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11 Best Vintage Wine Glasses Reviews of 2023 You Should Buy

Best Vintage Wine Glasses

Vintage wine glasses are an excellent addition to any home. They can be used for serving wine, water, juice, or anything else you want to drink. Unlike many other types of glassware, vintage wine glasses have a variety of styles and colors that will suit the needs of every household. Whether you want something classic or fun and colorful, vintage wine glasses offer options for all tastes!

From stemless goblets to funky-shaped glasses with stained glass windows, this blog post will give you an up-close and personal look into some of these awesome pieces that can change everything about your drinking experience. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best service possible by providing high-quality products at affordable prices. These best vintage wine glasses will be treasured for years to come as they are made out of durable material that won’t break easily like other glassware products on the market today.

List of 11 Best Vintage Wine Glasses Reviews

1. Taganov Vintage Wine Glasses

  • The Taganov Vintage Wine Glasses set is an elegant, durable, and professional option for any occasion! Real solid glass plus the vintage design make these glasses stand out. You can trust that they won’t peel off or fade. They are dishwasher safe and built to withstand rigorous daily use with no degradation in quality.
  • An elegant set of three lead-free glasses that are microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and durable for every occasion. The vintage design is beautiful for any event you can think of with its vivid colors and unique shape. Safe and healthy on the go: these lovely drink holders come in a 10oz size (perfect at parties, bar mitzvahs, or weddings) to make your life easier on those hectic days!

2. Yungala Vintage Blue Wine Glasses

  • De-stress with the calming, refreshing coolness of these blue vintage wine glasses. Match your table setting for a perfect dinner party; these vintage-looking goblets are great for serving reds and whites alike. Your guests will absolutely love you for providing them with such appetizing drinks!
  • This vintage-style Coloured Glassware can be used as whisky shot glasses, water goblets, or wine glasses. These blue stemless drinking glasses are perfect for any occasion and can be matched with other pastel colors or pink goblets.

3. Mikasa Vintage Floral White Wine Glass

  • You want to experience better tasting wine, but it doesn’t always seem possible when you drink in the same old way. Fight for your joy with our crystal wine glasses. These elegant stemware features a vintage floral design and will perfectly enhance everything from parties to intimate dinners.
  • With 4 in the pack, this set makes for an ideal wedding reception or housewarming gift! Mikasa is known for making quality items that are easy-to-clean and dishwasher safe too, so don’t miss out on this awesome deal.

4. HPDEAR Vintage Wine Glass

  • Restaurant or home for hosting for wine drinkers, HPDEAR Vintage Wine Glass is the perfect tableware to become your best friend. It features an artistic design with embossed patterns that impart a distinctive European feel. Standard high temperatures and lead-free coloring make it durable while still looking elegant on any occasion.
  • The beauty of this glasses’ coloring comes from its heavy use of lead-free dye, meaning there are no toxic chemicals in contact with food and drinks (which never washes off). Durable and aesthetically pleasing, you’ll find yourself pulling out these wine goblets again and again!

5. Royalty Art Vintage Highball Goblet Glassware Set

  • Add a quaint and tasteful touch to your event with our Royalty Art Vintage Highball Goblet Glassware Set. These unique glasses are beautifully crafted with fine lines for an elegant style without feeling too feminine.
  • The glass is also well-balanced and thick, enhancing the look of any beverage you choose to serve in these stunning goblets! With eight glasses in each set, this item ensures that everyone has enough drinkware at your party or event.
  • Not only does this glass hold 12 ounces perfect for serving guests beer, wine, scotch, bourbon, and more – it’s also dishwasher safe and stain resistant! Add a sophisticated edge to your gathering with these vintage highball goblet sets from Royalty Art today.

6. Lorren Home Trends Siena Collection Crystal Red Wine Glass

  • The Lorren Home Trends Siena Collection Crystal Red Wine Glass brings elegance to your table setting with its golden band design. This set of 4 glasses is perfect for mixing and matching at home, or you can purchase individually in an attractive gift box. If hand washes are recommended, don’t fret; the delicate gold band won’t interfere with that process. Beautifully presented like all Lorren Home Trends products.
  • Bring this mix between traditional and modern to your table setting with different styles or colors per addition. It’s like you walk into an upscale restaurant every time you head through your front door! This crystal red wine glass is perfect for special occasions, romantic dinners at home, or daily routines alike; it is guaranteed to make people feel welcome on any occasion.

7. Neman Glassworks Vintage Russian Crystal Wine Glasses

  • Wine drinkers know the importance of drinking wine in a specially designed wine glass. Neman Glassworks Vintage Russian Crystal Wine Glasses are specially designed to work with vintage, heavy bottlings to truly bring out the best drinking experience.
  • The crystal glassware gives you premium tasting enjoyment and original artwork prints on the back of each piece for an eye-catching addition to your table setting or home decor.
  • Each glass makes a sophisticated gift that will be used for years to come because these glasses go well with any type of house decore whether it is rustic, modern, etc…

8. HPDEAR Vintage Champagne Flutes

  • HPDEAR Vintage Champagne Flutes are made of high-quality glass that is lead-free and environmentally friendly. They are perfect for your special occasions, whether they’re family gatherings, banquets, or wedding parties. The 5 oz capacity glasses are great for champagne or any other sparkling water drink you might want to serve at your event. Their elegant relief pattern design makes them the first choice when it comes to choosing flutes for entertaining with style!
  • Luxury champagne flutes that are made of high-quality, thick glass! These beautiful glasses have a classic design and elegant retro style. They can be used for weddings or family gatherings so you can impress your guest with the sophistication of these stylish glasses! It also keeps drinks nice and cold without them bloating because it uses thickened lead-free glass. They do not break easily!

9. Whole Houseware Vintage Wine Glasses

  • These vintage wine goblets are perfect for any occasion. Featuring a delicate, yet bold red painting to match your table setting, the glassware set of 6 will have you feeling proud and happy anywhere from everyday dinners to celebrations.
  • What’s even better? These goblets are made durable due to their high-quality color glass material; simply put them in the dishwasher after use! You can use these wine glasses for festive or calm occasions – it really is up to you when your need for this product arises.

10. Bockling Vintage Etched Wine Glass

  • Perfectly designed for the true wine connoisseur, this set of 2 Etched Vintage Rhein Roemer Wine Glasses was hand-cut to accentuate an old-world design. With a German green-colored foot and perfectly curved sides, these glasses will emphasize your favorite wine’s flavor.
  • These quality handcrafted pieces are perfect for any European affair or special dinner you might be hosting at home! Buy the Bockling Vintage Etched Wine Glasses today with peace of mind knowing they come with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

11. Amehla Vintage Wine Glasses

  • Nick and Nora’s glasses are the only modern-looking, up the cocktail glass. These beautiful vintage wine glasses come from a bygone era when prohibition ended and The Thin Man was born. They’re perfect for your bar cart and will serve to be a great conversation starter with guests.
  • These intentionally designed & weighted-up cocktail glasses are part of classic American libations, making them an important piece in continuing America’s legacy behind mixology and cocktails.


Vintage wine glasses offer a variety of styles and colors that will suit the needs of every household. Whether you want something classic or fun and colorful, vintage wine glasses offer options for all tastes! For more information on which type of glassware is best suited to your home’s decorating style, please contact us today. We can help you find the perfect vintage wine glasses for your kitchen.

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