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11 Best Under Cabinet Range Hoods 2023: Reviews & Top Picks

Best Under Cabinet Range Hood

If you’re looking for a range hood to use in your home, you should be aware of the many benefits that come with using an under cabinet range hood. One such benefit is that they are affordable and can be installed without having to hire a professional contractor – which will save you time and money. This includes installation costs as well as the cost of hiring someone to install it!

Another great thing about these types of range hoods is that they offer more protection than other models because they extend far below your stovetop. If any smoke or cooking odors escape from your oven, this type of model will suck them up before they have a chance to spread throughout the rest of your kitchen area.

This article will answer that question and show you how to find one. We’ll look at what makes the best under cabinet range hood, as well as provide some of our favorite products!

What is Under Cabinet Range Hood?

An under cabinet range hood is a type of kitchen ventilation device. It is mounted above appliances such as a cooktop, oven, or even a steam oven so that the air from the cooking appliance can be removed from the kitchen and outdoors to ensure indoor air quality. In most cases, this removal from the room takes place via an exhaust system with a duct designed to take the air outside.

In most cases, kitchen ventilation systems can also include filters and a recirculation system that draws out cooking odors and steam from the range hood whilst sending it back into the room. This ensures that unpleasant aromas do not linger in your kitchen for very long after cooking or baking is finished.

How does an Under Cabinet Range Hood work?

Many people mistake under cabinet range hoods with built-in cooktops, but they are two different things. A built-in cooktop is meant to replace your stove or hob, which you must remove and then fit into the space for your new unit. An under cabinet range hood is designed to be installed underneath a countertop using screws and brackets; it’s completely from your existing countertop and doesn’t involve any of the construction that comes with a built-in cooktop. This makes it quicker and easier to install, and in some cases may even be more economical than replacing your range or oven entirely.

Under-cabinet range hoods remove grease and moisture from the air in two ways: through filtration and ventilation. Many models include filters made from charcoal, aluminum oxide crystals, grease gels, mesh screens, and permanent carbon sheets. These filters trap unpleasant odors produced by stovetops such as oil splatter when frying foods like French fries or eggs. Some units also feature internal fans which use suction to draw hot air away from cooking appliances; it is then expelled outside using either an external ducting system or internal ducting. When purchasing an under-cabinet range hood, it is important that you can control the unit using your stove’s controls.

Benefits of Using Under Cabinet Range Hoods

Cooking is one of the most important activities that most people do in their everyday living. If you are planning to upgrade your cooking area, then having an under cabinet range hood would be beneficial for you. There are lots of benefits that you can get from this type of product. The following are some of the advantages.


One of the best things about using a range hood is that it will ensure your safety when cooking. According to research, it has been seen that poorly ventilated areas have caused thousands of deaths around the world. A proper exhaust system installed inside your kitchen will help avoid fatal factors such as carbon monoxide poisoning and other harmful substances present in smoke or fumes that are emitted from the stovetop. The use of an under cabinet range hood will also ensure that your kitchen space is well-ventilated and it will improve your respiratory system as well.

Better Cooking Experience

If you are a professional chef or someone who loves cooking, then having an under cabinet range hood can help you prepare quality food. It allows the heat to be removed effectively once it comes in contact with this equipment. This will allow your food to retain its moisture before cooking which results in good taste for every meal served. By using this product, you won’t have to worry about the grease overflowing since it has a wider area that can take all of that into consideration.

Improve Your Kitchen’s Aesthetic Appeal

Aside from the benefits that you can get from an under cabinet range hood, this also guarantees an improved aesthetic appeal. You will notice that most of these products come in a sleek and modern design. Many homeowners favor this style as it adds style to the entire appearance of their kitchen space. An ideal blend of colors and styles can be achieved by using under cabinet range hoods.


The primary purpose of having a product like this is for efficiency purposes since it’s specifically designed to remove smoke and heat from stoves. In order for your food to be cooked well, it should come in contact with hot air which comes from heating elements inside your stovetop or oven. If you are who want a good ventilation system that will keep your stovetop clean and well-functioning, then this is the product that you should purchase.

