6 Best Woks For Ceramic Cooktops (2023 Updated)

Best Woks For Ceramic Cooktops

The best wok for ceramic cooktops isn’t as easy to find as you might think. You can use a traditional round-bottomed wok or flat-based electric woks on your stove, but they aren’t perfect. A good quality carbon steel pan is the best choice and if you want one that will last and look great in addition to cooking well.

The best wok for ceramic cooktop is the one that you are most comfortable with. Woks are available in many sizes, shapes, and materials which can make it difficult to decide on the right one for your needs. A few tips will help you decide what type of wok to buy or even how to season a new wok if needed. But how do you know which wok will work best on your ceramic cooktop? Read this write for info on the top six types of woks and their pros and cons as well as a list wok for the ceramic cooktop of favorite picks.

List Of 6 Best Wok For Ceramic Cooktop Reviews

1. Craft Wok Traditional Hand Hammered Carbon Steel Pow


  • The Craft Wok Traditional Hand Hammered Carbon Steel Pow is a 14″ heavy-duty 15 gauge(1.8mm) carbon steel wok that has been trusted by many home cooks in the past few years. This wok is hand-hammered and made of high-quality materials, so it’s sure to last you for many years to come. The easy-to-season round bottom pan is perfect for stir-frying over high heat and makes it easy to move your food around without burning or drying out.
  • The wooden handle on this 4.6-pound steel wok will not burn when you stir fry over high heat, it makes it easy to move the food around to avoid burning or drying out. The wooden handle also has a really cool quality to it that doesn’t let your fingers slip on today’s slippery surfaces, so your safe handling can continue without interruption even if you need things held down against the stovetop while they wait their turn in the pan – pow!
  • With a heavy wok weight and durable steel helper handle, this traditional-style wok will have you cooking high-temperature stir-fries in no time! The wooden handle has an anti-slip wood surface so it won’t slip out of your hands while stirring fry over the stove.

Why Choose this Product:

  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Easy to Handle, Holds Down Well on Stovetop
  • Wooden Handle with Anti-Slip Texture

2. Chinese 100% Hand Hammered Iron Woks Stir Fry Pans


  • The Chinese 100% Hand Hammered Iron Woks Stir Fry Pans are the perfect addition to your kitchen. The hand-hammered surface of this wok is what sets it apart from other products. The smooth texture and stunning appearance are created by hand-hammering the iron multiple times, making it impossible to match the real flavor and fragrance of a true hand-made product with a machine-made one.
  • As you use your wok more and more, the protective layer will form on its surface, making it more conditioned to the way you cook each time. This means that each time you use your wok, dinner guests will say “I’m impressed” as they bite into tender morsels seared just right across the wisps of fragrant onions and colorful bell peppers popped up in our incredible flavors!
  • This isn’t just a pan for seasoning; it’s one that will provide an experience in the kitchen with every use! From its unmatched weight and heft to nails clinging for purchase on the bottom of the wok, it’s no wonder this classic piece of cookware has been a traditional treasure in China for centuries!
  • This stir fry pan is made from 100% hand-hammered iron by skilled craftsman from the famed heart-shaped city of Guanqi, renowned for being good luck because it resembles a golden lily flower. The special non-stick coating is used only on the inside of the pan so make sure you don’t use metal utensils or scrubbing powders on them because they might scratch it off.

Why Choose this Product:

  • The hand-hammered surface
  • The weight and heft of this stir fry pan are perfect for maximizing heat diffusion

3. KYTD 12.5 inch Nonstick Carbon Steel Wok


  • The KYTD 12.5-inch Nonstick Carbon Steel Wok is the perfect cooking tool for your kitchen. Made from a single piece of iron sheet, our wok is a traditionally handcrafted beauty by the hands of craftsmen who have been making pots for generations. The high-quality cast iron body distributes heat evenly without burning food on the bottom while serenely cooking food on top. The fish scale shape provides an easier cooking process while also being easy to clean – just scrub with water!
  • The 12.5″ diameter surface quickly heats up with all sides in contact to provide a stable heat distribution while cooking, meaning less risk for burning food when making your favorite dishes such as stir fry or fried rice!
  • The wok’s long handle provides for easy mobility around the stovetop so you can prepare dishes quickly and conveniently, while the non-stick coating allows you to cook without worrying about the ingredients sticking to the surface of the pan. Choose from a handsome brown one with black handles or charming gold color with blue handles – both colors are safe for use in ovens up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit/176 degrees Celsius.

