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10 Best Tabletop Wine Racks Reviews of 2023 You Can Buy

Best Tabletop Wine Rack

The best tabletop wine rack is a great way to display your favorite bottle of wine with style. Wine racks are one of the most popular types of home furniture in which you can find, but not all are created equally.

The type you choose will depend on what fits your needs, how much space you have available, and personal preference when it comes to design. Here are some things to consider when shopping for the perfect tabletop wine rack that is just right for you!

Benefits of  Using a Tabletop Wine Rack

The benefits of using a tabletop wine rack in your home are wide-ranging. The most obvious benefit is that it keeps your wine off the ground, away from dust and dirt that can damage it or even prevent you from enjoying its flavor. The rest of this post will take a look at some other amazing benefits of using a tabletop wine rack in your home.

Space Saving

A tabletop wine rack takes up very little space for the simple reason that it holds several bottles of wine at a single time. If you have a small house and not a lot of floor space, the best tabletop wine rack will save you a lot of room and make sure that you can fit everything you need into your home without running out of walking space.

Easy Storage

A tabletop wine rack is small, which means it can be easily stored when not in use. If you own many different types of wine and like to store them all at one time, but don’t have the room for a full-sized item, the best tabletop wine racks are perfect for keeping your favorite bottles on display while saving space.


Tabletop wine racks look great in any home or office because they come in a variety of colors that fit into any décor. This makes it possible to find a tabletop wine rack that matches your design style as well as works to keep your wines safe from dirt and damage.

List of 10 Best Tabletop Wine Racks Reviews

1. Will’s Tabletop Wine Rack

  • The Will’s Tabletop Wine Rack is a convenient way to hang your favorite wines for easy access. With a variety of styles that fit into practically every kitchen – from modern to vintage, there’s a design to suit everyone.
  • The wine rack makes an excellent housewarming gift, making it the perfect present for friends and family just starting out on their own. We also recommend this wine holder as bridal shower or engagement gifts; they’re sure to light up the room with joy!
  • Setting up a home bar is simple with Will’s Tabletop Wine Rack. You can feel confident storing your collection of wine on this quality, sleek tabletop rack that assembles in less than two minutes without need for any tools or bolts and screws.
  • With the tight-spaced shelves, you’ll store 8 standard wine bottles or 10 if you use just the top tier as literature states! This sturdy metal rack measures 7.5″ x 12″ and will fit comfortably on any countertop, dinner table, desk, shelf or inside a cupboard-making it perfect to display your own set up at home or turns opaque bottles into an instant focal point wherever you place it!

2. HB Design Countertop Wine Rack

  • The HB Design Countertop Wine Rack looks sharp on any counter top space with its sleek design. This wine rack makes it easy to keep your favorite bottles of wine close by, so you can always have a glass or two without needing to move anything around.
  • The metal frame is durable and sure to stay sturdy for years with regular use since the weight capacity of this product is up to 50 lbs. You’ll also love that this best countertop wine rack can hold oversized bottles like champagne! With 7 spaces for standard size and 2 slots on top of the rack for oversized, all your favorites will fit comfortably in this convenient metal holder.
  • This countertop wine rack is both stylish and functional. With a matte black finish, square shape and industrial theme, this modern wine rack may be just what you’re looking for in the kitchen with its simple design and sturdy construction.

3. X-cosrack Rustic 12 Bottles Tabletop Wine Racks

  • X-cosrack Rustic 12 Bottles Tabletop Wine Racks are the perfect space savers for your tabletop where they’ll look chic no matter what style you have. X-cosrack helps fill in that empty surface on your dinner table or bar, making it perfect for any occasion, while keeping up with all of the trends. The elegant design makes this wine rack stylish enough to stay put long after the party is over.
  • Ideal for people who love drinking and enjoy decorating their living room. This 12 Bottle Wine Rack lets you have more space for your wine bottles that are always in sight, instead of being stored away in a cupboard behind the other clutter.
  • The rustic design is perfect for homes with an eclectic décor- not all black, white or brown! This wine rack has metal frames to house wood slats which are spaced evenly to hold both sparkling water bottles as well as wines wines.

4. Rustic State Cava Solid Wood Tabletop Wine and Glass Rack

  • The Rustic State Cava Solid Wood Tabletop Wine Rack is the perfect addition to your home decor. Made of wood planks and wire mesh, this storage unit for wine bottles will bring warmth to your kitchen or living room while also conserving space with its vertical hanging design. A unique way to display all the drinks at your next party!
  • This rustic state cava solid wood tabletop wine and glass rack is a super convenient way to store liquor bottles and stemware glasses. The tabletop accommodates 8 wines and holds 36 glasses. But we’re not exaggerating when we say it’s easy to assemble!
  • With hammer-drilled holes, you can just screw on the pre-drilled panel boards with the provided screws. For safety reasons, this product was designed by professionals to be lightweight yet proportionately strong while still maintaining an unfinished look for design purposes.

