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11 Best White Wine Glasses 2023: Reviews & Top Picks

Best White Wine Glasses

If you are looking for white wine glasses, then this article is sure to be of interest. It will provide information on what makes a glass great for your favorite type of white wine, as well as some brands that are worth considering when you are in the market.

The best white wine glasses are made of glass. They have a bowl shape with a stem and foot, which helps the wine breathe. The most important thing to know about picking out these types of glasses is that they need to be clear in color. You also want them to feel heavy enough when you hold them because if they are too light then it will make the wine taste bad.

This article discusses the importance of selecting the right white wine glass. We’ll look at different shapes and sizes, stem types, and what to consider when purchasing glasses.

List of 11 Best White Wine Glasses Reviews

1. JoyJolt Layla White Wine Glasses

  • Layla white wine glasses are as elegant as they come! They’re made of premium quality, highly durable crystal. This set has 4 wine glasses and is designed for elegance and simplicity. With beautiful glass cut, perfectly uniform rims, and sophisticated print that will last the test of time.
  • These festive inspired white wine glasses make a wonderful housewarming present or Christmas gift. Made and tested to maintain its shimmer and shine with ease, all you need to worry about is ordering yours today!

2. ELIXIR GLASSWARE Hand Blown White Wine Glasses

  • With this artistic wine glass, you can celebrate life’s most memorable moments with a gift that speaks for itself. Delight the senses of red and white wine while enjoying the glorious gift of life with one of these elegant art pieces.
  • Made by hand in European Union, these glasses are sturdy enough to wash without too much worry but still delicate enough not to break if handled wrong. The color on each glass is distinctively different but never neglects its smooth shape- perfect for sipping any kind of drink from tea to your favorite wine!

3. BENETI Exquisite White Wine Glasses

  • Each set of four BENETI Exquisite White Wine Glasses comes with a foot, elongated stem, and sharp bowl to ensure wine aficionados can savor all varieties. Enjoy any type of wine in this elegant glass.
  • A wine glass is an essential tool for any oenophile. But it doesn’t need to be a clunky utilitarian object: elevate your evenings with four premium glasses crafted from beautiful artisan designs! Each elegant piece is sturdy and has a modern, elongated stem and sharp bowl, making them perfect when you want any type of wine in your esophagus.

4. Paksh Novelty Italian White Wine Glasses

  • The Paksh Novelty Italian White Wine Glasses are the perfect addition for any wine lover. The minimalist design provides a distinctive look that will make your friends jealous. Each glass is made of lead-free chemical composition star glass, creating an affair worth celebrating with this 25th-anniversary gift set.
  • Pair the glasses with their complementary stemware to really enhance any wine’s flavor without overwhelming its delicate palette. What are you waiting for? Bring your wine game to the next level and pick up these Italian white wine glasses today!

5. FAWLES Crystal White Wine Glasses

  • The FAWLES Crystal White Wine Glasses are perfect for any occasion with their 6 pieces crystal white wine glasses. The narrow and tall bowl reduces surface area to preserve delicate bouquets of white wines that are usually chilled, balancing well on the flat round base.
  • With 15 ounces capacity per glass, these are great for celebrations or classy dinners at your table. They can be conveniently cleaned in the dishwasher thanks to our special strengthened technology by which non-lead crystal provides extreme clarity and sparkle.

6. Mikasa Cheers White Wine Glasses

  • Mikasa’s whimsical designs in Cheers White Wine Glasses will enliven any gathering. No more confusing drinks with this 4-glass set where everyone enjoys their own patterns and drinking has never been better.
  • The high-quality precision etching brings out the beauty in these oversized 16-ounce glasses. Perfect for relaxing at home or hosting family dinner, Mikasa’s wine glasses are sure to be your favorite go-to glassware!

7. Riedel 00 Collection 002 White Wine Glasses

  • The Riedel 00 Collection 002 White Wine glass is the perfect glass to suit a variety of white wines. The dishwasher-safe machine-made glasses are designed with gentle curves for an easy grip while enhancing the aroma and flavors in your favorite whites. With this set, you get four perfect serving sizes that are great if you’re entertaining or looking to spiff up your dinner table.
  • The glass helps to release the aromas of the wine, and balance fruit and sweetness in wines to provide structure. These machine-made glasses are dishwasher safe (top rack) or can be hand washed. With this set, you’ll have four Riedel White Wine Glasses on deck!

8. Libbey Classic White Wine Glasses

  • Timeless design and clean lines ensure these glasses have an eternal look that will impress any dinner guest. These Libbey Classic White Wine Glasses offer a fine upgrade to your dining room, complete with the iconic shape that has been one of the world’s best-loved glassware for more than 50 years.
  • The leaded crystal doesn’t cloud due to its discreet nature, allowing your guest’s drink to be seen at all angles without disruption. Designers grant these glasses’ classy features an enduring beauty that will impress your guests for years to come with their traditional appeal – guaranteeing that they’ll be serving drinks from this set well into the future.

9. Ikea 123 SVALKA White Wine Glasses

  • The Ikea 123 SVALKA collection is made of high-quality, heat-resistant borosilicate glass. They’re dishwasher safe and the perfect companion to your heirloom cooking. Display them in a prominent place in your kitchen so you can always get out 14 glasses at once!
  • The perfect, minimalistic glass that you can’t leave behind. Whether for wine or coffee, these glasses are ideal companions on the journey of self-discovery. These white wine glasses are perfect for summer entertaining. Each glass holds 8 oz and is dishwasher safe.

10. Swanfort White Wine Glass

  • Swanfort White Wine Glass is a set of four stemware glasses designed with the most elegant design for sparkling 14 oz white wine in luxury. With Swanfort’s high-quality crystal glass, you’ll never have to worry about a scratch or cut by accident in the dishwasher.
  • The newest generation elegant design will complement your lifestyle and offer the best experience when drinking wine. Your family and friends are safe using this premium lead-free crystal wine glass!

11. Bormioli Rocco White Wine Glasses

  • These premium white wine glasses are an ideal gift for any wineophile or someone who has always had the ambition to do some tastings but never tried before. It’s not easy to make the first step! But now with these amazing wine glasses, you can really enhance your drinking and wine tasting experience.
  • They have a laser-cut and ultra-thin rim that will improve wine tasting, let it breathe more easily so that each sip is just getting better than before. These crystal clear cups have excellent clarity which makes them an elegant accessory on any table setting – be it for dinner parties with friends or romantic dinners alone in front of your fireplace.


The most important consideration when purchasing white wine glasses is what they will be used for. For everyday use, you may want to go with a set of inexpensive stemless options that can easily stick in the dishwasher and provide an uncluttered look on your dinner table.

However, if your goal is to showcase or preserve the aromas of your favorite whites, then you’ll need more expensive stemmed white wine glasses. We hope this article has helped you learn about different shapes and sizes of items as well as considerations when it comes time to select the right glassware for your needs!

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