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13 Best Wall-Mounted Wine Racks: 2023 Reviews & Top Picks

Best Wall-Mounted Wine Rack

A wall-mounted wine rack is a great way to store wine in your home. It’s perfect for people who live in small spaces or want to free up counter space because it hangs on the wall and takes up no floor space at all.

The good news is that there are plenty of options out there from which you can choose from! In this post, I will talk about why a wall-mounted wine rack is perfect for you, what they do, and how to use one.

Benefits of Using a Wall-Mounted Wine Rack

Wall-mounted wine racks are distinctive in the way that they do not require additional space for storage. While there is a wide variety of these units for sale, it’s possible to create your own wall-mounted system if you have some spare boards or planks. For beginners, here are several advantages gained from using this unique type of wine unit:

1. Saving Space

It’s no secret that many people lack the ample room needed for storing wines. This also cuts down on the total amount of floor space available. When you want to free up an area in your kitchen, dining room, or den, consider utilizing vertical rather than horizontal space by hanging wine bottles on brackets. Put away those box racks and get creative! Utilizing the space between the floor and ceiling is a smart solution for those who live in apartments. Transform that area into an inventive wine storage area!

2. Protection from Temperature Changes

Wine bottles require a constant temperature to maintain their flavor profiles as well as their general integrity. When you place your wine rack on the wall, it’s isolated from hot or cold spots caused by heating and cooling vents which makes temperature much more consistent. Wood can expand or contract depending on its surrounding climate leading to potentially harmful consequences for your favorite vintages.

3. Ease of Viewing and Accessibility

If you’re like most people, you probably have dozens of bottles stored away. It can take quite some time to find just the right one even though they are stored together. When you install your wine rack on the wall, finding the right bottle will be simple and effortless! No more digging through boxes or pushing aside bottles to see what’s hiding in the back of a large cellar area.

4. Creativity Opportunities

Creating your own wall-mounted wine rack does not have to be expensive! Check out these great DIY projects that can help save space, protect your bottles and offer ease of viewing for your collection. If you are looking for unique ways to display your wines look no further than Pinterest where there are several ideas available. If the build is too complicated you can always opt for an inexpensive prefabricated model like this one. Keep in mind that it’s important to store all wines upside down to maintain their corks and ensure a longer lifespan. So, your bottles will be right-side-up when you take them off the wall.

5. Bottle Security

When a rack is on the floor or in a corner, people can easily sneak up to it and access your bottles without being seen. However, when you hang it from the ceiling, there’s no way for an intruder to get near it! The high placement makes it impossible for someone to quietly approach the area without being noticed. This is one of many reasons that wine enthusiasts suggest using this storage system in rooms where security is a concern such as glass doors or windows which are often targets of thieves. Wall-mounted racks might just save your life and protect your wines from harm.

List of 13 Best Wall-Mounted Wine Racks Reviews

1. VintageView Wall Series 24 Bottle Metal Wall Mounted Wine Rack

  • Get all 24 bottles organized with this VintageView Wall Series Metal Wine Rack. This beautifully designed wine rack has a contemporary look that is sure to impress any guest or customer, not to mention the efficiency of giving you more space in your home. The metal construction keeps it safe from heat, water, and other hazards which may be found in some homes, so installation is as easy as mounting it on one of your walls.
  • This sophisticated wine storage solution is the perfect way to maximize your space. With a sleek design and a professional-grade construction, VintageView’s wall-mounted wine rack will look right at home in any room of your home. Available in multiple finishes for you to customize the appearance-choose from black satin, custom powder coated, brushed nickel, or chrome finish.
  • Check with your local store for design advice before installing this piece of furniture on the wall with any hardware included: drywall lag screws and wood paneling lag screws back this product up! The attractive addition of 24 bottles won’t take up too much room but offers an excellent display option for those who prefer alcohol coolers over cabinets with doors.

2. Sorbus Wall Mount Wine Rack

  • It’s never been easier to enjoy a drink. All you need is a Sorbus Wall Mount Wine Rack and some time for thoughtfully selecting your wine. At only 18-inches high, this freestanding unit fits any wall space that needs it without sacrificing too much room – just mount, then start organizing from the bottom up! It folds up nicely when not in use to take away all of those bulky bins from your kitchen benchtop.
  • Designed to store each bottle in individual, separate compartments so you’ll never again worry about finding the right label. This ground-breaking wall-mounted wine rack stores your bottles horizontally at their peak drinking height.
  • The angle keeps the cork moist and helps keep wines fresher for much longer than just storing them on a shelf or in a cupboard. Store away your favorite blend of wine waiting to be shared with friends or family, then return any time you’d like another glass of this impressive work of art.

