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12 Best Portable Wine Coolers (2022 Reviews & Buying Tips)

Best Portable Wine Coolers

The best portable wine cooler is a device that can cool down your favorite drink without the need for ice or electricity. It’s perfect for those who like to enjoy their beverage on the go, like at a concert or camping. The top-rated models are made of stainless steel and insulated with foam insulation to keep drinks at an optimal temperature for hours. They’re also lightweight and small enough to transport easily in a backpack, so you can take them anywhere!

The perfect gift for the wine lover in your life, this compact and portable cooler is a must-have. With its unique design that features two separate compartments, it’s easy to take wherever you go! Plus, with a sleek black exterior and a lighted interior, keeping your favorite wines chilled has never been easier. Whether they’re at home or on the road – get them their own personal mini-fridge!

This is a review of the best portable wine cooler on the market. The article goes over all the features, pros, and cons to help you decide if this product is right for your needs.

What is a Portable Wine Cooler?

A portable wine cooler is a product that has been designed in a way that allows it to be moved from room to room easily while providing enough space inside where you can store your bottles of favorite beverages. These coolers have also been made in a way that they don’t take up too much space in rooms where they are placed and allow easy portability when needed. In cases where people are having parties or gatherings outdoors then using a cooler that is easy to transport will be of great benefit.

List of 12 Best Portable Wine Cooler Reviews

1. OPUX Insulated 2 Bottle Wine Tote Carrier

  • With a great selection of wines to choose from, you’ll be the most popular guest at your next event. Bring your bottles with you in this insulated wine carrier with a padded lining for protection and a patented thermal insulating material that will keep the flavor constant no matter what external influences it encounters on its journey.
  • The OPUX Insulated 2 Bottle Portable Wine Cooler is the perfect carrier for wine lovers who are always up for a picnic, dinner party, or outdoor adventure. The padded design protects your favorite wine bottles from breaking during travel while the 2 separate interior compartments make it easy to carry two different types of wines with you on any occasion! With adjustable and detachable straps in both carrying options, there’s no hassle in finding your preferred style which is why this makes a great gift for anyone who loves having chilled drink at their disposal.
  • Made from high-quality 600D polyester to ensure maximum durability and PU leather trim for a touch of elegance, this bottle carrying bag is classic yet stylish.
  • A convenient carrying handle makes it easy to transport from one place to another quickly and efficiently! This allows you the convenience of foregoing bulky coolers so you can easily use any separate ice pack for your bottle transportation needs!

2. Tirrinia 4 Bottle Wine Carrier – Portable Wine Cooler

  • The double zipper seal on the stainless steel collapsible bottle keeps liquid inside where it belongs, while the barrel-shaped wine bag protects against smashing and droplets of liquid inevitably getting through.
  • The Tirrinia 4 Bottle Portable Wine Cooler is great for wine lovers who like to take wine outdoors. The sleek look and practical design make this alcohol carrier available to all age wine lovers, no matter what their profession or lifestyle may be!
  • The leakproof interior can prevent liquid from permeating through the container and dirtying your clothing once it is open. The thermal insulation will keep up to 40-degree temperature within the insulated material without having anything touch the bottle itself thanks to 5mm PE padding.
  • The Tirrinia 4 Bottle Portable Wine Cooler is a stylish wine tote for transporting your rotgut in a more chic and efficient fashion. The 600D polyester fabric, zip-top closure, and insulated lining will keep your spirits from going bad or spilling everywhere.
  • Plus it looks so much better than those old paper bags! You can get them in either blue or white with matching straps that look like they’re perfect for the modern-day wino but could also be used by men and women who appreciate wine’s elegance.

3. Huski Wine Cooler | Premium Iceless Wine Chiller

  • Revolutionary wine cooler that does away with ice and keeps your wine delicious for hours. Available in three different sizes to suit all of your needs, this is the smart long drink companion you won’t want to do without.
  • An innovative design which merges form and function like no other product on the market today. No more ice, hassle or mess! This invention cares about how it looks as well as what it does because why not? Made from high quality materials including stainless steel, hollow polypropylene plastic insulated insulation pad, aluminium tray insert stand up design with low profile open base prevents heat transfer directly into wine bottle – available in 3 sizes.
  • Keep your wine cold for up to 6 hours with Huski. This next generation ice bucket is perfect for when you’re out at the BBQ, hanging in the sun or enjoying time on the boat. The affordable and handy wine cooler would make a great gift!
  • Courtesy of a double wall and vacuum insulation, this premium stainless steel product will maintain the temperature in your elegant glass for over six hours without spilling on carpets and furniture.

