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17 Best Stemless Wine Glasses 2023: Reviews & Top Picks

Best Stemless Wine Glasses

I know it sounds silly, but I have a favorite stemless wine glass. It’s the one that’s always on my table when friends come over to hang out or if I’m just watching Netflix alone. And while there are some great benefits of using a stemmed wine glass, like how they keep your fingers from getting cold and wet (especially in winter!), there is something really nice about not having to hold onto anything at all with these best stemless wine glasses.

Whether you prefer a sweet, dry, or fruity taste of wine, there is a glass for every type. These types of glasses allow the aroma to come through as well as improve your overall experience with different wines. Some people may enjoy drinking white wine from a red wine glass but this can alter the flavor and color of the drink depending on what it is paired with. It’s important that you enjoy yourself when drinking so is sure to pick out the best stemless wine glasses, it will do just that!

Benefits of Using Stemless Wine Glasses

Even though stemware is perfect for just about every occasion and any drink, not all glasses come with stems. Stemless wine glasses (also known as tumblers) are generally smaller than a standard glass of wine and may not be ideal for some wines due to their small size. However, there are benefits to using them over your typical glass of wine:

They Travel Well

One-piece stemless wine glasses take up less space and can easily fit into a picnic basket or travel bag and be taken on the road. The lack of a stem also makes it easier to hold onto the base.

They’re Ideal For Portions

If you use larger glasses, you may pour too much wine and end up with a glass that’s half full. Smaller glasses, such as stemless wine glasses, can prevent you from over pouring and instead give you just the right amount of wine at one time.

They’re Convenient

You don’t have to worry about your stemless wine glasses tipping over or spilling because there is nothing to balance. If your glass doesn’t come with a plate, these types of wine glasses are ideal if you want to minimize clean-up after a party.

They Aren’t Just For Wine

While they may be perfect for serving a single serving of wine, stemless tumblers can also handle other liquids as well, including water or ice tea. In fact, many people choose to use them for juice or other mixed drinks.

They Make Great Tumblers

While stemless wine glasses are best used for serving wines, these tumblers can also be used to serve anything else that you may want to come in a tumbler form. Use them as water glasses or even margarita glasses. You can find them at various party stores and online.

They’re Lightweight

One great aspect of stemless wine glasses is that they’re lightweight and easy to hold which makes them ideal for outdoor dining in particular. And if you happen to drop one, they won’t shatter due to their one-piece design.

They’re Durable

Since these glasses are made out of plastic or glass, they may not be as fragile as traditional wine glasses, so they can take more of a beating than your average glass.

They Come In MANY Different Shapes & Sizes

There are many different types of stemless wine glasses available when it comes to size and shape. You can find ones with sharper edges or ones that have a contoured bottom for added grip. Some even with the designs on the bottom instead of the sides. There are also larger stemless wine glasses that may be better for serving a large group of people, but it all depends on what type of use you have in mind for them.

List of 17 Best Stemless Wine Glasses Reviews

1. Modvera Stemless Wine Glass

  • Stylish, elegant, and unique – these stemless wine glasses are great for any occasion. The sleek design is perfect to avoid embarrassing spills- this versatile glass can be used at a dinner party or bar counter. Available in stylish clear crystal, the fashionable shape of the bowl enhances flavors and ensures you get every last sip from your precious drink.
  • These glasses feature a chip-resistant rim that promises an easy time in the dishwasher even when slipped off a wet finger. When space concerns arise, these glasses have been designed with an oblong shape that comfortably accommodates larger hands without spilling over onto surfaces! Use them to take all three sizes from cocktail to full-size red wines effortlessly.

2. JoyJolt Spirits Stemless Wine Glasses

  • These beautiful, durable stemless wine glasses from JoyJolt Spirits are a must-have for your party repertoire! It’s perfect for seated bistro tables and bar patios alike. The tempered glass is bendable to follow the shape of any hand, but rigid enough so that you don’t have to worry about it shattering or chipping after a night out with friends.
  • You’ll be polishing off more bottles than ever before in style – no need to prick yourself on a sharp metal end piece while trying not to break the delicate glass! And this product couldn’t be easier to maintain: dishwasher safe up until 212 degrees Fahrenheit, these 16 oz wine glasses will keep coming through again and again without cracking under pressure.

