16 Best Staub Dutch Ovens (2022 Reviews and Buyting Tips)

Best Staub Dutch Ovens

The Staub Dutch oven has been hailed as one of the best pots for making soups, stews, and other slow-cooked dishes by many chefs and home cooks alike. But it also comes with a hefty price tag that some people can’t afford or don’t want to spend on an item they use only occasionally. On the other hand, there are those who prefer to buy high-end cookware because they know it will last them their entire lifetime if taken care of properly.

One of the best things about cooking with a Staub Dutch oven is that it can be used on any type of stove. The thick, heavy bottom and sturdy lid make it perfect for searing meat and vegetables over high heat or simmering soups at low temperatures. This versatility makes it an excellent addition to any kitchen’s cookware collection.

The best Staub Dutch Oven can make your cooking experience a breeze. We’ve compiled the top choices for different types of recipes, so you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for your needs. Whether you’re interested in traditional French cuisine or just want to start with some basic stewing and frying, there’s an option out there that is sure to meet all of your expectations. This article will help you identify what type of pot is right for you based on certain criteria such as size, material, color, and more so that you can select the one that suits all of your needs without having to worry about anything else!

What is a Staub Dutch Oven?

A Staub dutch oven is a cast iron pot with a lid. It comes in a black matte finish and can be used on gas, electric, or induction stove tops. The more you use it the better it gets as the seasoning will grow into its non-stick surface over time.

The Staub dutch oven is a cooking vessel made of enameled cast iron, which distributes heat evenly and consistently resulting in delicious meals. The original dutch oven was designed for frugal farmers to be used as both a cooking vessel and storage container. When the dutch oven is placed inside another heated dutch oven, it can keep food warm for hours; perfect for those busy farmers getting home late from the fields. The Staub “cocotte” (dutch oven) has traveled into contemporary kitchens all over the world and become an indispensable tool that every cook should have in their kitchen arsenal!

List Of 16 Best Staub Dutch Oven Reviews

1. STAUB 0.75-Qt 11721218 Petite French Oven

  • Easy to use and easy to clean, the Staub 0.75-Qt 11721218 Petite French Oven is perfect for any kitchen space. A uniquely designed handle with an ergonomic grip makes this oven safe and comfortable to hold regardless of your skill level or cooking aesthetic.
  • Solid cast iron construction not only provides you with exceptional heat distribution and retention but also ensures that these ovens will last a lifetime – no seasoning required! With these petite stoves, you can set it off atop most standard tables with ease. With its generous size (0.75 qt) and complete assortment of high-quality features.
  • The Staub 11721218 Petite French Oven is perfect for any home cook who doesn’t have time to be constantly tending to his or her food. Thanks to our signature self-basting spikes made of stainless steel, you can place this pan in the oven with whatever it is that needs cooking-no monitoring needed!
  • The matte black interior resists stains so even after years of being handled by every type of cook there ever was, this pan will always look new. The versatility of this oven goes from oven to table with ease thanks to iconic Staub handles with smooth ergonomic grips that will allow you to cook in comfort too. It also doesn’t need seasoning because it has an enameled surface that is easy to clean and durable enough to last a lifetime.

2. Staub 5.5-quart Cast Iron Round Cocotte

  • The Staub Round Cocotte, crafted in France and hand-finished with durable enamel to create our signature matte finish. The tight fit lid ensures you’ll keep all the moisture, spikes on top make it feel like a rainforest experience come true; juices evenly seep back into your dish!
  • Enjoy effortless cooking for this dish – up to 900°F without the lid or 500°F with the lid. Dishwasher safe, but recommended to only wash by hand for care purposes. Unique interior surface guarantees perfect browning every time.
  • A versatile, durable, and high-quality product that is better than any competitor in the market. The Staub Cocotte will help you keep your stovetop clean and ensures even, browning for all foods.
  • Unique features include oven-safe lids and smooth enamel bottoms that work on nearly any stovetop type so you can easily fry, simmer, braise or roast at home without the worry of damaging your piece of cooking equipment.
  • This handcrafted round cocotte is certified with Cherry enamel which creates an incredible browning on all types of food. With a tight-fitting lid, this pot has an efficiency in the kitchen that will never go unnoticed.
  • This unique, medium-sized Cocotte 5 3/4 quarts (5.5 liters) can handle any type of stovetop including gas cooking ranges, electric stoves with glass top elements, ceramic cooktops, and halogen ovens (up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit or 482 degrees Celsius).

