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15 Best Wine Cork Holders 2023: Review & Top Picks

Best Wine Cork Holders

The best wine cork holders are the ones that not only help you keep your corks from getting lost in a drawer, but also add something to your kitchen décor.

These wine cork holders come in all shapes and sizes with designs ranging from rustic to modern. From one-of-a-kind pieces made by local artisans to inexpensive items available for purchase on Amazon, there’s a style for every home and budget!

This blog post covers different ways to store wine cork. It includes reviews on some of the best wine cork holders. Hopefully, our readers will find this helpful when shopping for gifts or home decor items.

List of 15 Best Wine Cork Holders Reviews

1. will’s Wine Cork Holder – Metal Monogram Letter (M)

  • The perfect patio or kitchen accessory, this metal monogram letter fully displays your style. Will’s handcrafted metal letter is deep enough to hold all of the wine corks holder you have at home without needing adhesives. Perfect for adding a rustic touch to any countertop or shelf, each letter features eyelets on the back for mounting easily.
  • A gift worth remembering. Great to make sure your hosts know who the cork collection came from (especially when it is filled with beautiful, festive decorations). Guaranteed not to be found at anyone else’s housewarming, wedding, bridal shower, birthday, or graduation party.

2. Hoovy Metal Wine Cork Holder

  • Protects your home from all of those pesky wine corks! With the help of a trusty Hoovy, you can easily store and hang things anywhere in your home without looking tacky.
  • This sleek metal accessory also helps increase the style factor for any room it’s placed in! Place a cork on a stand or even use it to prop something else up against the wall. There are so many possible uses that this one product provides – you just have to customize everything to suit your needs.
  • With 12 inches of height, there is plenty of space for customization- with 3 initials by default but can be customized with 2-5 letters/numbers!

3. Mind Reader Corky Metal Wine Ornaments

  • You can store all of your favorite corks in this Mind Reader Corky Metal Wine Ornaments and display them proudly on the sideboard, with an extra set for guests. This metal holder is made to fit a variety of bottle shapes and sizes so you don’t have to worry about measurements or overfilling.
  • When full, it stands 10″ tall and measures 7″ in diameter. It’s perfect for wine lovers with large collections because it accommodates up to 100 pieces! Accent your kitchen with this beautiful cork container before running out of storage space at home!

4. Lawrence Frames Shadow Box Wine Cork Holder

  • The artful Lawrence Frames Shadow Box Wine Cork Holder displays your favorite wine corks elegantly on any wall. This stunning shadowbox features a customized etching making it the perfect gift for someone who loves to drink fine wines with special people. The desk-made frame stores up to 15 of your collectible wine corks plus an oak cork, ready for admiration! Order now – supplies are limited!
  • This shadow box wine cork holder is a decorative way to showcase your love of both good wine and great company, printed on the glass with the words “The Best Wines are ones we drink together.” It can be wall-mounted for an even more secure holder, perfect for gifting all the wine lovers in your life with its quality craftsmanship.

5. True Wine Glass Cork Holder

  • With a height of 13.75 inches and a width of 6 inches, this True Wine Glass Cork Holder is the perfect size for storing 90 corks in style. This rustic wine glass design is available in modern or farmhouse options to suit your kitchen design theme.
  • Add an exciting new level of décor to your home with the unique True Wine Glass Cork Holder! Featuring a classic wine glass shape, this holder will become an instant conversation piece when friends come over for dinner parties. Even better, it will display all the best wines you have tucked away on your countertop without taking up too much room.

6. Oenophilia Metal Wine Cork Holder Collector

  • The Oenophilia Decanter Metal Large Cork Holder and Collector is a valuable drinkware addition to any home. This handmade design of steel decorates the walls of your bar or wine cellar with curved, decorative accents that outline the contours of this collector’s body. Easily accommodate cork slices from your favorite drinks by adding them to this black holder and keeping it right on hand for easy access.
  • Crack open a bottle of wine and revel in the aroma, but don’t forget about your favorite wine-loving friend! Keep all those corks you’ve reclaimed from great bottles firmly stowed with this sleekly designed cork collector. Never again will you leave them drying out on the counter or left to collect dust at the back of your cabinet: they’ve been neatly tucked away for safekeeping and convenient display.