Why Choose this Product:

  • Distributes heat evenly
  • Thick and sturdy construction
  • Long handle for easier movements

4. Backcountry Iron’s Cast Iron Wok for Stir Frys and Sautees


  • The Backcountry Iron’s Cast Iron Wok for Stir Frys and Sautees (14 Inch Large) is designed for outdoor cooking, camping, backpacking, and other outdoor activities. This 14″ large cast iron wok will last a lifetime if taken care of properly. It is a perfect gift for the avid camper or backpacker in your life!
  • The design of the heavy cast iron woks makes them ideal for cooking over an open fire while camping, around a wood-burning stove, or outdoor cooker when backpacking. They cook at low to medium heat and food will not stick if done correctly!
  • Conventional care and use include oiling with vegetable or other cooking oils before each use, using metal utensils without scratching the surface, leaving it uncovered while not in use to keep wax-coated paper between its cracks, and storing out of extremely high or low temperatures; your wok is guaranteed to become one of your favorite kitchen essentials.

Why Choose this Product:

  • Incredibly durable
  • Perfect for outdoor cooking and camping
  • Lightweight and easy to pack

5. Cuisinart CCW-800, Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Grilling Wok


  • The Cuisinart CCW-800 Cast Iron Grilling Wok is perfect for grilling and cooking your favorite dishes. The wok has a nonstick coating to make cleanup easy and it’s made of durable cast iron for long-lasting performance.
  • This cast iron grill wok by Cuisinart features pre-seasoned cast iron for an easy cleaning experience that will also provide a non-stick surface for cooking with maximum flavor retention. The shape of this wok is ideal for keeping food in all the sauce and juices—enjoy flavorful cuisine every meal!
  • It not only has a 10″ cast iron surface that will retain heat and seal in flavor but also provides delicious sauce and juice with every bite. Additionally, this wok is made of durable cast iron so it can withstand heavy use without warping or bending after extended periods of time.

Why Choose this Product:

  • It’s made of highly durable cast iron that won’t warp
  • The nonstick coating makes clean up very easy and prevents food from sticking to the surface
  • The two side handles on this grill wok make it easier to transport when camping or picnicking

6. ZhenSanHuan Chinese Hand Hammered Iron Pow Woks


  • Hand-made from top-quality iron, this wok will never warp like other pans. It features an ergonomically designed handle that provides comfort while cooking, and makes for a great gift for anyone who loves to cook!
  • The hand-hammered design on the bottom of this wok ensures that nothing sticks to it while you’re cooking, allowing you to easily move your food around in preparation for serving. The 12″ round bottom opening makes it perfect for simmering large quantities of food when needed.
  • This ZhenSanHuan Chinese Hand Hammered Iron Pow Woks is perfect for anyone looking to indulge in some delicious noodles. With its rich color and sturdy construction, this pan will turn out the best stir-fry you’ve ever experienced!

Why Choose this Product:

  • Made from top-quality materials for an ultra-durable experience
  • Perfect for simmering large quantities of food when needed
  • Provides a comfortable grip, making it easy to transfer food from the pan to the plate

Things to Consider the Best Wok for Ceramic Cooktop

Some of you may be thinking about how to choose the best wok for ceramic stoves. You are lucky since this article will provide some ideas on choosing the appropriate one. We also have some tips, tricks, and guidelines to make it easier for you. Hope that your cooking experience will become better quickly by using the right equipment with great quality.

Let’s see what thing you should consider when choosing a wok for ceramic cooktop:


The material of the wok also plays a very important role when choosing one. The best materials for this kind of cookware are stainless steel and cast iron. Hence, you have to consider these two carefully then choose the right one. In general, if you do not often cook Asian food or stir-fry, go with a stainless steel model. These can be easier to handle since they are lighter than cast iron. A heavy pan will cause your wrist to feel exhausted quickly (even after stirring). Those who like their dishes burned should opt for cast iron instead; this is perfect for large pans that need to retain heat.

Finally, never use non-stick surfaces with ceramic stovetops because it can damage their surface really quickly. You have to be more careful when cooking with ceramic stovetops.


If you want a pan that comes with a long handle, do not choose a stainless steel model because it can make your hand feel pain after stirring too many times. A cast iron wok with a wooden or metal handle is better since they are lighter and easier to handle. You can switch them between right and left hands without any problem anymore.


It will be best if the wok is designed in such a way that it is able to fit perfectly on top of the stove’s burner. In this case, small size woks will need to have “nests” that help them stand firmly on the stove without falling over from side to side. This feature is most common in many high-quality models.


Heavy-duty models are not always the best for cooking. If you often cook Asian food, make sure to select a light wok instead. It will be easier for you to stir-fry ingredients evenly without feeling exhausted quickly with lighter woks . Those who want to use larger pans must choose the weight accordingly since it is really important when cooking with large skillets.

Temperature control

Various manufacturers have different approaches when providing temperature control features on their models. It may take some time to figure out which one is more suitable for you or your ceramic stove. Some of them can offer 5 heat settings while others come up with 3 only. Choose the right level that allows you to cook most dishes steadily and correctly。 However, do not choose the one that offers you maximum heat level since it may damage your ceramic stove.