3. STAUB 7-quart Cast Iron Round Cocotte

  • The Staub Cocotte is the perfect pan for any home chef looking to create mouthwatering dishes. You can cook both savory and sweet treats with its versatility, all while leaving your kitchen dirt-free thanks to its oven-safe lid!
  • The STAUB Cast Iron Round Cocotte, 7-quart is a French oven that comes in different colors and sizes. This particular round cocotte is cherry and measures 16” D x 10” H. It has a tight-fitting lid that retains moisture to create the rainforest effect of evenly returning juices back on food without drying it out as stovetop cooking does, which creates an enameled bottom (natural nonstick) perfect for all stovetops.
  • The enamel exterior makes it ideal for all climates including powdery dry conditions or humid tropical conditions where cast iron would not be reliable. The nonstick surface of the Cocotte makes it easy to cook eggs without sticking.
  • The STAUB Cocotte is designed specifically for slow-simmering, long cooking techniques like braising and stewing. With tighter control for maintaining constant high heat set by the flame discharge system, this cocotte cooks more evenly with less tending than other cookwares of its kind. This cocotte does all the work for you with self-basting spikes that ensure even distribution of juices throughout your dish so they are healthy and delicious.

4. Staub 4 Qt Cast Iron Round Cocotte

  • This round cocotte is perfect for any of your stovetop cooking needs! It’s the oven-safe cocotte that does it all – you’re free to use it on all stovetops, including gas-electric glass-ceramic induction and halogen. The tight-fitting lid seals in moisture while retaining aromatic sprigs, vegetables, or fruit, giving anything you cook inside a deep, rich flavor. You don’t need to worry about hot spots inside the pot because the lids also retain moisture spikes throughout cooking.
  • The tight-fitting lid that retains moisture, the oven-safe up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit without a lid, and smooth enamel bottom makes it perfect for ambidextrous stovetops – including gas, electric glass-ceramic induction, ceramic halogen. And this skillet’s unique interior matte texture means exceptional browning so your dishes are faster than ever! Combined with its dishwasher safety and hand wash recommended qualities, this 4-quart cocotte is your next essential kitchenware item.
  • The tight-fitting flat lid features self-basting spikes for even distribution of juices throughout cooking so that food is moist and flavorful. The interior black matte enamel finish produces a naturally nonstick surface that is more resistant to scratches and chips than other finishes. It won’t discolor or rust and will never need seasoning – it’s ready to go out of the box!

5. Staub 5 1/2-Qt. Round Dutch Oven Color: Grenadine

  • Besides being gorgeously red, Staub is oven safe to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and has a black matte enamel interior with grooves for easy basting. Improves flavor penetration because of little drips off this oven-safe cookware. You also get limitless cooking options, like closed-circuit and spikes; if you’re adventurous in the kitchen, these handles are perfect for your skills! Plus, it comes in five different sizes ranging from 12 cm (5 1/2 qt) to 20 cm (10 qt) so everyone can get their dream size pot or pan.
  • Made from the finest cast iron and enamel, this pot retains and evenly diffuses heat and is compatible with induction hobs. The grenadine color makes it a beautiful addition to your kitchen’s decor while providing institutional dishes that can be cooked at home with ease!
  • Meanwhile, our enameled black matte interior ensures true tastes from those same dishes remain authentic regardless of size or time in the oven. Rather than using regular exteriors, our cast iron round display offers elevated stability as well as durability with an exclusive smooth enamel bottom – ensuring constant and optimum performance – while also resisting up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit without any damages!