3. ELIXIR GLASSWARE Stemless Wine Glasses

  • A new type of wineglass, these stunning and sophisticated stemless wine glasses reflect the sophistication and beauty found in fine wines. Designed perfectly to serve sparkling, red, or white wines alike, they are ideal for those planning a wedding as well as those celebrating life’s most cherished memories as it is guaranteed to impress with just one single gift!
  • These latest ELIXIR GLASSWARE Stemless Wine Glasses offer an elegance that would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere – some say that these new pieces can even convince reluctant guests into appreciating your favorite vintage! The bottom line is that our sleek design will make any table look stylish whilst maintaining simplicity without losing its allure.

4. Godinger Stemless Wine Glass Goblet

  • These stemless wine glasses are elegant, stunning, and will undoubtedly class up your next dinner party or wedding. Godinger has been crafting mirrors of Polish crystal in the Czech Republic since 1895. They are lead-free, dishwasher safe, durable, easy to maintain – all these qualities make them perfect for any occasion!
  • Be sure to check out our set of four glasses that can hold 17 ounces each. This is an excellent gift idea that will not go unnoticed-especially when they arrive in a beautiful shiny package with a centered cloth ribbon holding them together!

5. FAWLES Crystal Stemless Wine Glasses

  • The FAWLES crystal stemless wine glasses set is uniquely made from strict quality standards. The 12-piece includes a luxury wine glass that securely holds up to 15 ounces of your favorite beverage. With clarity and sparkle, this product offers an elegant line design with a 16mm diameter cup for stability and comfort.
  • Furthermore, these stemless wine glasses are dishwasher safe as the solid base allows you to clean them thoroughly for convenience. Become distinguished as you enhance your home bar or kitchen with our beautifully designed FAWLES crystal stemless wine glasses today!

6. Amazon Basics Stemless Wine Glasses

  • These elegant and simple wine glasses bring elegance to any table. Made from lead-free, soda ash glass for optimal presentation, the clean lines of the stemless design go great with either white or red wines as well as your favorite cocktail.
  • The perfect size at 15 ounces, these best stemless wine glasses are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and can be combined in a variety of ways for entertaining large parties without worrying about matching sets.

7. BEEADOYA Stemless Wine Glasses

  • To dazzle the eyes, every detail on BEEADOYA wine glasses has been designed with meticulous care. The super-transparent glass is painstakingly handcrafted by experienced craftsmen in a process of multiple processes for a stunning effect.
  • Helping your eye to admire a beautiful scene from different perspectives is an experience you can’t miss when drinking from these stemless glasses.
  • BEEADOYA stemless wine glasses are available in the 4 most popular colors: white, pink, blue, and yellow which suits all styles at home or outside. When it comes to style selection, no one will ever say “boring.”

8. LUXU Stemless Wine Glasses

  • LUXU Stemless Wine Glasses are designed to enhance the flavor of your favorite wine. The sleek, modern design makes these stemless wine glasses handsome additions to any table or kitchen shelf.
  • These elegant wine tumblers are made of quality glass and have a comfortable form that resists accidental breakage. They’re durable enough for big occasions yet light enough for everyday use-and they’re incredibly simple to clean!

9. Libbey 207 Stemless Wine Glass

  • Libbey stemless wine glasses make a wonderful gift for any occasion! The stemless do away with the need for stems and these glasses are perfect for all you wine lovers out there. The Libbey 207 measures 3 3/4 inches in height, making it great to give as a set of 4.
  • Whether it’s red or white, this glass is made just right at 9 ounces. It comes clear so it’s unique enough to find but blends in towards the bottom where you can’t even see it. The shape is round and readily available.

10. UMI UMIZILI Stemless Wine Glasses

  • Wine gets a whole new meaning with UMIZILI stemless wine glasses. There is no need to invest in expensive wineries or wine bars when you have these at home! With a traditional, sleek, and high-quality design, your dinner parties will never be the same.
  • Great for casual events such as barbecues and picnics too! Forget about delicate hands getting overworked from twisting off stems or worrying about bottles tipping over by accident – this sturdier glass is ideal for any occasion!

