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11 Best Portable Electric Cooktops 2023: Reviews & Top Picks

best portable electric cooktop

In order to have a well-equipped kitchen, you need the best portable electric cooktop. It is essential that your kitchen has a stove and a refrigerator so that you can prepare food for yourself and your family. The appliances in the last century were not as advanced as they are today which meant there were always some challenges when it came to cooking meals.

Finding a cooktop that is portable can be a challenge, but it is possible to find the best one for your needs. In this blog post, we will cover some of the best portable electric cooktops around and make recommendations.

What is a Portable Electric Cooktop?

A portable electric cooktop is a unit that you can plug into an outlet in the kitchen for us during camping or RVing. Oftentimes it will come with its own case, which helps to protect the surface top when stored away in storage compartments and cabinets. It provides electricity to the unit by being plugged into one of many 110V outlets located on your campground pedestal, house battery, generator, etc. The more powerful models are able to run directly off of the 12V power source in your vehicle if you have one available. They can be used for cooking food while outdoors or simply heating up pre-cooked foods while enjoying the great outdoors.

Why do You need a Portable Electric Cooktop?

There are many benefits to owning a portable electric cooktop. One of the biggest reasons that people purchase them is because they allow you to be nice and warm while cooking your favorite dishes. It’s cold outside, but you don’t want to miss out on getting some delicious camping food for dinner or breakfast? Purchase one of these units and you can heat up your food with ease. Another reason why you might like using this type of unit is if you enjoy taking long trips in your RV without needing to worry about how far away the next available outlet is located. With one of these units, no matter where you go, as long as there’s a 110V outlet nearby – so will your electrical cooktop!

The Different Types of Portable Electric Cooktops

There are three basic types of units available right now, which are the countertop models, built-in versions, and stovetop versions. Each one is designed for different purposes so choosing between them will depend on your personal needs while camping.

A countertop model is lightweight and easy to move around since it can be picked up and moved anywhere you like. Plus some models even come with their own carrying case to transport from site to site without issues.

Built-in models tend to be more permanent and cannot be removed from where they’re installed at, such as mounting it inside your RV oven or on an outside stand that you attach it to. They are perfect for people who have no other means of cooking while camping or RVing, but still want the option of being able to cook during bad weather when their generator goes out.

The stovetop version is just what it sounds like, a miniaturized replica of your home kitchen stove that you can use while outdoors. They are compact in design and feature gas burners that resemble those found on regular household stoves.

Countertop Models

These units come with all the bells and whistles needed for outdoor cooking minus an oven and stovetop burner. Some even include built-in thermometers and timers so that they double as grills as well! You can choose from propane or countertop models depending on whether you want to use a propane tank or not, and they can usually be removed from the case making it easy to transport between campsites.

Built-in Models

These units are perfect for those who don’t like moving their appliances around since they’re designed to be mounted inside an oven or on the outside of your RV. They come with safety features such as auto shut off if left unattended for too long during cooking times. These units can use either a 120V power source (household outlet) or propane depending on the model you purchase.

Stovetop Versions

These versions resemble your kitchen stove and can fit anywhere there is a flat surface available. They come with different-sized burners so that you can choose which one you want to use, and come with safety features like auto shut off in the case of a flame failure. They can run directly off of your vehicle’s 12V power source when camping but must be used near an electrical outlet while at home.

List of 11 Best Portable Electric Cooktops Reviews

1. Duxtop 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner

  • This Duxtop Induction Cooktop is the perfect starter appliance for your home kitchen. 120V with 15 amp outlets are standard in North American homes, making this induction burner lightweight and compact to be easily stored.
  • All-around computing controls make it easy to cook anything you please, from breakfast eggs with butter on one side of the cooking area, to a stir fry dish at the end of the range.
  • The digital control panel has counted down timer up to 170 minutes on increments of 1 minute; 10 heating power levels from 200 – 1800 Watts; 10 temperatures ranging 140°F – 460°F so everyone’s taste buds are satisfied!
  • This is the perfect stove for all of your cooking needs without having to commit to an additional appliance in your house. Save time, space, and countertop clutter with this powerful 1800-watt induction burner that offers 7 different power levels including high, medium-high, medium, low, simmering options.
  • This unit has a pause function that lets you do other tasks while your food continues to cook at low heat. Keep tabs on soup or sauces with three different types of timers: instant timer (1-99 min), countdown timer (0-99 min), quick 10-second delay timer.

