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Weird Pop Tart Flavors are Certain to Amaze You

Weird Pop Tart Flavors Are Certain To Amaze You

The Kellogg Company has released some weird Pop Tart flavors throughout the years, and they’re a fair distance from the typical suspects like Cherry, Frosted Strawberry, S’mores, and Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts.

Millennials, including me, are very interested in the pop tart. They flavor usual taste combinations and are willing to try new things, especially with a portable, handy product that could be toasted or eaten straight from the package for a quick snack. However, there are some weird pop-tart flavors that I had no idea existed.  You haven’t tried all of them, I’m sure!

What Is Pop Tarts?

What Is Pop Tarts?

The Kellogg Company created Pop-Tarts as a brand of toaster pastries in 1964. A sweet filling is sandwiched between two layers of thin, rectangular pastry crust in Pop-Tarts. They are meant to be reheated in a microwave oven or flavor play-Doh-like upon, despite being supplied pre-cooked.

With millions of packs sold each year, Pop-Tarts is Kellogg’s most popular brand in the United States. They are primarily sold in the United States, although available in Canada,  Ireland, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand. In Australia, Pop-Tarts were withdrawn in 2005 and reintroduced in 2014 with two new flavors: Chocotastic and Strawberry Sensation.

Pop-Tarts come in various flavors and seasonal, one-time, and “limited edition” tastes that are only available for a short time.

The Weird Pop Tart Flavors That Are Delicious

Root Beer

We’re not complaining since it’s like putting a chocolate cake in such an ice cream floats. (The filling has a strong root beer flavor that makes it nearly effervescent on the tongue.) It vastly outranked Pop-second Tart’s new flavor, Orange Crush, which tasted like a “melted Tootsie Pop discovered behind your vehicle seat on a sunny summer’s day,” according to tasters.

Hot Fudge Sundae

There’s a lot more going on in this flavor, and luckily none of it is fake banana flavor. The chocolate toasted pastry has a slight cocoa flavor, but taste-testers preferred the sprinkle-dusted frosting and vanilla filling. To get the full sundae flavor, put them in the fridge.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Eggless, prepackaged cookie dough has a gritty, Play-Doh-like texture. Fortunately, that isn’t the case here. Our only gripe is that we wished for a super-stuffed version. (But isn’t the pastry-to-filling proportion everyone’s problem with Pop-Tarts?) Nobody likes to take the first mouthful of all-crust.)

Pumpkin Pie

This flavor is only available in the fall, and it’s worth tracking down and stocking. The pumpkin pie topping is tastier than any store-bought pie we’ve eaten, and it’s even better when warmed up.

Frosted Strawberry

Strawberry Pop-Tarts have come in a variety of flavors, including the original frosted strawberry, unfrosted strawberry, low-fat strawberry, PB&J strawberry, and chocolaty strawberry. However, Kellogg’s has added one more twist: each new strawberry Pop-Tarts will have a cartoon painted on the icing. Early in the year 2016.

Wild Berry

Don’t be put off by the vivid purple hue; this is an iced strawberry Pop-Tart elevated to the next level. Some people thought it tasted like Trix cereal, which they liked. For a quick and tasty dessert, top your Pop-Tarts with fresh fruit or berries and whipped cream.

A food that can be taken with you on the go; makes a great snack at work, a mid-afternoon pick-me-up at school, or a late-night delight; Incorporate into lunchboxes, bags, and backpacks.

PB&J Strawberry

Every piece of these delicious tarts is bursting with strawberry flavor and natural peanut butter. It’s even more significant than the sandwich you used to eat in elementary school.

Weird Pop Tart Flavors You’ll Sadly Not Get Another Chance To Try

Frosted Grape

Grape is a popular flavor in snack foods and beverages; in fact, Concord Grape Pop-Tarts first emerged in 1967 but were subsequently discontinued. Their downfall was because they were not very well-liked. So Pop-Tarts decided to give Frosted Grape another go, but they were withdrawn in 2017. They could have returned if they had been, but unfortunately, the grape Pop-Tarts were left behind.

These Pop-Tarts sometimes arrived in a pack of three, adding to their uniqueness rather than the usual two. Who knows if this was a marketing plan for their limited edition products or simply a fluke, but it was a pleasant surprise. After all, who can complain about a few more Pop-Tarts?