6. Staub 5.5 Quart Round Cocotte, Basil

  • The “round cocotte” is a French oval pot. It can be used to create delicious dishes such as paella, cassoulet, and lobster bisque. The Staub Round Cocotte produces excellent flavor and remains flavorful for up to 24 hours after cooking. Made in France by our master stove-smiths using centuries-old techniques, the Round Cocotte combines traditional design with modern innovation to bring you an unsurpassed cooking experience that will delight your family and friends!
  • This casserole features heavy weight, tight fitting lid which retains moisture and spikes on the lid which create a rainforest effect evenly returning juices back onto food. When not in use it sits atop its own storage dome like a friendly artifact from medieval times dressed.
  • With this cocotte, you don’t need to worry about burnt food or scorchy pots because all of that delicious flavor is sealed in with its tight-fitting lid, which spikes create a height for caramelizing meat juices back onto the dish. The wide base gives it heat distribution for use on any stovetop–gas, electric, glass ceramic induction and halogen included–and cleans easily with its smooth enamel bottom.

7. STAUB Round Cocotte, 6-1/4-Quart, Grenadine

  • Lightweight and long-lasting, these pretty pieces make up an attractive portion of your kitchen collection. The smooth enamel bottom is perfect for any stovetop: gas, electric, glass, induction and halogen. Made in France and oven safe up to 900F/482C without the lid (lids are oven safe up to 500F/260C), you can’t go wrong with this versatile cocotte that will be used year after year.
  • Unique interior matte textures create superior browning when cooking veggies or roasting meats while retaining moisture without the risk of drying out anything inside.
  • The STAUB Round Cocotte is perfect for slow braises, stews, pot roast, lamb shanks and caramelization. Its tight-fitting lid seals in moisture which creates a rainforest effect that returns juices onto food ensuring it stays flavorful. The rounded shape promotes rapid caramelization on the edges of proteins while cooking over gentle heat.
  • Featuring a thick enamel coating to provide evenly distributed cooking and healthy food, the Staub Round Cocotte is an oven-proof cocotte for all stovetops. The nickel steel knob offers a quality grip that is easy on hands despite its heavy weight.

8. Staub Cast Iron 5.75-qt Coq au Vin Cocotte – Turquoise

  • Staub’s light weight cast iron 5.75-qt Coq au Vin Cocotte – Turquoise, just add some chicken along with Pernod® wine or sherry and lots of garlic, thyme and onion; then finish off in one fell swoop by adding peas (or other vegetables), fresh parsley and water for steam — resulting in an irresistible flavor without excess fat!
  • This sturdy, classic 5.75-qt. pot is the perfect base for a hearty family meal with browned chicken in a rich sauce of red wine and vegetables you prepared from scratch with incantations, soothing music, purple candles, and hours waiting it out with exacting precision. Bring your dish to the next level when you add in some garlic breadsticks or crusty bread before cooking to make sure no one goes hungry in your kitchen again!
  • This pot is perfect to make your favorite French recipe once again. The tight-fitting lid traps in moisture, classic details like spiked top and charmingly rustic surface make it a cherished addition for your cooking repertoire. Pick up this 5.75 qt Staub cast iron cocotte – turquoise today!

9. Staub Cast Iron 3.75-qt Essential French Oven Rooster-Grenadine

  • Natural French design and elegance shouldn’t go unappreciated, especially not when it’s in a Staub Cast Iron 3.75-qt Essential French Oven with Rooster-Grenadine lid color. Crafted from enameled cast iron, this useful cooking vessel from Staub is oven safe up to 500F and is very easy to clean with the textured black matte interior that ensures exceptional browning of your food.
  • This piece also features a self-basting Chester spike lid for continuous condensation that flavors your food as it cooks. The debossed majolica finish takes on an unique finishing effect thanks to the signature Stab arts designers who create a dishwasher safe product.
  • Staub Cast Iron 3.75-qt Essential French Oven Rooster-Grenadine is a unique piece that provides versatility and ease of use. It features beautiful designs that are an essential part of the style and tradition of Stab households, as well as majolica enamel finishes for added protection and visual interest.
  • Staub French oven in an iconic rooster design, with the craftsmanship of the signature majolica enameling and easy to clean matte black interior, you can make reliably delicious baked goods like confections and breads with consistent results without all of the fuss.