2. CUSIMAX 1800W Portable Electric Cooktop

  • This CUSIMAX 1800W Portable Electric Cooktop is compatible with all types of cookware. The use range of pots (including glass and aluminum) accommodates 6′ plus 6′, allowing for smaller quantities. Cookware made from cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, ceramics, and glass can be heated efficiently with little heat loss due to infrared cooking technology. Powered by 120V and 900 watts on the left side + 900 watts on the right side, totaling 1800W it heats food quickly and evenly saving energy when compared to gas-powered stoves.
  • CUSIMAX 1800W Portable Electric Cooktop is very convenient for cooking in a smaller space, be it your home kitchen, apartment, RV, office, or backyard. This best portable electric cooktop has two independent temperature control knobs so you can turn on/off the burner with just one knob. It’s an ideal cooker to use at home without having to worry about drawing too much attention when you’re doing something else like watching TV.

3. Ovente 1700W Double Hot Plate Portable Electric Countertop

  • The Ovente 1700 Watt Double Electric Countertop Burner lets you press pause on your kitchen no matter where life takes you. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or spending the weekend outdoors this portable burner has what it takes to help make dishes taste better wherever they are being prepared.
  • Boil water for tea or coffee effortlessly with the powerful range of 12 levels of heat. Give yourself more space on an already cluttered countertop by taking advantage of its compact slim design that is just under 5 pounds!
  • Constructed from stainless steel, the countertop is durable and easy to clean. The 1700W burner can reach high temperatures fast for a hassle-free cooking experience. It uses infrared technology and an advanced system for even heating food quickly. Compatible with all cookwares except induction heaters, this portable stove works well on most types of pots where its a maximum weight limit is 3 kg (6.6 lbs).

4. Techwood 1800W Hot Plate Portable Electric Stove

  • Techwood 1800W Hot Plate Portable Electric Stove is the perfect electric stove for home and travel. Say goodbye to your camping cookware with this portable hot plate that pulls double duty as a burner for mealtime during staycations, too!
  • With 2 heat settings (including low which is best if you’re using saucepans or deep pans), flipping eggs at breakfast becomes simple; and there’s plenty of power in these 800 watts to keep soup or pasta warm throughout an evening party.
  • The stainless steel body means it can go from stovetop to table without so much as a wrinkle and the professional-style design looks great on any kitchen countertop or out on your patio.
  • The Techwood Hot Plate provides 1800W of cooking power for this home cook to make tasty, quick meals right in her kitchen. It has a brushed stainless steel housing that’s durable enough to last through years of regular use.
  • The non-slip feet are great for stability when the cooker is heating up food or pots on its diamond-plate top surface. The handle can stay cool and be comfortable even during longer periods while it cooks the meal because it won’t get too hot so quickly! With 1800 watts, this guy will heat up your foods faster than any standard stovetop would!

5. SUNAVO 1500W Hot Plates Portable Electric Cooktop

  • The SUNAVO 1500W is a great electric cooktop that has a high power of 1500 watts and six levels of precise temperature control which giving you the option to easily make any number of dishes. Equipped with its tight-fitting lid, you can do much more than crafting your favorite dish.
  • You can even use the pans made out of stainless steel aluminum or glass without worrying about them being damaged since this hot plate now provides an airtight water-resistant system from condensation for those who have been wanting to grill their steaks on courseware then warm up some pasta as well!
  • With a uniquely designed tube design, it can heal faster, more efficiently with better insulation without the risk of rusting. It has an insulated handle for carrying stability while at risk to move accidentally on your kitchen countertops or under cabinets on your cabinet. Don’t hesitate any longer – this product is perfect for outdoor cooking too!