7. TheopWine Barrel Shaped Wine Cork Holder

  • Put that corkscrew away and enjoy real work of art in your home with the TheopWine Barrel Shaped Wine Cork Holder. This large, beautifully crafted item is perfect for displaying wine bottle corks on your countertops, display areas, and tables to complement the matching TheopWine wine racks also available separately (wine racks not included).
  • You’ll feel like a pro each time you use it to store used wine bottle corks from any other bottles that have been opened at dinners or parties while still saving some for tastings before re-corking them. This decorative corker is made from solid hardwood with a vintage wash finish to add just the right rustic touch to your décor.

8. True Dog Wine Cork Holder

  • Its rustic dog charm to store your corks in holding perfection catches the eye, and its compact size means it can be placed on any countertop or tabletop for use. With room to stash up to 30 corks in one design, this wine cork holder comes in displayable sterling silver or uses natural oakwood that matches almost any decorating theme.
  • Perfect for holidays, this wine cork holder is the perfect gift that will be sure to please any drinker. With its colorful, rustic-appeal design and sturdy construction, it adds personality and interest to modern or classic kitchens alike.

9. FOSTERSOURCE Wine Cork Holder

  • Make your life easier and watch how much space you will save with this wine cork holder cage. The top opening of 18 1/2″ is large enough for easy storage and to free up counter space that would otherwise be taken up by a metal grid wall organization system or the smaller corner wine rack.
  • Whether it sits on the counter in all its beautiful simplicity or is held together with dual screws when any wooden top tabletop seems too modest, this wine cork collector pays homage to Vino’s delicious indulgences while still appropriately storing overflow from your nearest refrigerator door’s dangerous clutches.

10. MyGift Rustic Wall Mounted WINE Cork Holder

  • This MyGift metal and burnt wood-mounted cork catcher is the perfect way to display your beloved collection. Cutout letters permit you to see your cork jars inside so they can be used as an elegant kitchen detail or as part of a bar for showing off those intricate flavors.
  • The convenient open top allows easy access and deposit for corks, making emptying that last bottle into this stunning holder much easier than carrying around large heavy boxes! And now with the included hardware, this piece is easily attached to any flat wall surface. The possibilities are endless for this rustic wine cork accessory!

11. Vine Country Wine Cork & Beer Cap Holder

  • DISPLAY your wine corks & beer bottle caps in style with a shadow box frame! The cork holder fits over 60 wine & champagne corks. The beer bottle cap holder & catcher fits over 300 tops. The perfect decor for any home bar, kitchen counter, family room, office desk…or bedroom dresser or bookshelf!
  • Wine enthusiasts & beer lovers rejoice in the elegance of this cork-cap display that will have them grinning from ear to ear when they receive it as a gift. Add their name to our personalized option and you’ll be all set for years of festivities! A personalized greeting card is included too.

12.Camping Trailer Cork Caddy Holder

  • Sipping wine under the stars in your trailer is hardly an original experience, but why not spice it up with a creative décor piece? That’s just what you get when you have a Camping Trailer Cork Caddy Holder.
  • This decorative cork holder will do wonders for sprucing up any standard-issue RV or use it to liven up that fireplace mantel. It comes in so many different colors too! Made tough with steel and enamel paint, this beautiful accessory is sure to never disappoint.

13. Kalalou CJS1144 Wood and Wire Wall Wine Cork Holder

  • Designed to have a rustic, farmhouse feel, this best wine cork holder is the perfect decoration for any kitchen. With its metal slats and accents, this handmade item can be personalized with anything from plants to pictures or tabletop decorations.
  • Try Kalalou Iron Wine Cork Holder that not only holds your corks but decorates your space at the same time! Constructed out of an iron rod surrounded by slatted wood panels, the natural finish gives it a cozy feel in every room of the house.

