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11 Best Spiralizers of 2023: Reviews & Top Picks

Best Spiralizers

A spiralizer is a kitchen appliance that can be used to create vegetable pasta in different shapes and sizes. It can also be used for making julienne fries and even curly fries!

After reading this blog post, you will be able to make the best decision when buying the best spiralizer with ease. This article offers reviews of some of the most popular models on the market today. Read on for more information!

What is a Spiralizer?

It’s a kitchen gadget that turns vegetables such as carrots, zucchini, and potatoes into veggie noodles. It looks like a large pencil sharpener with blades to cut through veggies. The spiralizer is placed on top of food cans or mixing bowls, and the veggies are rotated against the blade for neatly shaped noodles.

List of 11 Best Spiralizers Reviews

1. Brieftons 7-Blade Spiralizer

  • The Brieftons 7-Blade Spiralizer is the best, latest design on the market. You get an extra set of blades so you can change them as they wear down and a safety caddy to store your blades when not in use for ultimate convenience and security. The spiralizer includes cutting attachments that peel, slice into ribbons or thin slices, perfect for salads and cooking.
  • It also comes with a catch container/food saver if any food gets caught in the center tube while spiraling (although this has never happened) and it’s dishwasher-safe to save time! And don’t forget about your own ebooks; we’ll include 4 free exclusive recipes from yours truly by Chef Peter Jipping!

2. WellToBe 6-Blade Vegetable Spiralizer

  • WellToBe 6-Blade Vegetable Spiralizer is the newest and most innovative food slicer on the market. Unlike other spiralizers, WellToBe’s blades come preinstalled so you don’t have to worry about assembling them yourself.
  • The best spiralizer also features 8 different blade settings so you can cut your vegetables into wide angel hair, skinny spaghetti type noodles, or anything in between.
  • The handle of our slicer is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and safety. Plus with its 304 stainless steel, it’s much stronger than any of those weak old knives you’re used to!
  • The spiralizing bundle comes with 6 interchangeable blades- the thinnest blade is 1.2mm for angel hair noodles, and the thickest blade is 7.5mm for curvy slices to fill up sandwiches! No more wasted time, buy our spiralizing bundle today!

3. KitchenAid Spiralizer

  • Experience the pleasures of cooking with vegetables again-discreetly. Turn these nutritious, flavorful carbs into delicious salads, risotto, or pasta dishes without needing to worry about finding creative ways to disguise them for picky eaters.
  • The KitchenAid Spiralizer combines three different blades-a peeler blade, a medium spiralizing blade, and a fine spiralizing blade-to make this process easy every time.
  • With an included stand mixer attachment that attaches directly on top of your stand mixer using its power to operate the kit’s spiralizer attachments giving you stability and ease of use, it’s never been easier to create healthy vegetable-based meals in no time.

4. OXO Good Grips 3-Blade Tabletop Spiralizer

  • The versatile OXO Good Grips 3-Blade Tabletop Spiralizer is the ultimate kitchen tool for creating three styles of noodles. If you’re an average eater, you can finish off all your produce in one day with this device!
  • The stainless steel blades create spaghetti cut (1/8th inch), fettuccine cut (1/4th inch), or ribbon cut noodles and are removable from the case box. So if only cleaning some carrots for a snack, keep those blades sharp and protected by putting them back after each use.
  • The food holder works as a safety measure to hold your favorite produce while cutting spirals through it smoothly with sharp teeth on either side, fold it up when not in use!

5. Homarden 3 Blade Stainless Steel Vegetable Spiralizer

  • Puree’ your veggies into the shape of noodles with this vegetable spiralizer! The Homarden 3 Blade Stainless Steel Vegetable Spiralizer delivers great food, health, and happiness all at once.
  • With the robust design constructed of high-quality stainless steel for risk-free cutting, a firm standing based on commercial standards, and intuitive usage based on good looks – this kitchen must-have is made to be operable for everyone.
  • Order now to receive 1 integrated spiral blade with 2 julienne blades as well as 2 bonus spare blades that will help reshape your world!