Easy to Install

This is also among the reasons why many homeowners prefer using under cabinet range hoods. Many of them are easy to install even if you don’t have any knowledge about how it works. You simply need to read the installation manual carefully or hire an expert to help you fix the unit properly in no time.

Saves Money

One good thing about buying under cabinet range hoods is that you can save more money compared to other appliances that are quite pricey like dishwashers and microwave ovens. It’s quite inexpensive but it does its job well for your cooking area which is to provide safety and ensure that your kitchen is well-ventilated.

List of 11 Best Under Cabinet Range Hoods Reviews

1. Cosmo 5MU30 Under Cabinet Range Hood

  • The Cosmo 5MU30 stainless steel under cabinet range hood is the perfect solution for apartments and tight spaces. It helps ensure your kitchen doesn’t get too warm or smelly when cooking, while still looking sleek in any kitchen setting.
  • Machine-welded seams keep air flows concentrated in one stream, which helps clear away smoke and odors before they can become overpowering. This durable appliance also has a slim profile which saves space in small kitchens like condos or apartments with limited access to ventilation options.
  • Cosmo removes unwanted scents and smoke from your kitchen without the noisy fan. It features a multi-layered filter combined with aluminum mesh, trapping grease and oil particles with superior efficiency.
  • Cosmo is an elegant addition to any kitchen’s design, carefully styled to complement modern appliances and countertops alike. Product installation only requires electrical wiring and HVAC tape for duct installment.
  • The quiet 3-speed motor eliminates blasting noise so you can cook all day long in comfort and style! But don’t take our word for it – try putting on some music as those pots roast away on your range top!

2. EVERKITCH 30 Inch Under Cabinet Range Hood

  • This Everkitch under cabinet range hood 30 inches brings you a stylish look that matches perfectly with your trendy kitchen. It is made of stainless steel material, has 1 mm thickness, and offers a polishing finish for sleek contemporary design. The heavy-duty housing makes this product stable without vibrations even at the highest speed.
  • This best under cabinet range hood provides 3 speeds at low, medium, and high to meet all cooking needs while being gentle enough to keep any odor away from your home within normal sound levels so it won’t wake up kids or disturb neighbors. Motor systems are equipped with durable copper motors giving powerful air suction power.
  • Made in stainless steel and dishwasher-safe filters, the EVERKITCH 30 Inch Under Cabinet Range Hood helps clarify grease and oil smoke. You can choose from three venting ways: top venting with a round-shape outlet, top venting with a rectangle-shaped outlet, or rear venting with a rectangle-shaped outlet. Made to be installed either under a cabinet or wall-mounted for your desired needs.

3. Ancona AN-1221 Slim 5″ High Under-Cabinet Range Hood

  • The Ancona AN-1221 Slim 5″ High Under-Cabinet Range Hood is commercial grade with a max width of 30 inches. Fits any standard cabinetry and replaces existing under-cabinet range hood, height 12.7 cm (5 in.).
  • The Ancona AN-1221 Slim 5″ High Under-Cabinet Range Hood offers convenient external ventilation only – internal air recirculation is not possible. It comes with an independent UL certification for safety purposes, 325 CFM that exceeds the efficiency requirements of all leading cookbook authors, at half the cost or less than most similar products on the market today!
  • Designed for storage and style-conscious home cooks who like to keep their homes as organized as possible, this best under cabinet range hood is the answer to seamless cooking! Flowing seamlessly over any countertop, these sleek 5″ high cabinets can store pots and pans or be used for additional cabinetry.
  • While stainless steel’s durability and ease-of-maintenance qualities offer a time-saving benefit after usage, they also attach easily with only three simple bolts that will hold them securely in place. This hood kicks out plenty of air that removes smoke and grease from even the most active kitchens.