11. Mikasa Cheers Stemless Wine Glass

  • You aren’t limited to just white wine this holiday season – let your friends have a sip of their favorite red with the Mikasa Cheers Stemless Wine Glasses.
  • The perfect addition to your entertaining needs, the Cheers collection by Mikasa features a coordinating design on every glass so guests know which one’s theirs. The stemless wine glasses are great for serving white wine or cocktails and come in a set of 2. Hand-wash recommended.

12. Vastto 18 Ounce Multicolor Stemless Wine Glass

  • The Vastto 18 Ounce Multicolor Stemless Wine Glass is the perfect vessel for your wine spilling, wine tasting needs. Unlike other cups, this glass set has a unique contemporary color palette including blue, dusty blue, and green. They are made of durable premium glass to ensure a long-lasting product.
  • The high quality makes it sturdy enough for even the clumsiest drinker with no worries of breakage or drying out your cup! So go ahead and party like tomorrow isn’t coming because you can enjoy yourself in style.

13. Dragon Glassware Stemless Wine Glasses

  • Bring a taste of the sea to your stemless wine glass with these versatile, lead-free Dragon Stemless Wine Glasses! Each vibrant glass is a customer with an innovative design that makes pouring and keeping air out of your wine easy.
  • Clear, high-quality construction means you can use them in the kitchen or at other chic events; keep them on hand throughout the year for summer BBQs and winter holidays alike.

14. Fine Occasion Premium Monogrammed Stemless Wine Glass

  • Complete with the personal touch of instant customization, this Fine Occasion Premium Monogrammed Stemless Wine Glass is perfect for any wine lover. Add engravings onto all four sides- top and bottom plus both sides that create an everlasting masterpiece. You can even get more than one glass for gifts or party decorating!
  • Carefully engraved, your personalized crest will be unmistakable on each beautiful glass. Make a statement at your next event- whether it’s a wedding anniversary, housewarming, Christmas present, bachelor/bachelorette party- let them know how important they are in life with these handsome glasses from Fine Occasion!

15. SUNNOW Vastto Multicolor Stemless Wine Glass

  • Sunnow Vastto Multicolor Stemless Wine Glass is the perfect glassware for entertaining. The 18 fluid ounce, premium stemless designs compliment any tabletop or bar beautifully and can be set out for guests to use unsupervised so you don’t have to miss a moment of your event!
  • Sunnow glasses are made of sturdy glass with elegant colors that will never fade or wear out so you’ll always enjoy the same attractive appearance. Accompanied by an elegant bell shape that feels great in your hand, this drinking glass is everything your cocktail hour needs!

16. Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Stemless Wine Glass

  • Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Stemless Wine Glass is made in Germany and completely dishwasher safe. The drinkware has a pure collection design that will not etch or cloud for the life of the glass.
  • These glasses are composed of titanium oxide and zirconium oxide, which increases durability to resist breakage when dropped. This shape is designed with sharp lines and crisps edges for a stylish fashionable look at home or on-the-go use with wine or cocktails.

17. Bezrat Stemless Wine Glasses

  • What could be more magical than enjoying wine with friends, whether at home or in the town? Bezrat Stemless Wine Glasses provide endless possibilities for serving up a variety of wines.
  • These jumbo goblets hold 18oz of your favorite drink. They are dishwasher safe and curve to perfectly fit in the palm of your hands! Available in three travel-inspired designs, this is what makes the perfect hostess gift or housewarming present.

How to Choose the Best Stemless Wine Glasses

These glass vessels have become trendy amongst people who enjoy drinking wine casually or even while traveling. With this article about stemless wine glasses, we hope that you will be able to choose the perfect one for yourself! Here are some tips on how to buy the best stemless wine glasses:


The first thing to consider when buying a stemless wine glass is its size. The standard capacity of one of these glasses is about 9 oz, but you can find some that hold up to 20 oz. You have to decide whether you want to enjoy your wine in just a couple sips or if you prefer having more to drink from the same glass.