3. MBQQ Rustic Wall Mounted Wine Racks

  • This rustic wall-mounted wine rack is a must-have for your next dinner party! Its design of reclaimed wood and iron makes it stylish yet sturdy. With this product, you now can make the most out of every nook and cranny in your kitchen with extra storage space to allow for more dishes or glasses.
  • Plus, this item comes with easy installation instructions making it hassle-free to install at any location! Whether you’re looking for that perfect gift idea or planning your dream home renovation, MBQQ has all the accessories you’re looking for at affordable prices.
  • The MBQQ Rustic Wine Racks is a great wine accessory and gift for those who want to organize their bar, kitchen, or dining spaces with a wall-mounted wine rack. Made from Solid pine wood for strength and beauty. This wall-mounted wine rack allows standard-sized bottles to be easily grabbed without bending down or reaching into cabinets.

4. CMCNCBC Barrel Stave Wall Mounted Wood Wine Rack

  • The best wall-mounted wine rack is of good quality. Iron pieces are connected with the wood to make it sturdy. The smoothly painted surface makes the wood last longer. Up to 6 bottles of wine can be held on the wooden wine rack, perfect for your small living space! Sizes: 40″ Length x 7.6″ Width x 0.8″ Thickness (LxWxT). Barrell’s stave wine rack will hold towels and favorite wines!
  • It won’t take a lot of time or work to solve all your wine storage problems with the CMCNCBC Barrel Stave Wall Mounted Wood Wine Rack. Built from solid hardwood, this rack can hold as many as 12 bottles and provides front-facing labels for easy identification. Installation is simple-just tighten the top and bottom screws vertically in the wall, then fix it into place. It’ll keep each bottle or towel separate for organization!

5. Y-Furniture Wall Series – Wall Mounted Steel Wine Rack

  • This modern wall-mounted wine rack is perfect for showing off your favorite wines. The unique design features of the product packaging box include: high-quality steel, mat black powder coat paint finish on the racks, and smooth curves with no sharp edges to endanger you or your guest’s fingers when inserting coats or bottles on the rack. This thin metal wine shelf will make an instant statement in any kitchen bar, home office, rec room, or man cave you install it in!
  • This Y-Furniture Wall Series – Wall Mounted Steel Wine Rack comes oil rubbed bronze, you can get the best wall-mounted wine rack up to 9 bottles of standard size (Bordeaux style bottle). Then It is heavy duty with four metal industrials drywall anchors that can hold 75lbs each. This wine racks also easy to install and require no need to find wall studs. The only tools required for installation are a Phillips screwdriver which takes minutes.

6. Sagler Towel Bronze Wall Mounted Wine Rack 

  • Don’t let this elegant Sagler Towel Bronze Wall Mounted Wine Rack fool you, it’s multi-functional and does double duty as a luxury wall-mounted towel rack or wine holder. Made of strong metal bronze material with a rust-resistant finish, matures well in any type of setting: kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.
  • The design is vertical the fits snugly into narrow places and is easy to install on your own. Great for master bedrooms or any bedroom which has no more space on counter space due to overcrowding was proud to offer this luxurious item that fits seamlessly into modern homes or traditional spaces alike.
  • Sagler Towel Bronze Wall Mounted Wine Rack is the perfect wall-mounted wine shelf for your home or as a thoughtful gift, easy to assemble, and can be directed on the door or hung from a wall. This compact design of the bronze stand will also look great in an apartment, Rv or it’s portable so you can take it with you on long trips.

7. SODUKU Wall Mounted Wine Rack

  • Soduku Wall Mounted Wine Rack isn’t just for holding wine, but also serving it. Whether you need storage for your favorite bottle or something to hold the top of an extra-large meal grill, one of these racks can do the trick! Hold up to 5 bottles on this wall-mounted wine rack.
  • The smoothly painted surface which makes our wood last longer and with a possible antique look is a great addition to any kitchen background decor. Affordable with only a few pieces needed in order to make your blank wall space more personal with your towels or grilling tools pinned with pop colors from this bare utensils holder rack.
  • This multi-use rack is sure to come in handy for any wine lover from the amateur to the connoisseur. With a wide variety of compartments, this unique design can work in any dining or kitchen space and make a compact yet versatile storage solution.
  • The slim profile allows easy access without sacrificing much counter space while also providing you with an attractive display piece against your wall that really pops! Forget shuffling around soup cans on your pantry shelves when there’s no room, invest in our product today and forget about fumbling around trying to find what you’re looking for!!

