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11 Best Standing Wine Racks Reviews of 2023 You Don’t Miss

Best Standing Wine Rack

Standing wine racks are a great way to store your bottles of wine. They take up less space than traditional horizontal racks, hold more bottles, and can be stacked on top of each other to save even more space.

Most people don’t have enough room in their cupboards or on their countertops to store all of those bottles. A standing wine rack provides an excellent solution by storing up to four bottles at one time while taking up minimal space. Check out this article on how to find the best standing wine racks and get started organizing your space today!

List of 11 Best Standing Wine Racks Reviews

1. Wine Rack Pine Wood Stackable Storage Stand Display Shelves

  • The Wine Rack Pine Wood Stackable Storage Stand Display Shelves is a stackable storage system, which allows you to store your wine bottles in one convenient space. The shelves can be securely stacked and holding up to six rows of casks at a time.
  • This wooden standing wine rack is perfect for when you need to organize your wine bottle collection in a small space. A rack of this type can be put together in just a few minutes with no tools needed thanks to the dowels that interlock each connection point. Add another set if you want, they can easily be stacked up on top of each other!
  • The rack will hold 36-72 bottles and conveniently comes with an easy-to-follow instruction manual with pictures so putting the stand together is even easier. This product is made from thicker wood than its competitors, which also adds stability to make it less likely for it falls over after one or two bottles are placed on it.

2. Kinbor 6-Tier Bamboo Standing Wine Rack with Drawer

  • Kinbor bamboo wine rack with drawer is made of high grade 100% natural bamboo and safe lacquer finish, healthy and environmentally friendly. The surface is more smooth, durable, and odorless for daily use. An excellent wine accessory or gift for Christmas, Mother’s Day, birthdays, housewarming, wine lovers, wine tasting party!
  • These 6-tier shelves can easily store 36 bottles of wine which saves a lot of space in your kitchen/pantry/laundry room etc. The top serving counter could hold your foods(such as cheese)or it could be used to place flowers on or to hang photos or other things you want to be displayed.

3. SONGMICS 42-Bottle Wine Rack Free Standing Floor

  • Store a lot of wine with great style and at-home convenience with this Standing Wine Rack from Songsmics. With 42 bottles worth of space, you’ll never need to worry about your collection shrinking or running out. You can even keep some aging wines on the rack, away from any messes!
  • The best standing wine racks are specially designed to retain cork moisture; there’s also an added bamboo lining for extra durability – although it won’t be necessary considering that the rack has been finished with espresso lacquer.
  • It should last you for years without showing any signs of wear because this exterior has been sanded down to nothing but fine wood grain-and all done by hand at Songsmics too!

4. Sorbus Wine Rack Free Standing Floor

  • It’s not easy to find a free-standing wine rack that will fit your needs. The Sorbus Wine Rack Free Standing Floor is the perfect balance of beauty and practicality, as it holds up to 75 bottles of wine (each bottle stored horizontally to keep the wine fresh).
  • It’s also attractive enough so you can place it in any room of the house for a personal touch. Plus, because this model doesn’t have any screws or nails involved, you can assemble the flooring display rack with relative ease whether you are a man or a woman.

5. everous Wooden Standing Wine Rack

  • The everous Wooden Standing Wine Rack comes with one sturdy and durable wine rack, perfect for those that want to display their best bottles. The everous Wooden Standing Wine Rack is made of high-quality acacia material and Eco-friendly lacquer finish, as well as a special design that allows air to reach the cork of each bottle.
  • This best standing wine rack features 7 shelves and 4 bottles on each shelf – totaling 28 storage spaces inside. If you’re looking for space-efficient storage or need somewhere to display your favorite wines, the various Wooden Standing Wine Rack gives you everything you could be looking for!

6. X-cosrack Stackable Rustic 36 Bottle Freestanding Wine Rack

  • X-cosrack Stackable Rustic 36 Bottle Freestanding Wine Rack is a durable wine rack that is not only stable but also elegant. The wave-wood-board design ensures the cork of each individual bottle will be soaked. That means you can expect your wine to stay fresh for much longer than if there wasn’t so much moisture being held in the bottles.
  • This elegant wine rack allows you to display your favorite bottles in a 36-bottle freestanding design. The adjustable feet allow for three possible configurations: one large stack, two stacks, or three separate racks.
  • Secure your collection without the worry of things falling off with its strong friction and stylish wood finish. Because this standing wine rack is modular, it can be safely stacked vertically or horizontally to suit any space limitations you have at home so you can find a perfect fit for this wine rack in no time!

7. Wine Racks America Pine 4 Column 10 Row Display Top Kit

  • The Wine Racks America Pine 4 Column 10 Row Display Top Kit is a great way to show off your wine collection. It can hold a total of 40 bottles and has a capacity for all 750ml bottles.
  • The kit comes with the storage rack and 1 oak backstop, which helps minimize faceting in the case that customers do not push down hard enough to latch. Minor assembly is required; however, wall mounting will also ensure no tipping occurs when loading up the wine cellar (recommended regardless).
  • Proudly made in the USA, our shelves are designed seamlessly with each other so customers can create their own furniture facings without worrying about interference from other company’s products.