4. ZORMY 3 Bottle Insulated Wine Tote Cooler Bag

  • The perfect wine carrier for any situation. Cool, sleek and stylish. Portable and with all the right features to keep your expensive bottles of vino at the perfect drinking temperature.
  • That’s why you need our 3 Bottle Insulated Wine Tote Cooler Bag, Portable Wine Carrier with Corkscrew. With maxcold insulation and padded lining, this bag will help keep your wine regulated by over 5℉ below ambient temperature – even better than ice!
  • This insulated bag features maxcold insulation to keep your wines cool and a super-thick insulation padded lining that will protect and insulate bottles. Keep wine chilled up to five times longer than without the bag. Haul this sustainable, handmade & 100% recyclable product with ease using its durable handle straps, extra lanyard loop on top of the bottle for decoration or attachment.
  • This premium insulated 3 bottle wine cooler bag measures 11” x 4” x 13. standard 750ml wine bottles fit well in this tote carrier. it’s large enough for two bottles of wine or champagne, and also has the ability to carry three (though we advise you keep your use limited). it fits most standard 750ml wines which is perfect for any time beverage enjoyment!

5. Vinglacé Wine Bottle Insulator

  • Drink your chardonnay without worrying about it going warm with this portable, insulated wine bottle holder. Made of vacuum-insulated stainless steel and double-walled construction, the Vinglacé Wine Bottle Insulator keeps bottles cold for hours. It also has a sleek design to make you proud to show off in any social setting.
  • Elegantly chill your beverage in just 15 minutes before leaving for any event without worrying about condensation ruining how good it tastes. You can take it on picnic dinnertime walks, store opened bottles at home for perfectly chilled mimosas morning time after morning time.
  • Designed for hours of enjoyment, these wine bottle insulators from Vinglacé are a must-have. The long stainless steel design ensures that your beverage is never subjected to condensation, and the innovative vacuum insulation means it’s guaranteed to be at a perfect temperature. Simple screw off the adjustable top and insert a chilled bottle then replace for instant gratification anytime – no matter where life takes you! The package includes 1 insulated wine cooler.
  • The double-wall, high-quality stainless steel design will hold your reds and whites at their ideal drinking temperatures without worry of spilling or leaking.

6. Tirrinia 6 Bottle Portable Wine Cooler Bag

  • The Tasrinia 6 Bottle Wine Tote is the perfect solution for wine lovers who enjoy taking their drink to outside activities. The sleek design and handy handle make this insulated bag suitable for any event, while the innovative heat-welded technology ensures that your wine will never leak out of the container. With a total capacity of 48 ounces, this bag can accommodate six bottles of red or white wine – enough for you and five friends!
  • The best portable wine cooler tote is made of high-strength 420D weaving nylon canvas with food grade PVC lining, eggshell texture insulated padding with high energy ABS molding board inside. The outside has faux leather handles and the wine tote measures 19″x12″x8″. It’s a great way to transport wines from one place to another because it exceeds German thermal requirements for small goods!
  • Sleek look and practical design of Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) makes the wine tote both chic and durable. The Airtight seal of padded interior can protect your favorite wines, whiskey, champagne, water bottle od other drinks from damages. Light weight material provides portability without compromising on sturdiness.

7. Tilvini Insulated Genuine Leather Wine Bag Tote

  • The Tilvini Insulated Genuine Leather Wine Bag Tote With 2 Wine Tumblers is perfect. Bring it to your next outdoor gathering, or use it as a unique travel accessory. Its insulated design keeps the bottles cool without adding too much weight to stow away on summer picnics and boating trips.
  • With space for two bottles of wine and matching tumblers inside this beach tote/picnic basket/bartender bag will fit all your outdoor picnic essentials from cold cuts and cheese, fresh fruit, champagne glasses.
  • This insulated wine bottle tote can be used to carry two bottles of wine, water, anything you’re drinking. With an adjustable strap for your comfort, the bag is designed with genuine leather so that your drinks are safe from spills or getting knocked around more than necessary.
  • There are 4 open slots on the side for smaller items like your keys or phone, plus an additional zippered section just in case you have more things that may need to be there. Additionally, this item includes 2 matching stainless steel tumblers with lids so that you can enjoy a single serving of red while walking around town without spilling it all over yourself by accident!