8. TOOLF Wall Mounted Wine Rack

  • The Toolf Wall Mounted Wine Rack is the perfect solution to get organized this holiday season or any time of year. The high-quality metal makes it immune to rust while its MDF design makes it convenient for portability. This wine rack includes an elevated protective rail that prevents our favorite beverages from ever toppling over, holding 5 bottles, 10 glasses, and 70 corks!
  • And if you have a shortage of space in your kitchen then this creative wine hanging shelf might just be what you need. With its 3 different ways of mounting, it can be placed literally anywhere in the house including walls, counters, and other furniture pieces.
  • The perfect way to store your guest’s favorite reds, champagne, and more. Choose the right bottle with ease so all of your finicky friends are happy while maximizing their enjoyment – not yours. The wall-mounted design is clean and sleek while at the same time storing even the most fragile bottles safely.

9. Giantex Wall Mounted Wine Rack Organizer

  • The more wine you drink, the more it becomes a problem with where to store your bottles. Giantex’s wall-mounted wine rack can be a great storage solution for all of your wine and stemware needs! This stylish set is crafted from high-quality black walnut wood that will last, with stainless steel frames that are both durable and easy on the eyes.
  • Storage won’t stay healthy without organization-which is why this cleverly designed standard-size wine holder has been engineered to hold up to 24 750mL bottles. The small wooden piles behind the rack prevent inward movement of the product so it always maintains its stability with an impressively long 20″ H x 18″ W profile per shelf area.

10. GWH Hanging Wall Mounted Wine and Glass Rack

  • This Hanging Wall Mounted Wine And Glass Rack will help take advantage of unused vertical space in your room. The design is sleek and modern, featuring a 2-layer shelf that’s perfect to store your wine plus wine glasses and other accessories.
  • Hot surfaces can be a hassle for homes with young children and pets, but the extra ventilation on the rack helps reduce those hot spots; now you can enjoy your pieces without worrying about having them melt! With adjustable height, use anywhere from 11.8″ inch to 23 inches high – making aesthetically pleasing installation as well as easy accessibility at any point possible.
  • The GWH Hanging Wall Mounted Wine And Glass Rack is perfect for hanging two wine glasses or cups on either side of your large living room mirror. Not only does it free up space, but you can finally put those darned wine areas away!
  • Use it to display some souvenirs from your favorite vacation spot, give as a gift to the person who has everything else they could ask for, or even use it in your kitchen to hold all of those painful cooking utensils nearby. Whatever you decide – the rack is sturdy and ready when you are!

11. Mocoum 6 Pack Wall Mounted Wine Racks

  • The Mocoum 6-Pack Wall Mounted Wine Racks offer a stylish and elegant way to display your favorite wines. Made from the highest quality iron and rustless, this rack is both strong and sturdy enough to safely hold your wine bottles without the worry of them falling or breaking.
  • From simple design, we carefully selected every detail to ensure it’s perfect for any decor in urban households. The wine rack comes with mounting hardware included which makes installation incredibly easy it can be used at home, kitchen, pantry, cabinet pantry dining room basement countertop bar, or even in a wine cellar!
  • Mocoum 6 Pack Wall Mounted Wine Racks are stylish, functional, and make any space feel luxurious. No more cluttering your living space with stacks of bottles on the ground or bulky furniture taking up valuable square footage.
  • Get creative instead by re-purposing an old picture frame to hang wine upside down for quick access while you enjoy a relaxing evening watching TV on your couch! This rack can handle six bottles at a time courtesy of its flexible metal construction and screw mounts so installation is easy and will only take 10 minutes.

12. Ultra Wine Racks Cork Out Wall Mounted Wine Racks

  • The Ultra Wine Racks are the perfect solution for anyone with limited space in their kitchen. These wall-mounted racks easily install on any wall, holding bottles of wine in a cork-out configuration that is easy to use and maximizes the little amount of space. This can also serve as an elegant centerpiece when entertaining guests in your home.
  • You’ve got a wine lover on your hands! Get them a sleek, small design that will suit their adult lifestyle. The Ultra Wine Rack Cork Out Wall Mounted features easy installation and durable stainless steel rails for years of stability.
  • It is finished in Matte Black to last an exceptionally long time while holding 12 bottles of wines below the surface where it’s nice and cool around 68 degrees Fahrenheit year-round – keeping them fresh for you or guests who come over! Give the gift so you have someone to share your favorite drink with!