4. IKTCH 30 Inch Under Cabinet Range Hood

  • The safe-breathing IKTCH 30 Inch Under Cabinet Range Hood has a powerful 900 CFM max airflow that’s perfect for your remodeled kitchen that you’ve finally moved into. With two motors running at work instead of just one, this adjustable hood scrubbers the air with its integrated high-velocity grill vents to not only remove odors but also smoke quickly and easily.
  • Operating on 4 different speeds adjustable by an easy-to-use dial and equipped with four MaxxAir blades for quieter operation than many other brands on the market, your fridgeless lifestyle is already looking much brighter thanks to IKTCH!
  • Your kitchen is the place where you cook up delicious meals to share with those around you. In order for this process to work as smoothly as possible, IKTCH has designed a 30-inch hood that surpasses all others in quality and design.
  • Made from stainless steel, the best undercabinet range hood will stand the test of time while maintaining an extremely low cleanliness level that is so easy to maintain by simply placing it in the dishwasher! With 2pcs energy-saving LED lamps fitted inside, your projects can be seen clearly without using much power at all.

5. CIARRA CAS75918B Ultra Slim Under Cabinet Range Hood

  • The CIARRA CAS75918B is an ultra-slim under cabinet range hood that provides the same stunning look as its taller counterparts with 1/3 of the space. Perfect for condos or apartments, this model accommodates varying spaces.
  • It’s manufactured with durable materials and comes equipped with 5-layers detachable aluminum mesh filters to trap grease and fumes effectively. With its top vent hole measuring 4.8 inches, the CAS75918B installs beautifully in 30-inch cabinets or anywhere you need it to be without compromising aesthetics or airflow efficiency.
  • CIARRA CAS75918B Ultra Slim Under Cabinet Range Hood is stylish, quiet, and easy to use under cabinet range hood. The single-speed setting of fewer than 6.5 Sones at the highest level meets your need for accuracy in cooking or cleaning while sounding pleasant.
  • It has 3 speeds that can be easily set with push-button control – perfect for heating food up to temperature quickly without having to turn on your oven! Its energy-saving LED lights can light up any kitchen beautifully and comfortably, creating an inviting atmosphere that makes cooking more enjoyable this spring! This stainless steel stove vent also includes the optional purchase of the CACF006 carbon filter which converts it into ductless operation mode.

6. Broan-NuTone 403023 B000UW02A6 ADA Capable Under-Cabinet Range Hood

  • The Broan-NuTone under-cabinet range hood is a sleek and petite addition to your kitchen’s ventilation needs. The lightweight, single duct range hood can be installed as hardwired or with an optional power cord kit (sold separately), giving you the flexibility to fit the device anywhere there is a need for fresh air.
  • This dependable range hood features a two-speed fan operation that supports top or rear venting options via 3″ OD PVC flex pipe. Choose from three different sizes: 30″, 36″, and 40″. Every installation set includes clamps, fasteners, reducer cone, filters, dampers, and all necessary hardware needed for mounting this reliable piece of equipment in seconds.
  • Take your cooking to the next level with the high-quality and discreet installation of this range hood. The better ventilation and lighting it provides can help you achieve greater kitchen efficiency and higher cooking standards.
  • This built-in appliance is fixed beautifully into any cabinet, thanks to its seamless design that includes a protective lamp lens that evenly distributes light over countertop surfaces. The easy-care surface makes life easier – just clean up messes with ease thanks to one-piece dishwasher-safe aluminum mesh filters.

7. CAVALIERE 30″ Inch Under Cabinet Range Hood

  • The Cavaliere 30-inch kitchen range hood is at the forefront of innovation, integrating the latest smart technology into a quality range hood that will bring a touch of modernity to your kitchen. Made out of rustproof stainless steel with an easy-to-clean brushed finish; it offers ease of use with its touch-sensitive control setup and original 3-speeds fans control. Designed with two state-of-the-art 1.5W LED lamps which make cooking pots so much more enjoyable work to do!
  • Extensively tested to replicate a range of cooking environments, the Cavaliere Range Hood is a 360-degree air solution. Even in high-ambient noise kitchens, it will keep you and your family safe from kitchen grease using its powerful centrifugal blower. The long-lasting filters with fiberglass protection are easy to clean with water providing all-year-round filtration effectiveness.
  • The backdraft damper prevents fumes from accumulating too quickly in the area around your stove while controlling additional airflow through the exhaust chimney resulting in an ultra-quiet ongoing operation of only 49.9db max volume instead of bothersome noise levels exceeding 64 dB. It can be installed under a cabinet or on any wall surface around the perimeter of your gas-powered stove making installation very simple!