Another thing to consider is the shape of these glasses. There are some that have a wider opening than the bottom so as to provide more surface area for aromas and flavors to develop, while there are others that have smaller openings but with a thick base where the wine’s complex notes may be enjoyed better. The best choice should come down to your own personal preference.


Stemless wine glasses are available in different materials. The most common ones are glass or crystal, but there are also others that come in metal or plastic. It is good to know that the latter three materials provide more durability than their fragile counterparts. Some of these glasses can be found in straw-like shapes for added convenience while you drink your favorite beverage. Whether you want to choose a classic, elegant stemless wine glass or one with a modern design and features like straws, consider the size, shape, and material carefully when buying these useful vessels online.


Since they are made from breakable materials, stemless wine glasses made from both glass and crystal can easily break if you drop them or mishandle them. Those made from glass are more likely to shatter, though they may be restored to their former glory with the right tools. Crystal ones, on the other hand, generally only chip if you hit them against something harder than they are like your dinner table’s edge. Although both glasses can be repaired, those made from glass tend to come back looking less clear than before


There is a wide range of styles when it comes to stemless wine glasses made from both materials. The designs that these glasses have include simple lines with minimal decoration, elegant curves, or even whimsical motifs that add flair to your home décor. In terms of colors, most stemless wine glasses made from glass come with transparent or colored bodies that allow you to enjoy your drink while knowing what it looks like. Those made from crystal, on the other hand, often have a cut design that gives them a unique look and feel


Price is another important factor that you should take into consideration when purchasing stemless wine glasses. The cheapest ones are usually made from plastic while the most expensive ones are made of crystal or even gold. While there might be some expensive stemless wine glasses that sound like they’re extravagant, one thing to keep in mind is that crystals seem to last for a long time if not forever. When buying these glasses during special occasions, it might also be worth considering how durable they will be especially if you intend on using them on an everyday basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are stemless wine glasses for red or white wine?

I think that stemless wine glasses are for both red and white wines. It all depends on what you enjoy drinking in a stemmed and stemless glass and which feels better to you. However, the purpose of having a stemmed wine glass is to keep your hand from warming up the wine, so if it really doesn’t matter, then go with whatever you like better.

2. Can I use stemless wine glasses for cocktails?

Both stemmed and stemless wine glasses can be used for cocktails. If you are using the glass for a cocktail, it’s probably best to put ice in the glass, so that your drink doesn’t get warm too fast. You’ll also want to be careful not to bump the bottom of the glass on the edge of your counter since without a stem it is more likely to break.

3. Are stemless wine glasses dishwasher safe?

Stemless wine glasses are dishwasher safe, however, it is recommended that they are washed by hand so as to prolong their lifespan. The stems of stemmed wine glasses may become loose over time due to wear and tear, whereas this will not happen with stemmed glasses if they are only rinsed by hand.

4. Do stemless wine glasses take up less space than stemmed wine glasses?

Stemless wine glasses take up less space than stemmed glassware because they do not have longer stems hanging out of the cabinet. The only risk is that the stems will break off and leave small pieces behind in your cabinet or drawer. Stemmed glassware takes up more room but are safe to store if you make sure the stems don’t get caught on anything they can snap off and fall into something they shouldn’t be.

5. What size stemless wine glass do I need for a party?

Though it all depends on how much you plan to serve, we usually suggest having two glasses per guest or at least one smaller glass and one larger glass so no one feels they only have the option of drinking from a smaller glass. They’re great for parties because they hold more than typical stemmed glasses but less than giant ones. And they eliminate the risk of someone accidentally knocking over a big glass that won’t fit in most dishwashers.

6. Do stemless wine glasses shatter like regular wine glasses?

Stemless wine glasses are not as fragile as regular wine glasses; however, we recommend hand washing them gently.


If you don’t want any surprises when enjoying your favorite bottle or even trying something new, find out more about what kind of stemless wine glasses will give you the perfect experience from start to finish. We have all sorts of styles available so no matter how much money you have in mind we’ll help make sure you get what’s is the best.

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