10. Staub Cast Iron 5-qt Pumpkin Cocotte – Burnt Orange

  • Introducing the latest in durable cast iron cookware, this Staub cocotte will ensure incredible browning and heat retention while offering a bonus of robust durability. Wrought from black matte enameled cast iron on the inside for easy cleaning, this French-made lobster is thicker than most on the market so it won’t warp or distort from extreme temperatures.
  • And with its vivid three-step Majolica enameling that doesn’t chip, crack or rust, you’ll have a beautiful addition to your kitchen that carries a lifetime guarantee. Its ergonomic shaped handles make cooking a breeze and allow for maximum maneuverability whether going indoors or outside of the oven!
  • Cast iron is perfect for slow braising, deep frying, and searing. Staub’s pumpkin cocotte with black matte enamel finish heats up beautifully on the stovetop or oven, helping you produce delicious meals in no time flat.
  • With textured black matte enamel interior ensuring exceptional browning, this french oven easily goes from stovetop to table top without the worry of causing havoc to your favorite recipe over time.

11. Staub 4 Qt. Round Cocotte-cherry Red

  • The Staub Round Cocotte is perfect for entertaining group gatherings. The interior black matte enamel finish produces a natural non stick surface that won’t discolor or rust, and never needs seasoning – no foods will stick to this vessel. And if its performance isn’t enough, the tight fitting flat lid features self-basting spikes that give food an even distribution of juices during cooking so it’s moist and flavorful throughout.
  • The Staub 4 Qt. Round Cocotte features a tight fitting flat lid with self-basting spikes for distribution of juices throughout the cooking process, ensuring that food is moist and flavorful. Made in France and developed in conjunction with France’s most celebrated chef, these cocottes are sure to bring finesse to any kitchen!
  • The enameled cast iron pot works just as well on the stovetop or in the oven and is perfect for braising, roasting, stewing and even stir-frying.
  • A Staub cocotte is perfect for this French favorite – it will cook your meal evenly and beautifully without scorching or sticking that has happened with lesser pots. The tight fitting lid seals in flavor, while the thick black enamel pot makes cleaning easy as pie! With an interior knurled knob design you’ll avoid burn marks on your stovetop surface.

12. Staub Cast Iron 3-qt Artichoke Cocotte – Basil

  • Staub Cast Iron 3-qt Artichoke Cocotte – Basil Cerise by your side, you’ll be set up with everything that will make any dish pop from color to flavor. Cook your food with ease in this durable cast iron pot with high quality matte enamel interior that ensures superior browning. The easy grip handles offer maximum maneuverability as well as an amazing heat distribution which means no more burnt or overcooked food! Worry less about pesky cleaning because of the easy clean surface without seasoning required.
  • With its textured black matte enamel interior that ensures exceptional browning, this handy dish is perfect for cooking delicious meals on even your busiest day. The durable cast iron construction provides incredible heat retention and distribution, with vivid three-step Majolica enameling that creates a beautifully colored exterior you’ll love to give as a gift or serve to family and friends.
  • This piece will never rust or chip, with easy-to-grip handles designed for maximum maneuverability! Show off your Latina culinary skills by serving up an authentic Argentinean Pumpkin Soup traditionally made with onion soup mix seasoning packet, garlic, rice wine vinegar, water and pumpkin puree in this oven.

13. Staub Mini Round Cocotte, 0.25 quart, Basil

  • This lightweight, stylish cocotte from Staub is perfect for a variety of recipes. The tight-fitting lid retains moisture and the spikes on the lid create a rain-forest effect evenly returning juices back onto food. Use at oven temperatures up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit without the lid and 500 degrees Fahrenheit with the tight-fitting silicone top or glass vertex lid fitted.
  • The Staub Mini Round Cocotte, 0.25 quart is a staple in any kitchen! This pot comes with many perks that will help you achieve the perfect meal. For instance, it has a tight fitting lid that helps keep moisture inside of your dish as it cooks and spikes on the top which create a rain-forest effect as those juices fall back onto whatever’s cooking below.
  • This new model is oven safe up to 900F/482C without its lid and up to 500F/260C with it, making it ideal for preparing every dish even when you have limited space on your stovetop or want an ultrafast cleanup afterward. The super smooth enamel bottom works on all stovetops (including gas, electric, glass ceramic induction and halogen), allowing.