14. Twine Wise Owl Cork Holder

  • Help your guests to remember the cherished memories from a memorable wine-tasting, hosting a party, or just getting together with friends with this handy cork holder. This stoneware set includes an adorable owl design that is sure to bring charm and personality to any kitchen setting.
  • The colorfully striped corks stay snug in their rests as they wait for those special moments of remembrance. This cork holder measures 7″ W x 12″ H and holds roughly 80 (not included) corks which provide plenty of room for collecting and displaying your favorite wine bottles on your countertops, bar, tabletop, or anywhere else you might be looking for some extra accouterments without taking up too much space!

15. True Juicy Pineapple Cork Holders

  • With a large capacity of 50 corks, the True Juicy Pineapple Cork Holder is perfect for an enthusiast on the go. The antique steel construction means that this wine holder will be with you for years to come.
  • When cooking in the kitchen, store your favorite wine on open shelving within easy reach or on display atop your dining room table! With high quality and simple convenience in mind, pairing this gift with any bottle of vino makes for a great gift.

How to Choose the Best Wine Cork Holders

In this guide, we’ll look at the most important features for your wine cork holders to ensure that you compete with the best in terms of design, ergonomics, material, or lifecycle.

When you have chosen the type of wine cork holder following this guide, you will be able to take full advantage of it. The right choice shows both your good taste and your excellent sense of interior decoration.

The most beautiful wine glass corks are also often used as decorations on the wall! If you are still unsure about it after reading this article, feel free to leave a comment at the end. I always answer questions quickly.


The material used for the production of wine cork holders has a certain influence on how well they can be used. The most frequently used materials are wood, metal, and plastic. Wood is one of the most popular materials for wine glass corks.


The efficiency factor for your cork holders concerns how well each places your wine cor into position next to your glasses. This does not only depend on the type of cork used but also how easy it is to use the holder.


The lifecycle factor concerns how long you can expect each wine cork holder to last before it needs replacing due to wear and tear or damage. The lifecycle of a wine cork holder is also partly dependent on the material it is made from, its design, and how often you use it.


The design factor concerns how well designed each wine cork holder is for placing your wine corks next to your glasses. This does not only concern the aesthetics but how useful they are in practice and their ergonomics.


The ergonomics aspect of a cork holder factors in how easy it is to place your corks back into position using the cork holders without too much extra effort. It also takes into account any additional features such as grip materials or pins. Design plays an important role here too.


The price factor concerns how much each wine cork holder costs, which obviously has an impact on your decision about which to choose. This can be influenced by several factors such as its lifecycle, material, design, ergonomics, and efficiency factors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a wine cork holder?

A wine cork holder is a decorative piece of art that you can use to store your corks. There are many different designs and styles, whether you prefer cartoon characters or flowers. The first thing about these holders is that they don’t serve as functional pieces, so you can’t place any glasses on them or simply use them to hold your other table items. The only purpose of this item is to be hanged on the wall for decoration purposes.

2. Where do you store wine corks?

A wine cork holder is a great choice for those who enjoy collecting corks. When you’re having people over, you can simply take the items down and show them off to your guests. If you aren’t keen on this idea, there are other places where collect these corks: You could simply leave them in boxes or jars and place them under the bed or at the back of your closet; placing them randomly around the house will also do (remember NOT to store them inside cabinets as they contain large amounts of humidity). However, if you appreciate decorating the interior of your house with fun pieces that would make it more personal and original, then hanging up a wine cork holder is definitely a good idea.

3. What about wine cork holders shaped like animals?

If you love animals and would love to keep their memory in your home, these holders are a great way to do this. The prices vary from being cheap to being more expensive depending on the type of animal. If you have a particular favorite, for example, a cute elephant, then you can find a wine cork holder shaped liked it and hang it up near your other pieces of décor.

4. How do I use a wine cork holder?

Make sure you place one end of the cork inside the slit and keep pushing it until it reaches the other end. This way you’ll be able to display all of them without having too much space on your walls/cabinets/shelves. If you don’t like the wine cork holder’s design, then you could simply remove some pieces and leave just a few instead of buying a new one.


The best wine cork holders are ones that make it easy for the homeowner to access their corks. We hope this list of reviews has helped you find a product that will last and be enjoyed by your family members or friends!

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