6. BELLA 4-in-1 Automatic Electric Spiralizer

  • BELLA 4-in-1 Automatic Electric Spiralizer will replace your secret weapon for making everything delicious. Create colorfully colorful, culinary creations with ease.
  • Let’s get down to the good stuff: you only need one spiralizer that can handle all of these jobs! BELLA is an electric, hands-free vegetable slicer that uses four interchangeable blades to cut different types of produce into spirals.
  • It also has a position detector so it automatically stops when the tray is empty and prevents any injuries! The BELLA features dishwasher-safe parts which make clean-up easy peasy (just like the rest of our life).

7. Paderno World Cuisine 6-Blade Vegetable Spiralizer

  • Paderno World Cuisine 6-Blade Vegetable Spiralizer delivers on all your slicing needs with nine blades, two of which are exclusive to this product. Cook up a buffet of healthy green vegetables in minutes without the hassle of complicated appliances or big recipes. This sturdy machine is made of heavy-duty BPA-free ABS plastic that sets exceptional standards for safety and durability.
  • The 6-blade spiralizer can cut through anything from zucchini rice sheets to spaghetti squash strands at the click of a button, creating distinctive styles like angel hair ribbon spirals or wavy cut pasta noodles – perfect for eating raw food! Save time prepping dishes while you cook by storing everything neat and tidy in its compact dishwasher-safe design.

8. Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Electric Vegetable Spiralizer

  • The Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Electric Vegetable Spiralizer is perfect for those who want to cut down on time and effort when prepping veggies.
  • It includes three cutting cones that transform your whole fruits and vegetables into spaghetti, linguine, or ribbon-shaped noodles for wholesome, healthy meals!
  • The large bowl on the veggie noodle spiralizer is just the right size – it holds up to six cups of fresh vegetable noodles. There’s no need to prep individual items, as you can simply slide a zucchini through the machine’s large 2 ½ inch round chute.

9. MITBAK Stainless Steel Spiralizer

  • The veggie Spiralizer is the quick and easy way to make pasta out of your favorite vegetables. Safety-designed with suction cups on the bottom, this Lifelong cutter comes with three different cutting discs: a thin curly one for delicate spaghetti, a thicker blade for fettuccine or linguini, and an extra-wide blade for making larger loops or cutting slices in half lengthwise.
  • Easy to use pushbuttons allow you to switch between blades and control how thick your zucchini, squash, and other veggies come out. The optimal thickness depends on what dish you’re making – if you want that perfect sauce tomato stir fry then it’s time to go with thin strands!

10. Ourokhome Vegetable Spiralizer

  • The Ourokhome vegetable spiralizer can save you time and effort, giving you professionally finished vegetables with just one twist of the lever. The heavy-duty stainless steel blades are designed to be comfortable but strong. The best spirals come from our wide blade, perfect for cucumbers or zucchini noodles!
  • Don’t go back to slicing again without trying this new vertical spiralizer. Join countless people who have already made their lives easier with help from Ourokhome. Built-in garlic flat grids make clean-up simple; they also double as a drying rack for your vegetables while not in use (it’s like two products in one!).

11. Mueller Pro Multi-Blade Spiralizer

  • This healthy cooking appliance will help you enjoy creative dishes without sacrificing your diet. The Mueller Pro Multi-Blade Spiralizer is a foolproof way to create raw, vegan, or gluten-free meals from vegetables and fruits by transforming them into spirals of “pasta” in as little as 3 seconds!
  • With blades made from strong BPA-free plastic, you can produce 8 inch long spirals without hassle. From zucchini noodles to curly cucumber strands for salads, this spiralizer has four interlocking blades that are designed with perfection in mind for efficient operation.