6. Cuisinart Cast-Iron Single Burner Portable Electric Cooktop

  • Cooking with the Cuisinart Cast-Iron Single Burner Portable Electric Cooktop is as simple as turning a dial and adjusting the burner’s heating level. Let your computer do all the complicated math and maths! The sleek black design of this unit provides an 1800 watt electric stove, perfect for one-pot meals anywhere you go.
  • The side of the cooker displays degrees for proper cooking temperature, while its brushed stainless steel finish will keep it looking sleek. With an easy-to-clean stainless steel interior, you won’t need to worry about burnt or stuck messes making their way onto your countertop.
  • It’s light enough for transport from the camping site to the campsite without weighing down your load, so you can enjoy a piping hot meal anywhere. Head over now and get your Cuisinart Cast Iron Single Burner Cooker today!

7. NutriChef Portable Single Burner Induction Cooktop

  • Tired of burning your food when you try to use the minimal kitchen space in your small apartment? The NutriChef Portable Single Burner Induction Cooktop is just what you need! Not only will it give you all the benefits of cooking with induction, but its portable design means that it can easily be set up on just about any surface.
  • This single burner induction cooktop features adjustable temperature controls that allow for searing meat at 460 degrees Fahrenheit or warming sauces at 140 degrees Fahrenheit-all with one unit! This convenient piece also has configurable settings which allow for better control over how long cooking processes take.
  • With a tempered glass crystal plate top, you’re sure to stay in control of the cooking process. Just touch anywhere on the digital LCD digital display screen and slide your finger up or down for easy temperature adjustments while its built-in sensor automatically maintains a constant preset setting for convenience!
  • The cooktop’s simple electronic plug-in design allows you to use it just about anywhere there is an outlet nearby. With this single burner induction cooker, preparing favorite dishes has never been easier before.

8. Hamilton Beach 34104 Single Induction 1800 watt Cooktop

  • With the new Hamilton Beach Single Induction 1800 watt Cooktop, you can cook effortlessly and clean confidently thanks to modern innovations like Bluetooth Connectivity which allows for simple one-touch control from your smartphone.
  • With a heat-up time of just 3 minutes as opposed to 10 on a typical smooth top range or stove, this induction cooker features all the latest technology has to offer including state-of-the-art touch controls. Rated at 1800 watts under normal use, this best portable electric cooktop is powerful enough for any dish!
  • The Hamilton Beach 18,000 watt Single Induction Cooktop gives you efficiency without the guesswork. Quickly bring water to a boil in mere minutes when cooking various sized pans for everything from boiling coffee or pasta to frying up bacon and eggs.
  • Multi-zone heating ensures that your food will be evenly heated across each zone, giving you even cooking results. The test magnet helps ensure that cookware is induction-ready before you power it up.
  • The elegant design of the black stainless steel finish with dark gray controls coordinates flawlessly with any kitchen style while staying cool to the touch on both sides thanks to its energy-efficient design.

9. Bonsenkitchen 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop

  • We’ve heard that many of you are craving some delicious home cooking. Well, you’re in luck because the Bonsenkitchen 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop is here to make it happen! Mix up veggies, meat, and pasta with some marinara sauce on the cooktop’s easy-to-clean glass surface while avoiding any burnt food messes with its electronic induction technology.
  • We promise easier clean-up time too – great job again! And if your set doesn’t include cookware for this product? You’ll be happy to hear that there’s no need to go out and purchase magnetic cookware. The bottom touch panel has an auto-pan detection feature that will automatically shut off after 60 seconds without any detected cook.
  • This 12-inch induction cooker is able to heat up to 1800 watts, perfect for the kitchen because it quickly heats up and has a higher energy efficiency than standard cooking methods which can save you 50% time. With an automatic timer that’s programmable for up to 3 hours, you never have to wait on your food to be ready for this fast-paced life.