Ice Berry Blast

Because of commercial agreements, there have been several themed Pop-Tarts, and most of them are unimpressive. The Ice Age 2 Pop-Tarts, on the other hand, are something we’d like to try again. The blue filling in Ice Berry Blast Pop-Tarts colored your tongue purple, as expected. But, more importantly, it was a unique and enjoyable flavor. These specially branded Pop-Tarts first appeared in 2006 and were only available until March 31, 2007, or supplies run out. They were part of a promotional package for Ice Age 2 that included a mail-in reward. Although branded Pop-Tarts are usually entertaining, several fans and customers were taken aback by the collaboration.

Guava Mango

2008 was an exciting year for Pop-Tarts-at least if you enjoy Latin tastes. Guava Mango was a limited-edition pastry that blended two extremely bright tropical fruits into a delicious concoction. According to Kellogg’s, it was introduced in June and packed alongside the Dulce de Leche Pop-Tarts, making them tasty and complementing siblings great for the summer. It’s a shame these were limited edition, but there should be additional foodstuff that reflects the culinary variety of the United States. Then, we’re discussing Pop-Tarts, but we have to begin somewhere. At the very least, we may be relieved that they existed for a short period.

French Toast

Kellogg’s hasn’t released a French toast-flavored Pop-Tart in a long time, which is pretty surprising. After all, it’s a popular breakfast choice, and any excuse to eat something sweetened with maple syrup is a no-brainer. These were released in 2004 to mostly good reviews. The filling was more important than the icing in these Pop-Tarts, which made them stand out. We understand that the filling is the primary taste of Pop-Tarts, but the icing options frequently outshine or just dominate it. Instead of icing, the French toast Pop-Tarts were covered with a cinnamon sugar blanket. It was the ideal complement and offered just the proper amount of flavor.

Chocolate Banana Split

What is the significance of this? People are divided when it comes to banana-flavored products. For example, the banana taste that so many of us associated with sweets was accessible in the US 10 years before genuine bananas. As a result, artificial banana flavoring tastes nothing like the bananas we eat today. This is because the Chocolate Banana Split Pop-Tarts, which debuted in January 2009, had banana flavor and hence didn’t feel like a natural banana split, according to Kellogg’s PR team.

What’re The Ways To Eat a Pop Tarts?

A pop tart can be eaten in a variety of ways. Some prefer to eat them right out of the bag, while others prefer to toast them beforehand. But did you notice that pop tarts may be consumed in a variety of ways? They’re excellent for ice cream toppings, but they’re also great for ice cream sandwiches, s’mores, and milkshakes!

Putting a Pop Tart in the Oven and Eating It

If you want to be conventional, toast a pop tart in the toaster. Remove the pop tart from its foil wrapper and set it upright in the toaster. With one round, heat it on low. Allow a few seconds for the pop tart to cool before eating. Toaster ovens can also be used with this approach.

Or you can place the pop tart on a microwave-safe plate after removing it from the pouch. Warm it for 3 seconds on high. Allow it to cool for a few moments before eating.

If you don’t have much time, take a pop tart directly from the bag. Many individuals like to consume pop tarts at room temperature, which is OK. They’ve already been cooked, so they’re safe to consume cold.

Making Ice Cream Sandwiches using Weird Pop Tart Flavors

Place two frosted-side-down pop tarts on a chopping board. Keep the remaining two pop tarts for later. You may use any sort of pop tart for this, but flavors like Frosted Chocolate Chip, Cookies & Creme, and Hot Fudge Sundae work nicely in this recipe.

On top of every pop tart, spread 1/2 cup of ice cream. You may use any flavor of ice cream for this, but cookie dough, cookies-n-cream, or vanilla are the best options. Using an ice cream scoop, carefully remove the ice cream and spread it across the pop tart with a  knife or rubber spatula. Ensure the ice cream covers the entire surface.

Place both other two frosted-side-up pop tarts on top and softly push down. Make sure the borders are straight. Lightly press directly on top of the sandwich to ensure that the ice cream touches the sandwich’s borders. Smooth any ice cream that comes out the edges using a knife or spatula.

Using a knife, cut the sandwiches in half lengthwise. Use a sewing technique to break through the pop tart crust if necessary. You’ll get four more miniature sandwiches out of this.

Wrap the sandwiches in plastic wrap and place them in the freezer for at least 2 hours. Wrap each sandwich individually in plastic wrap and place it in the freezer. The ice cream will solidify again, and the sandwiches will stay together.


Through the article, we hope you can gain more knowledge about the pop-tarts as well as the weird pop tart flavors. However, we think that the flavors also depend on the preference of each person.

Furthermore, if you have any problems, please leave them in the comments section below. We are pleased to answer any queries you may have and provide you with the most relevant information.

Last but not least, keep an eye on our website for additional helpful information!

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