How to Choose the Best Spiralizer for You

Choosing the best spiralizer for you can be tricky. We’ve got the key factors to consider to make sure you don’t end up buying a sub-par spiralizer:


The first thing we considered when looking at a variety of different models was their price. You don’t want to spend more than you have to, but on the other hand, just because a model is cheap doesn’t mean it’s worth sacrificing quality over. In general, though, an average-priced spiralizer will do just fine if all you need to do is turn a few veggies into noodles and don’t want to spend too much money.


The next thing we looked at was the durability of these models as this is something else that’s important when you’re looking for your first spiralizer. Durability is key if you want to make sure that your spiralizer lasts as long as possible as it will be able to withstand regular use without any issues whatsoever. This is where some models still manage to stand out even though they cost slightly more than others, so it pays off in the end if you consider this before making a purchase.

Ease of Use

This is essential if you want to get the most out of your spiralizer. The whole point of getting a spiralizer is that it offers you an easier way to cut up your veggies, so the less effort it takes, the better it usually is. Some models are even more difficult to use than others, so while price comes into play here as well, ease-of-use should always be one of your top priorities when shopping for a new model!

Spiralizing Ability

Now, this ties in closely with durability and ease of use because it determines how easy it will be for you to actually turn vegetables into noodles using your spiralizer. While some models offer an impressive range when it comes to what you can spiralize and the size of the noodles that they produce, this isn’t always an option with cheaper models. This is where we suggest paying close attention to what exactly you’re getting as a package as sometimes not all attachments offer as much as others.

Length of Warranty

This one was another factor we considered when looking through different products because it’s important for both durability and customer satisfaction. A longer warranty will also help to increase the peace of mind that you have when using your model so if a spiralizer comes with a particularly short warranty period, it might be a good idea to look elsewhere! Plus, having a longer warranty will save you money in terms of repairs or replacements down the line.


When deciding on which model was actually the best and worth recommending, we took a look at what features each model has and whether or not those features are actually useful. Some models might have a lot of extra features which end up being more or less useless rather than helpful, so that’s why it’s crucial to know what you want before you make a final decision.

Other Factors

Another thing we considered was the ease of use as well as how easy it is to clean your spiralizer after using it. No one wants to spend an hour cleaning their kitchen appliance once they’re done cooking, so ease of use and cleaning are definitely key factors when choosing between all the different models on the market. Last but not least, we also took into account if there were any customer service issues with each model in case something goes wrong after buying one for whatever reason, although this only came into play with a small number of models.

How to Use a Spiralizer?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a Spiralizer worth buying?

The short answer is yes! It’s a great kitchen gadget that will have you want to eat more vegetables. I may be a bit biased though. I’ve been using a spiralizer for years and love it. So let me tell you why this tool has revolutionized my life in the kitchen.

2. Can you peel apples with a Spiralizer?

Yes you can! One of the great things about this tool is that it’s not just for making veggie noodles, I use mine for many different foods. Peeling apples (or pears) with the peeler attachment is one of my favorite ways to make quick work out of fruit. I like to spiralize some celery stalks too and dip them in nut butter as a post-workout snack.

3. Which veg can be Spiralized?

You can spiralize anything! I love zucchini noodles but have also used them to peel apples. Sweet potatoes and beets are a favorite of mine too. The possibilities are endless.

4. Is a Spiralizer easy to clean?

Yes, it has different attachments so you just need to rinse the part that touched the food off in the sink before storing them away.

5. How much does a Spiralizer cost?

I’ve seen them range from $10-$50 depending on what style you get and whether or not there is an automatic blade-changing mechanism included. It’s definitely something you want to research before purchasing one for yourself because some models require a separate piece for each blade while others have interchangeable blades built right inside the handle.


The following list of best spiralizers can help you decide which model is right for your needs. Whether the price, durability, or usability are important to you, these top picks should be able to meet all of your requirements and serve as a great addition to any kitchen appliance collection.

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