10. CUKOR Electric Hot Plate, 1800W Countertop Burner

  • The CUKOR Electric Hot Plate is the perfect kitchen solution for all your cooking needs. Whether you’re looking to cook up an easy breakfast, stir fry some vegetables, or scrambled eggs, this unit will quickly become your go-to kitchen tool. The 1800W stovetop severely heats food without having to turn on your oven or dirty up pots and pans with messy oils.
  • Effortlessly sauté Brussels sprouts in garlic butter, throw a triple-thick grilled cheese sandwich together in minutes and take the bare minimum of culinary effort required to create world-class meals right at home! Its compact design makes it ideal for use at work, school, or anytime life on the move calls; imagine whipping up lunch while running errands or dinner instantly.
  • The CUKOR 1800W Electric Hot Plate keeps your energy bill down by only heating the amount of space you need at a time. It also includes advantages like no radiation, no open flame, and voltage regulator for safety. The stainless steel construction means it will last for years even with heavy pots weighing 22 lbs or more!

11. Cheftek CT1010 Dual Electric Stove

  • The Cheftek CT1010 Dual Electric Stove is designed with the household cook in mind. This portable electric stove requires no gas or butane cartridges to use and allows cooks of all levels to easily create meals that are traditionally associated with outdoor cooking.
  • The set includes two independent surfaces (four burners total), each of which provides 1700 watts of power, for quick boiling water or frying up eggs at home without any fuss. Simple operation buttons make this small kitchen appliance easy to clean and transport, so you can even take it on vacation or camping!
  • Cheftek’s CT1010 Dual Electric Stove is a kitchen necessity for foodies and chefs alike. This stove offers the best of both worlds, featuring an elegant iron-cast design backed by advanced safety features.
  • The durable ceramic surface provides uniform heating for delicious tasting dishes, while the clever focal point concentrates heat onto pots or griddles to speed up cooking times without sacrificing quality or taste.

How to Choose the Right Best Portable Electric Cooktop

A portable electric cooktop is an excellent investment. It’s easy to use, convenient and affordable. You can enjoy cooking in your home or even when you travel with no worries of running out of gas or electricity like when using a camping stove. With several options available, one really needs to do some research to choose the best portable electric cooktop that fits his/her needs and budget. To guide you through this process, here are some tips on how to choose the right best portable electric cooktop.

1. Look for quality materials

The quality of materials used in manufacturing determines the durability of cooktops. Materials like stainless steel provide long-lasting performance compared to others. On top of that, it’s also easier to clean them up compared to other types of materials.

2. Power is everything

One should look for a cooktop that has enough power to heat up the cookware quickly and maintain the temperature needed throughout cooking. The wattage determines how fast it heats up and maintains pressure. In addition, one should consider portability as well because you need to bring your cooktop from one place to another especially if you are going on a camping trip or simply bringing it along during a picnic at the beach. It’s also good to note that some brands offer an additional option that allows you to offers a gas conversion kit.

3. Top vs open coil design

The coils burn out over time resulting in less efficiency and sometimes accidents when using them. It’s best to choose one that has a flat burner plate. It provides you more even heating and less chance of sparking.

4. Size matters

The size of the cooktop depends on the number of people it’s expected to serve, what appliances you are going to use, your storage space availability and how often do you intend to use it for cooking. It’s best to go with the smallest one you can afford if you are single or have no intention of using it too much. If there are many family members you might want to consider bigger sizes as well to accommodate everybody at once during breakfast or dinner time.

5. Price range

Proper pricing is also essential in choosing a portable electric cooktop especially if one intends on buying several units for his/her family members. One has to consider the needs, the number of people served and the space available before deciding on a budget. In any case, one also should check for discounts and promos to get great deals from brands.

6. Induction cooktops are still in demand

There are different types of portable electric cooktops out there but one really stands out which is the induction type. It heats up quickly within seconds compared to others that take several minutes or more in reaching desired temperatures. It’s also safe because it doesn’t burn your food due to its unique technology when used properly. However, this type is not yet very common in stores so when buying an induction cooktop you might be charged than the usual prices they offer.

