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9 Best Santa Mugs Reviews of 2022 You Can Choose

Best Santa Mugs

It’s the most wonderful time of year, and you need to get your holiday shopping done. And while it may be tempting to just pick up a Santa mug from the store, that can really add up in cost!

If you are looking for the best Santa mug, then this blog post is for you. We have done the research and found some of the most popular holiday mugs to help make your decision easier.

List of 9 Best Santa Mugs Reviews

1. Cosmos Christmas Ceramic Classic Santa Mugs

  • These Cosmos Christmas Ceramic Classic Santa Mugs are the perfect gift for any loyal fan of Santa Claus. Each mug is made with high-quality, hand-wash ceramic construction you can trust.
  • The mugs come packaged in a classic and sturdy gift box and make an excellent addition to anyone’s holiday decorations or home accessories collection. Reduce some stress this holiday season and order these gems while they last!

2. Comfy Hour Winter Holiday Home Collection 3″ Christmas Santa Mug

  • The Comfy Hour Winter Holiday Home Collection 3″ Christmas Santa Mug is perfect for winter celebrations. It has a festive design with Santa, suspenders, and his famous red & white outfit.
  • The ceramic material makes this both durable enough to be tossed in the dishwasher, yet reminding you of your happy childhood days when breakfast was special!
  • This best Satan mug would make a great gift to share with friends at the office or even coworkers after working so hard all year round! Buy one today – it’s guaranteed to bring them joy during the holidays!

3. Transpac Imports Santa Ceramic Dolomite Christmas Coffee Mug

  • Add some whimsy charm to your living spaces with this fun mug; Designed in festive red and green design featuring a chubby Santa complete with holly embellishment on his hat. The best Satan mug is made of a quality ceramic material that will last a lifetime!
  • You just might need more than one mug sitting around the house based on how many different serving occasions you have throughout the Christmas season.
  • Alongside drinking hot and cold beverages, the Santa Ceramic Dolomite Coffee Mug is perfect for adding bright colors to your kitchen space or as a stackable decoration on an open shelf or tabletop! Packaged securely for safe shipping from Transpac Imports, so it’s ready to gift its way up north this holiday season.

4. Certified International Magic of Christmas Santa Mugs

  • This year the holidays will be magical with Certified International’s newest product: Magic of Christmas Santa Mugs. Featuring hand-painted design and durable earthenware, these mugs are sure to leave a lasting impression on any recipient (including you!).
  • With colors that pop and sentiment that rings true, they make for both beautiful decorations and functional pieces in your kitchen. Set of 4 don’t come around often, so we recommend stocking up while you can!

5. Vintage Winking and Smiling Santa Ceramic Holiday Mug

  • These adorable ceramic mugs, with hand-shaped winking and smiling Santa Claus faces, are perfect for bringing festive cheer into any space.
  • Use them in your kitchen when you’re not drinking tea or coffee to brighten up the ambiance of your countertops, keep one on an open shelf in your living room for all to see during holidays; display it at home or give as an always lovely gift. Makes a great decoration item that will make your holiday season brighter!

6. burton+BURTON 9740042 Santa Claus Mug with Cookie Pouch

  • For the perfect Santa mug this holiday season, don’t even think about letting Rudolph lead. The best way to brew your favorite festive drink of cocoa is wrapped up in Burton + Burton’s collaborative creation of a ceramic Santa Claus Mug and his very own sweater.
  • With each mug featuring an original design and digital illustration (made with love), you’ll be the talk of the town once people spot this Christmas-time exclusive at your Starbucks run or find it on display at grandma’s house.

7. Napco Imports Santa’s Suit With Belt Ceramic Coffee Mug

  • It’s that time of year again, and with it comes the excitement and joy of all things Christmas. Warm-up this winter with a mug just perfect for the upcoming holiday season! The NAPCO Imports Santa’s Suit With Belt Ceramic Coffee Mug is a festively decorated cup made from a quality ceramic material to hold your favorite hot or cold beverage.
  • With an adorable happy face on a bright red and green suit, there’s no doubt you’ll be feeling some holiday cheer while sipping your morning latte or evening tea in this handmade collectible. This product also includes fittingly designed packaging for gifting options too–make sure to order yours today before they’re sold out!!

8. Yuletide Charms Collection 18 Ounce Santa Mug

  • Yuletide Charms Collection 18 Ounce Santa Mug is perfect for anyone that wants to upscale their drinking experience. Whether you’re starting your day off with morning coffee or unwinding later in the day with tea, this best Satan mug will be great for any occasion.
  • This porcelain glazed ceramic mug holds up to eighteen ounces and has a Santa face imprinted on it. Great decoration for anyone’s desk at work! Makes a festive gift too!

9. Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Santa Hat Sculpted Ceramic Mug

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Santa Hat Sculpted Ceramic Mug is the perfect drinkware for adventurous coffee or hot cocoa drinkers who prefer to sip their caffeine straight from the source.
  • With an extended handle and sculpted design, this product offers long-lasting protection that keeps hands cool while maintaining a piping hot beverage the kind of features that are perfect for fans everywhere.
  • Plus, this Satan mug is officially licensed and made with high-quality materials so you know it won’t snap in two after one use. It’s dishwasher safe but hand washes only to maintain your mug’s appearance over time.


We hope that this article has helped you in your search for the best Santa mug. We want to leave you with some final words of wisdom about these mugs, so keep reading! If you are looking for a gift idea or just something fun and festive to drink out of during Christmas time, look no further than one of these nine options.

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