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10 Star Wars Mugs Very Beautiful You Should Buy

Star Wars Mugs

A mug is one of the most basic and practical gifts you can give to anyone. But if you want to get a little more creative, this Star Wars-themed mug will make any coffee or tea drinker feel like they’re in outer space with their favorite Jedi (or Sith). The design features your pick of color scheme: black and white, brown and gold, blue and silver. This is a great gift for any fan!

List of 10 Star Wars Mugs Reviews

1. Benair USA Star Wars Mug

  • Show some love for your favorite science-fiction series with the Benair USA Star Wars Mug. This heat-changing mug is thermochromatic, which means it has some flashy magic powers of its own.
  • Pour in a hot liquid and watch as lightsabers reveal themselves on the side of this 12 oz plastic mug – available individually or as a 16 pack set!
  • The individual mugs are perfect for corporate giveaways at all those upcoming conventions where cosplay is a regular occurrence, while the 16 pack mugs make a great addition to your home kitchen or office pantry.

2. Zak Designs Star Wars Coffee Mug

  • Legend has it that your morning beverage contains the key to all your success. Wouldn’t you like to flip a light switch and start the day with a Coruscant sunrise (or Hoth, or Tatooine)? Now it’s possible with this Zak Designs Starkiller Base side view coffee mug!
  • The ceramic construction ensures durability for many years of Darth Vader-free mornings. Amaze co-workers and friends by displaying one of George Lucas’ most fearsome villains in all his glory amidst hot java.
  • This sturdy design will hold its shape whether lifted by Rebel Alliance members, Sith Lords, Jedis, pod racers, pod jockeys – really anyone who enjoys Darth Vader’s dark brews without worrying about breakage or leakage due to microwave use.

3. Silver Buffalo Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope Ceramic Coffee Mug

  • Do you know how you’ve always wanted a Star Wars mug to look your coffee in these days? Well, we have the perfect novelty coffee cup for your Jawa-sized appetite!
  • Whether it’s Rebel tea or Imperial espresso, our 14 oz. ceramic The Force Awakens coffee mug will take care of all your morning needs with its many nifty functions: paperweight, storage for pens and change or droid parts, and even an oven-safe mug cake dish!
  • So whether you’re baking Jabba the Hutt in a pan outside his Tatooine palace or just boiling perfectly non-gendered eggs on Coruscant after getting up at 4 AM to make sure Han Solo gets there safely (let’s be real–now that she knows he is taken).

4. Vandor Star Wars The Last Jedi Resistance Helmet Premium Sculpted Mug

  • The Resistance Helmet Premium Sculpted Mug from Vandor is a must-have for any Star Wars fan. Show your allegiance to the Rebels with this magnificent mug as you sip away at your favorite beverage. It’s the perfect gift for those who don’t want to feel left out of what could be history in movie theaters this December.
  • This collectible piece comes in full color, beautifully decorated, and easy to wrap box that would be perfect under the tree or hanged on a Christmas tree branch throughout December and then wrapped up and placed under it. Add some coffee beans inside for an added touch of style!

5. Star Wars Mandalorian Mug Coloring Changing Window Box

  • This product is a limited edition window box that changes colors when you add hot water to it. This coloring window mug also includes an exclusive collectible mini action figure and toy blaster to set your imagination in motion.
  • The Star Wars Mandalorian Mug Coloring Changing Window Box comes with 3D glasses because this is the best way for them to look like they’re coming right out of the screen! And don’t forget, keep an eye on the droid ledges all around each side of this limited-edition pack: they might just hold hidden surprises too…

6. Vandor Star Wars Boba Fett Ceramic Sculpted Mug

  • It’s a well-known fact we love Star Wars and the bounty hunter Boba Fett. This Starwars mug is made for those who also like to drink things sometimes, but still want their collectibles! Be like Boba Fett and enjoy your coffee with this sculpted ceramic mug that features him in all his glory.
  • The 20-ounce size means it will hold plenty of liquid (or carbonite) which you can microwave or hand wash, according to whichever you prefer. He measures 4″ x 6″ x 4.5″ so he’ll fit snugly on your desk at work or kitchen countertop when not in use; perhaps even on your bookshelf once you get home!

7. Star Wars Storm Trooper Sculpted Ceramic Mug

  • This Storm Trooper Sculpted Ceramic Mug certainly makes for an exciting gift. With dishes like Darth Vader French Press or Greedo Waffle Maker, you can be sure that this Starwars ceramic mug will brighten up any morning beverage; to the last sip, the Galactic Empire won’t know what hit ’em!
  • Capable in withstanding a blast from anything over 100 degrees Fahrenheit and is microwave safe (although not recommended), no matter where your caffeine addiction calls home, this Storm Trooper Skirted Ceramic Mug may just make for the perfect household accessory. And don’t worry whether you’re sitting on blue milk and rocking in your leather chair in front of a hologram projector: we’ve got you covered too!

8. Disney Parks Star Wars R2D2 R2 D2 Large Ceramic Mug

  • The Starwars mug is both stylish and functional. It’s perfect for oversleeping Stormtrooper turns your brew into solid black Jedi power! Disney Parks Star Wars R2D2 Mug, Ceramic measures 13-inch tall with 360 ml capacity.
  • Use a microwave or dishwasher to clean this durable ceramic mug with sale decorated stainless steel lining on the inside of the cup that keeps drinks warm longer than plastic cups or mugs.
  • Add some cool angle after pressing a center button at the front to push a storming downloader droid in white and red down a funnel into cockpit-shaped hole at the bottom spout where he clicks his vents in anticipation of fresh morning coffee!

9. Wampumtuk Starwars May The Froth Be With You Funny Coffee Mug

  • Do you want to win the “cool uncle” award, but are running out of time? Your problem is solved! We have just the thing you are looking for. This Starwars coffee mug celebrates what it means to be an awesome nerd with great humor and sarcastic wit that will fuel their every conversation at work or around the dinner table.
  • The Starwars ceramic mug itself is dishwasher and microwave safe, so they can revel in its charm over and over again without concern about damaging it. You won’t regret giving this unique gift – they’ll think of you every morning when they pour their café au lait in anticipation of heading back to hyperspace (or getting back to Project Management).

10. Official Star Wars Millennium Falcon Grid Schematics Mug

  • May the Force be with you! Bring a little bit of Star Wars to your desk and fill it with this officially licensed Millennium Falcon Grid Schematics Mug. Showing different perspectives on different sections of the ship, nothing can go wrong when you make like Han Solo and add some color to your office.
  • Not only will all your colleagues want one because it’s such a unique desk accessory, but would also be thrilled if they get decorated in time for any upcoming Star Wars holiday – we’re looking at you May 4th!
  • Quick and easy to clean, this Official Star Wars Millennium Falcon Grid Schematics Mug is a great gift idea for any Star Wars fan in your life. Especially when they need something to keep them busy when the Force is not with them!


These mugs would make an awesome gift idea for any occasion and they’re available on Amazon Prime so you can get your order delivered right to your front door! You don’t need Jedi training to find some cool ways of using these beautiful star wars mugs – I’m sure whoever receives one this Christmas will love it just as much as I do mine.

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