8. EKON 30-in Under-Cabinet Range Hood

  • EKON 30-in Under-Cabinet Range Hood features quiet operation at 60 dB max for high-speed ventilation of your kitchen workspace. Made explicitly to accommodate stovetops up to 30 inches deep, this hood is perfect for new homeowners looking for a flawless fit under cabinets or established kitchens just looking for additional options that have not been tried before.
  • The stainless steel kitchen hood is equipped with 2pcs 3W LEDs, providing bright high-lumen LED lighting for better visibility at night. With the long-lasting and easy-to-clean filters that capture grease from cooking use, this range hood keeps the kitchen clean and removes air pollutants.
  • This single fully lined body rangehood looks professionally integrated beautifully with your kitchen remodel by both being classy yet also powerful.
  • Installed under an area’s countertop allows for steady sound levels in adjacent spaces because it muffles bumps from deep fryers or large appliances during operation.

9. BV 30 Inch 750 CFM Under Cabinet Range Hood

  • The 3-Speed BV 30 Under Cabinet Range Hood is designed with updated technology for efficient airflow, which means less smoke and grease in your kitchen. The bright Energy-Saver LED Lights provide extra light to illuminate the area of cookery while aiding in prep safety.
  • For easy maintenance, dishwasher-friendly baffle filters are present near the blades of ventilation intake on both sides to help catch unwanted particles. This product is perfect for any kitchen looking to modernize their space clean-up!
  • The BV 30 Inch 750 CFM Under Cabinet Range Hood is the perfect kitchen accessory for an up-to-date contemporary look. Delivering 5 levels of cooking power, it provides optimum range hood performance in your home.
  • Made to be compatible with cooktops that are 27″ or smaller in height, this unit will work seamlessly in many kitchens where the cook top is located near a wall. This product comes shipped complete with dishwasher-safe filters and two LED lights for exceptional lighting power when needed. Just give it a try today!

10. Hauslane Chef Series 30″ PS18 Under Cabinet Range Hood

  • Keep your kitchen running smoothly and with minimum fuss with the Hauslane Chef Series 30″ PS18 Under Cabinet Range Hood! This hood features a six-speed setting, ensuring it is exactly how you want it. The standard 2700K light color gives off a warm glow but can be swapped to match the rest of your kitchen lighting perfectly.
  • There are no buttons on this range hood, instead, an easy-to-clean touch screen allows for seamless operation (not to mention the buttonless design!). With its dishwasher-safe stainless steel baffles and delayed shutoff option, keeping clean is made simple.
  • With a classic silhouette and sculpted vents, this streamlined range hood will provide your kitchen with an upscale modern look. Quiet operation means you won’t have to worry about pesky, unexpected noises from the powerhead motor. The low-profile air slats provide effective ventilation so odors from cooking are eliminated for good!
  • Set the right mood in the kitchen by lighting up your stovetop with venting that’s as bright or dark as you want it using our blue LED light system. An advanced ventilation system ensures toxic fumes never foul your alchemy of flavor once again.

11. Broan-NuTone 423004 Under Cabinet Range Hood

  • This NuTone under cabinet range hood offers efficient ventilation and lighting for your stove. This great product will save you space, time, and energy. With a 7″ round vertical duct and 190 CFM and 6 Sones, this is a fantastic buy!
  • This one-piece dishwasher-safe aluminum mesh filter doesn’t just look good but catches grease to keep the kitchen fresh too. Easy care? We got it covered with an easy-to-clean finish made from seamless materials that make cleaning quick work.
  • The Broan-NuTone 423004 Under Cabinet Range Hood is designed specifically for kitchens with a range. The vertical discharge ensures that air flows down and clears your kitchen’s cooking space efficiently without producing too many noise levels, making this product ideal for people with sensitive hearing.
  • With an easy-to-use design where the rocker switch controls the lighting and fan separately, you’ll never need to leave one behind when needing to do something else in your kitchen!

