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7 Best Wood Range Hoods: 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Wood Range Hoods

A wood range hood is an invaluable addition to any kitchen. It not only removes the smell and smoke from cooking, but it also helps to keep your stovetop clean by collecting all of the greases that would otherwise drip down into your oven or onto other surfaces in your kitchen.

There are many different types of the best wood range hoods available on the market, so it can be difficult to choose one for your home. In this blog post, we will review some of our favorite options and help you decide which one is right for you.

List of 7 Best Wood Range Hoods Reviews

1. Range Hood Wall Mounted Wood 24″ CHR-117 NT AIR

  • Make your kitchen sparkle and feel new again with this range hood. This unit is the perfect size for installation at a table height of 35.4″ to 36″. It attaches easily and quickly, so you can put it up any time without worrying about demolition or construction of new installations. With its light-colored wood, you’ll enjoy an elegant look that matches your other kitchen decor if not amply contrasted against it as well!
  • The slim with a mounted 24″ CHR-117 done in a lovely wooden finish, is packed full of great features. With TWO washable filters and 3 speeds to choose from so your family can have their pick of cooking style. This two switch control also includes two 40W lights for extra lighting in the kitchen when cooking or reading with an easy on/off feature that saves energy when not needed.
  • The 6″ vent duct offers both accentuating beauties with its sleek design and convenience when compared with others including lightweight MOTOR: 120V/60hz; 46dBA/52dBA; 940 CFM radio frequency interference protected for safe operation without worry about any stop signs hindering performance by compromising it’s safety designed specifically for CSA.

2. Castlewood Rustic Shiplap Chimney Range Hood

  • The Castlewood Rustic Shiplap Chimney Range Hood is a distinctive feature in any home. Complete with a standard 15″ way-too-cool shiplap chimney extension to attach easily, this accessible ventilation hood gives your kitchen the ultimate upgrade without compromising its outside look. This beautifully crafted wooden range hood can be wall-mounted using 1/2″ plywood stretchers for an unobtrusive installation that blends in perfectly with your home’s natural charm.
  • A beautiful, stylish range hood for your home. The shiplap design is reminiscent of a cabin in the mountains and boasts a warm, inviting pine-like scent that occupies your entire home while it’s cooking on a cold winter day.
  • It has pre-finished with water-based Sherwin-Williams stain with its rough grain to provide you with all the sturdy airflow needed to clear out smoke and odors from any traditional kitchen stovetop cooking smell.

3. ZLINE 30 in. Wooden Wall Mount Range Hood

  • The ZLINE 30 in. Range Hood is perfect for modern kitchenettes with its sleek, wood exterior and superior functionality. This best wood range hood has powerful airflow that requires external ducting, making it perfect for homes where ventilation isn’t an option. Its easy-to-use push-button controls let you easily control fan speed and lighting to suit any mood or activity.
  • ZLINE 30 in. Wooden Wall Mount Range Hood is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to make their kitchen look amazing and also reduce cooking odors. With 4-Speed Fan Control (120/240/320/400 CFM) you can make sure your generous cooking efforts smell like roses and not fill up the house with grilling smoke or spilled soup! The range hood includes ductwork that easily connects to the top of the range hood, so you don’t have any more excuses for visibly messy overhead exhausts.

4. Castlewood Shaker Style Range Hood Front

  • The Castlewood Shaker Style Range Hood Front is made with hardwood veneer plywood and solid lumber, designed to accept our long-lasting T-shaped liners or 330SL, 350SL, 350SS, and 500SS ventilators.
  • It maintains that incredible look you love in a range hood while giving your kitchen the most functional wood stove choice since the 1800s.
  • This is a great introductory hood, light and clean looking in its shaker style. The range of finishes will let you match your tastes or the needs of the kitchen space.

5. ZLINE 42 in. Wooden Wall Mount Range Hood in Walnut

  • The ZLINE 42 in. Wooden Wall Mount Range Hood is the perfect upgrade for your kitchen, giving you a sleek wall mount that features high-tech voice control and unparalleled airflow to clear away smoke odor from any stovetop flare up with ease.
  • With its push-button controls and impressive fan speed, griddle cooking will never be easier with a wood range hood that’s powerful yet silent. The best part of this finishing touch? It doesn’t require ducting or external vents!
  • With the ZLine range hood, cooking will feel like a breeze. This sleek yet powerful product comes with 4-speed fan control to ensure you are in total control of your kitchen environment. It has ductwork that easily connects to any stove or oven and handles up to 1200 CFM for larger household situations.
  • The contemporary walnut finish brings out this product’s elegant side while still being durable enough for quick cleanups- all features that make this one exceptional over other ranges on the market today!