5. Bandomic Tabletop Wine Rack

  • Made from quality iron with an Anti-rust & Durable surface treatment, Bandomic is the perfect low-key accessory for wine lovers of all types! This Table top Wine Rack Bottle Holder mounts securely without hardware or screws by utilising strong magnetic Tabs which are secured under any type of table top material.
  • Professionally designed, Bandomic’s tabletop wine rack offers simplistic elegance to the kitchen. Its style is clean and easily blends with any environment. Leather handles make it easy for you to carry around on your counter top no matter the occasion!
  • Not only does this table provide an elegant space for opening wines but also let’s you combine functionality with convenience at its best! Storing up to six standard wine bottles, the round inner diameter is 3.55” which provides stability and functionality like nothing else can offer.

6. Mango Steam 23 Bottle Wine Rack with Glass Table Top

  • The mango steam 23 bottle wine rack comes with a sturdy steel construction and is perfect for storing your favorite bottles. With room enough for 23 standard-sized 750ml wine bottles, you are sure to have enough storage space in this compact package.
  • Top off your home bar by adding an elegant black glass table top that not only shows off the contents of the rack, but also provides additional work area when needed.
  • With a glass tabletop for easy set-up and no visible screws on exterior, this product offers convenience without sacrificing style. It’s big enough to fit 26 3/4 inches high with 15 7/8 inches wide and 9 inch depth in the inside space inside the unit. Special floor levelers keep it steady when you use it outdoors or indoors!

7. Wistwoxxon Tabletop Hexagon Wine Rack

  • This versatile wine rack is the perfect, discreet way to keep your collection on display without letting it take over valuable counter space. The Wistwoxxon Tabletop Wine Rack has seven hexagon storage spaces that adapt to fit both standard-sized bottles and oversized wines like Champagne with two slots on top of the rack for larger bottles.
  • This modern wine rack’s design make it small enough to be a counter or table wine holder or an insert in your cabinet, built using Baltic Birch wood finished with UV coating for protection. Beautifully crafted, this tabletop wine storage solution will complement any decor.
  • This metal wine bottle holder might just do the trick for you! Made with high-quality iron and powder coating to resist bending, fading, and scratches (give it some tender love and care though). Complete with simple matte black finish, be sure to add this sleek wine rack statement piece your home.

8. OROPY Wine Rack Freestanding Floor Counter

  • The OROPY Wine Rack Freestanding Floor Counter is made by commercial-grade steel that has undergone a commercial powder coating. It displays the wines you have to offer at any given time, while also standing firm against accidental spills thanks to its durable material. The 3-tier wine rack will hold 12 bottles, saving space in your bar area or cupboard of your kitchen!
  • Perfect for the interior design of any office, home or office bar. The OROPY Wine Rack Freestanding Floor Counter is perfect for displaying your prized wines in style. Made from steel coated with rust resistant material, this product comes complete with four wine bottle racks to store bottles horizontally and keep them accessible.
  • This best tabletop wine rack has a simple yet effective design that is sure to fit seamlessly into your modern décor whilst providing ample space where you can store 320 standard sized wine bottles – making it an excellent piece of furniture when combined with other stylish touches like furniture.

9. Sorbus Bamboo Foldable Countertop Wine Rack

  • The Sorbus Foldable Countertop Wine Rack keeps your wine collection out of site while still providing easy access to your most cherished bottles. Constructed from high quality bamboo-wood, the freestanding two tiers provide a compact standing surface for any counter top or tabletop, making it perfect for new wine collectors and experts alike.
  • Making your home more elegant is easier than ever with the Sorbus Bamboo Foldable Countertop Wine Rack. The sleek and space-saving design is perfect for smaller homes and cramped kitchens alike.
  • This foldable wine rack arrives in a compact 14” L x 11” W x 2.75” H size that can be opened up to 42 inches long when fully assembled. Its wooden construction ensures that it will stand up well, even under extreme weather conditions should you need to leave it outdoors on the patio! Available colors allow you to match your décor effortlessly too-choose black or natural wood finish depending on what best suits your needs.

