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Scallions vs Green vs Spring Onions Review: Which has the Best Taste?

Scallions Onions vs Green Onions vs Spring Onions

Scallions Onions vs Green Onions vs Spring Onions are types of onions that are often confusing and quite difficult to tell apart. Thus, we will develop some characteristics to distinguish them from their strengths, features, and uses.

Scallions Onions Review

Scallions Onions are foods used in Eastern family cuisines, often harvested later than Greens Onions
Scallions Onions are foods used in Eastern family cuisines, often harvested later than Greens Onions.


Scallion onions have rather long leaves; these onions are white, not bulging. In addition, they are quite spicy when eaten but not as pungent as regular onions (the part of the green onion that is the spiciest).


Scallion onions are usually available year-round. They have good weather resistance, suitable for growing under sunny, medium humidity conditions.
In many localities, scallions are often called bunched onions. But, bunched onions and green onions are two different types. Only those who love, often learn and study about them, or are farmers can distinguish them.

Bulbs of bunched onions, when mature, are usually not large, do not swell, but simply follow the size of the plant. On the other hand, green onions are larger with straight green leaves and hollow intestines.


You can slice or chop them to mix with a green salad for the above green onions. Besides, they are also indispensable food on the tray of raw vegetables. Or, you can also sprinkle on top of the sauce to coat it.

This food can also make food more delicious. You can eat it raw or cooked and prepare it in many everyday dishes.

Of course, you can steam the onions over low heat in butter or water. On the other hand, green onions can also be used as a substitute for chives in many simple recipes.
However, almost always, Scallions Onions are to decorate the dish when it is finished cooking. If exposed to excessive heat, you will inadvertently lose their original flavor. The green stems will be scorched.

Some cooks often remove the green tops and only get the darker greens near the tubers. However, Asian cultures often use all parts of onions for cooking.


  • Good weather resistance
  • Thrive
  • Used in many recipes
  • Substitute for chives


  • Easily yellowed

Green Onions Review

This is another type of green onion harvested before Spring Onions
This is another type of green onion harvested before Spring Onions


Green Onions have long stalks and are green in color. Many people think that they have no tubers. However, its tuber is the white part above the green leaf, which is quite small and leaf-like.


This type of green onion is usually harvested early in the spring. Green Onions are also known as bunched onions in many localities.

The name of the bunch onion is because when the seeds of this green onion are planted densely, they will grow close to or bunched together. Creating little space is not enough for the onion to fully develop and swell like Scallions.

This type of green onion is commonly grown in the United States, Great Britain, and Australia. Many people rate it as having a taste like chives, quite delicious to use, and the most popular of the 3 types of onions.

Using raw Green Onions is quite common in Mexican and Asian cuisines, which already have a strong flavor profile.


Homemakers can slice or dice Green Onions and mix them into green salads with cream sauces such as potato salad, pasta salad, or baked potatoes.

If cooked, the pungent taste of Green Onions can be significantly reduced. However, if used raw, they give the dish an original, onion-like flavor.

One of the biggest benefits of using Green Onions is that your body will get a lot of fiber from the number of green onions you use. One cup of green onions is equivalent to 10% of the RDA for thread, which is always an ideal addition to any diet.

Because it helps push waste down the colon and reduces the amount of cholesterol in the body. Fiber can also prevent the body from receiving some harmful cholesterol.


  • Served with creamy salad
  • Early harvest
  • Special strong flavor


  • Quite expensive

Spring Onions Review

This is a type of green onion commonly found in Asia, especially in Southeast Asian countries
This is a type of green onion commonly found in Asia, especially in Southeast Asian countries


Spring Onions have slightly rounded, well-formed tubers and are only slightly larger than Green Onions.


This green onion has a very intense taste. Therefore, you can use it through cooking. Of course, eating it while alive is a pleasant experience if you have a strong and rich flavor.

Green onions also have a very delicious taste. In addition, they are also to garnish dishes.


You can thinly slice raw scallions onto a green salad if you want to use them raw.

Cooked scallions have a more subtle flavor due to the cooking process and pair well with other spring and summer vegetables.

In addition, eating this food raw also has many uses such as clearing colds, good for eyes, and regulating meridians and internal organs…

In addition, according to some studies, Spring Onions can reduce the growth of viruses and many pathogens, including salmonella or E.coli….

Spring Onions is also a food that can help improve the health of those who regularly consume it. It is also rich in phytonutrients, which are important for maintaining the health of the protective cells in the body.


  • Relaxation
  • Improve health
  • Reduce the possibility of pathogens growth


  • Too pungent

Which is the Best One?

Green onions have a very delicious taste. Besides, they are also used to garnish dishes. However, in terms of use, Spring Onions is the most worthy onion to use.

The above type of green onion contains many healthy nutrients, including many minerals and vitamins.

According to many studies from traditional science, these substances have an anti-inflammatory effect, benefit the heart and eyes, and regulate the meridians and organs of the body. At the same time, Spring Onions also bring a lot of benefits to the user’s health.

Final Verdict

In short, green onions are a very good portion for human health. Scallions Onions vs Green Onions vs Spring Onions do not differ in classification but vary in harvest time.

Therefore, the characteristics of flavor properties are also different. And they carry some different uses from each other. And users should choose which type of onion is suitable for themselves and their families.

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