8. Tirrinia Single Portable Wine Cooler Bags

  • The Tirrinia Single Wine Cooler Bag doubles as a wine tote bag and a cooler. It well insulates your wine from outside temperature, keeps it chilled at perfect temperatures for hours, and is easy to carry with its padded handle and adjustable shoulder strap. With the optional stainless steel buckle that upgrades our metal neck clamp closure system, you can securely transport your bottle of wine in style wherever you go!
  • The soft padding and insulated material helps to protect your bottle of wine from external impacts. With its sleek on-the-go design, this cooler will have you transporting wine anywhere with ease.
  • The Tirrinia Single Portable Wine Cooler Bags is made of 600D polyester for superior durability and Style. The tote looks elegant, chic, sensible, and is great for both men & women. It can also be used as an insulated cooler bag when you’re transporting water or drinks in it!
  • You can use your wine tote to hold up to one average 750ml bottle or two smaller bottles if you prefer sparkling wines over other wines. Easily carried by the handles with pockets on top to hold accessories like corkscrews IDs etc.

9. Tirrinia 6 Bottle Portable Wine Cooler Tote Bag

  • Made from PU-insulated and padded material with an adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying, this insulated tote bag will carry up to six bottles of wine.
  • The strong handle, thick padded & thermal insulating material, and adjustable shoulder strap make it the perfect wine carrier for outdoor activities. Great for transporting wine to parties, wine dinners, restaurants, pool or beach parties, picnics, concerts, and sporting events.
  • PU thermal insulated material and 5mm PE foam padding protect your bottles of wine from an external collision with superior insulation performance. Protects up to 6 cans of beer as well as dinnerware during the transport process so you don’t have to settle for anything less than superior quality.
  • The stylish, yet practical and efficient wine carrier provides amateur and professional wine drinkers with all of the necessities: ample storage space, removable divider to keep bottles separate and prevent crashing, spacious design perfect for taking a picnic or transporting water.

10. INNO STAGE 40L Portable Wine Carrier Bag Picnic Cooler Bag

  • The INNO STAGE Large 40L Insulated Cooler Tote with a table is the ultimate portable picnic kit. The sleek, lightweight tote will make sure your refreshments stay cold and come in handy whether you’re going for a hike or want to spend a day at the park.
  • High-quality food-safe material gives peace of mind whilst PVC-free, Eco friendly, and phthalate-free make this the perfect companion around the campfire or at a music festival. Whether for a day trip on holiday or an all-day outing in warmer climates, choose from among our three easy carry backpack straps which are fully adjustable by normal zip closures over the chest & waist belt making carrying a breeze while the removable table can be used as a flat surface once assembled into tripod configuration that any 4 people set fit.
  • The innovative XL size of this bike tote is perfect for all your transportation needs. It can carry 40L and provide more than enough space for storing food, drinks, and other items on a small trip away from home. This picnic bag features a strong zipper with retractable telescoping rod, strap with clip buckle, and padded insulated compartment large enough for wine bottles or Champagne bottles.

11. One Savvy Girl Wine Tote Bag

  • Insulated and outfitted with a little outside pouch for those important keys, this pretty carrier reduces the need for backpacks or coolers keeping you from what’s always been most important: time spent kicking back on one of life’s most rewarding creations. With both containers wrapped inside the padded holder, there is no excuse not to keep things cold as temperatures rise – with two stainless steel stemless cups included!
  • This bag is not your grandma’s awkward, yet beautiful, suitcase-style tote bag with all the broken zippers and kinks at its corners. The Savvy Girl Wine Tote Bag is lightweight, comfortable, has padded insulation to protect your favorite bottle of wine or champagne.
  • One Savvy Girl Wine Tote Bag with Stainless Steel Stemless Glasses is a durable, stylish, and convenient way to carry around your wine. The perfect size for any night on the town, whether you’re at home relaxing or out on an adventure!