This is one of the most important things to consider because you will use it every day. The pan must be made of great material that makes it strong enough to prevent any scratch or dent. You do not have to worry about its durability if it is designed with the best quality materials. On the other hand, choose cast iron woks instead of stainless steel since they are more durable in comparison with their counterparts. It may cost you a few extra bucks but it is worth spending money on this kind of cookware anyway.


When you buy a new wok, it is always better to get one with a warranty. Moreover, make sure that the warranty covers not only the product itself but also accessories (e.g., steamer tray). This will help you save time and money for searching other parts if they are broken after several months or years of use (depending on how often you cook Asian food). Before choosing ceramic stovetop woks, read the following article to find out more about its features first! We hope these tips can be useful to anyone who wants wok cook every day!


If you are looking for more features on your wok , go for one that includes a lid. The lid allows steam and heat-trapping so the dish can cook faster. It also keeps the food moist enough. Besides, you can check what is going on inside without wasting too much time.

Shape and Size

One thing you have to consider when purchasing a wok is its size. Make sure that it’s appropriate with your ceramic stove because it will help you prepare food easily. For example, if your stove has an 18-inch cooking surface, choose the 18-inch wok without hesitation because it can cover almost 100 percent of your stove area. You won’t plant doubts anymore about how to choose the best wok for ceramic cooktop! On top of all, you can also be flexible by choosing different sizes like 14 inches or 16 inches according to your necessities. The important point is to make sure about their compatibility with your stove before buying them. If you are still confused, read this paragraph down below!


This is very important to avoid future problems after your purchase. You have to know that each stove manufacturer has its own standard size for wok. For example, an 18-inch wok can perfectly match GE, Kenmore, Maytag stoves but not Frigidaire stoves. So be careful before making a decision to buy one! If you are still confused about choosing the best size of wok for ceramic cooktop, make sure to read carefully this paragraph below like it’s my voice speaking directly into your ears! Although this information seems useless right now since you don’t understand yet how useful it is; wait until you finish reading this article until you fully understand the importance of knowledge about stove manufacturers’ size.


Since this subject can be seen as a must to consider, let’s start with it! This matter is closely related to the first point you mentioned before since there are numerous works on the market that come in different price ranges which make people wonder how to choose the best wok for a ceramic cooktop that matches their financial capabilities. As you know, price depends on several factors like shape, size, the material used…etc. For instance, an 18-inch carbon steel wok will cost around $55 while one made of cast iron will cost around $140.

How To Season A Wok

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you use a wok on a ceramic cooktop?

The only wok I would safely recommend for a glass-ceramic cooktop is the Joyce Chen, an 8-inch flat bottomed pan that will sit securely on top of your stove. A round-bottomed version may also work but needs to be used with the appropriate ring!

A quality carbon steel utensil like this one from Jockey Woks can help you prepare authentic Chinese meals at home while saving money by not having to eat out as often due in large part thanks to these efficient cooking tools made specifically for use over gas ranges.

2. Can you cook with a wok on a glass top stove?

If you own a glass stove-top, use the flat bottomed cast iron wok over carbon steel. The weight of your pot will help prevent it from sliding around on any surfaces including burners and reduce potential damage to this expensive device!

3. Can you use carbon steel on the glass top stove?

You can’t go wrong with carbon steel cookware. If you’re looking for a durable and lightweight pan that will last, this is it! The material’s durability makes it perfect to use on an everyday basis as well so your glass top won’t chip or crack from wear-and-tear over time as other materials might do. It has a great thermal conductivity which means food cooks beautifully in these pans without burning anything – ever again.

4. What cookware should not be used on a glass top stove?

The best material for cooking on glass top stoves is cast iron, as it’s heavy enough not to cause scratches but also easy to clean. Stoneware is second only because the thick bottom ensures that no food gets stuck between its surface and consequently burned or ruined by being cooked in error! Other great options include silicone mats which have been designed specifically with this type of stovetop in mind – they won’t harm your beautiful masterpiece either!


When it comes to cooking wok for the ceramic cooktop, you’re going to need one of the best pans for your stove. There are many options available but not all will work well with how these stoves function. A traditional round-bottomed wok or flat-based electric woks can be used on your stove, but they won’t get the job done as effectively. If you want something that is perfect for this type of surface and also looks great in addition to working well, we recommend investing in a carbon steel pan made from quality materials like stainless steel and copper. These pans can last forever so if you invest now in an excellent product, it’s likely that when the time comes to replace your cookware down the road.

Woks are versatile cooking tools that can be used to cook a variety of dishes. However, it’s important to choose the right type for your needs and know how you will use the wok in order to avoid problems like food sticking or uneven heating. We hope this post has given you some insight into what types of wok for ceramic cooktops exist and which ones might work best on your ceramic cooktop.

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