How to Choose the Best Under Cabinet Range Hood

There are many things you will need to consider when choosing a new range hood. One is how much power it has, and the other is what type of material it is going to be made out of. There are several types of materials that under cabinet range hoods can be made from such as stainless steel, plastic, aluminum, copper, and so on. It is important to understand how these materials affect your cooking experience so that you can pick the right one for your home. We have compiled some tips you should follow in order to choose the best under cabinet range hood for your kitchen needs.

Power Requirements

The power output of the stove should always be higher than the input needed for your cooking appliance. This means that if you have a range hood with 100 CFM and a stove with an input of 400 CFM, then the hood is more than enough to keep your kitchen safe and clean. However, if you notice that your stove has output over 500 CFM, then we recommend looking into purchasing a stronger range hood unit because it will help avoid excess heat buildup in your kitchen.

For example, A popular cooktop from GE uses 589-1,250 input BTUs per hour whereas a standard under cabinet range hood’s power ranges from 400-1000 watts or about 50-200 CFM. As long as the power output of the range hood is greater than the input needed, you will be safe to keep cooking.

Power Adjustment

You should also take into account the power adjustment feature on your new under cabinet range hood. Most appliances can go from their lowest setting all the way up to their highest settings. However, some only have one or two preset levels which make it very difficult to adjust and control them properly. This can result in a loud performance or overheating and thus creating more damage than good for your kitchen and home.

Range Hood Material

The material that you’re under cabinet range hood is made out of has an effect on its final price as well as how frequently it needs to be cleaned or maintained. It is important that you consider the materials that are available for this appliance because it will help you understand what kind of features each one comes with. You can find more information on the different types of range hood material below:

Stainless Steel

This type is very durable and versatile; it can be used in both professional and residential kitchens without any problems. It also has a sleek design which makes it easy to clean after each use. However, these units tend to be more expensive than other under cabinet range hoods made out of plastic or aluminum.


These units are cheaper than stainless steel but still come with many attractive features such as LED lights, reflectors, two fan speeds, heat sensors, etc. The only downside is that they are not as stylish or durable as stainless steel range hoods.


This material is popular with homeowners because it is cost-effective and usually comes in bright, vibrant colors. It is also very easy to clean which is why it has become so popular with kitchenware brands. This type of under cabinet range hood does not require much power since aluminum tends to be thinner than other materials that are available on the market today.


By understanding what your specific needs are when it comes to your new range hood, you will be able to find the right product for you within the different shapes available on the market today. For example, if you need an under cabinet range hood for a small room or space then make sure to choose a unit that is smaller in size. If you have a big open kitchen with a large cooking island, then we recommend going with a wider range hood so it does not get lost among all of the other appliances or furniture that is available.

In terms of shape, there are four main types to consider:

Standard Rectangle

This type usually comes in 36 inches and has an opening that ranges from 15-25 inches deep. It is great for commercial kitchens because it offers the right amount of power while also keeping up with high-performance standards. Round:

These models measure around 24-27 inches across and they tend to be more compact than standard rectangles under cabinet range hoods. They can be used on any countertop including islands and they can be installed right next to a wall or cabinetry.


These units measure around 24-25 inches on each side and offer the perfect amount of power for cooking because it is in the middle range among all other types available.


This type allows you to choose not only the shape and size of your under cabinet range hood but also its color and design in order to make it fit perfectly with your kitchen’s existing decor. Depending on your budget, you will also be able to add additional features such as lighting, filters, etc.

Range Hood Brands

As previously mentioned, there are many different brands available when it comes to choosing an under cabinet range hood for your home or kitchen. From well-known brands such as Frigidaire to more affordable houseware brands, it is important that you take the time to compare all of your options in order to get the best value for your money.


