizza oven kit includes everything they need to make their own homemade pizzas at home on those days when they don’t feel like going out to get take-out! This set comes with an all-purpose ceramic stone that distributes heat evenly so that crust cooks perfectly every time, plus two stainless steel spatulas for lifting up homemade pizzas without burning yourself or damaging them. It’s great for making fresh pizzas in the comfort of your own kitchen and it won’t cost you nearly as much as ordering from a restaurant.

The best pizza oven kits we’ve found are the ones that offer a wide range of cooking options. These include both wood and gas models, which comes in handy for those who like to experiment with different styles of cuisine or keep their options open if they want to cook something other than pizzas! For the most part, our research showed that this type of versatility is what separates one kit from another when it comes to quality results.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-assemble option at a reasonable price point, then take a look at our top 14 picks below before making your final decision about which product will work best for you. We hope this article has helped you find the right kind of pizza oven kit.

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