10. Oenophilia Bottle Bouquet Tabletop Wine Rack

  • Finally, we have a way to store your wines so they can be enjoyed and appreciated. This best table top wine rack is the perfect solution for those who want their wines out of the cellar but don’t necessarily need all of them on display. Gifting this table top wine rack as a housewarming or birthday present will surely impress anyone who loves good wine with style and class!
  • The Oenophilia Bottle Bouquet Tabletop Wine Rack is just what you need. This beautiful, metallic wine rack is constructed of sturdy metal that makes an impressive display when not in use. With enough room for six bottles at a time, this bottle bouquet tabletop wine rack is best used with one shelf per bottle height – so technically it only holds three!
  • But don’t let that stop you from considering all 6 shelves open if you have some shorter buddies around who are looking to fill up on their favorite liquor quickly and easily. Whether as a housewarming present or a wedding favor, this great little gadget will give people a reason to remember just how classy you really are.

How to Choose the Best Tabletop Wine Rack

Tabletop wine racks are mini versions of your favorite glass-enclosed units. With their tiny footprint and stylish design, they can fit just about anywhere, including on kitchen countertops and living room side tables, and some designs even let you store stemware and other accessories inside the rack’s frame.

If you’re looking for a tabletop version to add to your bar cart or want a more compact unit for your home, it’s important that you pick the right one to match your needs. Use this guide to shop our favorite tabletop wine racks so you can easily find space for any bottle in your collection.


The materials used to construct tabletop wine racks vary widely. Some feature stainless steel construction while others combine wood with metal components. Many wine racks are made from laminate or plastic materials, which can be cost-effective choices but may not hold up as well over time.


Check the max capacity of a tabletop wine rack before you buy to make sure it’s big enough (but not too big) for the number of bottles your collection requires. Keep in mind that most tabletop designs feature vertical columns and additional horizontal storage space within those columns.

For example, if you have four standard 750 ml bottles, a typical 4-bottle tabletop design could fit eight to 10 bottles depending on how many other accessories and stemware items it has. If your collection includes unusually sized bottles such as magnums or larger Chianti flasks, choose a rack with a larger capacity that can accommodate them.


Figure out where you plan to store your tabletop wine rack and measure the space to ensure it fits before buying. In general, a tabletop wine rack should fit in places where standard units would too, such as on a countertop or an open shelf. Some wine racks have adjustable shelves to accommodate various bottle heights so they may be a good choice if you have odd-shaped bottles in your collection.

These units are also ideal for those who live in tight quarters since you can stack multiple shelves on top of one another without taking up too much room. Another important consideration is weight; if you want to keep your tabletop design off the floor, make sure it’s not too heavy to easily move from one place to another.


Many tabletop wine racks feature open designs that don’t include doors or other obstructions, which is ideal if you plan to store your collection out in the open. Open designs are also good for showcasing bottles and increasing air circulation around your wine, which can help keep them at their best over time.

If you need a discreet way of storing expensive wines behind closed doors, look for a rack with built-in storage compartments or cabinets. These units often include hidden drawers or shelves inside the frame where you can easily stow away pricey bottles without taking up precious countertop real estate. Some models even feature temperature controls to ensure that your white wines stay cool when it’s hot outside.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many bottles of wine fit on a tabletop wine rack?

A tabletop wine rack is designed to hold several bottles of wine at one time, making it possible for you to display a large storage area while keeping delicate wines safe from damage. Most pieces can be adjusted to hold anywhere from six to twelve standard-sized bottles; however, some brands make their racks bigger or smaller depending on the desired capacity.

2. Where should I put my tabletop wine rack?

Where you choose to keep yours depends mostly upon how much space you have available in your home or office. Most people who use this type of product, place it on their kitchen countertop or dining room table, but it really depends upon what fits in with your décor.

3. Can I put a tabletop wine rack outside?

Although nothing is stopping you from doing this, we would advise against placing a tabletop wine rack in a wet environment such as outside under direct sunlight. Doing so could cause the wood to warp and/or cause the finish on the metal to fade or corrode. It’s best if you keep these items out of extreme conditions whenever possible.

4. How much does a tabletop wine rack cost?

A quality tabletop wine rack can be found at many outlets for anywhere from $15 – $100 depending on how big or small of a model you choose and where you buy it. While most models can be found for less than $50, there are brands that make them more expensive if you prefer a fancier design adorned with gemstones or wrought iron, then your final price will be higher.


When it comes to tabletop wine racks, there are many different styles and designs for every preference. Whether you need a traditional design or something more modern, we have a table wine rack that will fit your needs perfectly. We recommend taking the time to consider these three things when shopping for the perfect tabletop wine rack before deciding on one just by its appearance alone!

It can be difficult to find the best option without considering all of their features. The type of wood used in construction is very important because each has its own unique look and feel that should match with other furniture in your home décor, so make sure it’s considered early on in your search process.

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