13. RubaH Wood Wine Rack Wall Mount

  • Keep your favorite wine collection in tip-top shape! This beautiful wine rack was handmade from solid Paulownia woods, a rare family of trees that has recently been endangered due to commercial demand. Matte finish ensures the natural beauty and lovely grain patterns will be clearly seen for years.
  • Keep all your wines up-right and organized so you can enjoy them when desired without having to worry about which bottle is where! Never again leave wine out just because it must have rolled under another and forgotten–this wood provides excellent storage solutions for any home entertaining needs.
  • The RubaH Wood Wine Rack is a charming, rustic wine holder that would be perfect for your kitchen. It also makes an impressive gift when neatly packaged in a ribbon with fresh flowers.

How to Choose the Best Wall-Mounted Wine Rack

Choosing the right wine rack is a matter of thinking about where you’re going to keep it and what you can afford. A simple freestanding rack will do if space isn’t an issue, but if you want your wine within arm’s reach from anywhere in your house, a wall-mounted wine rack will be more convenient for you. These also have the advantage of being hidden from view, so don’t have to figure into your décor ideas concerning the room where they’ll go.

Materials: Metal or Wood?

Metal racks are generally less expensive than wood racks and easier to find in a range of sizes and styles, though may need additional protection from humidity issues. Wood tends to be a more attractive material, but requires more care and is often found in smaller sizes.

Types: Freestanding or Built-In?

Freestanding racks can hold bottles on their sides or standing up, depending on the model you purchase. Built-in wine racks are mounted into your wall directly and have fixed bottle positioning. Built-in designs may take up less floor space, but freestanding racks have the advantage of being moved if necessary.

Style Points

A simple shelf bracket will do if you want a rack that doesn’t take away from your wall’s décor while providing convenience for storage and display. If you want something more ornate, you can explore wall-mounted racks designed to look like furniture, with cabinets and drawers for storage as well as wine bottle holders.

Where to Put

Consider aesthetics and convenience when deciding where to put your wine rack. A highly visible location will give a focal point to the room and allow easy access from anywhere in the area, while a hidden cabinet is perfect if space is at a premium or you prefer your wine out of sight.

Types of Storage: Vertical vs Horizontal Racks

Racks that hold bottles horizontally tend to be larger than those that store them vertically. If you have only a few bottles or just like the idea of standing wine bottles up, a vertical rack may suit you.


You can expect to pay about $10-$35 for a basic metal shelf bracket and anywhere from $100 to several hundred dollars or more for ornate built-in wooden racks that also include storage space.

There are many options available when it comes to choosing the best wall-mounted wine rack for your needs, so be sure to take stock of what you need and want before purchasing one.

How to Build a Wall-Mounted Wine Rack

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Wall-Mounted Wine Rack?

A wall-mounted wine rack is a convenient way to store your favorite wines or liquors. The great thing about this type of rack is that it can be mounted on the wall, freeing up your floor space for other items, while providing you with an easy way to have your favorite drinks close at hand. Wall-mounting means that no permanent holes are required in the floor to anchor the unit in place. This is great if you rent instead of own your home, or if you want to move around different pieces of furniture without having to install new bolts every time you have a change of heart. This also makes installing one yourself very economical since it does not require hiring expensive contractors. All you need are some basic tools and around two hours of time.

2. How Does a Wall-Mounted Wine Rack Work?

A wall-mounted wine rack is made up of several vertical metal rods that are either attached directly to the wall or rest on top of brackets, which are also mounted on the wall. The metal rods are either bent at one end so that they can be inserted into holes in the baseboards or screwed into place. The other ends have either circular crosspieces that look like small shelves or round pieces of the rod with hooks attached at intervals where you can hang your bottles and glasses for storage purposes. Installed properly, these racks give you access to your favorite wines without having to worry about them falling out because they remain securely fastened to the wall.

3. How Does the Wall Mounted Wine Rack Hold Up?

Most people will install wall-mounted wine racks on drywall, wood paneling, stone, etc., though some are advertised as being suitable for brick walls. Regardless of what type of surface you want to mount it on, be sure that it is capable of bearing its own weight before installing a new piece of furniture. While rare, accidents do happen and you don’t want to be left with a pile of broken wine glasses or a wobbly rack. This is why most manufacturers offer a warranty for the wall-mounted wine racks they sell.

4. Where Can Wall-Mounted Wine Racks Be Installed?

Wall-mounted wine racks can be installed in homes or in bars and restaurants. When installing them in a wet area (such as the kitchen) make sure to find one that offers waterproof coating where necessary.


It’s time to stop storing your wine bottles in the kitchen cabinet. Wall-mounted wine racks are perfect for any home because they offer a sleek, minimalist aesthetic and take up less space than traditional shelving units.

The best part is that this option comes with plenty of customization options so you can find one that fits both your style preferences as well as needs. Whether you want something simple or need storage for hundreds of bottles, there’s an option out there just waiting for you!

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