12. Samshow 4 Bottle Portable Cooler Bag

  • This wine tote has lots of pockets for keeping everything happy and organized, plenty of room for all your essentials, and keeps your bottles safe in insulated comfort.
  • We all know it can be hard to find a wine carrier that is big enough for large bottles of wine, reliable in transport and storage for long periods of time, and attractive. Sam show has you covered with this oversized four-bottle insulated tote cooler bag! Go from dinner party to concert without worrying about your favorite beverage being warm or smashed.
  • This lightweight design features an accordion-style expandable zipper to eat up space so you can pack twice as many beverages at half the weight. With its hidden handles, reflective accents, detachable shoulder strap, zippered pockets on both sides perfect for storing napkins or wipes, sturdy handles for easy lifting even when filled with cans of soda.
  • The perfect on-the-go cooler bag for your wine! The Sam show 4 Bottle Wine Carrier Tote is here to change the way you transport your wine bottles. Hushed with an insulated interior, this carrier includes a foam divider to protect and separate four fragile wine bottles from bumping into one another during transportation.

How to Choose the Best Portable Wine Cooler for Your Needs

They can be used for parties, on picnics, or anywhere where you would like to chill your wine without the need for a fridge. The best thing about them is that they are available in various styles and designs which means that you will easily find one that matches your needs and preferences. However, some wine coolers can actually harm your wine while others don’t do a good job at keeping it chilled properly. So how do you find the best portable wine cooler? It’s not difficult if you know what to look for and we have compiled this list of important aspects so that there is no room for doubts when shopping around:


Depending on the purpose of using the wine cooler, its capacity comes first place. If you are planning to use it only at home then a small one is enough but if you want to take it with you when traveling, picking the right capacity will be your priority.

Type Of Wine

The type of wine that needs cooling also plays an important role in choosing the right model. Red wines require more effort so they should not be cooled too much while white wines need less time to chill before drinking them.


For some people, design is the most important aspect because who wants to have something bigger and bulkier than necessary? However, those same features can come in handy for those who plan on using their appliance as a decoration piece as well so there’s no reason to worry about this aspect.

Ease Of Use

Ease of use is a very important quality which not a lot of people take into consideration. What good does it do to buy an appliance that you need to spend half an hour reading the manual before using? None! So make sure you choose a portable wine cooler that has simple and basic controls.

Temperature Control

Since the point of cooling your wine with one of these appliances is to keep them at a certain temperature, then there’s no way around this aspect. There are models that have only cool settings while others have room temperature and cool settings while some have all 3 types so depending on what you’re looking for, pay attention to this detail.


The size is always a matter of preference. If you are using the wine cooler only at home then there’s no reason to go all crazy with it and choose something that blocks your cabinets. However, if you plan on taking it with you when traveling then pick a small one that can fit in your car or luggage easily. The best portable wine coolers should have around 5-10 bottles inside them according to this expert guide so there’s nothing for you to worry about as long as the capacity is right for you.

Other Features

Other important features include noise level, capacity, and the type of wine it’s suitable for. These may not seem as important as those mentioned above but still play an important role when choosing between different models so make sure you read the specifications before making your final decision.


Since the best portable wine coolers are not products that are necessary for our daily lives, it is okay to save some money by choosing a more affordable model. However, the quality must be good as well so if you’re looking for something cheap then check out what other buyers have to say about models within your budget range before purchasing one.

If you choose these criteria when shopping around for the best portable wine cooler then there shouldn’t be any problems or concerns left because all of them can offer you excellent service without hurting your wallet too much.


There are many different types of wine coolers on the market, but not all can keep your favorite drink at an optimal temperature for hours. The best portable wine cooler is a device that can do just that without using ice or electricity, making it perfect for those who like to enjoy their beverage on the go–like at concerts and camping trips. With its unique design made from stainless steel, foam insulation to maintain optimal drinking temperatures for hours, and lightweight frame that’s small enough to transport easily in a backpack, this portable cooler should be every traveler’s new BFF!

This article has gone over the best portable wine cooler on the market, and hopefully, you have a better understanding of what features are most important for your needs. Hopefully, this will help narrow down your search to find the perfect product that is just right for you!

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