14. STAUB Cast Iron Mussel Pot, 2-quart, Black Matte

  • This Cast Iron Mussel Pot is ideal for baking on the stovetop or oven. Cast Iron ensures that your food will cook evenly and stay hot, while providing a smooth enamel bottom that is resistant to scratches on all stovetops. This pot also requires no seasoning of any kind- just wash with soap and water after use!
  • Expertly designed from the ground up reducing all of those pesky cooking hassles, the cast-iron mussel pot is perfect for any stovetop and even oven safe. Blemishes don’t stand a chance as this smooth enamel bottom browns meat perfectly with minimal maintenance on your end. One of a kind design that you just can’t resist, we’re proud to offer this lovely cookware to enhance your kitchen décor and fill it with fantastically scrumptious French flavor.
  • Cooking is easier than ever with the versatility of this two quart cast iron mussel pot. Easy to use, the smooth enamel bottom works on all stovetops and evenly transfers heat resulting in exceptional browning. The rough texture results in little to no scrubbing off stuck-on foods so everything cooks together without any messy clean up.

15. STAUB Cast Iron Round Cocotte, 3.75-qt, White Truffle

  • The STAUB Cast Iron Round Cocotte is made in France and was inspired by cocottes originally designed for French chefs. The cooking surface on this dish is perfect because it retains moisture, spikes on the lid create a rain forest-effect evenly returning juice back onto your food.
  • It’s oven safe up to 900F / 480C without the lid, and 570F/300C with a sealed lid. Don’t worry about compromising quality–the lids are oven safe up to 500°F / 260°C. The nickel steel knob provides timeless style that will match any kitchen decor beautifully! Protect your investment by washing with care-dishwasher+hand wash recommended!
  • This cocotte is made in France and can be used on all cooking surfaces. It accommodates up to 3.75 quarts, and includes a heavy duty metal knob for easy opening and closing while its smooth enamel bottom provides even browning for your dishes.
  • Available in white with a metallic truffle color trim, these 3¾-quart roasting pans feature an oven-safe lid that retains moisture spikes for the rainforest effect, saving you time from constantly re-adjusting food.

16. Staub Oval Cocotte Oven, 7 quart, Dark Blue

  • This 7 quart size is perfect for cooking side dishes or fixing any snack, while its little larger sibling is ideal for proper entrées. The intense blue color displayed on this one is indicative of our modernized world where weightless technology meets classic designs—a dishwasher safe cookware built to withstand anything from gas stoves to burning halogen. Inside, uniquely textured matte enamel means your quintessential bourguignon will brown every bit as good as it tastes!
  • Expertly designed and handmade in France, the Staub Oval Cocotte is everything you need for cooking spectacular meals. This deep dish casserole provides a unique, interior matte texture for flawless browning and macaroni and cheese that’s as good as grandma’s. The tight-fitting lid retains moisture so food stays moist while its nickel steel knob resists corrosion from bitter flavors or garlic to let your sauces steam. Versatile enough to work on any type of stovetop, including induction, this oven safe dish is made with smooth enamel bottom for those who love cooking over gas and electric cooktops alike.

Buying Guide for the Best Staub Dutch Oven 

When it comes to getting that tasty dish on the table, Staub Dutch Ovens are one of the top choices. Maybe you want to cook up a special recipe with an old family favorite in mind? Either way, this buying guide will help you choose the best Staub Dutch oven for your needs.


Some Staub Dutch Ovens come with a built in heat diffuser for cooking over an open flame, while others are best suited for your stove top. Others come with lids that have built in spouts so you can quickly and easily pour out liquids! This is great if you want to make gravies or sauces. Other lids don’t feature this spout, but they do come with their own individual basting brushes which nestle perfectly into the grooves of the lid’s interior. These are perfect for adding finishing touches on dishes like gratins or soufflés right before serving!