8. kinsuite Bamboo Wine Rack Modular Wine Storage Holder Display Shelves

  • This best standing wine rack is an elegant and functional way to store your collection of vintage wines. The six shelves hold up to 38 bottles total, sturdy construction prevents wobbling, tilting, or falling. The ingenious vertical design maximizes space efficiency for more storage in limited spaces-perfect for the kitchen, dining room, basement bar, or wine cellar! Made from 100% natural bamboo which is good for the environment and healthy to use.
  • With a fashionable combination of top-loading counter drawers, you can put flowers for floral table centerpieces; books; any other personal objects besides the wine bottles as per your taste. This single piece of furniture will not only save considerable storage space but also go well with both traditional and modern style settings like contemporary decorating.

9. Mango Steam 32 Bottle Wine Rack with Glass Table Top

  • The Mango Steam™ 32 Bottle Wine Rack with Glass Table Top is the perfect table accent for any gathering. Conveniently holding up to 32 standard 750 ml size bottles, this black tempered glass top wine rack provides flexible storage for all of your favorite wines and alcohols.
  • The product also adds charm to your living room or guest suite by providing a stylish way to store wine without losing an entire shelf in your cabinet. It has a steel construction with durable powder coating, offering elegance and durability that elevates its look from merely functional.
  • The mango steam design offers visibility into what’s inside while keeping it safely contained-saving you time when wining and dining over the holidays, uncovering precisely what you want without sifting through stacks.

10. Tribesigns 5-Tier Wine Rack Freestanding Floor

  • The Tribesigns 5-tier wine rack freestanding floor is the perfect addition to your home. Suitable for all occasions, this multi-function piece of furniture can be used in kitchens, bars, wine cellars, basements, or pantries for storing drinks and small parties or as decoration stand alone. The safe design makes it ideal for homes that have children too!
  • Holding up to 32 wine bottles and 8 to 12 pieces of stemware, Tribesigns 5-Tier Wine Rack is a perfect way not only to offer space-efficient storage for wine glasses but also a vintage look with its brilliant rustic industrial design. When you need more than just your kitchen countertop’s surface area or cabinet space, this rack will become an essential home decor item for any household.

11. Smartxchoices Stackable Modular 72 Slots Standing Wine Rack

  • The Smartxchoices Stackable Modular 72 Slots Standing Wine Rack is perfect for storing your wine bottles or an awesome organization system that will fit into any space. It’s made of high-quality wood with notches and slots that deeply hold all the pieces together so it can’t be knocked over even if you bumped against it accidentally.
  • This modular stacking style makes it easy to create whatever design form your imagination sees best! The rack comes with assembly instructions too so no worries about losing time piecing things back together. Brighten up any room in the house today with this innovative storage solution that will make drinking wine taste better.

How to Choose the Best Standing Wine Rack

A nice wine rack can not only look great in your kitchen, dining room, or home bar but also serve as a decorative piece that compliments the other items around it. Once you have chosen to utilize a standing wine rack rather than a bottle rack you will want to take some time to choose the one that best fits your needs. When choosing between standing wine racks there are many factors that you need to consider before making this purchase. The following are some of the things that people recommend considering prior to purchasing their new wine pile.

1. Size

Most people prefer having lots of bottles within their standing wine rack, thus they should make sure this is possible with the size of the space available for them in their home. For example, if your wine rack is smaller than the space you have to put it in then it will look very odd with no bottles within. But if your standing wine rack is too big for the space you have available then you are wasting precious floor or table room that could be used elsewhere throughout your home.

2. Style

Many people like to go all out when decorating their homes and this includes having matching items of furniture around the house that compliment each other. People who want a modern-looking kitchen may choose to buy a modern-looking standing wine rack while those who like classic styles will go after this type of item as well. There are usually several different styles of these racks including vintage, industrial, contemporary, country, and mission which you can choose from depending on the look you are going for with your home.

3. Material

There are many options available when it comes to choosing the material which is used for producing these wine racks. A common choice includes metal which has become one of the most popular options because of its affordability. People who do not own a wine rack but are looking at getting one may also want to consider wooden ones as they are very stylish and come in several different styles. If you have an old barrel laying around then try turning it into a standing wine rack by placing some wood across the top and pounding some nails through to keep it together.

4. Where You Will Put

If you want to simply store your wine bottles in a corner of your home or kitchen without much thought then the size and material are not going to matter much. But if you wish to add some style and sophistication into this particular area of your home then it will be important for you to consider these factors when choosing the best standing wine rack. Most people choose between racks that are metal, wooden, or wicker because they can hold several bottles while still adding beauty into the surrounding areas.

5. How Many Bottles You Need To Store

The larger a standing wine rack is then naturally it could be used to house more bottles at any one time, depending on how big each bottle is. For example, a simple wooden standing wine rack could hold 15-25 bottles while a metal one may be able to accommodate 25-50. If you are looking for something that will display your bottle collection in an area of your home then this factor is important when choosing which standing wine rack to go with.


Standing wine racks can add much style and flair into any room including the kitchen, dining, or living room areas of your home. They come in several different styles, materials, and sizes so it would only be natural if you took some time before making this purchase to choose the best standing wine rack for your needs.

Many people either buy these items online or head down to their local furniture store in order to get them, but this doesn’t have to be the case. By considering the factors laid out particularly in this article, you will be able to get a great standing wine rack for your needs and save yourself some time and money at the same time.

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