7. Ease of maintenance

You might opt for a cooktop that is easy to clean up and maintain. It’s easier to wipe off spills from flat surface designs compared to coil types. In addition, it’s safer as well because of the less chance of sparking when cleaning them up or during cooking depending on your choice of cookware.

8. Warranty period

The warranty period is also essential in determining the quality of portable electric cooktops you are going to buy. Brands with a longer warranty mean better performance and durability even if a new one is brought home. On top of that, they will repair damaged parts immediately without charging extra for labor, unlike those brands that offer short warranty periods which often require customers to pay for repairs and other post-sales services.

9. Type of cookware used

You must also consider the types of cookware it’s compatible with when choosing a portable electric cooktop. Some brands offer an open coil design so their customers can use any type of cookware while others require specific types only such as induction. So before buying one, take note that your choices should fit in this requirement to avoid disappointments and other unnecessary problems.

10. Safety is Paramount!

Before bringing home a new unit, you have to check out if there are safety features available for extra protection from fires and other risks involved when cooking. Most units come with automatic shutoff functions once it detects certain kinds of problems like low water levels or not compatible cookware. It’s best to buy one with these added safety features so accidents and injuries can be prevented all the time.

11. Control panel

The control panel on your portable electric cooktop indicates various things such as power level, start/stop function, timer setting, and more depending on what type of unit you settle for. It might sound unimportant but this feature helps a lot in using the cooktop properly and efficiently while some models even provide audio beeps or alarm sounds when problems occur while cooking. You also should consider buying units that have LED indicators that show the status of the unit at any time without having to guess if everything is working fine.

12. Brand

Another thing you should take into consideration before buying a new cooktop is the brand. There are many popular names out there that produce quality portable electric cooktops but you also have to consider looking for brands that offer reliable services like offering warranties, having good customer service, and parts availability in case of future problems/issues with your unit.

13. Energy consumption

One last thing you should know when purchasing a new portable electric cooktop is how much energy it consumes. It’s best to choose one that is energy efficient so monthly expenses will not be too high in the long run. This can help you save more money in case you have five or more of these units at home being used daily by different people around your household. Most of them do vary in wattage though but just make sure that before buying new ones, you’ve done enough research to see how much they consume in terms of power and energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use my portable electric cooktop outside?

Portable electric cooktops are not designed for outdoor use. Whenever you wish to move it outside the house, make sure that you disconnect all wires and cords before carrying it outside. A good example of a model would be the black & decker 3100-watt portable induction cooktop. Also, make sure that there are no liquids or food spilled on your appliance before moving it outdoors since water can cause severe damages to your appliances. Keep in mind that even though these types of models are just as strong as their countertop counterparts, they can still be damaged by being exposed to bad weather conditions. If you have an old which has already been exposed to rain, make sure to wipe it dry immediately.

2. Can I use my portable electric cooktop on a stovetop?

Yes, you can. A stovetop is nothing more than an inclined counter with burners attached below it where your pots and pans are placed on top of this burner for heating purposes. Some models have 2 burners while others have up to 4 or even 6 which you can control using knobs or touchpads that are found beneath the surface. A good example of a model would be the black & decker 3100-watt portable induction cooktop.

3. Are they safe?

Portable electric cooktops are as safe as any other type of cooking unit which includes stoves and cooktops. It may be a bit safer because it has touchpads instead of wires which can get hot when in use. Also, when you look at the control panel you will see that there is an indicator light when it is in use or not in user mode.

4. What are the problems that I might encounter if I were to use my portable electric cooktops?

One problem would be making sure that food does not spill on it since water can cause severe damages to this kind of appliance. You have to make sure that your cord is always away from any liquids or food spills so it won’t get damaged by water. If there are children around, you also need to keep them under supervision while the appliance is in use to prevent any accidents.


If you’re looking for a portable electric cooktop, the options can seem overwhelming. The good news is that it’s possible to find one that fits your needs and lifestyle. In this blog post, we’ve discussed some of the best portable electric cooktops around and made recommendations based on what type of stovetop you want. Which model do you think will work best for your kitchen? Let us know in the comments below!

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