Staub’s enameled cast iron can be enjoyed on all heat sources, including induction if you have the right tools! The best feature of this type of cookware is that they can go from a hot oven to a tabletop set up for serving without missing a beat. Another huge advantage is that they are naturally nonstick and food slides off easily, which means less time scrubbing dishes later on.

Lid Shapes

There’s more than one shape when it comes to Staub Lids. You’ll often see round lids but there are also oval shaped lids, and even a better option for cooking bread.


Oval Dutch ovens have become popular in recent years because they take up less space on the stovetop. If you plan to use your Dutch oven on your stove top a lot then this is a great choice! Staub also makes a Round French Oven that has been beloved by many chefs around the world! Just keep in mind that oval shapes are not ideal for browning foods before braising or roasting them further since there is more surface area near the handle which can lead to uneven browning. This is why round lids are best for frying and searing meats while oval lids are great for slow cooking baked pastas and casseroles.


Do you want something that goes with all your décor? There are classic French designs of Staub’s Dutch ovens that look beautiful on the table. Or, if you’re looking for something that stands out, there are more modern options featuring bold colors and unique patterns! It’s hard to go wrong either way, so don’t hesitate to pick an option that appeals to you.

Heat Sources

One of the best things about this brand is its versatility. You can use them on any heat source including induction, gas stoves, ceramic hobs, or even fire pits! Make sure it fits into your stove easily before buying! Colors/Patterns/Styles: Colors range from black and white Le Creuset style designs to bright red, yellow, and orange enameled cast iron. Pattern options include everything from traditional French designs like Fleur de Lis or Rosettes to modern takes on flowers or even safari animals! Finally, you can choose between glossy enameled finishes that are very easy to clean OR matte enameled finishes which are more stubborn but also don’t show scratches as easily.

Dishwasher Safe

It’s never recommended to put cast iron in the dishwasher because its porous surface can absorb chemical residues. You should wash it by hand with warm water and a mild soap – no steel wool necessary! Care Instructions: Staub recommends you season your cookware before using it for the first time, every six months if you cook often, and after every use. To do this, rub a little bit of canola oil or clarified butter evenly over the inside and outside of the pot. Put a large sheet of foil on a cookie sheet in your oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for around half an hour to heat up your skillet. After 30 minutes, carefully remove it from the oven using oven mitts or potholders and then pour out any excess oil into a kitchen towel to cool down before discarding. Then let it cool completely until no steam is coming off – about two hours depending on how hot it gets! Once you’re done seasoning your pot, chill it in the refrigerator overnight so that all excess oil solidifies before cooking with it to prevent a sticky mess. Next, wash it with a soft sponge and a bit of soap water – don’t use any steel wool or scouring pads as they can scratch your pot! Dry your skillet thoroughly before storing it away.

Cast Iron Care

There are two types of cast iron cookware to look for when you’re buying Staub’s Dutch ovens! The first is enameled cast iron which is coated in porcelain and therefore doesn’t need to be seasoned like regular cast iron cookware does. All you need to do is make sure there isn’t anything stuck on the bottom and then store it away! The second kind of cast iron cooking vessel is bare (or uncoated) which means that you’ll have to season it before cooking with it to avoid rusting. Finally, if you find that you want your pot to be more non-stick over time, always make sure to use plastic or silicone tools when cooking with cast iron so that you don’t scratch the surface!

The Cast Iron Handle

This might seem like a small detail, but it’s actually really important. You’ll want a handle that’s sturdy and doesn’t get too hot. Another great feature is the ability to detach it from the Dutch oven for safety!

A Closer Look

Staub gives a closer look at 8 of their own top chef-recommended French Ovens here. If you’re looking for more information on these luxurious cookware items, head over to their site and see what they have to offer!


French ovens come in a variety of sizes! The smallest they have is 5.5 quarts, which is best for 1-2 people. If you live alone or with another person, this size should be perfect for preparing meals to keep one happy and healthy! Another popular size is 6.25 quarts which work well if you’re cooking for 2-4 people regularly. After all, who doesn’t want leftovers? Finally, the largest option that Staub offers is 10 quarts – it’s great if you need to cook large quantities of food at once or share dinner with friends!