6. ZLINE KBRR-36 400 CFM Designer Series Wooden Wall Mount Range Hood

  • Designed to quickly and efficiently rid kitchens of smoke, grease, odor, and steam that builds up from cooking. Ventilation hoods can be mounted on a wall or within a cabinet for a sleek appearance. With 3 speed settings, the ZLINE KBRR-36 400 CFM Designer Series Wooden Wall Mount Range Hood’s powerful fan recirculates air at 400 cubic feet per minute (CFM) to ventilate large areas without heating too much counter space with intense lighting as well as control for quiet operation is always available thanks to its simple push-button controls which let you turn it on and off as needed or switch between high-, low- or medium-intensity light output easily.
  • The ZLINE KBRR-36 400 CFM Designer Series Wooden Wall Mount Range Hood is perfect for any home. Whether you’re cooking up a delicious meal or you’re simply taking care of some floors and surfaces, this vent hood can do it all.
  • The innovative 4-Speed Fan Control lets you switch between the three speeds at your convenience. When your stovetop is off, choose low speed to keep odors from escaping through an accidental spillage; adjust the height so that the range filter remains well above water level when cleaning; or set it on high speed to take away those pesky smoke and grease particles that come with searing bacon and frying eggs into perfectly cooked scrambled eggs.\

7. ZLINE 681M-30 900 CFM Designer Series Wooden Wall Mount Range Hood

  • The ZLINE 681M-30 900 CFM Designer Series Wooden Wall Mount Range Hood will complement any kitchen design while protecting your family with up to 900 CFM of high-efficiency air extraction. This wood range hood comes available in white, black, cherry, and maple finishes.
  • The handsome ZLINE 681M-30 Designer Series Wall Mount Range Hood is perfect for any stylish kitchen. Built with you in mind, the sleek design makes it easy to install and its motion sensor technology means you won’t have to worry about cooking odors flaring up at an awkward time ever again!

How to Choose the Best Wood Range Hood

Everyone knows that cooking can make the kitchen warmer than expected. It is necessary to have a great kitchen ventilation system to remove smoke, heat, and steam, preventing them from filling your home. A wood range hood can help you achieve this goal. You just need to know what features are most important for the one you choose.

Noise level

Whether you’re living in an apartment or plan on turning your basement into a man-cave after remodeling, the noise level of the hood should be of prime importance. After all, nobody wants to buy a thing that will ruin their concentration when they watch TV or read. There are three types of range hoods: recirculating (requires ducting), semi-recirculating (requires ducting), and non-ducted. Even if the recirculating type is usually much more expensive, it’s worth paying extra for it. If you are planning to install the unit in an apartment or row home, make sure you use a quiet hood with low noise levels.

Airflow power

The airflow power should be chosen according to your needs. There are two options available: standard and high-performance. The latter can be very loud when working at its full capacity, so choose wisely depending on how often you plan to cook meals that require lots of heat. Also, remember that different types of food produce different amounts of steam which also affects your choice. A powerful fan allows faster cooking times because less time is needed for the air to be filtered.


It’s up to you whether you prefer a custom hood, semi-custom, or ready-made one. Custom hoods are made after your own measurements but they tend to be very expensive. Semi-custom models need less time and effort because they can fit into standard spaces without requiring much cutting or fitting work. On the other hand, ready-made options are more affordable but they don’t match your space perfectly which may require professional intervention to make them fit properly. Wood range hoods usually have classic designs with clean lines that give any kitchen an elegant look. You’ll find hundreds of models available in all sorts of shapes and colors so it’s just a matter of personal taste what you choose.

Filter types

Another important thing to consider is the type of filter you want your hood to have. Stainless steel filters trap steam, smoke, and odors but they need cleaning very often. Aluminum mesh pans serve a similar purpose but they are easier to clean because the aluminum doesn’t rust. Grease-catching filters usually come as pads or disposable bags that can be disposed of after each use. In some models, the grease-catching filter captures odor as well so there’s no need for an additional carbon filter which makes it more efficient than standard range hoods with only one type of filter.

There are various reasons why a wood range hood may be a good fit in your kitchen: professional design, energy efficiency, eco-friendliness, durability and price are just some of them. It’s up to you what model your choose but it’s important to remember these four things when making a decision: noise level, air flow power, design and type of filter. If the hood you’ve chosen has all these features, you can rest assured that it was made with great care by people who know their craft very well.


With so many different types of the best wood range hoods available on the market, it can be difficult to choose one for your home. In this blog post, we reviewed some of our favorite options and helped you decide which would work best in your kitchen space.

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