One of the most important features to consider when choosing the best under cabinet range hood is how much noise it will produce. This can be a serious issue if you have babies or small children since they will be sleeping while it’s on and could wake up if there’s too much going on in your kitchen. You need to choose a model that runs at least 3 sones, which is an average amount for this type of appliance. On the other hand, you don’t want too low of a number either because then it won’t work as well, no matter what material it’s made from. There are some models available on the market today that have been approved by Energy Star®, meaning they have been tested by the government to meet certain standards for energy efficiency.


The lighting feature of an under cabinet range hood is certainly something that should be taken into consideration as well. Most have LED or halogen lights that can brighten up your cooking surface and then dim automatically when you are finished with the stovetop. This helps extend the life of your light bulbs, which can easily burn out otherwise after being stuck on too long. It is also helpful when you are trying to see inside a pan while it’s cooking on the stove so that you don’t accidentally burn yourself when reaching for things inside there.


This is the most important thing to consider, and it should be for any appliance purchase you make. You need to pick a unit that fits your budget but also meets all of your cooking needs. Luckily many range hood manufacturers today offer models in a wide range of prices so there’s something for every budget out there. If possible, try saving up money by shopping during sales or using coupons when making purchases online. This will help lower the cost, even more, when buying new appliances like this one that you really want in your kitchen.

How to Installation Under Cabinet Range Hood

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are under cabinet range hoods effective?

Under-cabinet range hoods are effective because they can be installed in a place that is hidden from plain sight. While it may not receive the same amount of attention as other under-counter appliances, it is still an important element to have in a kitchen. It helps keep the air clean and fresh while venting out excess moisture produced by cooking. It also prevents unpleasant odors from being absorbed into the walls or taken up by clothing fabrics.

2. How high should a range hood be under a cabinet?

It depends on the cabinet depth. A range hood should be between 34 and 36 inches high to fit easily under a 4-inch-deep cabinet, but it can still function without being that height, if necessary. If you have a deeper cabinet than that, you might need to lower the height of the hood so it doesn’t interfere with the opening and closing your cabinets. If space is tight, consider installing some lighting under the bottom of the cabinets over counters or putting some lights up in the ceiling as well as underneath so there’s enough light for both tasks.

3. Can you use an under cabinet range hood without a cabinet?

Yes, you can! If you’re under cabinet range hood that has an attached base or legs, it will depend on how far the base extends. If the base isn’t very long and it’s sturdy, then yes you can use it without a cabinet. However, if it’s not manufactured to be used that way or doesn’t have good support in the middle then no don’t do that. You’ll risk hurting yourself if it comes crashing down while cooking or cleaning.

4. Is my under cabinet range hood countertop depth?

No! Under-cabinet range hoods are designed to go behind a manufactured (or custom) countertop of some kind which we refer to as “cabinet grade laminate.” The lowest part of an under cabinet range hood is the front of the fan housing which projects out from behind your countertop. The depth from cabinet grade laminate to this point is typically between 1.5-2″ depending on how far back your overhanging countertop extends, and the width of your cabinet grade laminate is 3.75″.

5. Can I use a ductless under cabinet range hood in a mobile home?

No! Manufactured homes cannot support exterior venting due to their lightweight design and lack of exterior structural support. This means that you’ll either need to do without the venting or install a range hood that can recirculate (recirculating fans don’t normally extract smells like ducted range hoods).

6. Can I use an under cabinet range hood for my BBQ?

Most certainly yes! Hoods intended for ventilation of stoves, ovens, and cooktops are designed to work with your grill. They will extract odors and grease but not allow heat out which could damage the outer skin of your grill.


The under cabinet range hood is a great option for anyone who has limited space in their kitchen. They can be installed underneath your cabinets, which means you won’t have to worry about them taking up valuable countertop or flooring space. What makes the best under cabinet range hood? We’ve compiled our favorite products below and included what they’re good at! Check it out if you want to find one that suits all of your needs!

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