These lovely Dutch ovens come in as low as $145 USD to as high as $275 USD. Prices depend greatly on size and features- so make sure to shop around before making your final decision!

Staub offers their classic round shape with a large surface area with an easy-grip handle and tight-fitting lid. It also comes with a pre-seasoned interior and exterior to get you cooking right away!

How to use your Staub Cocotte

How To Care For Your Staub Dutch Oven?

The care and use of your Staub products will bring you many years of enjoyment. Like all enameled cast iron cookware, there are a few pointers to bear in mind when using them:

  • Only use wooden or heat-resistant plastic utensils with Staub cookware. Metal objects will scratch the surface.
  • Never leave food to stand in the pot too long after cooking, as this will cause discoloring and affect the non-stick properties. The same applies to cold water standing on any hot dutch oven. Always wash it promptly!
  • Handles can get very hot during cooking, so transport safely using oven mitts or towels to avoid burns. Removable handles are for oven use only.
  • Do not place in the dishwasher, but hand washes in soapy water taking care around the rim. Dry immediately with a soft cloth to avoid watermarks or stains on the inside.
  • Care should be exercised when removing metal lids from hot Staub cast iron: although enameled cast iron has high resistance to thermal shock it is possible for even enameled cast iron to crack if cooled abruptly after cooking at high temperatures or if subjected to thermal shock.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use soap on Staub Dutch oven?

To clean your pans, let them cool down for at least 15 minutes after cooking and add some dish soap with warm water. Scrub the pan using a non-abrasive brush or scrubber until all of the food is removed from it. Rinse out this mixture thoroughly to remove any remaining residue that may be on the surface before drying completely with paper towels or leaving it upside down so it can drip dry naturally

When cleaning pots and pans, always wait 15 minutes after removing hot items from heat sources such as stovetops in order to ensure they are no longer dangerously heated up enough to cause burns if touched by bare skin. Add a small amount of dishwashing liquid along with some warm tap water into these cookware pieces once cooled off sufficiently.

2. Can you preheat a Staub Dutch oven?

When preheating a Dutch oven, never heat it to maximum temperature. This can cause the food and enamel of the pot to burn easily due to being too hot. To avoid this situation, drizzle olive oil into your dutch oven first before turning on your stovetop or broiler setting.

3. How do you clean the inside of a Dutch Staub oven?

Your Staub Cocotte can be easily cleaned with simple soap and water. It is best to avoid scouring agents or abrasive sponges that may damage your cookware since they are known for their superior durability. To remove stubborn dirt soak the pot in warm soapy water until all residues come off easily before rinsing it clean under running tap water.

4. Is Staub enameled cast iron safe?

Staub’s non-toxic cookware is stunning and safe for cooking. It can be used to prepare dishes like eggs, which are notoriously difficult with other types of pans because they often stick due to the lack of natural anti-stick properties in most materials.


This post has highlighted the benefits of buying high-end cookware, but it’s also important to consider what you will actually use your new pot or pan for. If you are looking for a versatile Dutch oven that can be used on any type of stovetop and in an oven, then this Staub product is worth considering. But if you only plan to use it occasionally when someone visits with their favorite soup recipe or stew, there are other less expensive choices available too!

The Staub Dutch oven is an excellent piece of cookware. It’s guaranteed to last a lifetime if taken care of properly, and it can be used for making soups, stews, and other slow-cooked dishes. But the price tag may not be in everyone’s budget or desired range. So there are those who prefer to buy high-end cookware because they know it will last them their entire lifetime if taken care of properly.

After reading this article, you should be able to identify the best Staub Dutch oven for your needs. You can search by certain criteria such as size, material, color, and more so that you’ll know what type of pot is right for you without having to worry about it not meeting all of your expectations. If there are any other questions or concerns related to selecting a new pot or seasoning one properly please let us know! We hope these tips help make cooking at home easier than ever before.

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